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Much as i like Cap's ending speech, i wonder if would've been better to kill off Cap (for a while) in this one.   It would show the gravity of the situation and Bucky can begin his Redemption arc by taking up Cap's mantle.
I wish i watched this the first time around. http://www.avclub.com/article/host-says-screw-it-and-shows-its-glorious-monster--235898
Luis Guzman, everyone!  
Emily VanCamp needs to be in more films.  
CIVIL WAR is definitely one of the best MCU films. Literally got chills watching the two teams facing off in that Airport scene.   Still i am in no hurry to revisit it again. The final Cap/Iron Man fight really dragged.
 Tomei's definitely got an Elixer of Life she's not sharing.
This film made me think a highly experienced Spidey could probably mop the floor with Steve's Team (with the exception of Wanda).
New CALL OF HEROES Trailer  
I am very curious on what HARD TARGET 2 will be like.
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