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Since when do campus police shoot people in the face?   http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/6-ways-campus-cops-are-becoming-more-like-regular-police-20150624?page=2   The expansion of private police into non-campus public areas is alarming.
I have won one Galactica game. In part because I was Boomer and we had another player playing the chief. So, I spent most of my time blowing up raiders and doing my best to manipulate the top of crisis deck. The chief repaired constantly. I managed to become the president and after the Cylon reveal, the admiral. We still only had two fuel at the end. My most recent game I won, but because I was the Cylon. I had an excellent super crisis, Lee Adama kept getting blown out...
Is discussion of Sky Captain what brings yt back to the boards?  If so, I endorse it.   To be honest, between Gone in 60 Seconds, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Sky Captain, 2000 to 2004 was the height of my celebrity crush on Jolie.   The film does suffer in places, but as a lover of TaleSpin, Disney's Jungle Book reimagining with Baloo as a seaplane air pilot in a Casablanca like town, and a lover of Porco Rosso, I had no choice but to love this movie.
Reading Bikel's obituary in Variety makes me wish they recorded live stage plays. I know the argument against it, but I would sure as hell have watched him in or or Hell, to watch young Bikel and then watch older Bikel and compare the performance would be amazing. I may have to watch The African Queen or The Defiant Ones tomorrow night.
This Fall on ABC's Agents of Shield!
 It was definitely noticeable. So much so, that I looked up the actors and found an upRoxx article discussing the changes revolving around Coe's health (which I cannot find now).
So, after reading the article about Judy Greer's film roles in the hottest films this year (complaining, sidelined Mom figure), I really didn't like Bobby Cannavale's role here. It could have easily been replaced with Greer as the cop and given her greater agency in the protection of her daughter. Hell, have Cannavale be an accountant who wants to protect the stepdaughter, when Greer puts a hand to his chest and slides back the chamber on her pistol, then she rushes...
Yeah, binding skills to buttons was what made me a much better healer in LOTRO. My main bar of 10 buttons took care of the majority of what I needed, allowing my mouse to take care of my clickables.  Muscle memory for the win. One of my issues in STO is the number of things I will use often, making that more difficult. Binding most of my bridge officers to a script made it easier to guarantee skills I want cycled often get used. Like Freeman said, for me In SWTOR, button...
Damned Murder Hobos and their murdering ways. Morale in the Guards is at an all-time low, and the good people of the city are terrified. Oh look, here comes another murder hobo on a "quest" to score "loot" that they are just going to fence at the disreputable pawn shops. Let's not forget the environmental impact. They have become a plague in our fair land, wandering the wild spaces killing indiscriminately the wild beasts. Boar and deer populations have plummeted....
If they ran a female VP against Clinton/Southern Hispanic male centrist democrat (my money is on Julian Castro), you could bet that Clinton calls out the fact that Republicans can only let ladies be VPs.   If Haley were the VP candidate, I could see some political hay being made of the fact that her parents are Indian immigrants to score points for inclusiveness. Hay could also be made that she is light skinned enough to pass as white, where as Bobby Jindal isn't.
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