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^ where is that link?!   Thing is, China is in the process of excluding Western companies. Back in 2010(?) the CEO of GE was complaining about Chinese intransigence and that he was considering "reshoring" to the US (which is now happening).   The new Chinese Premiere is very much an Orthodox Communist and sees the arts as a conduit for Nationalist/Communist propaganda. Hollywood being what it is, I can see Ratner et al kow towing to the demands of the new...
I will not apologize for my admiration of...Fabfunk Triumphant!   NYC Makeout Party is a close second!
I loved Whedon's characterizations of the X-Men, especially Kitty Pryde, but those plots..ugh. "Breakworld" indeed.
Thought you B Movie fans would appreciate this article profiling The Rock:
  I've been hit on by Gay men. It disturbs me in the sense that said men are creepy as hell. I also have friends who moved to SF from Kenya and it's been heartbreaking to see them change from very friendly, open people to closed and somewhat bitter people, specifically because of the daily experience of being Black in the US.
Not me. I saw Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness for free as part of business networking events (a bad idea since no one did nay networking and the movies sucked). And that MoS trailer really had me excited: I haven't been that let down by a movie in a long time. Star Trek was even worse since I really like the 09 film, despite recognizing it's flaws.   I try to see movies that I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy. The Marvel movies, for me, hit a sweet spot in terms of...
  Iron Man and really Blade proved that "lower tier" Marvel characters can make for successful movies and franchises. In a weird way I think getting the Majors characters like the FF and X-Men back would pull them away from what's made them successful. You really can't get bigger than Infinity Gauntlet. Secret Wars, etc were attempts to top that arc, and IMO failed. The "Marvel Knights" Secret Wars, which had Nick Fury doing his own covert ops against Latveria, and the...
Yeah the intensity of the hate, this many years on, is baffling. I encountered it recently in the B Movie thread, from the most gentle soul on the boards. I was taken aback.
What clinches it for me is, the expression on the woman's face is not in any way inviting of anything, certainly not inviting of amorous attentions.   In San Francisco I've experienced what I call "the SF Stare". It's when I'm walking down the street, feel someone looking at me, spy out a woman staring at me, she sees me, then quickly looks away like I've committed an assault. It's annoying and disturbing. The one thing it does not do is make me want to engage with her...
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