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it doesn't surprise me that guys like Mark Cuban love Ayn Rand. After all, she proposed that the Dollar Sign replace the Cross as the most important symbol of Western Civilization. And if the Dollar Sign is society's highest aspiration, than having the most Dollar signs means you are the best/most fit person!   I've read Cuban's Blog, and the comments are hilarious. The consist almost entirely of would be "entrepreneurs" begging Cuban for money to fund their schemes, or...
Anthem is really shockingly bad. It's also surprising that the Evil Dystopian society she depicts is really a version of the Republic Plato described.   I know Rand was an Aristotle groupie, basically saying many times that Philosophy began and ended with him. But to my knowledge she never even mentions Plato, even to argue against his ideas.   I suspect that, as with so many widely bought books, people take what they want, and apply their own interpretations to Rands...
  This describes almost everyone I've met in California since I moved her in 1998.
Not anymore.
Still cleaning out my books and found copies of Anthem and Atlas Shrugged. I didn't remember even reading Anthem so I sat down and a few hours later had finished it (it is only 109 pages long, followed in the edition I had by the same text but with Rand's handwritten notes and strike-throughs. How dumb is it to show text that's been BLACKED OUT by the author as an example of some sort of genius editorial process?). It is the most childish book I've ever read, something a 6...
Empire didn't males as much as New Hope or Return of the Jedi  on initial release.
Weird, I have no memory of reading 3001 yet I must take your word on it, because I remember Poole's resurrection but not the other plot.
"It’s a 2014 action thriller with 80’s sensibilities, which is charming in a way but maddening in others"   So, it's like Bullet to the Head, The Last Stand, and Expendables 1-3 but with an Oscar Winning Thespian rather than a Martial Arts or Action Hero?   Sounds like a rental to me!
Keeping with the theme of poorly trained pets (or children), really tired shit is walking along a hiking trail behind a Teen with a Pit Bull who is leading the boy, stopping when he wants to, running towards an interesting noise, or smaller dogs etc, and clearly being violent. And blocking the path so I can't get by for about a half mile.
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