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Despite the casual Asian racism, I love The Ugly Dachshund.  We owned dachshund as a kid, and my dad still owns dachshunds, and that film was a staple. A ton of fun dog stuff is right.
The new starter is awesome. But I come to speak of great things.   This fan made campaign for Xwing is amazing. We started it this morning before I became ill and had to leave.   http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/   The AI is awesome and keeps the opponents fresh. Upgrading and levelling your Xwing brings Xwings back to the game. We are making uniques unique across the board, so the first player to get R2D2 is the only player to get him. You can upgrade to different...
For the Aughts draft, my theme was Chris Cooper, as he seemed to be adding dramatic weight everywhere.
 Propaganda photo for the Mooselims extremists?
So, Germany refusing to help Greece or Republican farmers who take subsidies but decry government handouts?
Sorry mates, I thought I would be able to swing this, but my teaching schedule has made it nearly impossible for me to get here and participate. Last year, my planning and lunch fell in good places, but I am busy all day after 840am. So, before I steal an actor or two then quit because I can't join, I am going to go ahead and bow out. I am loving the picks so far. Digglering them all.
Had a tournament at a store in Chattanooga. Three local Knoxville players and I drove down to see what we could see. My history of success in tournaments has been low. 8 out of 16, 5 out of 10, 72 out of 94...You know, mediocre, but I enjoy the games with new people, so I went.   We got a local designer to put a T-shirt together for us so we could represent Knoxville.   (my rejected proposal on the right)     I tried to get them to put a wig shop on the bottom,...
 What is with comedy films criminallly underutilizing Jane Curtin? The Heat did the same thing. Every time she appeared she either said nothing, or had one line, and I kept thinking why did no one write that woman something to say?
 The new Xwing has Boost! And what looks like a new droid type, with speculation that it is an Imperial droid. My mates and I were pretty sure it was going to be a new starter. Question is... will the other two SKUs out there be a new Falcon and Assault Shuttle or stand alone Resistance xwing and First Order tie
So, that was fun. We have played epic once before, but without out having a heavy in opposition, it was no fun. This game was long, but well worth it. We were initially doing 2v2 300pt game, but two additional players wanted to join us, so we went 3v3 400pt, and then had one person drop out, so it became 2 Rebels v 3 Imperials. Our pairings were random, and I was paired with the lesser experienced player on the side of the Rebel cause. Because I had both Rebel Epic ships,...
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