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Is DOBERMANN with Vincent Cassell any good?
The Tournament is top notch underrated stuff. Can't say i care for From Paris With Love though.
Goodbye Belly.   Loved you in Fringe, though Nimoy was criminally underused in the last 2 seasons.
Just woke up to find out Nimoy is dead. Didn't he also direct 3 Men And A Baby? I liked that.
Well she gave it the old College try.  
 The third RUSH HOUR film is horrid. Haven't seen TOWER HEIST yet, but from what i heard i shouldn't expect much.
Variety reviews Jackie Chan's DRAGON BLADE http://variety.com/2015/film/reviews/film-review-dragon-blade-1201440491/
Unrated Cut to be released 21st April 2015  
Appreciate his love for the Cage.   Review for Nic Cage's OUTCAST  
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