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My guess it'll be about Dom recruiting a new crew. Doing missions for Kurt.
Olga Kurylenko talks about her upcoming action roles
I like training montages!
Something to tide us over till SPECTRE comes.  
"How To Be A Bond Girl" with Lea Seydoux  
I know the Electra we got isn't like the one in the comics. But we got Terrence Stamp as Stick, The Hand Ninja magic and Typhoid Mary. It's interesting at least. I wouldn't mind re-watching it if i had the chance.
 Yes. Jennifer Garner playing an OCD Electra is kinda interesting at least.
Ouch, these are serious losses   Jupiter Ascending cost them a $100 Million loss?
Den of Geek continues with their CASINO ROYALE installment http://www.denofgeek.us/movies/james-bond/249711/casino-royale-the-nearly-perfect-james-bond-movie
Den of Geek looks at CASINO ROYALE "The nearly perfect Bond movie" http://www.denofgeek.us/movies/james-bond/249711/casino-royale-the-nearly-perfect-james-bond-movie
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