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Nice to see Fury Road and Lost In Translation in there.
Highlander: The Series is one of my favorite series. http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/tv/highlander-the-series/42720/highlander-the-series-and-why-you-should-watch-it#ixzz4HQKPyVqH
I'll say this. Whoever approved the CGI in DAD deserves to be shot.
I swear Die Another Day would be a grade better if they'd killed off Hallie Berry and made Rosamund Pike the main Bond Girl instead.   http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/die-another-day/37190/james-bond-007-revisiting-die-another-day
Ah Rosamund Pike. One of the few good things about Die Another Day.  
Anyone here read Fleming's The Spy Who Loved Me?   No Lotus Esprit here i assure you.
Wondering whether to watch this in IMAX this weekend.  
 You all remember to support the Stath this weekend! P.S- We're only getting it next week in Singapore.
 Escape Plan actually did very well overseas. I can do without Genisys and Watchman.
THE NICE GUYS bombing is a sore point for me as well. Audiences today just don't recognize quality.
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