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Ding! Ding! The Horse that acts like a dog, but has a pretty hefty facial expression range and the chameleon's tiny fist of doom crack me up every time. Lilo and Stitch uses the dynamic of foster/adoptive family well to further character and theme. For me, it connects.
Unless Johnny Depp is playing Magic Hitler to oppose Dumbledore/Churchill, the only controversy is that Depp may be playing another Mad Hatter/Sparrow/Tonto and we are tired of that.        I kinda want Depp to play Magic Hitler now.
To quote a wise man...  This was posted in the ORIGINAL 2016 election thread, started 9 months before the actual 2012 elections.  So, I applaud that we waited until 7 days out, but...can we at least wait until next Wednesday, after we have theoretically elected someone the president for 2016- 2020?
Are you insinuating that one of the Scorpion King's mystical abilities was not Blurry Face (+2 to Defense and Intimidate rolls), but instead the power of a CGI so subpar, it became the benchmark of bad?Because frankly, sir, I am shocked, shocked to hear that The Mummy Returns, slayer of Brendan Fraser's career, could also become the golden standard for terrible. How was such a power wrought on this earth? Was it an actually mummy curse?
Wait... you don't like Brick? People who don't like Brick deserve Bricktop. 
 It would still have been shitty movies, but damn if watching those sparkly bastards die in gunfire and explosions wouldn't have been a tad bit more enjoyable than the sadface parade that actually happened.
Watching documentaries on Netflix while doing some paperwork, and I stumbled onto 13th,  a discussion of the criminalization of blacks since the end of the Civil War. It has some great interviews with Republicans and Democrats on the issue of race and crime. It does a nice job of showcasing the incredibly rapid rise of the inmate population in the US, such as 500,000 in 1980 to 740,000 prisoners in 1985 to 1.2 million in 1990 to 2.1 million in 2000. It addresses both Trump...
Just finished "Nosedive." Damn, I love this show. I had been missing this sensibility in my life since the Christmas special. God Bless you, Black Mirror. Eta: Finished "Playtester" and currently watching "Shut up and Dance" I want to see the meme where they use the images of Bronn with the quotes from this episode.
I have said it before and I will say it again.   1960's Fantastic Four directed by Peyton Reed   From the man who brought you Ant-Man and Bring it On, Down with Love is basically a 60's F4 demo reel. I would be okay with a couple of films in the 60s and never bringing them forward.    Hell, the super awkward kissing scene in the middle is exactly how I imagined Reed Richard's first kiss with Sue.  
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