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Yeah, I was 16 when that came out and still it scared the bee out of me.  Giant insects make me nervous anyway. It wasn't till this moment that I realized it was a Del Toro film.  But yeah, Turing beat you to it by 12 hours. Sorry man.
While I respect Axelbratoski's Eastern Promises pick, anything that wasn't Viggo Mortinsen's wang was never going to be right.
Jack Pumpkinhead, from Return to Oz  
Probably. But will I remember when I get around to seeing it? :D
I haven't seen it, so I have no idea.
***Really, really great. Almost as great as that Tim Allen.
 I refuse to be lost to the page before!
Please.     Saving the Union, Slaying the Vampires. Did bedhead before it was cool. Split rails before the Columbians knew what was what. Log Cabin wasn't where he was born, but where he laid his axe.     Oh Captain, My Motherf@#$ing Captain.  
You know, this neighborhood used to be nice, but then the riff-raff started moving in. Now, we've got damn theme junkies, and some damn crazy guy who keeps drafting television monsters. I tell ya, Edith, this place is going to the dogs.
A FOURSOME...     of Golf. (to steal a recurring joke from the AV Club.)
New Posts  All Forums: