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Cylon, stop agreeing with me, you know how I hate that bro. :D
Again, you can't blame Facebook as the root cause of all political conspiracy mongering when Fox News and Rush Limbaugh has been around for decades. 
 Gatorboy's aunt: (That site is the second best satire on Facebook. Here's the first: )
I think there are varying degrees of Trump voters. All of them are loathesome. But some of them are convincable, and, as has been said, it's about knowing your audience. Someone with a TTB shirt you're probably not going to convince, but if you know someone voted for him because, I don't know, the economy, and you know that they're generally reasonable, then that's something you can consider maybe adjusting your approach for. 
Like, this is exhausting. You're really going to insist that Zuckerberg and Dorsey are more at fault for poisoning the minds of Americans than Roger Ailes and Karl Rove - both of whom got their start decades before Zuck invented Facebook so Rooney Mara would be nice to him*?   *not an actual fact
 Yeah, no. Not at all.  Again, you're arguing what you think Facebook is, not what it actually is, because you don't fucking use it, and the fact remains you haven't answered the question as to what we replace Facebook with. 
Also, Rupert Murdoch, Fox fucking News and Roger Ailes did more to poison American political discourse (which has never been that particularly polite to begin with) than Mark Zuckerberg could ever dream of. Come on. 
 So you'd rather kill off the thousands of small businesses that rely on Facebook to engage with audiences, the artists and writers that use it to promote their material and make a living they wouldn't otherwise, to say nothing of the thousands of employees across the socio-economic spectrum that work just at Facebook? Then you're talking about the effect, felt almost immediately, on advertisers, other tech companies, everyone that benefits from Facebook.  I think the...
 Except now you're doubling back - you said that you're not opposed to "other forms of online communication." Online communication is just another way of saying social media. 
I also think you guys are woefully underestimating what taking out Facebook would do to the economy. 
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