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I enjoyed The Losers more than The Expendables/The A-Team remake.
The Complete Series Blu Ray - Available on June 5th  
I wish they gave an explanation why the new Replicants can overcome their loyalty programming.
I'll say this about Spectre, that final shot of the Base exploding looks great.   Spectre's HR should really hire better henchmen though. They shoot like Stormtroopers in the entire movie.  
Found a synopsis for ANGEL HAS FALLEN. 
 He's only in for a quick cameo in the third one.
Just read Wikipedia on what DMX has been up to recently. He's in deep deep shit. 
I sometimes confuse CRADLE with EXIT WOUNDS. They both have Tom Arnold and DMX in them.
Yup.   KISS OF THE DRAGON really was bleak in the way it depicts poor Bridget Fonda's character.
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