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 It's true! I get that you, in your profession, probably deal with cases across the socio-economic spectrum and diverse backgrounds, but stories like this really only "go viral" across social media (hi, this is the social media thread) when it's cute white kids.  Two black girls this year Keaton's age committed suicide because they were bullied. And the only reason their names got brought to my attention is because I was cruising the hashtag about this kid on...
Why am I thoroughly unsurprised Overlord feels this way about teachers? 
And yes, bullying sucks. But as others have pointed out, we tend to really only pay attention to cases like these if it's cute white kids. 
It appears that the GoFundMes were taken down/suspended. At least one was a generic "Stand Up For Keaton" a la that bus attendant that sounded like it was for Christmas presents. Nothing about private school.   And, I mean, come on, we've all seen School Ties. Let's not pretend bullying isn't bad there, too. :)
That being said, I do agree with others that the kids' views have little to do with his mother, and that we should view this as a teachable moment for the kid.   But we won't.
 It has everything to do with the kid if the kid was coached or part of his mom's stunt to raise a quick buck. 
 It suuuuure did. For those of you joining us at the break, Keaton Jones is 2017's last milkshake duck: a sweet-looking kid whose tearful lament about bullies made him the internet's avatar for bullying du jour, including invites from celebrities like Chris Evans, LeBron James, and a GoFundMe in the tens of thousands... ...cut to the reveal that Keaton's mom is a confederate flag apologist and possible white supremacist, and that Keaton himself may have been...
  Looks pretty cool. I love me some cyberpunk, and the tagline "no body lives forever" is a great one. 
 Fun Home?  The best. Fun Home: The Musical? So good. Are You My Mother? It's fine. 
A great deep dive from Jeremy Smith about one of the earliest "fake newsmen," the infamous Super Shadow:    Also, a title for his upcoming book on online film journalism - When It Was Cool - and a release date (First quarter 2018). 
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