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In interviews, Trump has offered an unorthodox view of exercise, explaining that the human body is like a battery, born with a finite quantity of energy, and he did not want to waste any of it on exercise. (Most doctors and other experts disagree with this analysis, and believe that regular exercise is essential for good health, particularly cardiovascular health.)   MOST Doctors?  Really?  I'd wager a few more than 'most'.
if you heard TRUMP was going on Fallon tonight so Jimmy could root around in his mouth and prove he doesn't wear dentures.....  you'd kinda sorta believe it.
MUELLER: I want you to know, I'm gunna call you in front of the Grand jury, and you lie to the Grand jury as you been lying to me? I'm going to charge you with perjury.  
  THIS IS THE ELECTORAL MAP FOR VOTERS 25 AND UNDER. Republicans have no future and they know it. They have no ideology, no grip on the issues, and no stance on anything that can change the tide.  All they can do is slow the tide and possibly break the system through gerrymandering and voter suppression.  That's it. It's frustratingly slow as fuck for us, but secretly the GOP can see what is happening.  America is only getting more and more liberal, more and more...
When the late night talk shows make fun of Trump's policies, I don't think he really cares (because HE doesn't really care) but last night they had a blast with his denture teeth slur. THAT shit he cares about deeply.   You KNOW he was irate and lashed out at someone after, being the vain fucker he is.  
The amount of times a day I mutter "I fucking hate these people" is growing exponentially. It fear it may one day become my "HODOR" 
Thing is, when building a treason case or espionage case or international laundering case involving a foreign power, it's almost always a violation of the LOGAN ACT, but they end up prosecuting the bigger and more offensive crimes.  It's like if you murdered and tossed the dismembered corpses into a river; yeah I suppose you COULD be prosecuted for littering...
So much of Trump's defense was "I had no knowledge Flynn was guilty of a crime when I asked Comey to drop the investigation." But then he tweets that he DID know.  "AND THE FBI" is just the funniest fuckup ever. What a tool.
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