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get the fuck out
I can guarantee you people would fucking riot at Zombie Peggy. There is a lot of resentment and disappointment over how that character's been treated, and rightfully so. 
That's the worst thing Bart's ever said, including the time he ogled some poor woman's breasts.
Speaking of villains, I think they should find a way to bring Iron Monger/Stane back, but in a sympathetic role where he's committed to the cause of peace.   Just so he can yell: "RESTORATIVE JUSTICE, TONY!"
Just want to chime in that teachers should be making what surgeons make, if not in salary, then in support - i.e., not having to sink thousands of their own dollars into supplies and materials for their students because the parents want good schools AND low taxes. 
Yeah, the "Billy Graham rule" came from him finding a naked woman in his bed, with the intent to seduce and destroy him.    Of course it did. 
I was thinking about five vs. ten today, as five has always been the traditional number of flicks with decade or genre drafts.    But I could also see ten to keep it fresh/mix it up. I like eight, too. 
Speaking of Jill Stein, someone should ask this kid how he feels today:
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