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Mann is great in Knocked Up. Her scene with Craig Robinson is a virtuoso.
Dwayne coulda been a bunch of these parts. He'd be an amazing Renault. 
Molt's draft is a lot of fun. 
Who was it that said "Trump is a poor person's idea of a rich person?" 
It's cool. I just thought it would be interesting to the people in the thread, even if it changes little in the long term.   I also - and I'm not trying to be consescending here, because I think we all do it - that it's important not to become numb to the levels of corruption and, yes, wanton recklessness that this man exhibits and has for his entire life. To lose our capability to be shocked. Again, one of the great things about this thread is that people aren't numb...
I was actually relistening to that McQuarrie podcast yesterday!    Screw it, time to rewatch ROGUE NATION. 
 The underlying issue is not that he had affairs, but that he had an elaborate network of shell companies and ways to secretly pay people off in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It automatically makes the reader asks what else he is hiding, and who else he paid off. 
Kicking myself because I realized this morning there's a perfect actor I could have cast for my "reimagining" as Sasha. A little on the nose, and I think Tahar Rahmin works well, but man, he would have been good.    I might be a little MIA today because I've got big projects at work and I can't get too bogged down. But I'll draft in my usual slots.    Doing these drafts - from Beetlejuice a year ago - has really helped me realize I enjoy working with photoshop and...
Ronan Farrow has another bombshell story in the New Yorker - not only revealing Trump had at least one other affair when married to Melania (big surprise), but the mechanics and logistics - including the National Enquirer - used to cover them up.
Early 2020:    Casablanca purists concerned that Steven Soderbergh would be making a straight-ahead remake of the classic film had their fears assuaged today as an Entertainment Tonight segment that visited the sets during the filming of the iconic "Le Marsilles" sequence, currently shooting in Los revealed two major changes from the original.   First, the iconic character of Sam played by Dooley Wilson in the 1942 film doesn't exist - rather, the Cafe Americana has...
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