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 It was the damnedest thing. It just kept playing over and over...   I cannot get the gif to show or play. Click on http://cdn.chud.com/a/ae/ae8dc005_1413777416811.gif to see it in its glory.   
 Speak of the Buffy crew... http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/19/showbiz/nicholas-brendon-buffy-arrest/index.html?hpt=hp_t2 
I am exposed to Taylor Swift songs much more than I am exposed to Ebola.
 This has been 10 months in the making, but I think I finally found a facepalm that would work. The palm is much bigger than the face. Kung Fu Hustle gives the best palm. 
Is Tyler Perry causing you grief? Can you not imagine a decent film with Madea in it, and the cognitive dissonance is sending pulses through your brain? Is it because of your nemesis status with Nooj and since he likes it, you must hate it?
Golf, I think. Smoking hot 18 year olds decide to rehab and run an old golf course. So Caddyshack with zero Bill Murray or Rodney Dangerfield and more scantily clad ladies washing golf carts.
Would you call The War of the Roses a trashy movie?  I know we had this debate a page ago, but trashy it isn't. I mean, its not Wild Things or Cruel Intentions. For you trivia fans out there, there are 3 Wild Things Sequels, with the last one being Wild Things: Foursome.
So by realm, are we talking sectors? or dimensions?
So, this is one of those :::pushes glasses up::: continuity type questions, but...     Thor and Thor 2implies that the universe consists of nine worlds, connected through the tree of life. Asgard is one, Earth is one, Ice Giants one, Dark Elves had one, vaguely Mongolian man has one where he is stranded during Thor 2.  But how does things like Guardians of the Galaxy, where multi-species worlds and cultures exist in the same universe? Or are there only nine "important"...
http://elitedaily.com/dating/gentlemen/james-bonds-sexual-exploits-numbers/   I was going to follow you and try to start a trend of screen shots of Bond in bed. Then I found that website.  
New Posts  All Forums: