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Hahah I knew the Scott apologists would come out of the woodwork! Like Cockroaches coming out of the baseboards for a bit of offal! Hahaha!   To get the thread back on track: we're talking Directors who are over-rated. Over. Rated. Not Directors who made some great films but now make shitty films.   Directors who are held in higher esteem than their films merit.   I choose Ridley Scott because he is constantly praised on sites like this, and by himself. But what...
  Anyone remember when Mt St Helen's had a major eruption. This one guy setup a camera in a strategic location with a Time Lapse setting. He got an incredible sequence of photos of the entire side of the mountain collapsing. He also died in the eruption.
Yeah but sometimes you gotta go to where the money's at.
 The thread is for "Overrated" Directors, not "Bland" Directors. And Ridley Scott owns this thread.
  Supposedly there is a huge demand for all sorts of labor in North Dakota due to all that Shale Oil stuff. And I don't mean Oil industry jobs: Wal-Mart and McDonalds staff are getting $20 per hour there.
Nicky Fury's been dead and come back so often in the comics that I wasn't shocked when we came back in Cap2. But the way they shot the attack on him, I thought it possible he was really dead. So, +1 for Marvel!
 I agree all three movies are great. All three came out before 1984! Scott is always held up as some kind of Auteur (on this website and elsewhere) and it just doesn't jibe with the vast majority of his product. That's right, product.  Also: Prometheus.
 Weren't the other Kryptonians sent back into the Phantom Zone? Maybe we'll see Hot German UberChick again!
Ridley. Scott.
  You are right about my examples, so let's add the re-booted Battlestar Galactica to the mix. That show turned into a relentless Death Fest with supporting characters shooting themselves in the head, getting a leg chopped off, then shot by firing squad, etc etc. Now the characters weren't likable in the same way that the protagonists in most Hollywood movies are supposed to be. But still you understood their plight and regretted their passing.
New Posts  All Forums: