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 I got one! I'll wait until all 3 come before posting pictures. :)
 We can do both. 
 It depends on how pissed our Tweeter in Chief is at ABC or Bob Iger (for quitting his commission) on any particular day.  That being said, the Democratic Party is moving towards making stricter antitrust regulation and breaking up monopolies a cornerstone of their political platform, so that could very easily be a thing. 
Anything that takes money out of Mark Millar's pocket is a Net Good. 
I honestly think - especially since Disney now has National Geographic back from the Murdochs - this may be part of stage 1 by the Murdoch sons to kill Fox News.    Also, all of this needs to be approved by regulators, and we saw how well that worked out for Time Warner. 
Good, lengthy piece on Ames:
I think you can do a Deadpool free of cursing, particularly if you lean into the meta aspect of it ("You can't say that here"). The thing that most stands out to me about that movie is the violence. 
Cal Hockley as the secret financier of Doctor Doom! 
 Starts in 1969! And a fair amount of those films - Five Heartbeats, Grace of My Heart, Love and Mercy, Dreamgirls  - have overlap into other decades. :D The whole series honestly needs a better title, but I've been thinking about the underlying concept for a while; sort of a retelling of the history of American popular music through these loose fictionalizations. 
Also, like...don't...people hate Wanda already? I thought that was pretty well-established in Civil War. 
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