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The Bond novels are fascinating for their Travelogue aspects and for Fleming's research efforts.   Those who find DAF the novel lacking fail to realize that Fleming is depicted a real Diamond smuggling operation that he researched in Africa (and he wrote a "non fiction" book on that subject, the Diamond Smugglers. Can't recommend it unless you are a completist).   Also the Spangled Mob is probably an accurate, unromantized depiction of American Midwest Gangsters. And...
Meanwhile, Rudy Guiliani continues to dump on his own reputation. 
  Oh I'm with you on that. It's been a cliche for way too long, but this year it's really the case that the election will go to the candidate hated less than all the others. 
I have no information (on anything), but I always suspected the Suits were just slapping Nolan's name on Man of Steel for PR purposes, and felt that Snyder could do what he wanted.  Which is kind of their thing, right? Let the Auteurs Persue Their Vision. It's just that, other than Nolan, that philosophy hasn't served them well. 
The thing is, that's how politics works. It's a Favor Bank. I contribute to your campaign, maybe host a fund raiser for you, maybe even speak out in public on your behalf. And in exchange, you're going to totally ignore me?    There's always that grey line where such favors conflict with the Public Good, and it's a very large grey area often going into the black.    For some counter examples, Obama took a LOT of money from Wall Street and Hedge Fund managers in 2008,...
Third the Call of Cthulu recommendation. It even comes across (mostly) as an authentic Silent Movie. 
  Holy God that "host" is so so boring. 
An amazing overview of Trump World. 
   I love how Loosey Goosey people are in 09 and STiD when on View Screens vs in person. I wonder if that was some kind of intentional critique of Human Relations in the 23rd century, or JJ just liked the out takes by Bana and Weller and decided to use them in the finished films.
What I've learned is that in the 09 Trekverse, Mining is both the most technologically advanced field, but also the one most prone to generate Planet scale menaces.
New Posts  All Forums: