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The Wicker Man.
Happy Labor Day everyone! Hope you all had a nice relaxing day.   I spent the day basically doing nothing. Spent some time with my Faux Atari 2600 (it's a neat little all in one device with 26 Classic Atari games including Air Sea Battle, Adventure and Asteroids among others). Good times and I had a nice big Nostalgia smile on my face the whole time.   Then I grilled some tasty Turkey sausages and after that, I watched Jackie Chan's Project A for the very first...
Just realized something. Vitamin C has a "C" in it. Jesus Christ ALSO has a C in it. Coincidence?
No dummy Fruit Bats can't do it either. God.
These people were dead serious. At one point one guy plaintively asked "is there some way we can get back to that?" (living for centuries).   The whole gist of their discussion is that when Man or men fall away from God's Path bad shit happens like you grow old and die in a few decades and have irritable bowel syndrome and have to take Vitamin C capsules etc.     I posted about this here because this is the core audience for Kirk Cameron's "films".
Yeesh, I didn't realize Devin was still such a hot button topic here. Even the unflappable Duke Fleed is flapping over my mention, even though I brought up his name to discuss how wrong he is on Rocky IV.    I have all 100 CHUD Podcasts on my iPod. And enjoy them.
Love Dogs of War and highly recommend it.   Recently over on the BadAss Podcast Devin and Evan have been going through the Rocky movies, most recently Rocky IV. Amazingly they hated it, and claim people who profess to love it only do so "ironically".   I call Bullshit. Watched it last night and it's a hugely entertaining film on it's own merits.   The scene were Drago is left alone in this empty space, then sees the ceiling open up and he's raised up to the...
This morning I was scanning the AM Radio "Dial" and came across a fascinating discussion of how Genetics plays into the Bible.   You see, Humans and Fruit Bats are two of the four species on Earth that don't generate their own Vitamin C. The radio host and his sidekick speculated that Pre-Flood, Humans could in fact generate their own Vitamin C, and this is the reason why characters in the Bible up to Noah lived for hundreds of years.   Apparently because Humanity...
Part of the problem, for Comicbook fans, is we've enjoyed so many creative different takes on these characters. Th No you are not wrong to wish for that. And had they kept Cranston odds are they would have done it. Really killing him off was the biggest flaw in the film. I'd have loved to have seen Cranston bounce off of Ken Watanbe's character. Two crazies yelling at each other! Edwards did the exact same thing in Monsters, except there the two leads were really really...
  I imagine Mike Myers in a Hitler costume saying some dumb anti-Semitic joke and then mugging straight at the camera. Oh what could have been.
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