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Serious? Mac fights Al Leong.   Is there a youtube clip we can see?
The cast of Lethal Weapon reunites for its 30th Anniversary.  
Saw II for me. The series takes a nosedive after III.
Wait. There's a planet attached to us now?   Wouldn't that completely screw up our gravity and destabilize the earth's core or something?
Cues "Hello Zipp" Theme.   Which entry (besides the first) is your favorite?
Despite being a Walter Hill film, Bullet To The Head has little to recommend it.   Besides that Axe fight and Christian Slater scene of course.
Don't be ashamed. This and The Mummy underperforming shows that today's audiences may be wising up.   That's welcome news.
Official Poster for Jackie Chan's THE FOREIGNER.  
Here's the sales brochure for Steven Seagal's GENERAL COMMANDER TV Series.   Written by Bey Logan. 12 eps. Shooting in a Macau Casino for every ep.
I am just counting down the hours till we get Rob Bricken's FAQ.
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