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I am taking away points for using the Met as the Traveller. No self-respecting New York film is going to feature the Mets. It's like doing a documentary on the Manning family and spending three-quarters of the film on Eli. I agree that Key and Peele need to be together the entire film. So, no vote for Anya. I agree that I like the idea of Arjen's theme, but  Bale is killing it for me, and I like it when he is charming, but I just can't see him pulling the...
Shenanigans! I play DMonkey for splitting the vote and costing me the three votes necessary to reach...half of the votes of Richard.   After this thread, I felt like this:     But then I felt you were telling me this:   So now, I just want to leave the thread. So, do I leave it in the style of:     Or go out in style.
Oh yeah, I was so cool, I had this film on mini-dvds. Yes, plural. The format couldn't contain the awesomeness that is B:MotP on just one mini-dvd.
 If I win the three way run off, then I have no problems. If I lose, I will declare shenanigans on what ever Ross Perot list that split the votes, allowing a lesser list to move on in the rankings.  Though, if my memory serves, didn't we do the three way competition for at least one bracket last year, to even the numbers?  I am okay with sets of 3.
 Yeah, I knew it was someone I recognized, but I couldn't tell who. Then the next day it hit me as i was driving. I enjoyed dick Ben Franklin.
I have seen the film. I stand with you Bradito!   Seriously though people. It is honestly one of the best Batman films ever.
I am digging Mark Duplass as Venkman. Nice call there.
So, Tony the Tiger would either be an awesome or terrible traveler. When he explodes, will it be tiger meat or Frosted flakes? Frosted flakes would catch fire and probably burn before it hit the ground. Tiger meat would be a lot worse.
This was my original gender swap list:   Matt Damon Dan Barret Sufe Bradshaw Dr. Egon Spengler Danielle Brooks Dr. Raven Stanz Sandra Bullock Dr. Petra Venkman Milla Jovovich Gozer Tony Hale Jan Melnitz Kristen Schaal Louise Tully Meryl Streep Walda Peck Terry Crews Winston Zeddemore Jamie Foxx Sexy Oral Ghost   The only reason Jamie Foxx is...
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present   as director...Mr. Justin Lin   with main theme and music by Outkast
New Posts  All Forums: