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The 5 drama noms at the Globes are absolutely the Real Five nominees at the Oscars in a non-expanded field year. Not surprised. And yeah, haven’t seen a lot of stuff this year, but it’s turned out some gems.
That’s my guess. Though, an older Fitz? Cryo fitz? Robofitz?
Not a puppet! Not a puppet! You’re a puppet! Trump even stole that line!
Well, guess I better sit out this election! In the can!
Ugh. Every update to this thread that isn’t a release date for season 3 wounds my heart.
Ugh. You're so poignant.   : )
Dem: That'll show em! Our guy gets accused with mounting evidence and he steps down! Ha! Take that, Republicans! Reps: :: Roy Moore wins in a landslide ::   Now, snark aside, it's presumably a right call, this is getting out of hand with Franken. It's just...why the fuck are we the side of standards? 
And who raised the Millennials again...roomers? Zoomers? Eh, it’ll come to me, I’m sure.
Honestly, was hoping the PotY would be ‘Trump Supporters’ and the picture would be just a big middle finger with a tattoo on it that says Nazi punks, fuck off.
Exec 1: “Do we have enough for a Chris Pratt type to basically be Starlord v2 this season?” Exec 2: “No, but we can get a low rent Bradley Cooper. He played Rocket.” Exec1: “well, they’re basically the same thing, right?”
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