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On November 30th, I was looking for a pick-me-up because a close high school friend had died earlier in the day.  I went into this blind.  Holy shit did it hit like a ton of bricks in a cosmic sorta way.  Like I said, I had no idea what the story was about, but I'm always down for Pixar.  Lots of crying, lots of laughing, and the film was so breezy.  A fucking emotional roller-coaster of a day.  This movie is embedded in me for life.   ETA: I heard about the Frozen...
Saw this when it dropped on Netflix.  It's great!   It must be nice to be able to collaboratively bounce ideas off of your equally talented filmmaker buddies. (Not a dig at Macon Blair's writing/directing at all).  It's just something that's missing in a lot of other industries.
Ugh... I left Robbie Anderson on my bench.  Would've won.   On the edge in both of my money leagues.  I'm doing well in points for, but absolutely need a win in both next week to make the playoffs.  Every single team I've played this year has exceeded their weekly projections by a ton.
Deary Fantasy Gods,   Please let the Pittsburgh D eat Brett Hundley and the Packers alive tonight.   Devotedly Yours,   Tom
I saw a sneak of TEAM AMERICA and the theater was packed full. Missed half of the dialogue because every single person in that place was already primed by the ridiculousness of the puppets. The jokes just landed harder and harder, louder and louder. Probably the most intense movie audience experience, comedy-wise, that I've ever been a part of.
Odin's line leaves it open to interpretation IMO. The film doesn't show Thor losing his powers, just his ability to watch 3D movies. Until Marvel says otherwise, he can still charge batteries and shit.
"Asgard isn't a place. It's a people."
 Jonathon is a responsible, almost-adult and, you know...  [[SPOILER]]
Yup.  He wasn't drinking, so there's really no excuse for that mistake. It's needle-drop OD; they're really interrupting the flow of the show for me.
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