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 How much Stephen King do you want in your draft? Granted the population of this forum is going to be better read, but is there enough depth among the many drafters to make it work? Plus, I thought Arjen Rudd was going to run a Monsters Draft for Halloween.
  My love of Lilo and Stich knows no depth. For me, that was the modern return to form that Disney needed, though Wikipedia tells me I am wrong. After L&S, Walt Disney Studios put out: Treasure PlanetBrother BearHome on the RangeChicken LittleMeet the RobinsonsBoltwhich, admittedly, are not great Disney films, but...  We then Princess and the Frog, and after Princess, Walt Disney Studios put out TangledWinnie the PoohWreck-it RalphFrozen. Which are great Disney films, so...
 I should have been more clear. I meant IT often serves as a reference point for later King novels, so bowser should definitely read it.
 Ultimately, the greatest thing about this episode is Knoxville and the Sun Sphere.  You know it in your heart of hearts.
11/22/63 has a large section dedicated to a parallel story that takes place in IT.
Second Mortgage?  How many kidneys does a man need? Judas, the least you can do, while in the hospital is sell one for Singer. Maybe a tontine where we each sell a kidney and pool the funds, bequeathing our Star Wars Xwings to the group, until a final lone survivor has them all? Talk on the FF Forums was a third faction. It will definitely help break up my perceived thematic issues with Empire vs Empire battles.
Seriously. What the Fuck.   I am teaching Kingsolver's Poisonwood Bible. To make some connections, I show them part of a documentary "God Grew Tired of Us" about Sudanese refugees who come to America. Mostly, it is about how being dropped into a very foreign culture can be a difficult transition. But, somewhere in the middle of the documentary, the local law enforcement drops by and tells the refugees that businesses are calling in and reporting that they are...
 Sorry, let me rephrase. Sweet Jesus! How large is a Super Star Destroyer on the X Wing scale!?!
Sweet Jesus, how big is the theoretical Imperial Star Destroyer?
 Have someone run by the house and pick it up. Nothing better for picking up hot nurses than showing off your Star Wars Xwing models.
New Posts  All Forums: