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Could James Hong be out of the running because he is 85 years old?  Yeah, yeah, I know, "Christopher Lee was 90 when he released his death metal Christmas albumn"  But Hong's recent work is small cameo types, voice work, or RIPD, which even he only did for the money.   In my mind, the Ancient One is Hong, but can the man do the role?
I think Frakes did a fine job with Star Trek: Insurrection, but remember the studio pushed a different ending on him at the end. Some of the visuals were very good. The script let him down something fierce though. I would be happy to see him in the chair. There are many worse choices.   I mean, after seeing STID and all the grey uniforms, I kept thinking "Is Abrams trying to make Trek into Wars?" Then the news came he got that job. I like a lot of Abrams films, but there...
 I read that book this summer and loved it. I have been on a swing through Civil War Spain for the past year and loved how this was a complete surprise, as a teacher friend handed it to me (this and This Book Is Full of Spiders, so this teacher friend has the goods).
Since Sony has clearly set the stage for me to judge the show on fuckability, I would watch Reign. The other two people in that video? That is why I can't watch the CW.
I finished Red Rising by Pierce Brown last week. On the outside, it looks like a Harry Potter / Hunger Games clone, but it is much, much better. An underground mining colony on Mars, divided into a genetic and societal color caste, is digging deep, hard, and dangerously for the materials needed to terraform Mars for the people of Earth. It is a terrible life, but they are the pioneers...until it one Red finds out that the planet has been terraformed for more than 500...
For me it is all worth it. I love season 4. Probably slightly more than 2. Well, shiiiiiiiit, since I have started rankings....42/135
 Shaun H. has my feelings on Nemesis as his personal quote.  Stupid tiny screenshot: "Eventually the night ends, poorly as you would imagine and a week later, after The Two Towers, I see Nemesis. Then I realize Maid in Manhattan was the superior movie and there was no God." - MrTyres
McIrish should have received his stuff today.
I first saw Treasure of the Sierra Madre in an afterschool film club a colleague was running my first year of teaching. What a great film and all I can do is echo Arjen and Dent. It feels so modern for being a classic Hollywood film. I had already loved Bogart from Casablanca, Big Sleep, and African Queen, but Treasure is probably his best acted film.
 My local store had a BOGO Free sale on Black Friday Weekend. Oh, I stocked up. Bought two Outriders, one Decimator, One Shuttle, and finally bought the Tantive IV, because that gave me a beautiful 10th Anniversary Ticket to Ride set for free. I mean, the set is sooooo nice. So, I spent 150 for 300 dollars worth of stuff, but it was well worth it. My game group got together tonight. There were only three of us, but both were kind enough to let me play both games, as I had...
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