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 Plus SHE TELLS THOR hat she's bad with relationships. At least one of those portals to another world is full of shoes.
Tired shit last year: Girls somehow smushing their faces to look like Jennifer Lawrence.   Tired shit this year: Guys growing "American Sniper" beards and stalking around trying to do their 1,000 yard stares.
One could argue (like I'm about to) that Ronan ended up serving Thano's purpose. By telling Thanos he was going to use the Infinity Stone to destroy Xandar, Thanos gets to cause more chaos and death with minimal effort, he figures that there' s  no way Ronan does get burned out by the Stone, and at that point he (Thanos) can just saunter in and take the Stone. Which he may well do in Infinity War.
Thor's whole experience as a "mortal" was meant to teach him humility, which it did. I agree it wasn't a very dramatic arc, at all. But it does assume Thor is actually perceptive and is pretty quick on the  uptake when he's not being obsessing over "battle and glory".   So in that context, he's charmed by Jane, who he would have viewed as beneath him if he were still all "Thor'ed up". And Portman clearly plays her as a very shy, very smart person who's bowled over by...
He got ate by a Dee-mon Baby!
  Yeah, I'm saying it wasn't subtle, and I got it.
 You got farther into that book than I did. I got lost somewhere between the Aliens cutting a Real Estate deal with the Air Force to an Army vs Navy Secret Intel groups fighting each other, each in league with the Greys or the Nordic Aliens.
  The way they acted towards each other, their repartee, other than that, nothing!
  Agree on the giddy, but to me they had plenty of chemistry, it was just "OMG I'd like BONE that guy/gal" chemistry. It seemed clear to me anyway that their relationship was more a hormonal Teen infatuation vs. an adult relationship.
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