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Thank you, Bradito!  Sounds like he's interviewing for a new job himself.
Ah Duke don't be like that!   I liked the movie but agree it needed more of ....the Big G!  I also favor the sleeker design of the Godzilla Millennium monster design to the "Thunder Thighs" versions.
Ugh this episode. Loved Joan's affair with Capt. Pike. Could barely watch Glenn and Betty (sorry guys whatever that was, it was not acting). Liked Peggy's BOW moments. I'm guessing the "Gettysburg Address will wind up the show.
Folks we have the prospect of a Carcetti Vs. Clinton Race. I'm excited!
  The comics version of the suit all use subtle gradations of color in the suit. Don't think that can translate into film/video.
The Pope? He does look a lot like Anthony Hopkins....
Tired Shit: e-Smokers. As I was heading home from a Yoga class last night there was one waiting for the stoplight to change before crossing the street. Ostentatiously blowing huge clouds of e-Smoke which formed into perfect letters over his head the word "LOSER".   More tired shit: the control that enables me to lower/raise my driver's side window failed this morning. Just before my week long road trip to SoCal. And the mechanic I take my car to is closed.
Someone like me then!   Except I didn't do it.
New Posts  All Forums: