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Would also be fine with White Dress Peggy but no blonde wig. 
 Space (blue, tesseract): Seen in RAGNAROK, but, from the trailers, taken by Loki. Mind (yellow): powers Vision  Reality (Red, Aether): Held by Benicio del Toro from GUARDIANS 1 Power (Purple, Ronan the Accuser's thing, Guardians 1): Held by Nova Corps from GUARDIANS 1 Time (Green): Eye of Agomotto, Dr. Strange.  Soul (orange): Unknown.So technically the Avengers currently have 2.  It also seems like Marvel has changed how the stones work - they form a circuit, with one...
Alternatively, Thanos gets only part of the way to collecting the infinity stones, but the avengers succeed in fucking up his space craft enough that he needs vibranium - a lot of it - to repair it. 
Less than 24 hours after meeting with survivors, Trump tweets support for the NRA.   This fucking guy. 
That Atlantic article is fantastic.    Posted this in the MCU thread, but Coogler says there's no soul stone in Wakanda:
Although, wait! Coogler says no soul stone in Wakanda: 
 The soul stone is purple. Wakandan after life is also purple. Not hard to assume one is the other. 
Whatever, so long as we bring back Red Dress Peggy instead of Zombie Peggy.
I'm fine with Strange using the timey wimey stone to give Steve and Peggy that dance.    I also think they need to find a way to bring Peggy back for the all-female Marvel team up movie. 
If these kids are 16 or 17, they're either the youngest crop of millennials (born pre-9/11) or the generation directly after.
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