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 Back in the days of chemical film processing on paper, at the turn of the millenium, when we all had land line phones and these little Nokia bricks that allowed us to steal and switched faceplates from our friends, I worked for a major retailer in their one hour photo lab. The saddest photos I ever developed were pictures of a 7 year old's birthday party at Hooters. The 7 year old was the only child present, and all the adults looked drunk and high as kites. It looked...
 Monday, November 24. Tradition is that the list is released before Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  
Bumpity bump bump.
 For me, its Bridge over the River Kwai. I try to get a viewing of that in at least once a year. Though, with that being said, I bought a bigger television just because Lawrence of Arabia released on Bluray and my little 30inchs wasn't going to cut it.
In my ideal world or a very expensive 3D printer habit, ST:AW has their ship of the lines, D'deridex and Valdores; Galaxy and Sovereigns; Vor'cha and Neghvars; Dominion Battlecrusier as SW huge base ships.   Excelsiors, Nebulas, Akiras, Intrepids and many more; Klingon B'rels, Romulan Birds of Prey and D7s, Cardassian Keldons and Galors and Breen Frigates, etc., as large base ships. Defiants, Novas, Mirandas, wings of Peregrines and Danubes, Cardassian Hidekis, Jem...
Seriously, Sorkin? Seriously? Do you not have any new plots in you?   I just watched episode 1 and am watching episode 2 now.   First, Equitorial Kundu gets screwed by the west again, and there is a hostile takeover bid that feel a lot like the same Sports Night plot. Ugh... and now a stock sale problem which I feel was also explored on one of Sorkin's shows.   Ugh. So  much ugh.
I have looked hard at the ST:Attack Wing game. I am a Trekker at heart, but everytime I think about picking up a collection on Ebay, I look at Wiz Kid's release schedule and just sigh. Between that and the exclusives from store play (I don't have store play near me), I just click away on the browser.  Plus, the lack of detail and the abilty to play cross faction fleets is bothersome to me. I also don't understand why ships don't have rear firing. EVERY Ship has the ability...
 For a minute, and just a minute, I thought you meant Push: A Novel by Sapphire, upon which the film Precious is based, had a prequel comic. "Mo'nique's origin story?" And then I kept trying to remember where Chris Evans was in Precious.  "Was he the school teacher?" Man, thank God it is Friday.
Wait...does Ian McShane play Nick Frost's dance partner? I am simultaneously aroused and ashamed.
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