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Bayer commented on the film at Vern's site. 
One of my favourite Seagal scenes in recent years.  
The Wondercon footage of Luc Besson's LUCY seems interesting.   Slowly coming around to ScarJo doing action. If not, the opening shot of LOST IN TRANSLATION will make you a fan of her.
I hear Tobe Hooper hasn't made a decent film in years. Ditto for Wes Craven.
Seriously i think the universe would implode!  
The Big G looks incredibly HUGE and towering like he should be.   Still early to say but the Kaijus look better than the ones from PACIFIC RIM.
I wonder what would happen if they screened GINO 98 and this back to back?
Saw that Wondercon clip. I am impressed.
I pity the AV Club's Sonya Saraiya having to review this week after week.
Riddick 3, Dammit!
New Posts  All Forums: