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I like to think of Dina Meyer as the female Sean Bean.   She sure doesn't survive movies very well.
Behind The Scenes Photo  
 Welcome aboard! This is a great place and its always great to have new people joining us. And yes, that Nola vs Burton fight in Banshee was just awesome.
 I like DEJA VU as well. The Sci Fi aspects of the film were a surprise though.
JOHN WICK Blu Ray review http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/John-Wick-Blu-ray/113029/#Review
"So here's the plan. First I going to kill you and then i am going inside and i going to slowly gut your Boss and his Little House On The Prairie niece."   "I don't think so."   Game on, Bitches.
Cambodia's New Martial Arts Vigilante Flick HANUMAN  Official Trailer  
 The problem is that for every one good fight scene like that, there's half a dozen CW Angst whining tropes to contend with. Oliver is a kinda unlikeabel and stiff heroes as well (for me).
Holy Shit! It's Diane Lane's Birthday?
MORDECAI - $4.6 mill weekend?   Ouch.
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