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 That puts the finger and what bugged me (just a little) about how he played Max. It's like Hardy watched a bunch of videos about PTSD and then mimicked what we saw, whereas Mel played the character as somewhat broken but with a strong core.
 There came a point where I couldn't read Batman comics for this reason. If you respect any of the continuities of the comics, the Joker has murdered thousands of people. Batman's no kill code becomes ridiculous in that context. And if he didn't do it, someone else sure the hell would have. Someone like Jesus.
 I hope in Avengers 3 it's revealed that Hawkeye's wife and kids as SHIELD agents who've been helping him rehabilitate from Loki's mind control. It's all a lie!
Don's still middle aged, still drinking and smoking, and the toll that will continue to exact on him isn't going away. Like Weiner said in that interview, we leave the characters at a happy moment:  what happens after the show is uncertain. LIKE LIFE OMG!
Come on VTRan, it's not like he was molesting boys or something. He just made a mistake; he's not a monster!
Dropping the carton of milk you're swigging from is a mistake. Molesting a 12 year old girl is a crime.
Aren't Bronies mentioned in Revelations? That seals the deal as far as I'm concerned.
  Duke, while I agree that Tom is .....Hardly on par with Mel Gibson, he is quite... hardy in ......Fury Road.
 Yeah if you were like 10 or 12 when Dr. No came out, and every Bond movie you saw stared Sean Connery, then this Lazenby guy took over, you'd be like "WTF?!". Mad Max is different because it's NOT a series of sequels spanning decades. It's three films from the 80's which helped make a major movie star (much like Bond did for Connery, except Mel was able to really jump off from MM) plus now this one.  Nothing in between, not even (to my knowledge) video games. I think a...
New Posts  All Forums: