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Is tomato sauce Ketchup? Or Catsup? Or is it actually a Goodfellas prison tomato sauce?
I never would have said, 16 years ago during my first voting experience, that I would ever be honestly considering a strong left field candidate. Honestly, I have always been a moderate, but I always thought I was a moderate Republican. So... either the right has gone so far right that I, while not moving became left of center, or my ten years of teaching have turned me into a raving liberal.   92% Hillary Clinton 88% Bernie Sanders 88% Jill Stein 75% Michael...
  Just like dear old dad.
I loved the novel of both, and enjoyed the adaptation of Hearts of Atlantis, so that is heartening news. The commercial for it was in that 20 minute bit of advertising before Deadpool. I was surprised to see Hulu advertise there.
So, I just saw a commercial for a mini series based on Stephen Kings's novel. It looks like it has James Franco as the lead. I am interested in how this addresses the alternative history aspect of the novel.
The truly crazy part of that is how easy it is to do the OPPOSITE. I am not saying they need to mass convert, but it actually isn't difficult to go with grace or even better, engage on the level of ideas.
If Tasteee on Orange is the New Black is any thing close to truth, you can become a Jewish cabbie.
Let Netflix pick it up! I am watching it online anymore anyway. I still have cable and premium tier because of sports and HBO (not all of my televisions are quite capable of making the great leap to completely cord free).
Only if we see him flying by Captain Bassett and punking her. Like this: 
This is great news. I love Fuller's sensibility and shows.   As far as fan casting, I would love Angela Bassett as Captain. I am still one of those people who thinks she should have been Storm.   Stock's idea of "Law and Order" style cast rotations would be amazing. Can we get Admiral Ben Sisko as the Fred Thompson-esque senior figure who shows up now and then to remind everyone who they work for?
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