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Wow that's a surprise. RIP.
Yeah if (as is likely) the Eye is just another Infinity stone I'll be disappointed. We were promised a Larger Universe damnit!
  Best part of Best of Both Worlds is when Riker orders the command staff to take a nap, but  Brian Dennehy's daughter doesn't want to!
I'll be watching this speech for years to come, no matter what happens in November. 
Hahah talking about his Grandparents from Kansas...just like Superman's parents!
Obama has always been up front about telling people to get off their asses and get to fucking work. And this is the most inspirational version of that message.    "Democracy isn't a spectator sport! We have to get into the arena with her!"
Killing Trump with decency. 
"We don't look to be ruled!"    Awesome!
Don't Boo...VOTE!
Whoa was that a back handed swipe at Bill?   "Sorry Bill, I was just telling the truth"
New Posts  All Forums: