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   Written for the screen by Diablo Cody. Produced by Kathryn Bigalow. Directed by Lexi Alexander. A true Dream Team!
Yeah Freeman but Superman does know the dark souls of Criminals the way Batman does!
Bradito I'll bequeath my Avatar to you in my will.   What I don't get is, why didn't the nurse report herself as soon as she got a fever? She knew how serious Ebola is from her treatment of the Liberian man. If it were me, I'd isolate myself as much as possible for the incubation period just to be safe (and protect friends and loved ones).   In Dallas there are well over 100 people at that hospital being "monitored" for the virus.
I'd rather frame the discussion in terms of Human lives. Like, mine for instance.
  Right, it could be much much more, or less. Oh the CDC Head is being grilled by Congress now: http://news.yahoo.com/video/abc-news-plus-special-report-220000361.html
In Africa it's estimated at 4,000+.   So far it's 2 (maybe 3 if Reasor's neighbor is tested positive) KNOWN cases in the US. The fact that two Dallas healthcare workers were potentially spreading the disease amongst friends, family and strangers (and in one case fly to Toledo!) after being in contact with Patient Asshole means there is some potential for many more.
Yeah you hear "Leadership" touted everywhere these days. It's got to the point where if someone starts talking about how she/he is a "Dynamic Leader" I just view them as bullshitters. And 9 times out of 10, they are.
This Blog Post kind of expresses some of my frustration with this Ebola epidemic   http://www.salientpartners.com/epsilontheory/post/2014/10/14/Calvin-the-Super-Genius   Here is the most fundamental idea behind game theory, the one concept you MUST understand to be an effective game player. Ready? You are not a super genius, and we are not idiots. The people you are playing with and against are just as smart as you are. Not smarter. But just as smart. If you think...
 Well yeah, that does put a different light on things. Now I'm with DT: you should figure out if she's gruffly showing affection  or she's a mean bitch.
 More like how Contagion started. Although...if you want to stick with the Milius Red Dawn movie as metaphor (and there is NO OTHER movie called Red Dawn not Directed by Milius) it would be like this: A class of innocent American kids (or cells) sees Russian Paratroopers (or Ebola virus's ) land on their playground and fucking shit up. Then some Redneck kids (or Antibodies) take action to fight the invaders.   Uh well it's Texas, so they just might decide to shoot and ask...
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