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Noh UR wrong!
 Ants communicate mostly by scent...so there may be Ant Symphonies, Any Talk Radio (evilient) Etc. Whales and Dolphins communicate  visa sophisticated sonics. Are they reciting poetry at each other? Or are they yelling about the Whale/Dolphin version of The Fed?   Point being, we have no other "intelligent" species to benchmark ourselves against.   But this whole "Lion killing" meme does prove that Dentists should be watched.
Can't believe he was 61. Can't believe he's dead. RIP.
   I spoke at length with the Sales Director and he agreed to dig into it. To help him I sent him an email where the rep admitted he'd called into another one of my prospects "by mistake" and "meant to let me know" (after I called him out), plus an instance where I got a lead from his territory, and did the right thing and forwarded it on.We are a very small company but the owners have proved they can and will fire people who are pulling shit. It will be interesting to see...
 She must be HAWT!   Tired Shit: "Fellow" sales reps snaking a deal from under my nose, despite the prospect being in my territory and that I was calling into them and that fact was noted in our CRM. I fucking hate salespeople.
Fortune has a nice article on the value of having full time employees vs. "Partners" AKA Contractors who work on an hourly basis sans any kind of benefits.
It's the worst. Even Kate Beckinsdale wearing SKIN TIGHT LEATHER PANTS couldn't have saved it.
Guess it's time to bring the Green Book back.
  SKIN TIGHT LEATHER PANTS OMG!  I can't imagine anything being worse (as a movie) than Lions for Lambs. Fucking Sharknado has to be better than Lions for Lambs.
"Movie Villain" James Woods?
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