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In the 80's there was a great Spider-Man arc where Spidey was in the middle of a Gang Wat fought by Kingpin, The Rose ( Kingpin's son!), Hiobgoblin, Hammerhead et al.   But in general yes, Spidey's Golden Era was in the 60's.
 Bullshit! Freedom always wins....Free....Man!
  Just to add to this: I grew up in a mostly White Suburb in the South. I know for a fact that my white middle class peers in High School very often got away with low level crimes that would have gotten them serious time, and maybe even shot, where they Black. But every time when they got into the Courtroom, their Banker/Lawyer/Military officer Dad would stand up and tell the Judge/Jury that this is a good kid yadda yadda yadda, and that kid would walk.
The Borg were great in their first two appearances. After that, you wonder why they have only three (3) weapons: the Drill Ray, the Energy blast ray, and the Super Shields. I guerss maybe those annoying Laser Pointers they shined at people could be considered weapons too.   Plus they look less advanced than the Federation, what with all those tubes hanging out of their faces, buzz saw hands and fingers etc.   They came off as more half assed than the Ultimate...
Dr. Doom is Darth Vader if Darth Vader wasn't such a whiny bitch and was actually intelligent.
 Wow, great post and a lot to unpack there! To handle the "We're doing the right thing" thing: That's exactly how I was raised. Hard work, be honest, go to school etc.  And a lot of people who subscribe to this belief, out of ignorance simply ascribe most if not all problems faced by the African American community to a lack of these values. What we ('cause yes I am White) don't see because we are "outside" your normal everyday experience, is the subtle/not subtle forms...
 Just realized I never finished the review. I DID finish both volumes and highly recommend them. Especially "Mary Postgate", a short set in Britain during WW I. JUst a really outstanding novella that goes places I never dreamed the author of "Riki tiki Tavi" would ever go (but then, this is the first Kipling I've actually read).  Finished Existence (heh) and can't add to my first impression. As a SF fan it strikes me that the level of pure speculation peaked in the...
  Actually I totally buy that this is the same guy. Think about it: he's been holding back for decades, dissembling and hiding who  and what he really is from the Jedi. Now he's able to cut loose completely while wiping the Dumbass Jedi out. I bet he was imagining that Senate Chamber fight with that tight ass Yoda for years.  By the time of RotJ, he's much older, that buzz is long gone, he's weighed down by his responsibilities, complacent because he thinks he knows...
Dr. Doom is the MU version of Lex Luthor.   Osborn was just a goofy Spidey villain who then assumed prominence in the Death of Gwen Stacey story. Then someone made the worst decision in comics outside of having Sue Dilby raped and murdered, by trying to make Osborn the Ultimate Baddie in Marvel. It just doesn't work.
 Also the Moon is really a giant Egg as detailed in a recent "Dr. Who" documentary.
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