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 I was hoping for a Lucas Black spinoff!
Let's hope so.
THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED gets pushed back to Sept 4th   Ah, okay.
Got to respectfully disagree, User_32.
 You have to admit that there's been a large uptick in quality since FAST 5.
I would've liked AVP:R better if i could see in some of the scenes. The film is so terribly lit.
I had a feeling you would say that, fleed.   P.S- Was the CHUD site down a few hours earlier? I wasn't able to log in.
I think we are all looking forward to that!
Laugh your ass off at this. http://io9.com/the-veryrealisticya-hashtag-shows-the-truth-about-teen-1694373817
Looking forward to your take on it, Dragonrage.   P.S- Could you check if there's a Post Credits scene for this one?
New Posts  All Forums: