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"Are they ready? Cause I'm going now." -fraid
please fraid deserves the spike lee floating shot and only the spike lee floating shot
Ed Lee, San Francisco's first Asian American mayor, suddenly and unexpectedly at 65:
Ugh, Bart's right. That Batman comic is the worst. I don't even pretend it's part of the run.   The way Ellis frames the election and PMship of Thatcher as the inciting incident for all that British comic craziness in the funeral issue is some of my favorite writing from him.
Planetary, by Warren Ellis, is another good example of "change one thing" that Bort was talking about. 
There's a lot that's been written about how zero-tolerance policies post-Columbine are one of the worst things to happen to public education in this country, and that's even before you add in the racial aspects of it. 
You edited your post to clarify how you feel about teachers, and I'm cool with that response. We can move on.    Bullying's fucked up, and I agree that, more often than not, the system is not equipped to properly mitigate this thing from occurring, and any school system that tries to cover this stuff up should be sued into non-existence.    Fuck bullies, but also fuck parents who exploit their kids. 
 Yeah, but god forbid anybody say a bad thing about gun owners. 
 It's true! I get that you, in your profession, probably deal with cases across the socio-economic spectrum and diverse backgrounds, but stories like this really only "go viral" across social media (hi, this is the social media thread) when it's cute white kids.  Two black girls this year Keaton's age committed suicide because they were bullied. And the only reason their names got brought to my attention is because I was cruising the hashtag about this kid on...
Why am I thoroughly unsurprised Overlord feels this way about teachers? 
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