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Wrong thread...
Wait... the episode starts with Agent Carter hotcotting with a pretty blonde? Where does she sleep when she has Saturday nights off....   /opens his fanfiction files.
 Oh, but what a glorious shitfest it was. I didn't have HBO at the time, so I could only rent the seasons from Blockbuster long after they aired. It was always a question of how much stranger could it get. The answer: Way stranger than I was expecting.
Oh, sheeeeeeeiiit. Gotham opens with a crazy as hell play in Arkham and then Dr. Lang shows up to threaten our boy, Gordon.     And then Firefly's favorite courtesan, Morena Baccarin as Dr. Thompkins shows up. Welcome back Gotham!
My group played the Fantasy Flight Game of Thrones Board game on New Year's Day.  The owner of the game had only ever played three player, so this was a first for him with 5.  The game apparently blocks off Southern Westros with 3 players, keeping the action in the northern climes. With 5, the whole board is open, and the Martells are left unplayed.   It took a while to talk through the pieces and setup. In the end, I chose Highgarden and made a quick allegiance with the...
I wish fan cuts were easier to get.  Someone, somewhere can meld these three beautifully. The music may stutter a bit, but I love to see artistic re-appropriation and -interpretation.
 Harmon clearly and explicitly states how bitter and mean and drunk he can be. The gripes from the commentary come from B99 getting an Emmy in their first season (which in all fairness B99 deserves. I think Community did too for its first season, but...). At one point, the producer Chris McKenna calls out Jim Parsons, Sheldon, and Big Bang Theory and the rest of the cast pretends those words, that show, that character, and that actor doesn't exist. Like McKenna was clearly...
 Seriously. What the hell 2014? I loved him in just about everything. The definition of a that guy character actor who was always good no matter the film.
Great list and reads Nick. I was happy to see you writing more. I have added more films to my netflix queue thanks to this list.
The commentaries are almost better than most the episodes of Season 5. I watched the first disc on Monday and will watch the second disc today.  Harmon clearly understands why things went the way they did in Season 4, holds no grudges with the show, and how they were desperately trying to right the boat, introduce Jonathon Banks, and send off Donald Glover. Repeatedly you hear "Damn, I miss Donald.*"  Even the Season 5 "paintball" episode, Lava Floor, was an attempt to...
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