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The comics Red Hood story-line was like what Marvel did in Winter Solider (so technically the Marvel Movieverse ripped off the DC Comics), but with the added poignancy that Red Hood used to be ROBIN for crysakes.    And it was the Robin fans hated and voted to have killed in the notorious Death in the Family story-line.    If WB/DC would stick to their guns and let Directors really run with their one takes on these characters, they MIGHT create some unique and...
Can't understand why Freeman is still single. 
For me it's the President's speech.
Whoops sorry Jamie.
 I've always had this theory that no human being likes being laughed at. It's a form of aggression, even attack. So if your full time job is get people to laugh at you, it's got to fuck you up.  Comedians in general seem to be embittered angry people. Actors on horror movies seem on average to be happier. 
No YOU'RE wrong!
  Hahah the comments section: Eric • 8 hours agoYes moron it is a great movie. You sound like such a fucking idiot. The movie was fantastic and well made, you idiots literally have nothing intelligent to say against it.
Just save us all a lot of time and posts and admit I'm right Carno. You know you will in the end. 
 Except Bruce is the only Rich person in Gotham who actually does this. Think of one other millionaire in the Nolan Trilogy who's portrayed as having a conscious. There's no one. 
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