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Honestly, the greatest thing to come out of the Jake Lloyd 10 years later thread revival for me was this.     I had no idea what that referenced. So I google'd it and lo and behold...   Companeros!   In times of revolution in Mexico, the ignorant Vasco is promoted by the corrupt General Mongo to lead his men in the invasion to San Bernardino. Meanwhile the arms trader Yolaf "Swedish" Peterson arrives in the village to deal with Mongo; however the money to buy the...
Not a fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul? The man has chops.
 I think the boards want to see the two of you hook up, so it just keeps pairing you together for 7 Minutes in Heaven. Plus, we have had three people run these drafts, and each time all of us have use a randomizer.
I am voting for myself.   I will admit I am not a fan of my or Axel's Blondes. but our GBUs are similar, so it comes down to taste. I think I have the better OUATITW with a better Harmonica, Jill, Cheyenne, and Frank with Morton coming down to preference. Redford is too old, Waltz too refined, Edgerton too Anglo, and Chastain too thin. Be not swayed by his fancy graphics. There are some lists with NO graphics.   Vote Tyres early! Vote Tyres often!
I love Dickson's GBU as I love Gibson as Tuco, but I am not thrilled by his OUATITW. I love Bailey's OUATITW, but think his actors could be flipped around to be stronger in his GBU.     In the end, I have to vote for Bailey and hope that his ensemble switches places and makes a master piece, hopefully not an Island of Dr. Moreau.
Dent for me as well. Christie and Green and Washington.   That being said, I would love to see the eventual documentary, Should've Duck, You Sucker: The Last Days of the Director, about the back to back filming of Fat Elvis's two films.  There is enough ego and crazy in Fat Elvis's list to fill Hollywood with stories.
Not even close. Judas Booth by a nautical mile.   Costco Mike's major 3 in OUATITW are 63, 65, and 69. I am all for old man fights, but I can't get behind that. And all theoretically are lusting after Jennifer Laurence, 25. The only good cast in GBU is Esposito.  All great actors, just not for those roles.   The only misstep for Judas is the selection of Antje Traue, but that's because I think he is trying to lure McNooj in to a draft.
I vote Just Ancient.   I have issues with Hawkes, mostly because I feel Angel Eyes needs to look dapper. I am also not a fan of DiCaprio as Blondie, but I can't get behind Ratty's cast (mostly because it wastes most of Hendrick's assets). Ratty's GBU leaves me cold.
See, I must disagree. I love Pither's GBU, but actively dislike his OUATITW. I don't like Shannon or Blunt in those roles.   On the other hand, I actively dislike all of Hammerhead's GBU (Save Warburton), but overwhelmingly love his OUATITW. Hmmm. I am afraid Pitt gets his hands on the screenwriters and softens Frank.   +Hammerhead
I am going Atomtastic as well, but I think he has Theron and Headey flipped.   I enjoy Murdoch's take though I have issues with Conan O'Brien. He would be like 2 foot taller than everyone in that film. They would just cut to close ups of his head, then everyone elses' heads and his chest.
New Posts  All Forums: