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I think the real missing ingredient in the Prequels was enthusiasm. No one seemed to give a shit, not the cast, not the crew. With Star Wars you really get the excitement the actors had to be doing something creative. That carried through to ESB, mostly dissipated by RoJ.   All IMO.
Disagree: the plot requires the Jedi to be oblivious to the point of being morons. An entire Capital full of Force Sensitives, including some like Yoda who have centuries of experience, have NO CLUE that Palpatine is a Sith?  How is that even possible?    Jar Jar was a failure as both character and plot device.   The Jedi sending Padme and Anakin alone to Naboo together, with NO other escort, is ridiculous, especially given the doubts the Council has about Anakin's...
...And it's not just me noting how vapid SNL is, in contrast to the new media:   http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2015/10/john-oliver-vs-lorne-michaels/
  Occasionally I dip into the various SNL Threads on CHUD, and the comments I read are about 95% negative on each and every show. As in, not funny, anti-funny, the host sucked, maybe, maybe there was ONE funny skit, dull, a chore etc.   And this is for every season going back to at least 2004 if not before.    Now I know that each generation thinks "their" SNL cast was the best (me I'm so damn old I started watching the original cast and stopped with the Billy...
His first Star Trek movie was really entertaining and captured the spirit of Star Trek AND Star Wars (funnily enough).   And that despite a shit storm of a script. Here he's got an enthusiastic young case AND the "Classic Cast" who seem to actually give a shit and not just want a paycheck.    That gives me hope.
 The fact that it was a rally that drew from all walks of life, political sects and religions AND ISIL has not taken credit (when they show video of beheadings on the Internet ) is what drives my suspicion. Best way to make all the people rally around the current Government is this type of attack.   Then again, I wouldn't put it past ISIL to stage an attack on sowing just such suspicions.   This is the Middle East, where obtuse conspiracies and terrorist attacks are...
No one taking responsibility + a multi organizational rally for peace + bombing = probable False Flag attack. IMO.
 I think that's a running gag. Gyos Eye Popping also takes place in the 90's films. In the 60's film he's just got goofy Googly Moogly Eyes.
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