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After seeing the entirety of Season 1, i'll say that you're not missing much, Molt.
Review for Donnie Yen's KUNG FU JUNGLE http://twitchfilm.com/2014/10/review-kung-fu-jungle-sees-donnie-yen-pay-his-respects-then-kick-some-ass.html
Remember Jet Li's ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA? Here's a new Wong Fei Hung movie that's coming out later this year.  
Surprisingly i really like the actor that plays young Bruce Wayne. I can totally see him becoming the obsessed crime fighterhe is to be later.
What about Danny Glover in Bad Asses 2? Worth a look?
You think?  
 I think it did.
It's weird that CBS came up with a better Terminator story than the last 2 Terminator films did.   For your pleasure (Spoilers) 
 Looks...okay i guess.
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