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 Trumpocolypse Now?
 But Tony's on board with the concept of oversight, not tied specifically to having Ross be the one in control. It's clear he's ambivalent about Ross himself and the tension between the two ratchets up steadily thoughout the film. 
 True, I should have said "Ambitious" rather than arrogant. But, I do thing he's regarded as trying to punch above his weight in some respects. Again, I don't think that's fair, it's just the impression I get. 
Two interesting articles on Russia that are pertinent:   http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/01/the-secret-source-of-putins-evil   https://themoscowtimes.com/articles/you-thought-this-was-rock-bottom-america-but-the-russians-are-knocking-from-below-56789
  So, what are you saying here exactly?
 Because God knows we need a fucking Aquaman movie.  Yeah he got arrogant, thinking he could be both the Tentpole Acton Star and the Oscar Bait "artiste". I mean, hey it worked for Christian Bale, right? But whatever Bale's competitive aspirations (he supposedly competed for numerous roles with Leo and took the Batman role as a means of getting onto the A list), he really gives a shit about acting as a profession, while Affleck has always come across as a light weight. Not...
Well the Borgias weren't the epitome of religiousity either, so whatevs.    Interesting contrast with The Crown, which treats the religious aspects of the English Monarchy with dead seriousness. 
Just finished this series tonight....I feel the need to see shows like this one or two episodes per evening...watching them all in one go means missing a lot.    Going in I was wondering how they'd make a woman who's main job seemed (to me) to be smiling vacantly while doing an annoying hand twirl in lieu of a wave.    Peter Morgan's writing and the all 'round great acting turned me right around. Especially moving and insightful was the description of what the...
 What's worse is when one partner completely changes post marriage ceremony.  Guy I worked with really loved his woman, they had fun together etc etc. Post Honeymoon, she's ordering him to attend all kinds of family and social get togethers, and he's like "who did I marry?" Another guy, middle aged, marries a much younger woman, with the results you'd expect: she runs around spending his money (I guess getting a facial and a haircut costs thousands of dollars?) and...
Just wanted to come in to say that I thought Bart's new avatar was a partially melted doll, but now that I see it's a dog holding a smile thingy...it still looks like a melted doll's face. 
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