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CHUD folks moving to reddit is like your favorite pub closing down and everyone deciding to meet at the bus station.
I don’t like this.
Both can be true.
Normalizing sexual assault is indeed "necessarily a bad thing".
Yeah I don't know what the hell that was about.   A craven attempt to broaden the appeal of Democrats in red states?
Trump could eat a human child on television and this Republican congress would still drag their feet on impeaching him.   He may have the same playbook as Nixon, but he's almost certainly playing by different rules.
Kushner's legal team is seeking a crisis pr firm, reports WaPo   Well then...
You're pretty much right on as far as likelihood goes.   The Russia Meddling congressional investigations were always a horse and pony show, and those will likely wrap up soon. But Bobby Mueller's gonna keep on truckin. Unless he's fired, then we'll likely find ourselves in a bonafide constitutional crisis.
Let’s not go soft on W. Be mindful that Trump, despite all his incompetence and malice, has yet to bring about anything on the scale of the Iraq War. GWB was instrumental in the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.
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