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  But then the resulting Nova takes out the Death Star and Yavin. Cue that "waa waa" sound effect. 
 He called the 2012 right, but his record since then has been spotty, but what's worse, when called on his mistakes, he refuses to own up to them and basically argues that the facts are wrong and he's right! Precisely the attitude that led to the infamous Turd Blossum Breakdown on Fox News on Election night 2012.
She's surprising me by her inability to not do one fucking thing different this campaign from the 2008 campaign. 
  Wait..in the first issue that introduced Nick Fury, he's just given the Infinity Formula by shadowing Agents after accepting the role of head of SHIELD! This must be a Retcon. Agree that Dum Dum must have also taken the Formula (which originally had to be ingested every year), so why not Eisenhower or Truman? It's like these Comic Books don't make sense!
  Very much so. There's a whole generation of people at NASA that count Trek and Star Wars as the reason for their career choices. 
  You laugh, but how 'bout those Solar Powered TIE Fighters Bro? Much cleaner Kill Machines than those Gas Guzzling X Wings! The funny thing is, the first Star Wars movies really inspired a generation to get interested in science in a big way. Not so much because of the veracity or lack thereof, but the aesthetics of the movie fired people's imaginations: all those clean metal corridors, the spaceships, life on other worlds being treated so matter of factly etc.
 Didn't proof read: should have said "Daniel Rand as a White American yadda yadda yadda..".  Jeeze you're sensitive! 
If my choices were Trump vs. Cruz, I'd have to go with Trump, because EWWWWWWWW!
To me it's all in the execution.    Mark Millar made Nick Fury into Sam L Jackson in the Ultimate Avengers comics. In those comics he's portrayed as a vapid, angry psycho (guess that's how Millar sees Blacks onnohedidn't).    Then real life Sam L Jackson played Nick Fury in the movies and in just one short scene in Captain America 2 he made that character relate able, sympathetic and with a new backstory.    In the process something got lost: as Duke states, in the...
A gathering of Trumpoligists reflect on The Donald's career.
New Posts  All Forums: