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I like this SKIN TRADE review (Though i think he's a bit harsh on Tony Jaa)
I notice they used a term i only heard from AGENTS OF SHIELD. "Enchaned Human". SHIELD watchers, might also have an idea on where Fury got that Helicarrier.  [[SPOILER]]
Anyone going to get this next week? Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron: The Art Of The Movie Slipcase     
It's been exactly one year since i saw Brick Mansions.   Not as bad as i feared it would. But its a carbon copy of the original.
Apparently this is Dolph's MEMENTO  
 I hope they don't de-power him too much in Infinity War. He should be able to crush Cap in 2 seconds ina hand to hand fight. One little nitpick i have with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Isn't one of the defining things about Cap is that he isn't Superhuman, but he's the peak of human perfection. Here in ULTRON, he's taking laser blasts to the chest and just shrugging it off. P.S- Also bullshit to him not being able to lift that Hammer.
"The most versatile substance in the world. And they use it to make a frisbee."
Wish more people were fans of this film. PUSH. http://io9.com/why-push-is-still-one-of-my-favorite-superhero-movies-1700033620
The effects of the new Trailer looked like shit when i saw it on the big screen today.   I sneak a look at the audience beside me when it played. They confused as hell as well.
AGE OF ULTRON is my favorite Marvel Cinematic Film so far.
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