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I think there are more now on the boards than last year.
It has been a good year in CHUDland, I feel. Perhaps its the booze or they psyche protecting itself, but, for my seventh year here on the boards, it has been a good one. I want to give back, so I will start the Gift Exchange thread this year. Let us join the festivities of the holiday celebration of your choice and exchange gifts as the deity/cult/voices-in-your-head demand. The What: You post your geographic region and your desire to ship internationally. This confirms...
Well Tennessee had a no run Democratic opposition against the Republican Governor and Senate. The most interesting thing was local elections and the 4 amendments to the Tennessee constitution.   Amendment 1 allows the legislature to legislate abortion. (Currently, the constitution doesn't allow them to.) Amendment 2 allows for the Governor to appoint judges and then have them confirmed by the General Assembly (Currently, the governor can appoint with no input from the...
Watching Spaceballs while cooking tonight, and I looked up to see Darth Helmet threaten Princess Vespa with her original nose. Who is the doctor's nurse?   Brenda Strong aka Sally Sasser. Sally- slept with Casey, slept with Gordon, ruined Dana's life- Sasser.     (Also in about every CW show in 2002, Desperate Housewives and more)   Also, very heavyset Stephen Tobolowsky arrest their stunt doubles.
It is definitely Civ V in Space. The tech tree has me confused, and the upgrades based on your...affinity? were not really well explained at all.
It was a very tough round. I seemed to have voted for all the losing hands (except for Ratty's. I loved that list), but c'est la vie. And though I have lost, I REGRET NOTHING! :D
   Well, color me intrigued.
 Wait... they are remaking UNFORGIVEN? What monsterous soul greenlit that?
 This would be the greatest ending of any film ever. Especially if it turns out he just wants to put his name on the Earth...with a laser beam from space in letters 1000 miles long.
 Yeah, the conversation was between the 50s and 2000s. I would much rather do a draft we haven't done, instead of repeating one we have done. So our possible slate for the 2015 Draft Season looks to include: 1950sDeath DraftsWizard of Oz1970sAliens
New Posts  All Forums: