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Tomorrow! 10pm! 24 hour countdown!  
Sweet Jesus. I thought only Batman and Robin could scar me, but then I read that link. Who gives him the digital space? I never want to support those people. Ever.
 To less hilariously answer your question, yes. Yes I do.  My parents were military, so I grew up on military bases and cross-racial friendships were the norm. But geography is always key to diversifying your friends and habits. When my parents got out when I was middle school, we moved back to south Georgia, and I was shocked, I mean life changingly shocked by the difference.  I graduated high school in Appalachia and live there now, where even at their strongest, the...
 Semi-related (queue all old white guys look alike music), I wish I had audio of Christopher Lee scolding Peter Jackson for Jackson telling Lee what the sound of man being stabbed to death really sounds like.  Can we get Dance and Lee scolding meme started? Something along the lines of : "Jugglers and singers require applause. You are a Congressman." Disapproving Dance face.
 I will admit to not seeing it. But I don't know if one film makes my brush too broad to paint with.
Damn it! After I praised this book so hard to my friends and family. Oh well, we need another Marvel super star with Oscar© nominated tag. It gives them legitimacy. :D
 The only problem I have with that line of thinking is then "nerd" directors should stop asking for support from the nerd community. When directors like Del Toro use their "nerd" base to sell a concept, they push said community to support them often with a "then they will let me make a movie for US."  Playing up your base, then not satisfying them is not a great way to keep a base happy (See current Democrat or Republican bases, neither of which are happy because of the...
So, I read The Magicians. I wanted to like it so bad. I mean, really did. There are parts of the concept that are brilliant. But as a man who read the Narnia chronicles multiple times, the novel strayed from clever reinvention to "seriously, can hop off CS Lewis's goldmine."  Between that and the Mark Millar-esque ending (fuck you Wanted), it makes me hesitant to pick up the next, but people in this thread said it gets better, so I am probably going to splurge.   I...
 Exactly this. The show makes this explicit with the conversation she has with her roommate. The roommate laments that she is going to get fired soon because so many GIs are coming back from the war. She even says she had to train the new guy for her very job.
I don't care how many Jim Carrey films or terrible Jennifer Aniston films Peyton Reed has to make to support his kids, but for Down with Love and Bring It On, he will forever have my cinematic blade. I'm in for Ant-Man. I believe in Henry Pym. I believe in Scott Lang.     Though, I am kinda fearing the basic plot's Thomas Jane-ing, where Ant-Man just wants his kids back.   Part of the love is that we were this close to a 1960's Fantastic Four directed by him, which...
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