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 I think we have hashed this out before, but I would argue that movies and television have regressed.  Of the two shows you use as benchmarks, one started airing 30 years ago and stopped 22 years ago. The Wire was woefully under represented and watched at the time and ended 6 years ago. Do we have more people of color in television shows? Even accounting for cable network sprawl, I don't know that we do?
 So, having only watched the first two seasons of Deadwood (I know, I will finish it...but mainly I was watching it because of my Nick Offerman's dangly bits), but Swearengen starts on top and basically stays there right?  Does Swearengen have the growth and plummet of White?
I swear I am not making that name up. His spawn, Weston Wamp had a whole bunch of "non-campaign" road signs that said God Bless Our Country.  While I am never against a higher diety offering their blessings, it peeves me that I never see those from politicians signs when there isn't an election going on. 
Is it me, or is this season's artist just much better than last seasons. I still don't know if I care about the behind the scenes stuff. I tend to web surf while watching, except for the end. But the costumes and makeups just look great.
 Ugh, this.  My US Representative election boiled down to a cold fish of a lawyer from Chatanooga, Chuck Fleischman, or the recently graduated son of the retired US representative, Zach Wamp. His only experience is that his dad was a Congressman.  8 years ago, Harold Ford Jr graduated from Law School and immediately ran for his retiring father's seat in Memphis. He failed the Tennessee bar exam while campaigning for the seat.  Get experience people.   
 I think Rutina Wesley has great skill, but she had shit writing for 7 years. I liked most all of the actors in this, if they just had better writing.
Listen, Judas. If you can manage your pain without your full prescription and you need some extra money from the time off, I know a guy who knows a guy....  
Damn, that is an impressive set of actors to compete against. I'd love to see them in a show together. But Breaking Bad deserved all the wins.
 I can't say I won't. I will probably, eventually, HBOGo the first two seasons. I enjoyed them. Then I will imagine that show, a lesser show, but enjoyable, was unceremoniously cut down just as it was developing an audience, like Deadwood, Carnivale, Rome.
Frakes is looking good and I could stare into LeVar Burton's eyes forever.
New Posts  All Forums: