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I'll drink to that.   Luis Guzman, everyone!  
Mark my words. This is the real No 1 Blockbuster of 2016.    
 I am just so glad that talk of a HIGHLANDER remake with Ryan Reynolds has gone the way of the DoDo.
The Rock seems to have a whole line of projects lined up.   I am actually okay with the Big Trouble In Little China remake coming up. At the very least it'll bring more attention to the original.  
That Snake Summoning sure was cool. Being a Servant of Satan does have some perks.
A lot of Gorillas here.  
Spectre ended his story well enough. Time for a new guy.
Saw Ethan Hawke's GETAWAY yesterday. It's as bad as they say.   Full of poorly edited Car Chases (almost incomprehensible in some parts). I got a headache 50 mins in and turned it off. 
The first half of Legends was fun enough. It takes a decline somewhere in the half way mark.
Lea Seydoux is such a beautiful gal But her relationship with Bond is noticeably chemistry free.
New Posts  All Forums: