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So, tonight, I am cruising Mordor, looking for some orcs to kill, when I see...   No!!!! Not my man, Singer. I put the heavy chomp on the vile Orc, but he retreats right as I get knocked down by some stupid rock. I never catch up. After I fail that mission, I see     If Crusader Kings taught me nothing, it is that I must seek revenge for Rain Dog!   Success and the orc dropped an Epic rune! Consider yourself revenged, Rain Dog!
So, with number 20, Nick just turned the knob to 11.  I could watch the collected works of Christopher Guest all day, but This is Spinal Tap is amazing.
So, playing with the awesome gift that Singer gave me, Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor. It plays a lot like Arkham Asylum, but with much, much more killing. I am enjoying it. I am only 8 percent through, after a couple of hours of play last night. I am going to have to change some keybinds though. Using Left Ctrl is breaking my pinky finger.     Thanks Singer! Between this and earlier loving, I definitely owe you more than second base if we ever meet in real life.
I have to agree with mcNooj, Analog Olmos, and Bucho on this one. It was a hard film, but damn was it a great theater experience. The German women segment was needed: it showed us Pitt's character, it showed us what war had done to his tank crew, plus Pena's top hat and cane was magnificent. It's also a deconstruction of all the "young man goes to war, gets laid by the women they liberate, learns about life, and wins the war."  That final battle scene had my bloodpressure...
 Yeah...this sounds like a really long preamble to "We are not going to indict."
 Yep. Last year, tracking my giftee's growing desire to learn more about steampunk led to a great Christmas, even if its presentation wasn't up to my par. Flu knocked me down for 2 weeks.
I have sent messages to WD40 and McIrish.
Quote: Such a terrible waste of talent.  I mean Jane Curtin has three lines in the entire thing.
So, Singer is just an exemplar of a great man. As a reward for my good deeds, he has sent me...     Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor on Steam. It is my first real foray into quality, non-console gaming, and I am excited. Now to start the download process!       I have been doubly blessed by Singer this year, first with some Star Wars: Xwing love, now this. Merry Holidays people! This is the way to start it.
Minor update to the list. I had to rearrange a couple of people to avoid some repeat of the past year. Double check it real quick!
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