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Niko's werewolf looked like it was a deformed stillborn puppy. Is there a chance that they refilmed the judges comments??
I think the building is relatively new. I originally read that as "Chelsea Handler" and thought: Who is God's good name could ever think Chelsea Handler is a good guy!?!
Can I get someone to explain the Cyrano reference to me? I know Cyrano De Bergerac, but I don't see the connection.
 You are so right, of course. We are talking to 1960s Zero, and he has lived with this loss for over thirty years.  I do wonder if the matter of factness is a small agression against the reporter, a "What do you think happened in the war? People died, seemingly at random. We moved on."
So, I am going to necro a 10 year old thread, but I do so for all the right reasons.   Soon, May 16, I will be introducing 35+ students to the glory that is Duck Soup.  We have had film nights through out the year, some serious, some silly, as part of a co-taught English/History class. We watched Danny Kaye's Court Jester during our time in the late Medievels.    I have done my job Chewers. I will have brought the youth to the Marx Brothers.  When the Philistines of...
I saw this last Wednesday, but I have been so busy.     Loved it!   I only watched one trailer, so I was really surprised by the...crass language Fiennes's character used. It added great character, but I kept expecting the couth and upright, so every profanity made me giggle.   Count me as one of those people surprised by F Murray Abraham. He was so good. The ending was surprisingly sad. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. Arjen has the right of it when he...
 Wait... people can earn a MFA in Braditoing?
"I was told to yell at you!"   "Why?"   "Because you never listen!"
Anyone watched this?  My DVR just records Masterpiece Theater, and apparently, I have recorded three episodes of the second season. I love Jeremy Piven, and it is a BBC period piece. Should I try to find the first season? I am hesitant to start the second season, but knowing PBS, there are only about 8 episodes to catch up on.
New Posts  All Forums: