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Wesley Snipes talks on his return to Hollywood.  
 The editing is a little odd. But it looks promising, 
Anyone else seen this before?  
 Nope.  [[SPOILER]]
Impressed by Charlize Theron as well. She looks almost unrecognisable in that Trailer.
I read from Collider that Tom Hardy only has 16 lines of dialogue in the entire film.
I suggest you catch Mel's Get The Gringo and Payback as well. He's not playing Parker in them, but the characters are more or less the same. 
So fucking awesome. That's probably the best trailer i've seen in 2014. You can tell Miller has put in a lot of heart and effort into this.   Anyone going to see this in 3D?
I wonder what Mel's reaction was after seeing this?
 This. It's been what...30 years since the last one?
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