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 Yeah I bet that will stand up in a court of law...
Ready to start my TD Meal of Lamb Chops; screw Turkey!  
I like that the story, despite the large cast of characters, seems to be small, in that the focus is on Bucky. But it's gonna be weird seeing Captain America arguing that "yeah he's been a murderer for DECADES but he's all better  now! Hell now he'll kill for US!".
I saw this on TV as a wee lad and then thought I'd imagined it. But it was real. All. Too. Real.
About the same. But if they did get Lucas he would simply defend himself while slagging the new film passive aggressively like he's doing now. Sandler just might be open to the fact that he's doing commercial movies because that's what people pay money to see.
  We can only hope for.....the Sandler Interview.
That looks really, really good!   But (Isn't there always a but?), how does Stark go from the guy who will disregard ALL rules when he makes Ultron then Vision, to the guy who is a Government stooge? I hope we get some insight into that.
  Oh n o doubt: I just wonder about the quality of the movie itself. To compare again with AoU: the teasers for that really put the hooks into me, the actors were all great in clips, trailers and interviews, but when the film hit, a lot of people were disappointed. Mind, I  don't want that to happen with Star Wars, I want it to be transcendent. Just sayin', you know?
No one gives a shit about a shared Universal Monsters universe. Marvel Comics had a Dracula series, and Dracula eventually got destroyed by Dr. Strange. BOOM! There's your real shared universe.
  Maybe not but I'm pissed at them making STiD!
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