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And Steve Murphy!
 Like AICN imploding!
 Except now do you see how much attention people (real people, not media folk) now pay to State and local governments? That's the flip side. We no longer believe (well most of us) in the President as God King anymore, and people are mobilizing to actually 'take back' their country at the grass roots level. 
Promised I'd provide updates on my "smash and grab" expedition to the local bookstore.  Sadly, I have to report that the Gene Wolfe book I got, Pirate Freedom, isn't very good. It's in line with other Wolfe novels like Peace and Free! Live Free!    The plot: A 21st century (near future time because Communism in Cuba is about to collapse) monk reminices about the adventures he had after leaving a monastery as a young teen and someone being transported (with no knowledge...
  You left out.....BARON WUNDERBAR (pronounced "VUNDA BAR!")
 Why not? That's what they've been doing for decades.  I like what Elizabeth Warrens been doing, much less so than Bernie. But I don't see much uptake from Congress or even the public (Warren is NOT popular in her home state).
 How can they be "uniting" when there's only two Just Us League members in the poster plus the penis of a third?
 That has to be a satire. That's not real. Is that real?
DT know fooball. 
Tired shit: America.    I just spent 5 days (well really 2 days given it was a business trip) in Toronto.    I've lived in or visited: Washington DC, San Francisco, San Diego, LA, Houston, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, London, Paris and Vienna.    And my gut reaction is that Toronto is the first real city I've ever been in. The rest are provincial shitholes. 
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