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 Basically, if all of our ladies said Andy Bain was their player yet to be named, free agent draft pick, London Bridge maker, Corn Cob Holder #2, Special Guest Star, our tag team partner in the handicap match, Lucifer in the Devil's Threeway...we'd all be okay with that. Then slightly ashamed, then worried that he outperformed us and they were going to leave us for him because he is muscular and fit and probably hung like Hector's dolphin and shit, she's leaving me isn't...
Maybe girl children are not as respected as male children. Maybe the Star Wars Universe is actually the Firefly universe, in which everyone is white, except two people, and culturally run with Chinese stereotypes.
  Indeed. The best pull quote: 
 Vader is...momentarily high on breathing machine fumes? I am a man of Trek, not of Wars! In my memory, that happens when the Imperials pick up the ship, not when the heroes are running to the cell block. But I will trust my Wars betters.
 As Dickson said. The lack of an explicit prepositional phrase does not make it a flaw in the logic.
 For me, I can't agree more. How many times does some hood come rushing at Keaton's Batman from behind, and he doesn't turn, he just throws up a backwards punch and knocks the guy out. BATMAN IS SO BADASS, HE DOESN'T HAVE TO LOOK BEFORE KNOCKING A GUY OUT. Or at least that has been my take for a long time. Part of why I love the Keaton Batman.
Apparently heavily armed guards are not trained at all to stop prisoners or are rent-a-guards who are just physically unfit and slow. So says television and movies.
Yeah, my shady memory was that Jem and the Holograms were a cover for the main character to be a spy. Hence the Hologram bit allowing her to be disguised. How does this movie not write itself?   I mean, shit, take that, add Marvel's Dazzler and we could have had a half-billion dollar franchise set in the 80s.
Nope, I don't need more than that. I will follow Kurtwood Smith to any show. Please let him be a WWII era hero named Jack Bootes, whose speciality was shoving his size 12 shoes up Nazi asses.
Only if the raptors are living in a trailer park that gets hit by a tornado swarm. Otherwise, that idea is just too silly. (Fuck Sharknado and the people that made it popular).
New Posts  All Forums: