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 Sometimes I'm glad I've a stressful, busy job: I don't have time to be depressed that there's a very real chance civilisation is going to be destroyed because of this heinous cretin's worries about his dick size. 
 I really appreciate how this works on several levels (three).   This is the single biggest aspect of Trump's collusion with Russia, and it's one that is weirdly rarely talked about: that is, how he's cooperating with them now, and how he will in future. The clearest evidence that he's Putin's Reek isn't in the mass of 'murky' campaign calls and communications - it's his treasonous...
 Heavens no, my obese kid might add twenty years to their richer, happier life!
 "It feels yrev very good to receive this award."
 Yeah it's pretty clear where it's headed: these long running franchises need to change if they're to avoid becoming stale. I just don't know if a timely drama about Ian Malcolm being accused of groping a string of undergraduates is going to bring in audiences like the wonder and terror of dinosaurs.
 The one consistent ray of light through this whole disaster is that he's miserable, and that he'd be much happier having never run. I suspect one of the myriad reasons he hates Clinton is that she got what Trump wanted more than anything in the universe: the popular vote, without the presidency. He would have been happy as any human has ever been had he got that: validation, license to complain, endless attention, and all without having to do anything, and without the...
 The problem with this is that dinosaurs aren't ultimately that potent a threat. On an isolated island, sure - you dump a T-Rex in the middle of a populated city, and it'll be shot dead pretty damn quickly.  Also, the series couldn't handle that change in tone. Just like there's never going to be a Toy Story where the toys out themselves to the humans and rebel for toy rights, there's not a Jurassic Park film in the future where ragtag survivors are fighting to live just...
 If my boss barked at me like that I'd spend the next fortnight staring at my feet, only mumbling 'umyessir' and 'umnosir'.
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