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Smith went from likable guy just like me (if I were awesome) to Weirdo Celebrity #8,436. That is affecting his audience appeal imo.
My thing with accents in movies is, the Director can bring the actors back in to dub their lines. In fact very often they do so anyway! So why not make sure the accent is consistent?! It's the coming and going from scene to scene accent that bugs me, because it's so easy to fix.
Yeah I've not heard anything bad about the DS9 cast other than that they were a serious bunch.
I've noticed a trend towards people either skimming posts on Social Media or reading one or two sentences and going ballistic with a Wall O word response.   It's happened to me several times on CHUD  over the years. At first I thought the problem was me; that I wasn't articulating my thoughts well enough. But re-reading my own posts, I concluded that there are people with serious reading comprehension problems on the Internet, who also KNOW they are right about...
Great interview with Arnold that goes over his whole career. I had no idea that Twins was his most personal lucrative movie or that he was a real estate millionaire before he became a movie star.  He's also asked why he doesn't fund his own movies given his wealth.   http://fourhourworkweek.com/2015/02/02/arnold-schwarzenegger/
So is this the Will Smith version of Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher? (going for a "safe" entertaining movie vs. a blockbuster)?
A fair point.
The Original Series has been available via Netflix and Amazon in the Remastered HD editions for years.    In honor of Leonard Nimoy I just watched Amok Time and Journey to Babel back to back.   Spock's alienation from Vulcans was highlighted in both episodes: his wife by Arranged Marriage on Vulcan refuses him in favor of a childhood friend, then Spock's Human mother reminds him of how he was picked on as a boy by his classmates.   Needless to say, Nimoy was perfect...
  Read his (McWeeny's) scripts or watch the two masters of Horror episodes he wrote. Oof.
  "Big time suck of a read" indeed. I skimmed the first page, then saw that there are 8 more loooong pages to go. And checked out.  Because even if I accept the entire argument, the fact remains that I enjoy watching the OT, and THE PT bores me to tears.
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