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 Check out "Kitty in the Window"! http://www.chick.com/cartoons/embed.asp
 No idea D&D was a woman thing..obviously I did it all wrong.  Also, Elfstar's boyfriend and the Preacher both look way more Satanic than the Satanists. Guess you never can tell!
 This is hilarious. Where can I find these?!
How does it compare to the Dario Argento version?
One thing to think about with Kubrick and The Shining: He was a master Chess player, and was well aware that King's novel was a best seller.    So rather than adapt the same story arcs as the novel, he chose to play with, and on the audiences expectations.    For example, people who read the novel knew Halloran lived and helped rescue Danny and Wendy. So when  Jack murders him, it's a huge shock to people who read the book (and having a gentle soul like Scatman...
 Heh, this describes me, but a generation younger. Got my Grad degree in 1992 just in time for a major Recession plus the Federal Gov't laying off thousands of workers.  Took me YEARS of working shitty part time jobs, then shitty full time jobs (no where near the skill or pay level my degree prepared or "entitled" me for) to pay off my student loans. Said loans where nothing compared to the current generations, but to me they were a major psychological burden.  I was a...
  Yes, King is into Paranormal research and incorporates it into his work. I think that's one thing that drew Kubrick to his novel. He read the idea that "ghosts" are a Psychic residue that some places attract, or when strong emotional events like Murder or suicides take place, they imprint on a place, and people with sensitivity can see a rerun of said event. Then there are many creatures in mythology that drain the life source, be it blood or even sex (Succubi)...
An exercise where you fart?
I thought Cardio was now considered a bad thing.    And now crunches are bad? Well that sucks. 
Well according to this WaPost editorial, this Trump stuff, and in fact most bad stuff in the last 20 or so years, is all the fault of the Baby Boom Generation.    So don't worry folks, once they all die out, everything will get better!   https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2016/10/25/7d0c6a62-9aef-11e6-b3c9-f662adaa0048_story.html?utm_term=.f9a3f92e717d&wpisrc=nl_rainbow&wpmm=1
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