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 Yeah that's a bad move. Hope you remembered to "Wrap That Rascal!"
 How did you get her to fess to this fiendish "marry you for your money" plot?
M Night
This is also a theme in pretty much every John Carpenter movie.
Hm so India is just like the US now?
Marvel is notorious for over working their talent. I think at one point Bendis had writing duties on half a dozen titles (big ones too).   I agree that Bendis set a lot of the tone that others, like Brubaker picked up and ran with.   But Brubaker in particular did a lot with his Daredevil and Captain America runs (indeed the new Cap movie could have been written by Brubaker).   Maybe a side note, maybe not: every once in a while a "BIG NAME" author will try to write...
 I question it. You may not like the aesthetic that they chose, but that's not an objective observation, it's an opinion.
Bartleby, if you are into the "Beauty of Desolation" I highly recommend JG Ballard's books, especially his "catastrophe" novels from the 60's: The Crystal World, The Drowned World, The Wind From Nowhere etc. Really cool stuff.   Day of the Locust is a great example of the thread topic and a really good novel. Have not seen the movie.   Also recommended is Gustav Le Bon's The Crowd. It's a early 20th century Sociology text but it's quite readable and argues that humans...
 Alexander Knox is the sole example of the "Good Gothamite" in Burton's Batman, and I'd argue he's the most noble character in the film, because he's fighting for something larger than himself (Gotham as a whole, or maybe he's just doing the right thing), rather than working out a personal psychosis.
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