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The AV Club reviews Steven Seagal's CONTRACT TO KILL. http://www.avclub.com/review/contract-kill-isnt-just-badits-steven-seagal-bad-246948
JACK REACHER 2 is at $156 million worldwide now.   So do they go the DTV route next? With "The Miz" as Reacher.  
Not connected i think.
 It gets released Dec 29th here in Singapore. Will report back after i've seen it.
For female stars of this generation with great charisma. I like to nominate Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and (maybe) Margot Robbie.   I've never cottoned to Jennifer Lawrence for some reason. 
There's just no story or character progression for Bourne here.   We learn a few new things but it doesn't really change him all that much (unlike the original Trilogy).
What about Denzel? He would be in the latter group right?
Was not impressed by her in JASON BOURNE (Have yet to see EX MACHINA though).   On the bright side. I fully recommend all of us watching THE MAN FROM UNCLE this Christmas. A enjoyable breezy flick.
I pity all of you that have not experienced the awesomeness of DOA: DEAD OR ALIVE.
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