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I hesitantly recommend Alex Cross to all of you.   We got Tyler Perry as the C-List Idris Elba. But all of Matthew Fox scenes are comedy gold here.
Just saw the deleted scenes for TE2.   Mostly filler but i thought they should've kept the extra fight scenes with Yu Nam, Crews and Couture.
THE EXPENDABLES 3 Blu Ray Review  http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Expendables-3-Blu-ray/100784/#Review
What happened in this movie?   Katniss made a few movie trailers. Not very good ones at that.
 Count me as a fan of JAVA HEAT as well. It's essentially an 80's Buddy Cop movie set in Indonesia.
Clip from next week's Midseason Finale.  
Didn't care for it all that much. Though having Orlando Jones as a Library Hologram was a nice idea.
Films i am looking forward in 2015   Mad Max: Fury Road Furious 7 Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Jupiter Ascending Transporter: Legacy Jurassic World Dragon Blade   Any news on when Van Damme's Pound of Flesh, The Eagle's Path (SOLDIERS) will get released next year?
IMAX Trailer has a bit of new footage.  
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