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ACLU's made it clear that they plan on fighting net neutrality as well.   Already the lay of the land seems to be that we might be free of seeing actual changes for a little bit, as companies are going to be wary of rolling out new rules or plans while the suits are still going on. 
We've been maybe walking up to that "let's kill these federal officials" line a bit too much lately, though, now that you bring it up. 
Just got a Times alert - they scrapped the regulations on net neutrality.   I look forward to the first lawsuit to be filed by the end of the month. 
Hoping for a DENT/JHP final. 
 Yeah, although I think if you wanted to, you could go back and look at films that fictionalized the jazz age.  I wasn't clear - the idea was for a film series that retold the history of American music through these films, not necessarily a novel itself.  Similar to another idea I had - HBO'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES.
I said that in the MCU thread!   Gimme Rose hanging out with Peggy Carter in the 1950s. Make Cal Hockley the secret evil financier behind a super-villain.   But yes, here for Sea Princess Rose Dawson.
Come to think of it, this makes the decision to shutter Great Movie Ride even stupider. 
 Hades as Ellis. Chernabog as Gruber. 
Stardust and First Class are both excellent. 
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