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What a legend. What a shame.
That's more like it.
Somehow, that doesn't help.
Goddamn, this is getting to me. Can anyone talk about how the firing of Mueller can be countered? What can the Dems do? The courts? I cannot believe, after Flynn & Manafort, that they have the balls to act like this all was nothing. I've already checked out the NYC protest plan for if/when it happens. And I really don't like crowds or people yelling. But Trump can only push so far before I have to push back. Bastards.
Be careful what you click on. People are spotting suspicious Tweets with promises of Jared news that are probably Russian bots with malware links.
I'll smell them on my candy break.
Yeah, but in his mind he is. Which is going to make his downfall all the sweeter. I hope he stupidly brings Ivanka down with him.
Just saw this on FB. Trend the living hell out of it, chewers.
Oh, I am so looking forward to all the wailing from Alabama Republicans when tourists, businesses, corporations, and other out of state economic sources all disappear in the inevitable boycott tsunami.
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