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 Goddamn.  That would would have been brilliant.  Just brilliant. Was that the original plan? Oh, I need someone to personify cancer so I can go beat the tar out of him or her.
I would watch the hell out of a Brian Cox as the eponymous Alien film.
 Quite true.   As for "Face of the Enemy",  it really is Troi's best. Also one of the best Romulan episodes. If there is one thing I wish Trek had done more, was a deeper, Klingon like exploration of the Romulans. We'd get bits and pieces, but they would be sullied by Sela. You never get the culture in the same way that we got for the Klingons and the Cardassians.
 The first time I read your post, this is what I saw. Better than FF2015? Probably.
Ugh. Season 7 Beverly stories.   I always feel bad for Gates McFadden and Marina Sirtis. They got the worst stories. Everything was about feels and seduction and rape and space/ghost lovers. Beverly's detective story with the metaphasic shield in season 6's "Suspicions", her solo episode in season 4 "Remember Me" (which DS9 kinda shamelessly steals), and her command of the ship in "Descent, Part II" is about the only episodes where Crusher gets to do...
This judges challenge, though team oriented, really shows why they are the judges. Poor Neville doesn't seem handy, but he has a hell of a design eye. He even said what we have all been thinking, mainly that they don't have enough time. Glenn's king was almost too covered  up to see all the work they put into that appliance, but that knight was magnificent. Vi's queen was great makeup, but we didn't get to see much of that rook and I wanted to see it in action.   I am...
 Yeah, Meetup has worked really well for me. I have done a couple of DnD meetups, found the gaming group that has gotten me into a couple X Wing games, and other gatherings.
So, not to be the guy who tries to forecast the list, but...   How many more Wes Andersons are on the list? Because I love the Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I love at least three of his other films more.  Squee!   True story: My dad has been using the whistle-click-click for years on me and my sister. It was both acknowledgement, a locator call, and a summons.
Cuckoo's is a hard to rewatch film for me, if only because of Louise Fletcher. She is so good and so evil that to watch Nurse Ratchet break down Billy is so hard.     As for the others, Rear Window is my number one Hitchcock. Grace Kelley and Jimmy Stewart are all I need to justify it. Like Nick says, it is taut, with no waste or filler. I don't know how I have forgotten about Out of Sight, but I loved it. 25 Hour and Inside Man are the Spike Lee films I tell my white...
Yeah, I am also far behind. I watched the premiere, and the rest are all sitting on my DVR. I gotta get back in.
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