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I hate Always Sunny, but sure. 
I'm pretty sure the deal was for the studio, the IP, and the back catalogue. Fox News, Fox Sports, and Fox TV aren't part of it. But FX is. 
There's a lot of really good stuff about mortality and loss in Generations, particularly with relation to Kirk. The moment of "This is the moment I told her I was going back to Starfleet" is such a lovely, subtle moment, where you realize that Kirk has made sacrifices for the excitement and duty of Starfleet that even he can't fully give name to. And the way he goes "it was fun," and the end monologue about time (shout out high school me, who loved that).    Meanwhile...
Hey, Andrea Arnold! That's really cool.   
Today is a garbage fire so here's a sliver of good news. Collins is playing hardball with taxes:
I know I'm enjoying posting gifs from the A24 account at every opportunity.    No lie: Saoirse, who recently played Abigail in THE CRUCIBLE, actually would be great in a Tarantino thing! She'd be awesome in this Manson project. But Saoirse in Trek? Eh.     
 I'm pretty sure that the interviews I've read with the creators leave it ambigious as to the motive. 
I said this before, but I think - and this won't happen, obviously, none of us have that power - the boards could do with a little reworking. This particular forum feels just too big with all these rumored projects floating amidst the discussion of movies currently in release, or various universes. And I enjoy participating in those threads! And I'm certainly not saying "talk about movies more." Just something I was thinking about. 
 I wasn't here for the peak of the Kate drama; I remember when it was just Kate. SimBOB's aggro (in the way Mike J is aggro) but I don't see a resemblance. 
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