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I've to say that i am counting down till we get Denzel's THE EQUALIZER Teaser Trailer.
A look at Vincenzo Natali's CUBE   Nice article. I liked HYPERCUBE a lot better than he did though.
 So i guess a Pacific Rim sequel is out of the question? (Not that i want one).
Review for Sly's GET CARTER Blu Ray http://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Get-Carter-Blu-ray/92758/#Review
SOFIA is an incomprehensible piece of shit. My love of Issac Florentine notwithstanding.    CONSPIRACY? Was that the flick Val Kilmer did with Neve Campbell and Amy Smart?
Denzel as THE EQUALIZER.  
 Which flopped as well. It's a real pity, because i have always found Slater a charming enough guy. But Cuba Gooding Jr as an action star? Personally, i never could see it.
Wow. Have to say that i haven't even heard a lot of these films.   THE HIT LIST (Cuba Gooding Jr). DAWN RIDER (Christian Slater), COLUMBUS DAY (Val Kilmer), THE NUMBERS STATION. PERCENTAGE (Ving Rhames).   Slater in particular has it worst. He hasn't had a remotely popular film or TV Series in years (Though i didn't mind SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE).   
Bayer commented on the film at Vern's site. 
One of my favourite Seagal scenes in recent years.  
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