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I went there, but then this happened.  
 He made me understand Mad Men was more than just pretty television- that it was life, the human condition. I read his articles anytime they are linked here because I appreciate his critical lens. I could carry on and on about how great Phil is. I would sacrifice entire planets for Phil to come back regularly. He is the Death to my Thanos.
  Can we find out who that critic was and then make that person a pariah? A good, old-fashioned Amish shunning is about right. I know we have talked about this before, but this article brings it up. Why has television gotten LESS diverse in the past twenty years. I watched Margaret Cho's mediocre Asian family sitcom, All-American Girl, and the nineties were filled with television shows about people who were not white that I, a teenage white guy, watched. What happened...
This has always been my feeling on the Dark Tower. For me, The Stand, IT, and On Writing are great pieces. I have used excerpts of On Writing in classes that I teach. His short stories are always fun, and his policy of leasing short story film rights for 1 dollar to student filmmakers has made the man more awesome. New King has been hit or miss, but damn if Under the Dome wasn't close to being on par with his pre-accident stuff. 11/22/63 is another that I just loved. I...
Ooh, I wondered why Tucci had been in England. I bought his excellent cookbook for a friend for Christmas, and in the forward, he talks about living in London.
I thought the same about Elliot. Just awesome looking without that stache. What I said before is so true. This show makes him look more manly than I thought was possible. As for the.plot, it was setting the table, but I am okay with that. Art's small scene was worth him getting shot last season, where I thought for sure he was going to die.
I will say check your DVRs. For some reason, my Comcast DVR wasn't planning on recording it.  It is set for the second episode, but not the first. I don't know what the issue is, but it is giving me grief trying to set up a recording online, so I am off to the television to use my controller.
Tomorrow! 10pm! 24 hour countdown!  
Sweet Jesus. I thought only Batman and Robin could scar me, but then I read that link. Who gives him the digital space? I never want to support those people. Ever.
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