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Posts by Overlord Fuck. Will drink a bottle of pretty good rye tonight in her honor.
Replacing Spielberg? Yeah ... That hasn't been a concern of mine in a long time, particularly after "Indy IV: Spielberg is now a company rather than a director."
Cause it's a valuable IP and they want to keep the door open to not retiring it?
 If they're going to reboot, just reboot.  Don't try to convince me that Pratt and Harrison Ford are the same person in the same Indy-verse.
 I would guess they set it in 1959 and do some quiet CGI de-aging work.  
 You need to punctuate it properly, Lionel Hutz style.  "ROAR, UTHAUG!?!"
 There's a life lesson in there somewhere.  
 Ford is going to kill someone. His near miss within five miles of my house was taken WAY too lightly by the powers that be, probably due to his name recognition.  
Off the top of my head, the Conan the Barbarian, Total Recall, Armageddon, and Aliens commentary tracks are awesome.  I've meant to listen to some more of Arnold's, but I can't remember ever having done so.  
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