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Is it Freeman's height? We can't all be Cleeseian giants.
Liam Cunningham was my backup, but I didn't know if he could pull that scream terror that Cleese does. I have a couple Kens lined up that can do just fine.
Things I love and hate about drafts. I run out of rep to give so quickly.  Now, I am hoping my Otto sticks around till my pick tomorrow.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...   in the role of Archie Leech... Mr. Martin Freeman.  
For as bad as Gamesters of Triskelion is, I am always surprised that DS9 attempted something similar in the first season with "Move Along Home." For a surprisingly well-grounded first season, that episode always stood out as a "Hmmm...Guess we needed a shout out to TOS."  DS9 would do it so much better later, but it is such a weird opening.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present:  A Fish Called Wanda     Starring....   As Wanda Gershwitz...Ms. Anna Chlumsky!   as Archie Leach...Mr. Martin Freeman!   As Otto...Mr. James Franco!   as Ken Piles...Mr. Dominic Monaghan!   as Mrs. Wendy Leach...Ms. Miranda Hart.  
I enjoy a good gender flip, so I am most excited to see JHP's.   In Casting draft news, this is where I always screw up. I thought for sure everyone would concentrate on their Wandas and Ottos. Since I have first pick tomorrow, Branagh was my choice for Archie. Back to my list.  Instead, I always lead with someone no one was every going to pick :D
 Actually, its because the Eastern US of A is currently in Eastern Daylight Time. So, yes, according to the instructions by Judas Booth, you were correct. 
Is this where I admit I have never been attracted to Jaime Lee Curtis?  Great Actress, but never rocked my boat.   ETA for Ratty: Lady who rocks my boat.  
I will be honest, my work and personal life have kept me off the boards in my usual manner for the past couple of months. I couldn't gauge how much VEEP love was out there. I have now looked. There is not enough. With Fiennes, Firth, Gosling, and :::redacted for 20mins::: (I know. Officially, Saxon didn't have claim, but despite his clearly British tendencies, I didn't want him to wander back and be down an actor. I am a proud American, but there is the Special...
New Posts  All Forums: