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Eh I'd like to see Katie Sackoff as Harley Quinn. BOOM!
Yeah except in First Class The President decides to bomb the Mutants who've just prevented the Cuban Missile Crisis from turning into WWIII.   So at least at the highest levels of the US and USSR governments and military, Mutants were seen as a serious threat back in 1963.
The Narcissism on display in that trailer (and judging from those Ebert clips) is nauseating.
Yeah that scene in Eyes Wide Shut is pointed to a lot.   Just watched Ishiro Honda's Rodan last weekend. It's a surprisingly eerie and beautiful movie, but there are a couple of scenes where the Rodan costume and the wires supporting are so damn goofy looking that they almost  ruin the movie.
  Your friend should have yelled at the Douche "shut the fuck up or I'll shove that baby up your ass!". Good one liners like that are hard to come by!
How do I learn to do that?   Not only that, I swear the fucker had some plastic surgery done!
Yeah I doubt I'll remember anything about this novel a week from now, but I had a lot of fun reading it.
War of the Gargantuas is a whole other beast. While Rodan is pretty slow to get going, WoG is slam bang Kaiju action right out of the gate and doesn't let up until a little past mid-film.   It's a weird combo of Sequel to Frankenstein Conquors the World and a reboot of same. Instead of dying at Mount Fuji as depicted in FCW, Frankenstein survives and is living in the mountains. But a patch of his skin got torn off, washes into the sea, and grows into "Green...
  Last night I watched this excellent Double Feature. Classic Media need to be commended for the amazing high quality transfers for both films. I hadn't seen Rodan in a few years and had forgotten about it, so this was like seeing it for the first time. It's a beautiful film. I suspect Ishiro Honda was already tired of making Kaiju films because there are some great shots that have nothing to do with monsters: panoramic views of the 1950's Japanese countryside, the Coal...
 Why here on the CHUD Message Boards, the indisputable source of Movie and Entertainment news! I don't recall which thread tho...might be the Django pre-release thread or the B Movie thread.   I'm not defending Willis. He's no Michael Caine or Christopher Lee, who are the Gold Standards in terms of always being professional. I'm just saying I suspect Willis signed on to Cop Out not realzing that Smith wasn't necessarily a Pro, and reacted in kind.
New Posts  All Forums: