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The truly crazy part of that is how easy it is to do the OPPOSITE. I am not saying they need to mass convert, but it actually isn't difficult to go with grace or even better, engage on the level of ideas.
If Tasteee on Orange is the New Black is any thing close to truth, you can become a Jewish cabbie.
Let Netflix pick it up! I am watching it online anymore anyway. I still have cable and premium tier because of sports and HBO (not all of my televisions are quite capable of making the great leap to completely cord free).
Only if we see him flying by Captain Bassett and punking her. Like this: 
This is great news. I love Fuller's sensibility and shows.   As far as fan casting, I would love Angela Bassett as Captain. I am still one of those people who thinks she should have been Storm.   Stock's idea of "Law and Order" style cast rotations would be amazing. Can we get Admiral Ben Sisko as the Fred Thompson-esque senior figure who shows up now and then to remind everyone who they work for?
So, I am catching up tonight on my B99. This mumps episode is amazing.  
Did anyone else think the game looked bad...visually?  As in CBS couldn't find a camera that wasn't zoomed in too tight, or tilted at an odd angle, or bad vfx. At one point, I wondered if there were rows of empty seats, because CBS never pulled far enough away from a player's face to see the stadium in the back ground. I thought it was my television for a bit.
 I was very worried about Obama's lack of experience in 2008. Tennessee has an open primary, so I voted in the Republican primary, thinking that surely Hillary had the Democratic nomination sew up. But the first black president card was a strong one. It helped that I never liked McCain, and his choice of running mate was insane.
This... This right here. I love Intolerable Cruelty and can watch it at the drop of a hat. The lawyer's convention, the wizened senior lawyer, the train obsessed Edward Herrman, and Julia Duffy's nervous divorcee. The collection of characters makes the film worth viewing for me. I just took a swing back through Ladykillers last Sunday for the first time since I bought the film from Blockbuster (that's right... that is how long ago I have seen it.)  I still don't think it...
 I have already bought tickets to see this in some other universe. I would watch it in this universe too. Though, I kinda feel bad that Michael B. Jordan is getting all the "Son of 80s Action film character" pigeon-hole.
New Posts  All Forums: