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That head nod. lol
Wait... Hillary is being mean to me, but Rosie O Donnell deserved the burns.
Did he just slam Rosie O Donnell... again, and for no reason?
How in God's name does Iran have power over North Korea? Does the Evil League of Evil meet in Iran?   And name drop Bibi Netenyahu.
Trump said he was for the invasion of Iraq. The problem is that he said that to Howard Stern.  Which means Stern gets mentioned.     Wait... we lose on everything? Are the Chinese making our nuclear weapons now?
Wait... NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, does things because Trump commented on them?   "Also, you could have killed that infant, but you didn't, so now we are fucked. "
  I just need some "radical Islamic extremism"
Please let him start singing "Sexual Healing."
New Posts  All Forums: