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I assumed it was like a painting caption:  Mixed media. Oil, charcoal, Jeremy Irons with scarf on canvas 17"x11" 
(This spot left intentionally blank)     Boone reposted his pick down below.
I love me some Peter Mensah. The man single handedly kept me watching Spartacus until it got good. Great choice. 
 It really is. he can be so damn fun and entertaining. Secret monster of a human keeping him from jobs?
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation proudly presents...   in the role of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, M.D., Ph.D., D.Litt, etc., etc.,....     Mr. Keith David  
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...     the motion picture franchise The Creatures of the Night...   including the films Frankenstein, The Wolfman, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, and Fury of Dracula.    Starring... Ben Whishaw as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the Scientist!     Haley Atwell, as Elizabeth Frankenstein, the Bride!   Kevin Durand as Frankenstein's...
 Boone, I've got ya. PM with the details. 
So, just flipping through Netflix tonight, I see something that catches my eye:   Extraordinary Tales-- 5 stories based on Edger Allen Poe.  Okay. I am an English teacher, maybe it has something I can use in class some day.   It is animated, in an odd, angular CGI/Papercraft style, so I click on it. Then I see the narrators list in the opening credits.   Christopher Lee Bela Lugosi Julian Sands Guillermo del Toro Cornelia Funke Stephen Hugues and Roger...
So, I like the idea of Lando Calrissian, as much as the next man, but have you seen Billy Dee Williams recently? His health is very rough.
  Crazy as this sounds...I cast Amr Waked in the last casting draft I did (a year ago), so I didn't take him... but I would have :D
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