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It’s true that Boseman’s performance isn’t getting individual praise on the level of Jordan but it’s also true that pretty much all the reviews are to the effect of “There isn’t a weak link in the cast.” He doesn’t steal his own show but his own performance elevates the more showy roles around him. I think a lot of folks might overlook it...until he ends up stealing Infinity War the way he stole Civil War. Because srsly he’s got to be in the top three leads the MCU has...
So basically we need a modern-day "Roots" type of thing that covers all this.
Poor Sir Jorah, Knight of the Friendzone.
Ooof.  Yeah, that story is very overdue to be more exposed in the mainstream, but it's gonna be rough as hell when it happens.
Next we'll get "The number of votes isn't important, it's all about which people feeeeeel more strongly!"
Yeah, I hope Manafort's on some kind of serious suicide watch during his house arrest (or did that get lifted?)  If he dies before the whole thing unfolds, I don't even want to contemplate the level of idiotic conspiracy theory bullshit that would spawn, to say nothing of potentially damaging the whole investigation.    And then watch Trump posthumously pardon him.  "For the family."
Well, I predict the next big studio blockbuster movie Coogler will be announced as directing will be....   "Unnamed Black Panther Sequel."   EDIT:  How have there not been a hundred Bass Reeves movies already?  That guy should be a folk hero on par with any "Wild West" denizen.
Maybe they thought it might hedge a little too close to the fine prosciutto and parmesan that was Saw Gerrera.
I dunno if it's still the case, but when I was in Army basic training they explained a lot of this, albeit in less graphic detail.  But it was very clear that it was designed to create "tumbling" bullets that caused more internal damage.  Can't remember if that was part of the normal spiel or if it was spurred on by someone asking about the type of ammunition it fired.
I also found it amusing that it was more T'Challa being hung up on her rather than the other way around. I do kinda miss comic-Zuri though.  That guy was hilarious. Yeah, Nakia is also billed as a Dora Milaje on the toy packaging, but such things aren't exactly known for surpassing accuracy (especially when they're usually done up before the final drafts of the script are completed).  Good point on the "Wives-in-Training" bit.
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