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You know him from Raging Phoenix, Chocolate. http://kungfukingdom.com/interview-with-kazu-patrick-tang/
The entire concept of BVS feels rushed. I am sure that there w'll be things we'll like (The Batman footage we just saw, Wonder Woman). But i don't thing this is going to be the breakout hit Warner wants it to be. It'll do $800 Million plus worldwide. A good number but not enough considering the large budget.   Cavil never quite sold me as Superman in MOS. I like the idea of an older cynical Bruce but the Doomsday thing strikes me as fan service. It's like Warner is...
Do you believe what Drew says? He says that people liked Jessie Eisenberg.
 Karl Marka from the Aces Goes Places series will be in it. And that makes it a must see for me.
 I actually thought he was Eric Roberts for a second there.
What did you all think of Amy Admas as Lois? 
Thanks fleed.   Making Of Featurette of Sammo Hung's THE BODYGUARD.  
Vern reviews BANGKOK REVENGE   Jon Foo has some good fight scenes in this.   P.S- Have to say that new BVS Trailer impressed me a little. Especially the opening scene with Batman.
Good to know. I look forward to it.
I was at a screening today. But the Projector was out of focus and they had to refund us at the end.   What a bummer. I'll try again this Saturday.
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