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They should make a movie called "Non Stop Cash Machine"
Instead of making this movies, they should just make Mockumentaries about the making of these movies. 
  I bet it's the same tracking device Vader had put on the Falcon back in New Hope. Fuckers must have done a really good job placing it. 
 Leviticus sez we have to stone people to death if they eat shrimp. This is why I no longer go to church but instead go to Red Lobster on Sundays.
So the Bernie/Warren Axis has been hard at work at the state and local level, winning control of Democratic party apparatus (apparati?) in Hawaii and (of all places) NEBRASKA.    Somebody gets it. 
 Love the look of bliss on your her face :)
 I'd say Maher showed his true colors years ago.  As for taking credit for Milo's downfall, he should show us on the tape where he calls out Milo's comments on pedofilia, since that is in fact what's led to his downfall. 
 Quote function is wonky today.  1st paragraph: well actually there IS something more viscerally galling that Trump's done: The Birther thing. Whatever specific things Trump does that I agree with, or bring up here to foster discussion, the fact that he made his political career out of calling Barack Obama an illegitimate President was just vile.  2nd paragraph: I think it depends on what the Impeachment would be over. If it's clear cut enough I think most of his...
 Fair arguments, and I wish I had the time to address them all.  Re: Labor: the Middle Class is as much dependent on rising economics and prevalence of well paying jobs as it is the presence of Unions. The simple equation of "Unions = prosperous Middle Class" doesn't wash. Recall it was Henry Ford who raised wages at his plants voluntarily in the early 1900's.  Likewise, you could unionize every manufacturing job in the US, it won't change the rise of automation and the...
 Welcome to Ignore land, asshole. 
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