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I would never say that to YT, but she stole half my list. And I hate Hammerhead's rocking list.  And Dent's awfully good list for a new person. And Murdoch's H. Jon Benjamin is fantastic, so I hate him.     So, yeah. I think I am okay to enter the FUCK YOU stage.  :D
 Arjen, you talking to me? I am kicking myself for not making him as Venkman. I knew he was supposed to be Winston Z, and then dismissed him because I was going younger. But he would have been a kicker for me as Venkman. I like Lady Gaga as Gozer. Love it a lot.
I am now kicking myself for not thinking of Eddie Murphy for Venkman. He would have solved about half my problems. Well played.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation proudly presents   as Ms. Janine Melnitz... Ms. Sufe Bradshaw  
I thank you. The Walter Peck Wow Power! has been kicking strong.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present   as Walter Peck...Mr. Pablo Schreiber.  
Thank you Fat Elvis. I had Craig as my Venkman, but just couldn't do it. He is too mumbly mouthed. So thank you for taking the choice away from me.
Hi, my name is Mr. Tyres, and I have been a long time Master and Commander addict. How there are not five sequels to this, I will never know.
 There is nothing I like more than my masked, wealthy vigilantee beating the tar out of old, poor people. Really drives home what corporations do to the human spirit.
Ed Helms is a fun pick for Spangler. yt apparently hacked my dropbox and found my female Ghostbusters cast spreadsheet, but like she said yesterday, she has great taste.   I am worried about my Venkman choices and may have to delay him and Barret till Friday, because I just can't pull the trigger.   Damn Kartheiser is magnificent pick for Peck. WPWP!
New Posts  All Forums: