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Teaser Trailer for Jackie Chan's RAILROAD TIGERS. Coming this Christmas in Asia.  
Wouldn't that be FAST 7?
Would you believe i only discovered BMW's The Hire series recently? The Transporter was practically based on it.
Some good news. THE MECHANIC 2 is doing very well box office wise. Over $90 million so far (including China).   Lionsgate will definitely keep promoting Statham flicks and a sequel as well.  
Well at least he's happy. That's the important thing.
Why wait? There's so much other stuff for you to watch.   Though i can't say that i am emotionally invested in any show right now. Ever since Hannibal and Fringe ended their runs.
I gave up 5 seasons ago.
Dakota Fanning talks a little about Tony Scott.  
Didn't realize Matt Mullins was the Stunt Coordinator for the new BMW film. (Wait, i think its a different Matt Mullins here)    
It's well shot. But it lacks the flair that the Original shorts had.   You can pretty much tell which Director was in charge by their distinctive style.   Nice seeing grown up Dakota Fanning though!
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