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Listen, let's not use the 700 or so genetic freaks eugenically chosen to play a sport that encourages giraffe people to come out of hiding as our metric of average tall. As a man who is exactly the US average height of 177 godless metric centimeters or 69.7 American flag waving inches tall, anything six inches taller than me is oddly tall.
I received the Alien Quadrilogy bku a couple years ago from a CHUD Christmas Exchange and it was fantastic.
Been a while since i've seen Annie, but I think it ends with her being adopted on Christmas. At least the stage. musical does
I never would have seen Bubba HoTep in the theater without a CHUD recommendation. Same with The Raid. I only saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 because of the CHUD review.
  I went digging through IMDB and following some links. It looks like Chao chose not to become a full cast member of DS9. She had just had her first child. She volunteered to do a couple guest star specials a season. In an interview she thanked the Trek people for letting her film Joy Luck Club, and then being cool when she decided not to work full time.   I wonder if because of that time off, she missed riding the fame wave to more projects. She has had a steady tv career...
I stand with Bailey. 5 meowmeowbeanz to him.
We are bringing back Roger Ebert. Thanks for volunteering.
Man, Overlord. You couldn't be more wrong, and your own post proves it. The ending is aa bit week, but Howard plays it to the nines. The fact that it encapsulates the very aspect of technology you hate. I like the first episode so much. It is just a testament to the season that the rest is so good.
I haven't seen Better Call Saul season 2, but the first was magnificent. I stopped with The Americans after season 2, but maybe I need to revisit
 We will need a My Buddy doll, a voodoo priestess, and the blood of Bradito...a lot of it.      
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