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hehhe a video that speaks my language! ooooh weeee last jedi sure is great!
"No recognition for me?"   - N'Jobu
I was wondering if this was a true HD remaster... but from the lack of info it seems like it's probably just an upscale?   If it was a true HD remaster from the original materials, you'd think there would be a bigger deal made about it (as there is with the remaster of Batman The Animated Series)
In general, he looks fine through that sequence (aside from the generally cheap plastic look throughout the scene).  He looks like a Cavill that shot that sequence without a mustache.  But it's about 3-4 close-ups here and there where the part of the face his beard would be look OFF.  The texture feels different from the rest of his face along with the lighting on his teeth.
 so what was the Moon easter egg?
Dark Shape!  Do you still maintain that Pet Cemetery Superman doesn't have some digital mouth going on in certain shots? (like the one that got screencapped and mocked)   because I look at certain shots during it and it's so obvious that something was done to his face   if it wasn't because of the mustache, maybe something else?   (I have it cued up to one of the shots)  
He got lots of praise as a standout of CIVIL WAR in which he went through his most volatile arc as a character. It's really cool that this element of his character arc is maintained into BLACK PANTHER so that the movie doesn't force his first solo movie to have him be AMPED UP again. And his regal poise allows him to be the framework from which the film's ensemble can really shine. They're given the room to play because T'Challa is steady for most of the movie in contrast.
yea get'm zack!
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