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That is amazing. Also, nice to see the US get gold in something other than an X Game event!
While there is a satisfaction in seeing the OAR getting trounced in medal count (compared to previous years), I am greatly looking forward to the post-Olympics updated medal count without any Russians on there because the IOC are a bunch of toothless cowards.
Hey! Wyatt is definitely not a Scott or Stonebridge clone. He’s a grizzled Hugh Jackman from Logan clone. And no, not the actual clone from the movie.
Oh snap! Lots of unexpected twists these games.
And that’s why you don’t declare the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl winners until all 4 quarters have been played, NBC. Kudos to that unheralded Czech lady for beating that uber-skiier from Austria.
The Farrow story is maddening because seriously, we had a year + for someone to figure all this out during the campaign. And, of course, it will do nothing because, at least it wasn’t a dude and Trump’s not a Democrat, so whatever. Sorry, I feel myself approaching numbness. I just want to Kylo Ren it all to the fucking ground.
Guys, guys, guys. Come on. No need to talk about Gen X here. I mean, noboday else is, amirite?
Pfh the Boomers may be the worst, but at least they aren’t History’s. Greatest. MURDERERS (of beloved Boomer industries because debt).
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