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I enjoyed it. After watching Community, I was still grading papers, so I clicked on it and watched the first three episodes. Just getting a tinge of Joel and Trace is enough for me to sit back and enjoy, but the captain and first officer being siblings plays well, and the science officer wierdness just adds that dash of spice for me.
So... is this a pre-release thread or the post release thread?  I ask this question sincerely, because I am normally not a fan of reading 3000 posts of supposition, vague rage, and leaked information (See Star Wars Episode 7 Thread for the ultimate 10k posts of my examples) or worse, read those 3000 posts to finally get to the point where people have actually seen the thing.  It's a terrible waste of a great thread title if this is going to be the pre-release, or way too...
So, for International Game Day, my friends and I went crazy. We have bought a number of games among us. What we have played so far:   Castles of Mad King Ludwig. A great game with interesting pieces and a varied board. You initial cards and changing goals means lots of repeat fun.   Next, we played Lewis and Clark. It is half worker placement / half card hand management with a racing element. It is lots of fun, and based on the actual people who helped or hindered...
 Yeah... I think half the problem with local politicians, especially in states with a part time legislation, is that the only people who have time to run for the General Assembly are the looney toons, and with elections being decided by less than 5000 people in most districts, they are elected by their friends. Basically, I lookforward to our Lizard overlords.
I guess I expected the racism to be more closeted. I mean, the racial implications of debutante balls has long been discussed publicly, at about the same time as most the country clubs started opening membership. As a non-fraternity, non-society white guy, I had assumed this stuff had stopped, or if it hadn't, it was mostly done in Mississippi, where they still segregate proms.
Racism is alive and well...in the debutante ball circuit. 
That is my thought as well, Singer. It just makes my heart wish for a great Attack Wing version of Armada, which will never happen.   I might have to look at investing in that.
All of which goes back to the reason this thread started (I think).  Social media protest is the laziest form of protest. As one of the oldest of the millenials, every lazy bastard who complains through social media and yet still sits on the couch means nothing to me. The friends who post stuff that I tolerate are the ones who at least go join a political campaign, attend a town hall, or actively write (in longer than 140 characters or not a reposted blog) the movers and...
I wish we would go back to the initial outcry about this discussion being too soon. This entire thread is too soon! :D     (Seriously. First primary isn't for 8 months. I wish we would go back to party politics and let them decide it at the convention, because our politicians waste so much money  that they end beholden to its givers just to run this gauntlet that is a modern presidential campaign)
wd40, I will stand with you! I love the Ang Lee Hulk. I like Bana's version of Banner better than Norton's.
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