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Oh, Freddy Rumsen, pitch to me harder!   Already back into this show.   ETA: And then they reshot the Walk Hard orgy scene starring Roger.  So good to have you back MadMen.
 How is that possible? Check your W-4. You may have claimed too many deductions or HR may have have accidently typed in the wrong number, screwing up your withholding.
Ooh, Bronn and Jaime sparring will lead to delightful places.  Squee!!!!   SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLS   Ooh, a Female Bastard's Boy. That was a gruesome way to start an episode.
Alec Baldwin in a True Detective season....     The man has comedy, drama. Enough time has passed from 30 for him to rest up.   In a non-serious way, if I thought Tina Fey could do drama, I would so watch the two of them in a season of TD.
 Then you have never seen Brazil. Even the Vaccum-canisters are monitored.
Same here. I have tried three times on different Piers Anthony novels and just can't get through them. I have tried two Pratchetts and just didn't like them.  I have an English Literature degree and thought the novel was okay. I sometimes wonder if some literary editor writes in the margins: "Needs more density; can still understand plot."
I enjoyed Lost City of Z, even if it ended with a whimper compared to the historical stories he told before that. It is one of those novels that makes me long for a time machine though so I could see the wooden city of grandeur that Z may have been. That book turned me on to two books about Teddy Roosevelt's Amazonian adventure and near death after his presidency. Say what you will about TR's politics, but the man was an adventurer.  It would be like forming a Mars colony...
  Are you saying that Man of Steel causes this?     
I think what he means  is that it is easy to capture the idea of the Flash rather than the Green Lantern.   Flash: He runs really fast!   Green Lantern: He is recruited by a UN like intergalatic police force and then given a ring that lets him do anything within his will to keep the Earth safe. As long as the object isn't yellow or wood.   Basically, you can give the Flash his running powers however you want and then launch a story against corporate greed or polar...
New Posts  All Forums: