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  Ahem,....there was the classic Television movie The Incredible Hulk Returns....  
  Yeah only Artie can straighten Artie out, and he clearly does not want to. Addicts in that state will just drag everyone around them down. 
Ach it's too early in the morning. I totally missed his joke.
...which leads to the question of whether the League Pre Liam Al Ghul really pursued the agenda he said it did. 
 That can't be real (?)
Taking it further, one could see an evolution into Batman Inc. with Bruce Wayne providing the finances. 
  Been working since I was a teenager, at more jobs than I'd care to admit to, and I can think of maybe 3 places were management really gave a shit about their employees. And even then those were jobs that paid less than average.  And these are people who 1) have families to support 2) got NO training, had NO educational opportunities but 3) were assured (by families, friends, etc) that they had a safe, meaningful and well paying job (better paying than most jobs with...
Oh I've seen Season 1, parts of 2, and most of 4. It's 3 I had skipped over until now, because the Trek version of 911 didn't interest me.    One of those Augments in Season 4 had all the breasts. 
Watched most of Season 3 of Enterprise so I could experience the whole Xindi arc.    It was OK, although there were a few filler episodes that I ended up stopping and skipping.    I like the idea of the Xindi as a "composite" race of 5 different species who felt a common bond over their lost homeworld.    Also liked the idea of the Expanse being the artificial creation of other dimensional beings.    And the finale, and Archer's dispatch of the Evil Xindi, was both...
 How can you know if DNC voters are inherently "smarter" or "not blind followers" though? I have family members who vote Democratic no matter what (ironically they are Blue Collar workers, or were until they retired). And there's a really ugly side of these discussions, were people who, through no fault of their own, are being denigrated for being in a declining industry. I thought "Blame the victim" was a GOP thing. 
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