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 I think the Rock and Pratt and Tatum are too big, too muscular, too powerful.  I don't see Otto as all that intimidating physically. He is just the type of guy that likes martial arts, because he isn't that physically big. The intimidation is in the air of crazy.
jhp1608 chooses Bob Odenkirk for Gershon "Wanda" Wanderwitz  
 I was worried about it. I waffled for the last hour over it, like had both options loaded into the browser and deleted the other guy. My other choice has tons of energy, but I don't know if he throws the menace. Kline plays him as crazy and comical with that edge of pyschopathy. My other choice could hit two, but not the third I think.
 And that their bedroom roleplaying has gotten a bit... out of hand. 
I like Matthew Rhys, Erix, but after the Americans, I think Ken kills the old lady and her dogs and then disappears into some facial hair like nothing every happened. Cleans the gun, plays Parcheesi with the family.
I can, JHP. I am just sitting at the house doing the laundry and cleaning. Send me a PM.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present   as Otto...Mr. James Franco  
So, will Dent complete the casting circle of The Rock, _______, and _______ to make the perennial CHUD Casting Draft Trifecta that drives people nuts?   Who are we kidding, ______ as George and ______ as Ms. Leech with the Rock would be gangbusters. Take my money, Dent! :D
 That was my thoughts exactly. Very nice choice.
Gervais was on my list of Kens as well. If he can drop the arrogance but not descend to Derek level, it could work well.
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