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The presents for Judas Booth are on their way. The thawed wastelands of flaxen-haired Finns and Swedes that call Minnesota home are no match for the delivery might of United Parcel Services.
The greatest disappointment to me was when I realized Al Schwartz was not in fact Levar Burton or Geordi LaForge.
 But seriously, how hard is it to not screw up scrambled eggs? All I wanted was my scrambled eggs not overcooked, and my film to have a budget to do everything I imagined it could be. Why do I have to hurt to get those two things?
 Damn it! :::spins around and chants:: Oh, angels and saints preserve us! ::spits::  We don't need or want any more HEROES series.
You know it is a shitty time in the world when you go "Oh shit, I forgot they were still fighting in Yemen." One, because there is so much fighting in all sorts of places, and two, because while me remembering that fact does nothing, I realized most people couldn't identify Yemen on a map or why people are fighting there.
So, I just finished the season. Some notes, hidden in the depths of the Neutral Zone  [[SPOILER]]  All in all, I dug it hard and have been thinking about it a lot over the past couple of days. I really look forward to seeing next season.
Bruce Willis in an Iron Man film? Can he be a bored weapons tycoon who just irritates Tony Stark because Tony is not amusing to him?
 Same here. I am only two episodes in, but I am really enjoying it. I think you nailed it with the Sky Captain look. I look forward to watching the rest of this.
I need to go read the Bridge of Spies thread. I saw it a couple of weeks ago and was unmoved, honestly. I don't know if I could say that it was better than The Martian.
In a similar vein, are their protests to stop people from doing Tai Chi? If not, should there be?  Hell, half of Klingon martial arts are cribbed from Tai Chi, says the guy who created it for TNG (from an interview in one of the box sets).  Why is no one protesting Michael Dorn for insensitivity?   All kidding aside, I hate culturally dismissive stereotypes. The ridiculous Mexican restaurant style man in poncho or every German restaurant with its Han in Lederhosen or the...
New Posts  All Forums: