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  But that means that we elected Buster to the Presidency as Michael has to be Neil/Marvin blend, and of course Lindsay is Dorothy.
 "Why don't you pass the (anger of being offended) by playing a little solitaire?" 
 Whose soul do I need to sell to get this done?
You know, Saxon. It's stuff like this that made my country rebel against yours.     Unless this was some strange split in the space-time continuum and you accidentally traveled forward in time right as you hit the submit button. Or maybe your universe collided with ours but Universe 435 is actually 1 day and 9 hours behind ours, Universe Prime. In that case, like most Voyager episodes, we can dismiss the repeated information posting as lazy writing or a producer who...
Lest I be perceived as going only for the whale violence, I have read the Heart of the Sea book and love this story. I love Moby Dick. I will be in line to catch this opening weekend.
Christmas time is here! :::death and starvation after being rammed by a whale:::
It's like she attempted to become a changling.  
  Time has not been good to her. And it turns out she has lived 20 miles from my house this entire time.
I am with Johnny and DT. I am 33, going on 34 this year, and three times in the past six months I have been having great interactions with beautiful ladies. Then we both figured out the age difference and it just kinda sputtered.  Once I realized it early, long before she did, and I felt my tone change. My mental calculations kept saying "Shit man, you can't date her."   Part of it was I didn't want to fulfill the social cliche of older man, younger woman. Part of it was...
 Speak of the devil, I am helping my parents load a refrigerator this afternoon. They have the truck and ramp; I have the physical capability. Where is it going? In the basement, whose only access is down a steep hill with no driveway or walkway, into a closet, which is currently filled with stuff which will need to be moved. Huzzah!
New Posts  All Forums: