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Didn't realize that.
I think it was on par with Ghost Protocol. What did you think, Dickson?
Just came back from it.   Rebecca Ferguson needs to headline her own action vehicle stat.  
Just saw Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.   It's on par with Ghost Protocol. They both suffer from having weak villains and finales. Rebecca Ferguson is the MVP here. She's ridiculously sexy in her Opera scenes.   As for amazing stunts. Ghost Protocol has it beat with the Dubai Skyscraper climb. There's a lot of well shot action in Rogue Nation but nothing as impressive as that.
First Clip is out.  
Any reaction from Keith David?
Roddy Piper dead at 61 from Cardiac Arrest   Damm.
How can someone not love Far And Away?
Just saw Michael Bay's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (2014).   Totally forgettable. The new turtle designs (and Splinter) look ugly. The jokes are unfunny and the action scenes are your typical Michael Bay CGI stuff.   I sure made the right decision not seeing this in Theaters. It's not Part III bad but i can't really recommend this.
New Posts  All Forums: