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Yeah but no one in this thread is really arguing that Apple is creating something new here.     Just something REVOLUTIONARY!
McNooj82 I disagree about John William's Prequel scores. I think they are the best part of the Prequels period (admittedly that is a low bar).   The opening titles/Revenge of the Sith theme, Palpatine's Teachings, Sith Spacecraft and Droid Invasion, Qui-Gon's Noble End  High Council Meeting in the Phantom Menace soundtrack are every bit as good/memorable as the OT soundtracks.   The lack of good scores for the Marvel movies is puzzling. It has to be a deliberate...
Yeah there is! Maximillian's blades bore right into Norman Bate's heart!
It boggles my mind that Stallone needs money. The Rocky money alone should have him set for life. I assumed it was his ego that made Expendables.
  The irony of this statement is that Apple produces (produced?) world class solid products that lasted. In the mid-late 90's I sold PC/Mac hardware and software, and I had people come to me to buy RAM upgrades for there PowerBook 190's (for you Young Folks that was one of the first PowerBooks) and got pissed when Apple discontinued the parts. (so I sold them 3rd party chips which worked just as well). I bought my iPod Classic in 2009 and only had it refurbished once to...
  That's hot!
In California all the weird shit comes out on Date #1.   My sole success on Craigslist resulted in a pleasant walk in the park (not code for anything) with a woman who immediatley told me that she was raised as a Scientologist until Age 10, had never married but had once been living with a dude who had wanted to get married but she refused, and now regretted it since she would have been "set for life financially" had she done so. Then we went to dinner and she welched on...
With Warner Brothers experiencing layoffs I wonder if these plans for the DC verse will fade away, or be slapped together so poorly that they will deep six the studio for good.   Kevin Smith must be going nuts writing screenplays for all these properties.
    We're arguing in circles. Yes, SmartWatch is not new. Apple's expertise is taking existing, poorly implemented technologies, and making them usable.And popular.
Well I for one am glad that FINALLY there's a movie that shows how women have to get married to a man by age 30 or they'll be useless LOSER HAGS that their friends will look down on and ostracize.
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