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I am going to have to give Elliot Gould and The Long Goodbye another shot. I love the Raymond Chandler novels, but Bogart has always been the man in my head.
We can give Anne Rice plenty of shit, but Interview with a Vampire is great. Both the novel and film. Everything after there is middling to terrible.
This was my thought as well. You don't make Donna your Tasty Coma Wife and then leave her with no acting to do.
So, any good scene featuring [redacted dinosaur] is surely going to take on Jaws III like part of a Jurassic Park, right?
 I'll be honest. If this movies credit scene is introducing Squirrel Girl, James Gunn can have my money, my children, and my organs. Because the only way Avengers 3 can end is with Squirrel Girl triumphing over Thanos.
I taught Great Expectations last year, so I read it for the first time since high school before I did.  It was much better than I remember. I like Tale of Two Cities better, but GE is still good.  Let me know what you think when you finish.
And then Hulk lost more credit.  I love Donald Pleasance in Halloween, but he is not the best Bloefield.
I will say that two paragraphs in, I spaced out. Between the sans serif font and the all caps, it is killing me. In a related note, I am currently reading a novel where the author pulls a Cormac McCarthy and doesn't put quotation marks around his dialogue. I hate it so much. Standard English is standardized for a goddamn reason.   But in Hulk's defense, he loves Diana Rigg, as I do.
 Well, you work hard, you invest in some good properties and annuities that this thread is full of, and then you take a vacation using travel visas and passports provided by the other people in this thread.  Life well lived. :D
I love Stan Lee. You don't live to 91 and be that successful without having some dark spots in your past or a healthy ego, but he cracks me up. We know that fan calls for casting are never heard (Oh, Donald Glover, the best Spiderman we never had), but I would totally buy a ticket to see Stan Lee guest in a DC film. Or have Stan Lee undergo a complete mocap and digital recreation and have him read War and Peace, and then have Stan Lee digitally inserted in every Marvel...
New Posts  All Forums: