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Part of the problem, for Comicbook fans, is we've enjoyed so many creative different takes on these characters. Th No you are not wrong to wish for that. And had they kept Cranston odds are they would have done it. Really killing him off was the biggest flaw in the film. I'd have loved to have seen Cranston bounce off of Ken Watanbe's character. Two crazies yelling at each other! Edwards did the exact same thing in Monsters, except there the two leads were really really...
  I imagine Mike Myers in a Hitler costume saying some dumb anti-Semitic joke and then mugging straight at the camera. Oh what could have been.
Plus, Godzilla is a....Godzilla movie. It hits all the plot points and many of the themes of Godzilla movies by Toho from the original to the Millennium series.   All the marketing and the score of Man of Steel led me to believe that Superman would lead us all to "walk in the sun". Instead we all walked into GrimDark.
If true that is somewhat intriguing. Sad there is no mention of Greedo's family or the Droids.
Great post Ambler. I grew up watching plenty of movies and TV shows starring African Americans, and when I saw Racism in these films/shows it was always in the context of something retrograde that only morons would commit to. Bill Cosby had the highest rated tv show in the late 80's, and more recently The Wire had a large cast of Black actors in really great roles. And now we have this Exodus movie which has the casting choices of 1950. To me this looks like Scott and the...
  Please see every Message Board Thread for every genre film on every movie website ever.
So, Alien infestation?
 He looks pretty Satanic in that poster. Just sayin'.
Funny thing, is the guy in the trailer who's complaining about Christmas being hijacked? Looks pretty Jewy to me. Just sayin'.
Man the vibe in the US is so weird right now. I can't help but think the "White Casting" of Exodus is tied to the Florida thing, and now cemented in Hollywood Execs minds by the Missouri thing. It's like people are just turning on each other.
New Posts  All Forums: