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We did go back to page 1. There was no interview there! :D
 Yeah, I was coming to say the same thing. The "interviewer" asks exactly two questions, but only after a long and misguided attempt to justify Batman Forever.
So... who is two days away from retirement and getting too old for this intergalactic crime shit?
Hmmm, there is an interesting thought. Which character would be the Shark Jumper?  My money?  
Dent. Gwendoline Christy as a marauding force for good in the west is just awesome.
Henry for me. I really love both their OUATITW. I hate to vote against the only other Hispanic actor as Harmonica, but I still think that the actors are flipped for Atom's GBU and I am not a fan of Zoe Bell in that role.
Judas for me. I just can't hang with Axel's OUATITW. They are all fantastic actors, but do not like them in these roles.
Just Ancient for me.
You are saying he is too busy?  
New Posts  All Forums: