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Not to be mean to the big cities, but as a Fly Over state man voting for Hillary, I could give two shits to the internal policing policies of Chicago and New York. We don't all live there and ultimately those are local issues.
He is shaking in rage. Is that the sigh that brings down the debate?
 I wonder if Trump's earpiece is picking up two or three right wing talk radio with the occasional Mexican radio station and that is why he is behaving so oddly.
Yes, yes he did just admit that he doesn't pay income taxes. Because he uses the law. If we want to change the law, well, we should, but until then, he is going to legally short change his contractors and the feds.
So... I used the laws to stiff my contractors.
Not paying taxes makes him smart?   Wow, comparing LAX, JFK, and Newark Airport makes us a third world country?
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/09/26/the-only-bingo-cards-you-need-for-tonights-clinton-trump-debate/   My current bingo card
Wait... he knows the secret of chemtrails?       YES!
Jesus, my debate bingo board is nearly blacked out already.
He sounds like a deranged man. I expect him to go a Mel Gibson drunk rant any second.
New Posts  All Forums: