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Well, the normal procedure is we start all the characters, pretty up our lists, THEN we throw our lists in head to head bracket fights for votes for the pleasure of the CHUD audience. It's been a while since I last drafted, but then Arjen wins. I don't know how or why, but I feel that is how this ends.
 Yeah, I liked the idea of Whishaw as Igor, but if I snagged ol' Toby, I could make Whishaw the Doctor tomorrow. Then I liked Whishaw as the Doctor, so really, I am not thrown too far off my mark. I am considering my last two picks as they are the drafter's choice now for me.  Do I go comedy, and try to pull an Abbot and Costello? Or do I stay traditional and grab a Renfield and Igor? So many choices. Maybe seeing Blade Runner 2049 will help me decide. 
I was going to cast Whishaw today, but then about noon, Toby Jones popped in my head and I got very excited. So I was going to risk my Whishaw pick.
I like it Bailey, I do, but for a moment, I thought of Giamatti as the Rhino as the Invisible Man and went into hysterics. 
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...   in the role of Dr. Victor Frankenstein!...   Mr. Ben Whishaw!    
Curse you, WD40!  Excellent choice, as a man such as my self might have also done 15 minutes later! Curses!
 In a comedy version where we took the characters from VEEP and made them into the Universal Monsters (rather than the general monsters they are), he would be a fantastic Renfield.  "Renfield, bring me my lotion. Why are you standing so close? Why haven't I fired you yet?" Jonah has already been cast as the Monster. 
 My thoughts exactly, Arjen. The Invisible Man is the joke cracker (better than the ones in LXG though).  I am struggling with my Victor Frankenstein. There is the Mad Scientist school of thought and the novel's tragic character school of thought. I am also worried about the age of a couple of my choices (mostly too old, I think).
So, I am currently using the Note 4. I am on my second battery and second case, the phone is slowing down. I was going to buy the NOTE7 last year, but then it started exploding.  So, I am looking now at the Note 8. I love the SPen, stylus. I use it often. But, the Note8 is $960. The reviews are good, but not great (though I don't use my fingerprint scanner now because of work restrictions). Basically, is there another phablet with pen alternative I should be looking at?
Yeah, kicking myself for not thinking of him. Liam Cunningham ftw.    ETA:  Anjelica Huston has frightened the hell out of me for years. I first saw her in The Witches, before her turn as Morticia Addams, and she scared the hell out of me. When I reached puberty and thought lascivious thoughts about Morticia... well, it was a confusing (fear boner) time.  Well picked.
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