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 Same here, I have low to mid anxiety problems, and cardio is the one thing guaranteed to mute it.
Mueller's not even done yet with today:  
He was overtly racist and too stupid to talk himself out of the situation. I'm pretty sure he was a Trump judicial nominee.
 Any Americans on the receiving ends of Russian funds must be nervous right now.  I wonder what the short term effects will look like.  Will American social media companies start slicing out specific IPs?
So THAT'S why a certain troll has been quiet recently.
What do we have against Chris Klein?   Also, Trump's 47th attempt (it feels that way) at a Muslim ban got struck down again.
 Nope, we're in Hill Valley alright, although I can't imagine hell being much worse.
 Also: "We don't mean to be nasty about this, but could you do something about the rotting corpse smell?"
I listen to a podcast about an experienced Trek fan watching all of the series and movies in release order with a newcomer.  They released a special episode today about their thoughts on Discovery Season 1.  I usually don't agree with them on everything (They hate 'First Contact', while it's one of my top three movie entries), but I'm eerily 100% with them on 'Discovery' 
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