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  Would I rather spend more time with Deborah Anne Woll? Yes. Will Elden Henson's pale, fish-white flesh do as a substitute? Not really. But when he is fully clothed and keeping Matt on task? I like him. It has been a while since I have run through this thread, but I really feel it is a Skyler-style hate. Foggy is grounded and reminds Matt that he is ignoring the important bits while rushing head long into danger.
  They mostly spiral out after that. Basically every novel has him advancing closer and closer to the presidency.  I enjoyed Cardinal of the Kremlin and would kill to see the actors from the Americans as Mary Pat and Ed Foley. There is a healthy amount of neo con wish fullfillment going on in the books, but it is still driven by character archetypes. If you cut most of the technological passages, which quickly become outdated, you could have some decent stories.
So, I loved the Tolkien, despite my first foray into that kind of fantasy being Disney's film and Lloyd Alexander's book series The Black Cauldron. The movie is shite compared to the books, but man do I love it. LOTR hit me in all the right ways. I was playing the CCG, I played the MMORPG, have watched the hell out of the LOTR EEs.     I have only seen the Hobbits in the theaters. If a man were to pick up blu rays for the Hobbits, am I better going to the Hobbit EEs? Is...
  I am not a lawyer, but could someone be prosecuted if they crossed state lines and had an abortion?  The unborn child is probably considered a citizen of the State of Texas.
Yeah, the last time I logged in, I couldn't figure out anything on my minstrel. My bags were jammed with stuff because I had lost my house, I had notifications popping everywhere. I just got on my horse and rode from the Dwarf starter zone to the Moria Gates and then hopped my goat and rode through Moria and on through Mirkwood. I took a tour through Rohan and up to Isengard. And then I logged out.
LOTRO used to be my jam. God, I loved that game. I haven't played with any regularity in almost two years.
Had a small Christmas party last night, and we ended up watching the trailer for this.  I love the look, a buddy highly recommended the book, but Garfield is yanking me out of the mood. Something about his face is too modern. Adam Driver, Liam Neeson look like naturals for the role, and I am told Garfield can act, but...   I would rather have seen the Day Lewis, Del Toro, Bernal cast mentioned up thread.
Listen, let's not use the 700 or so genetic freaks eugenically chosen to play a sport that encourages giraffe people to come out of hiding as our metric of average tall. As a man who is exactly the US average height of 177 godless metric centimeters or 69.7 American flag waving inches tall, anything six inches taller than me is oddly tall.
I received the Alien Quadrilogy bku a couple years ago from a CHUD Christmas Exchange and it was fantastic.
Been a while since i've seen Annie, but I think it ends with her being adopted on Christmas. At least the stage. musical does
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