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Jackson and Tolkien are also prejudiced against Cockney's since that's the accent most Orcs use. Black Cockneys.
 You know I get why the W's get all the love for "going their own way" and "making something different" AKA they made the Matrix. But does anyone think Jupiter Ascending will do anything by tank? It looks like a remake of Legend but with no Tim Curry.
  Probably due to the higher costs of live action stunts vs. shitty cgi?
Picked up a 2 volume collection of Rudyard Kiplings' short stories that I've had for years (yeah I'm that guy who raids the $1 table at the used bookstore and then lets the books just sit until someday I read them).   Not what I expected. What I expected was a racist jingoistic apology for the British Empire. What I'm getting so far is a very cold eye'd look and implicit critique of the British empire.   The two short stories I've read take place during the Boer War,...
There should be a Director's cut where Kyle and his wife realize their Baby is Plastic, and explore the ramifications of that.
Yeesh thank God. I started a thread for this and no one bothered.
Seriously? JOHN CARPENTER has a new album of music out and you apes can't be bothered?! FUCK YOU!
 I said somewhere on CHUD that today's actors have no life experience to inform there performances (or even their looks). The same is true of Directors. Even Spielberg, with his Suburban upbringing, brought the pain of Divorce between his parents and his early religious experiences into his work. All the modern guys you name, I like them, they are good Directors, but there's no core, they just copy/paste movies they've seen and loved. Esp Marshall. Of course, the Movie...
  It was also a critical hit; both amongst Lamestream and Geek critics.
  I'm betting that you haven't read the Ultimate FF. Because that trailer strongly channels the vibe of those comics, which yes had a "more realistic" take on the Origin story (Reed creates an Interdimensional doorway into the multiverse, and the FF are essentially one of the infinite variations on Humanity that are possible. Meaning yes there are whole versions of Earth populated by Things). Dr. Doom I totally agree is a horrible mangling of the comics character, one of...
New Posts  All Forums: