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Comic Book Resources has a pic of an Ares movie toy.   You be the judge. 
Same here.
Meanwhile Assassin's Creed earns only $212 million worldwide.   I swear that film was 140 mins of my life i want back. 
And THE GREAT WALL goes down in flames.   Come on. Don't you all like an army of Green CGI monsters trying to climb up a wall, with an All Girl's Bunjee Team trying to slash at them?
And XANDER CAGE makes over $300 Million worldwide. Gotta love that foreign market!
Dolph and Van Damme in BLACK WATER.  
A preview of next week's IDW's HIGHLANDER: AMERICAN DREAM Comic.  
A bit on the expensive side. But i am considering to get this.
Play the JOHN WICK: CHRONICLES Game!    
Flipped through this today and there are some nice concept art and special features here.  
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