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Cung Le receives 9 month ban from the UFC   Might as well start training for DRAGON EYES 2 i suppose.
5 new Official TWILIGHT Short films in the works!
There's a TRANSPORTER TV Series if you're interested, Fraid.   The French Inspector in the movies reprises his role here as well.
I kinda liked it.   Saw Sharon Stone in Val Kilmer's Streets Of Blood. She looks more like Faye Dunaway there.
Not to mention an entire Hotel room sliding into the ocean. Even as a kid i could tell that was bullshit.
The TAKEN 3 Trailer looks decent. But the fact that Olivier Megaton is directing it does not inspire confidence.
There are some nice Twister effects. But everything else is so weak. Barely enough for a good B-movie.   Blu Ray release - Nov 18th  
Satan comments on Left Behind  
Here's what Sheldon Lettich thought of The Equalizer.  From the Van Damme Forum.
One of the few good things in DIE ANOTHER DAY.  
New Posts  All Forums: