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So I've been watching Season 5 & 6 of Deep Space Nine. Still holds up.    In the 2nd episode of Season 6, "Rocks and Shoals" has Odo and Kira shutting down the one remaining member of the Press (the station has been taken over by the Dominion), Jake Sisko, when he tries to interview them. True he's kind of a shithead about it, but it's clear they don't want to think about the real answers to his questions. So they just tell him the interview is concluded. JUST LIKE TRUMP...
 I like to think we're living in an early 80's "Slobs Vs. The Snobs" comedy, but they couldn't get Bill Murray to play the President because he thought the script sucked. 
    A Princess. With a Dick. A BIG Dick.
   Cochrane is an interesting case: as you point out, he's kind of a jackass in First Contact, and the references in Enterprise indicate he was a champion bullshitter when he wasn't revealing future events.  But then he appears in TOS as this sane guy who happens to be in love with an Alien Space Cloud. I guess we can all grow as people!
 Frustrating story: I'd prefer an unedited interview format with Trump et all speaking, not a narrative summary.   Oh sure, decisions like that are not made overnight. But it's smart of the SoftBank and Foxconn people to get with Trump to announce it. Makes Trump look like he's doing something, and gets them some goodwill. Like I said, a preview of how this Administration will likely operate. 
   And this might be a preview of how Trump governs: let's his staff and Cabinet handle the work while he "cuts deals" with Boeing and other companies. Already SoftBank and Foxconn have announced major investments in the US. They see how things are. 
 Did they boycott the Indiana Jones films too?
 Even this won't make me watch Kimmel.
 Well he got some good laughs!
 They portrayed the Nominations of both parties, and the subsequent Main Event, as a horse race for ratings and to preserve the illusion that they didn't have a bias, sure. That's part of the problem: if the mainstream media are (and have been for a long time) already been portraying Presidential races a Entertainment events, is it really a leap to have a Reality Star run and win? Clearly not.  The comparison with Mainstream vs "alternative" medicine is unfortunate, given...
New Posts  All Forums: