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I am not a fan of the TFA shuttle design, but the FFG usage looks good. Looks like the quad copter has a 1 Backward maneuver.
 All the spoiled dials and cards look fantastic. Scum is really getting the boost it needed. Jumpmasters are still OP, but I am digging the new stuff hard.
I am on episode seven, and skipped the last couple of pages until I finish, but...is Jonathon an actual Stephen King clone? If someone tells me to see them after school on Monday to have this conversation, my response would be: "You are always telling us to explore every door of curiosity. Why are you locking this door of curiosity?"
 Trek Convention money allows the actors to maintain the proper health care.
 You mean Matt Damon, Master of Mars, Space Pirate, Potato Farmer, Assassin, Informant, Angel of God, Tsunami Surfer, Zoo Owner, Liberace Look a Like, the Beef, Southie Cop Double Agent can't build a wall? I kid. That trailer is really bland.
Seeing this thread only pulls on my heartstrings. Killed before our time!
Did Elizabeth Warren just quote Paul? I think she did.
Freeman is mostly right. That Venture Class skin on the Galaxy is beautiful, but you have to do some mix and matching to get it to look its best. I love that version of the big D.
I am not a fan of that ship. I get that the bottom looks like the arrowhead from the badges, but it scans as a Klingon ship to me.
Can we get her as the villain? Manchurian Candidate Lansbury gives me a fear boner like no other.
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