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Saw the Pilot. Don't feel the need to continue with the series.   I'll say this though. Clayne Crawford isn't bad as Riggs (the LW4 version of Riggs anyway).
Good points and a Great article.
Another positive review for BOYKA: UNDISPUTED 
Saw Denzel's The Magnificent Seven yesterday.   A By the Numbers film. Not terrible but with the exception of Vincent D'onofrio's character not really interesting as well.   I can recommend this but there isn't any hurry to catch it.
I'll say this. Hearing the Classic Theme during the end credits brought a smile to my face.
A Positive review for BOYKA: UNDISPUTED. http://cinapse.co/2016/09/23/fantastic-fest-2016-boyka-undisputed-another-glorious-win-complete-fighter/
The Mechanic: Resurrection has grossed over $56 million worldwide so far.   Better than Safe, Parker, Redemption and Wild Card.
It took me several re-watches before i even begun to understand what was going on in Domino.
I can't help but think how much better THE EQUALIZER would be if Tony Scott was the one handling it.
 It's better than DRIVE? Heard some strange things about Neon's ending.
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