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SETH 29/ In sum, the FBI's differing treatment of the Clinton and Trump probes—protocol-breaching public disclosures and illegal leaks for her, super-secret protection from even *relevant new evidence* for him—looks for all the world like *the* key factor in the 2016 election results.
Here is Seth's thread on the Dem's memo. It's worth the read. Holy hell...
"Slightly ajar" is a pretty good code name for Jared too.
Some Russian “arm” in prison will poke his belly with a sharpened toothbrush in exchange for kitchen duty or a pillow case of Raman noodles. He’s not safe anywhere. He’ll come to figure this out soon.
There’s gotta be someway to express that perfectly lovely word play. But I agree, this guy’s hanging himself in the shower in exchange for Putin letting his daughters see 2019. Sad but true. Not so sad, fuck him sore.
Damn I love “Paul Manafucked” T shirts please.
The NRA thinks Americans need more guns. Also, BurgerKing thinks they need more whoppers.
If it’s an active shooter situation, an armed teacher is a fucking nightmare, but ask the next few questions: can a teacher draw their gun in any conflict? Draw their gun when they feel threatened? Draw their gun when they see an intruder? When a student has any weapon? Draw their gun to break up a fight? How do we regulate that? And then what happens? It’s lunacy.
130 km/h (80 mp/h) with your chin a few inches off the ice.... bonkers
shoot-outs suck
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