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Maybe Quill went back to Earth or at least picked up TV transmissions from there and thus get up to date for a time. I mean, it's not like he had anything left for him back on Earth except for painful memories: but the pop culture references might have cheered him up.
40th Anniversary. Christ I'm old.
 See I thought Roth played it perfectly. His character is an Alpha male who meets something way outside his wheelhouse, and "Apex Alpha Male" so to speak. He's astonished, intrigued, immediatly wants a "fair shot" at it, and also see the possibility to transform himself from an aging regular solider to something unstoppable. I totally got him as a character. The re-casting matters more because Norton played a "traditional" Banner while Ruffalo was much angrier as Banner...
 Except Star Wars has been pretty much steadily on Geek's radar since the Prequels came out. There's been a steady stream of animated TV shows and movies, comics, novelizations, and TOYS! TOYS! TOYS!
It does still have that weird ass dude with the giant Balding Forehead who just stares at Kirk like "who the fuck is HE?!" at the beginning.
On my first watch I hated season two, but now it's my favorite, though now I see all five seasons as almost co-equal in greatness, so "favorite" means slightly more awesome than the other seasons.
So the other day I picked up Dan Simmon's The Terror, expecting to maybe get through a couple of chapters then take it to the Book Exchange. Instead I'm two hundred pages in an have trouble putting it down hahaha.    Two British ships trying to find either the mythical Northwest Passage or the mythical Open Arctic Sea (now a reality thanks to Global Warming!) get locked into the ice during a brutal extended winter. For two years. The descriptions of daily life aboard the...
  Oh man that is such a great idea...
Just watched my Blu Ray of Guardians of the Galaxy, and I'm pleased to report I love it just as much as when i saw it in the theater...twice!   Thanks to the B Movie Action News Team for alerting me to the impending release of the Escape From New York Special Edition. I have The Fog Special Blu from the same team, and the image quality is astounding, as is the Audio.   Ah if only Carpenter in his prime made a Marvel movie. A Carpenter Punisher would be aces!
New Posts  All Forums: