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I will stand up for Big Fish. You have to buy the storyteller conceit that the Albert Finney/ Ewan McGregor character plays with. But if you can, the film is sweet and speaks of how we carry own our family stories. Burton's direction is good, but I think his casting of the narrator son makes the film fall flat as he can't carry Albert Finney's tub water. 
I have got to watch Atonement. I read the novel and loved it, but never saw it. 
 I saw it... on Bluray. But I saw it!
 It rang true to me. I think we don't see a couple of dates in-between their meeting and the third act. Half their romance is in that diner. I had no problems with it. 
Giving this thread some thought (other than Draco's nerd stench :D), I wonder if the politics in the novel, ie how the magic community is governed, is hazy because, from her characters viewpoints, no one knows how government actually works. Yeah, you see the inefficacy and the cowardliness of it all, but it isn't till much later that the main characters recognize what a magic government actually does. 
Saw this last night and loved it. My buddies called out the romance as being too quick and underdeveloped, but I argued (as the finest minds in this thread did) that their love is modeled on old film romances. In the conceit of the film, it worked for me. They also had problems with Spacey's flip at the end. I agree with someone on page 1 I think that there is one scene missing that makes that work. I can justify it to myself, but I can see where people would have...
 So, a whole Joffrey and white cloak Knights beating Sansa thing. 
Did they at least place at the bottom? Or do you have films in the top half that you still think are bad films?
 I fell of the VEEP train after the first couple of episodes this season. I keep telling myself I will pick it back up, but I am not feeling it.  I think you are right about Sufe Bradshaw. I hope everything turns out okay for her, but she looks severely ill. 
I laughed at the video's description of "methods of liberal persuasion"  like awards shows. I get the complaints about blocked roads for protesting.  But the violence has been mild by comparison to past years.   That NRA video chilled me with... "clinched fist of truth"  but my real concern came with this phrase     First, was one of the options for the police to not do their jobs?  Second, an NRA call for an increased, armed, governmental martial presence...
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