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God, who cares how they smell?
No . . . he had cats. They were in the fridge.Similar reaction from my wife. The places where we saw ourselves and didn't think we saw ourselves was interesting, as well. I was struck by how much this fairly modern-ish social construct called a 'date' involves a woman placing herself in a vulnerable position with a man that is often barely more than a stranger. I know that's a "Duh," but it's something my wife reinforced to me by telling me that she'd never really once put...
I HATE fictional characters. Taking the jobs of us real folk.
Oh, shit . . . now I dont care about the dude.
Gonna push that piece to my son now. I've been under the impression it's a true story, right?
I used to tell that ghost story about the ribbon at campfires when I was in boyscouts.
See, I thought some of those behaviors pointed to him being somewhere on the spectrum.
Very conflicted on that. Pushing it over to my wife to get her opinion.
Chaotic neutral transitioning itself to lawful evil. Interesting view on this Analog.
Department store mannequins if there is time. There's never enough time.
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