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 Or wait for the inevitable other shoe to drop on his career.  Anyway, the only acceptable version of this is something that draws heavily from the Stewart/Tarr comics. 
Highly recommend the New Yorker piece from that article - one of the few pieces I've reread:
If anything, the way Black Panther is paced and manages to juggle multiple characters with differing perspectives, garner real empathy for its antagonist, and create a believable, lived-in world from a concept that might be a hard sell to mainstream audiences...   ...proves Coogler is the guy to take on the HAMILTON movie.    Preferably before Oscar Isaac and MBJ get too old to play Hamilton and Burr. 
Elvis, look at some of the statements he made about gays and AIDS - as well as the fact his website still advocates that marriage is between a man and a woman, and homosexuality is unnatural - and tell me there wasn't maliciousness there. Plus, he might not have intended that his preaching would be used to torment queer kids, but it did, and he did nothing to stop it.   This was a bad guy. 
I like how you go from "here are some stats" to making assumptions. No Emilia gifs for you! 
I would like Overlord to post articles about self-defense in this thread the way Fat Elvis posts Armond White pieces. 
The one where Nelson Mandela died in prison. 
That's nice, but he said until the day he died that gay people could be cured, and never fully reckoned with statements like calling AIDS a plague on gay people. 
 My favorite trivia bit that I learned about Duke was that he and Lupita were at Yale drama together. 
I don't think these chuckleheads realize that the teens know how to weaponize social media ten times better than Vlad's best guys.    I expect D'Souza's publisher to drop him soon. 
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