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New International Trailer for THE TRANSPORTER: REFUELED.   They are calling it THE TRANSPORTER: HERITAGE in France.   Set pic from UNDISPUTED IV.  
 Imogen Poots was quite a cutie as well. Vern reviews BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS My first day at my new job was alright. My Boss and colleagues were all friendly, but i am still not used to the environment (They use Apple not MS as an Operating System). Truth be told i am a little worried that i will let them down. I am promoting AO Smith Water Heaters. Setting appts with Companies so that the Sales Team can meet them. Not that easy to do here in Singapore.
Starting my new job in a few hours. Wish me luck everyone!
 It's being released Theatrically this week here in Singapore. Thanks, Luc. I am going to give this a miss and save myself $13 at the same time. Carl Weathers!  
Not really. Adrian Brody does a lot of scenery chewing though.
 Yup. All the copies of Edge Of Tomorrow have that same cover. Fucking idiots. There are not a lot of DVD/Blu Ray stores here in Singapore. But this one was pretty good. The 3D section even had a Blu Ray of BAIT 3D (Good film by the way) in it.  The Blu Ray for TE3 didn't have any extras in it. I wonder if that's the case here?
Seen Dragon Blade yet, mcnooj?
I was walking around a Blu Ray store and i came across this.   Whoever came up with this cover design was a complete moron. I know that we've discussed this before here at CHUD but is it asking too much from them to display the correct "TITLE OF THE MOVIE" properly?      I also came across a Box Set of TWIN PEAKS: THE MISSING PIECES. It contains both Seasons 1 & 2, Fire Walk With Me and the much fabled deleted scenes. I really want to buy it but its costs SG $223....
Mad Max: Fury Road is at $358,360,000 right now. Pretty good in my opinion.
Frankie Chan.
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