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Looking forward to the FAST 7 Trailer today.
Poor Sonia nearly gave 3 F's in a row for that one.
Why are so many people leaving the AV Club these days? Even Sonia Saraiya left last week.   Writing those Hostages and The Following reviews must have been too much.
Like to get everyone's opinion on something.   Here's a fight sequence from last night's ARROW   What do you think of the editing? I think its fine, but there's a bit of quick cutting that makes it a little hard to follow.
JOKER? That's an unexpected name change.   I liked WILD CARDS better.
The League does interest me though. I hope we get to see Michael Jai White again. Bronze Tiger is connected to the League right?
I like the Namba Pabat set. But boy is Ra's unimpressive.   Seriously Oliver is going to intentionally piss off the League because of Malcolm?
 Here are a few more.  
Not me.
John Wick seems to be doing alright. Box Office Mojo reported that it beat FURY for the No 1 spot in the past 2 days.
New Posts  All Forums: