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Well, obviously, Dennis is the serial killer. Does that make Dee the flower maker?   I would really like to see Danny Devito back in a semi-serious role. He really is good.
The article is interesting, but like Bartleby said, some of the arguments are a stretch. Most of those characters missing mothers are also missing fathers. Orphans are often the protagonists because they have nothing holding them to home and normalcy. Also, the male figure is rarely the biological. Culturally, and comedically, there is always something funny about a single man trying to raise a kid. Culturally, single men are supposed to know nothing about babies. (Side...
 I always imagined Jesus as a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus. or an actual tyrannosaur., till God told him to go get a job.
I enjoyed it... well, as much joy as one can get from this show, considering the subject matter. I assume and hope that there is a follow up. Does he now move on like he apparently should have ages ago.?
So, I went to my local store and decided to buy some product, get my name on the mailing list, express interest in some play. Eighty dollars later, I am now the proud owner of two more X wings, a B wing, an A wing, a Tie Advanced and two more Ties. I decided to go ahead an build 4 squads - 2 Alliance, 2 Empire. This way, when I introduce it to some friends, we don't spend 2 hours trying to create squads and we get more play in. This is what happened.         Gold...
I've watched it twice now. Once for reals, and once more in the background while I played around with the love that Jacob Singer sent me. It is cheesy, and Deanburger is right that the entire thing is filled with assholes. Also, who has court mandated therapy sessions at night during a CDC JFK airport lock down? But, all that being said, I will watch an aging slayer played by David Bradley and Sean Astin single-handedly end the world by letting the one thing happen that...
 Unless you are referring to the love of your life while talking to her sister.  Then it is fair game.
I have never made a Science strategy work. I have kicked ass with several Trade strategy games and the appropriate guilds for stockpiling cash. I have had decent Monuments strategy games. My only real problem is that I cannot affect any player not to my left or right. In big games, 7 players, I don't need to know what is going on over there unless I am counting cards or looking for some one to bow out in a Diplomacy token.
I love 7 Wonders, but my play group has moved away. God, I love it.   Those fan made boards look great WD.
Yeah, the book was fabulous, but I hated Seabiscuit (novel and film). Maybe I just hate horses and Tobey Maguire.  The loss of Olympic opportunity for the man honestly made me sadder than his imprisonment in a Japanese detention center.
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