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We are bringing back Roger Ebert. Thanks for volunteering.
Man, Overlord. You couldn't be more wrong, and your own post proves it. The ending is aa bit week, but Howard plays it to the nines. The fact that it encapsulates the very aspect of technology you hate. I like the first episode so much. It is just a testament to the season that the rest is so good.
I haven't seen Better Call Saul season 2, but the first was magnificent. I stopped with The Americans after season 2, but maybe I need to revisit
 We will need a My Buddy doll, a voodoo priestess, and the blood of Bradito...a lot of it.      
  It also helps that this year's dramas are no where near the powerhouses they have been in previous years.  While I enjoyed Westworld, HBO's darlings True Detective, Night Of, Leftovers, Westworld, Game of Thrones have been disappointing in some respect or another. Most of the streaming service dramas like Man in the High Castle, or Narcos, or the Crown have their admirers, but the universal appeal isn't there.  There are individual pieces to praise, like Claire Foy and...
Thanks to Catartik, I watched Krampus two days ago.   I really enjoyed it. I can see the criticism that we spent a healthy amount of time getting to the meat of the film, but it is good character work. It might undercut the finale, as ultimately, the movie shows most of the people are not super terrible, just average terrible.  But the ending is still a chilling idea.   I hit Die Hard last night.  Man, so much good with that movie. It really is a Christmas movie, as...
So, my post October work season is always rough, and I never make it home before the Post Office closes. Catartik sends me a PM telling me to expect two packages. One is stuffed in my mailbox. I get a slip for the other. Sweetness! The package in my mailbox is City on Fire. I am halfway through at the moment and digging it hard. Complex multi-character narration set in 1976 NY. It takes me a week to get to the Post Office. The box ...is from my sister, a dantastic gift I...
I am super glad that I managed to color match your hair tone. Drapes and carpets and whatnots.  Merry Christmas!
  I rarely binge watch this show. I can't take that much hurt at once. I love the show, but it normally moves me enough that I have to deep brood and think on it before I move to another episode.
You don't hire Ronny Cox if you didn't intend for him to Ronny Cox the joint up.  Unless you are Deep Blue Sea. Then you hire him and give him no lines.
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