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 Your second sentence is contradicted by your first sentence. 
  Hahaha and I bet Studio execs will actually take that as the lesson: "Look The Rock + Jungle = prof$t!"
It blows my mind that Lucasfilm/Disney/Kennedy are totally cool with each Director in their flagship trilogy having no plan, creating all kinds of hanging threads for the next person (well at this point it's two people) to explain/wrap up, etc.  However much changed between Lucas's first draft and the final OT, there WAS a basic arc. This new trilogy is like a multi million dollar hot potato being tossed between JJ and Johnson only for JJ to end up back with the potato....
 You mean there is literally a Big Red Button that when pushed sends messages via text, Highway sign, Video, Radio etc. ? 
"Welcome back to the studio," said a beaming Trump, inviting White House reporters into the Cabinet Room for a recap of his first year in office. It was a lighthearted remark, but a revealing one. For a year now, the world has watched enthralled, and sometimes aghast, at the Trump Show.
 I'd say Thor's theme (Or is it Asgard's theme?) is up there with the Iron Man track you reference.  It doesn't stand out so much, but I love the "Lemurian Star" track on Winter Solider. Just a neat action score. 
 Yeah I could see this being revealed to have been a cyber attack and not necessarily by North Korea.  
I'd never thought of Letterman as an interviewer...he always seemed more of a "Gag guy" so the interaction with Obama was impressive.    The preview of Clonney going Ayuck yuck yuck made me cringe. 
 It is most certainly about something.  Oh we have such sights to show you Freema!
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