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 I would be down for a Clue Draft in a heartbeat.  
 I like a better gender balanced cast, but for the classics, like Raiders, you do what you can. I am all up for picking a great western and seeing what we could do. I'm not against any particular types of drafts, but I don't think we have been heavy for one type or the other. This year, according to my count, we did Flash Gordon, Director Draft,  Raiders, Ghostbusters, Monsters draft. 3 casting, 2 non-casting and what felt like 500 knockouts.Last year, 2013, we did a SciFi...
No, but now I feel derivative. The idea came to me from the gif of face melting Nazi Major Toht.
I had no idea what an "Otter" was before. I had heard the term, but never thought to look it up until your SuperGrind. It makes complete sense, but...Thanks CHUD! Always expanding my universe.
Damn Schwartz. You are pulling at me with all those picks except for Chewie. You even have the right Hulk!
Thanks Arjen! May the best Mr. win!
Did Christian Bale go back in time and take James Brolin's wife to the Copacabana?
 I have thought about politics, as my life is as clean as my mother's kitchen floors, but I wouldn't want to do that to my family and friends. Between my brother and sister and her college roomates and my college roommates...my going into politics would only open them up to public inspection.
Well, the Wizard of Oz is traditionally a film shown on television between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the holiday season is so busy.  I don't mind running either but think we should do one or the other if we want one before the end of the year.
So, I rewatched this while working on Laundry this afternoon. Man, it is still terrible. The story is is full of "because it has to happen" moments that are disconnected any outward arc. The family is useless here. The South Korea segment is full of bizarre choices in story telling.   Sigh. How long till HBO can make the miniseries I dream of?
New Posts  All Forums: