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RDJ came back, so can they!
 Michael Bay is actively intending to induce pychosis, racism, and suicide with his movies. FACT.
I used to own a Trump Dress shirt. It was really nice. Except it didn't have a pocket in the upper left section, because Trump never wants to be thought of as one of those fucking Nerds, but as an Executive. Other than it was great.
Here's the best summary of what's wrong with business in the US:   http://www.cringely.com/2015/06/24/the-u-s-computer-industry-is-dying-and-ill-tell-you-exactly-who-is-killing-it-and-why/
Holy Shit this has Wallace as Creed and fucking Barksdale is his trainer?! FUCK YEAH!   One nitpick: Apollo was always shown as a smart businessman, so how come his son is in the Hood? Did Apollo trust his finances to Paulie too?
Here's one thing that could give the Republicans the White House in 2016: Democrats may not care enough to get off their asses and vote:   http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/monitor_breakfast/2015/0629/Poll-Democrats-face-big-enthusiasm-gap-in-2016
  A side note, but I hope they refuse to settle, and his lawsuit gets laughed out of court, and he has to spend a bunch of dough to his lawyers.
  See I think people's perception of Hilary could actually help her. She's like Nixon in 1968: we know of her problems, or think we do, and we know she's got decades of experience. And we know she's a hell of a lot more even keeled than the extremists running on the GOP side. Which brings me to the GOP side. The fundamental problem (see that?) they have is, the candidates with the most Media attention are the most flamboyant and the most liable to make outrageous...
Which is why we've seen a resurgence of "in camera" stunt work, with the Fast N Furious, Bond and smaller films like John Wick.   Interestingly, lots of people I know in the Tech industry simply don't bother with "traditional" entertainment at all, preferring a hands on experience like learning to build furniture, taking courses to become a chef etc. They're not changing careers; this is for them entertainment. Also they read and watch much more non-fiction than most.
Guess it pays to have friends.   DT, will you be my friend?
New Posts  All Forums: