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FCH has some incredibly interesting ideas, but the format and voice make it so difficult to read that I choose not to. I had copied and pasted about a dozen of his reviews or essays and changed the formatting, but by making me work that much harder for no discernible artistic merit (there is no additional meaning to be gleaned from the format), I gave up on him. Occasionally, if I see someone cite something of interest, I will go make an attempt.   In a related, but...
  Amazingly, Google has failed me. I went looking for Hillary as Balrog. No dice.   Did find these though.      This was the creepiest of them all.
 Whoops. Here we go.  It is a bit didactic to start..
From the Facebook from my 79 year old teacher friend.
If you need a reason why DS9 is the best trek, watch this video:   A bit spoilery, it makes the case why Dukat is the best Trek villain, but at the same time shows the kind of story telling depth that DS9 managed to weave.   I would love to see what TNG could have done with the same sense of serial story telling, even if it was a more positive, less dark spin. 
Chain of Command is a great episode two parter if you want to see Ronnie Cox slap some Cardassians and Riker around.Attempting to find someone crazy enough to do that, but haven't found it yet.  I did however find this: "Shut Up, Wesley!" did irreparable damage to the character.  It is an interesting look at the fall of Wesley Crusher.
Oh man... yall are in for a treat. To be back at those halcyon days.   This show was my introduction to the television renaissance. The writing, the acting, the filming was so good. It was the first real adult drama that I watched in prime time.   I would vote for Martin Sheen right now, even if it was a 50/50 toss on taking into a Dead Zone universe.
 Honestly, that is why I picked it up this week. I am on our school fall break. I am still grading papers, but I have a bit more time for some nice relaxing mini painting. I will say this is my first experience with Metal miniatures. Imperial Assault and XWing spoiled me.  Why the fuck am I attaching this wrist and sword. Motherf@#$# the arm fell off again.
 It absolutely did. Palin destroyed McCain's run with her VP debate. No one is willing to put a 70 year old man in office if she was the next in line. There is a Daily Beast article about Cheney and Lieberman's debate, basically saying Cheney won a bump in the polls for Bush because of the civility and tone he carried into the Lieberman debate. The article also talks about how Cheney probably hoodwinked Lieberman a bit by playing up the civility to disarm Lieberman.
With Xwing regionals being when they are, and no site championships, xwing is basically on Casual mode for me four a while. We are out of tourney kits in my local. This seemed fun. The league play seemed interesting, but right now I only know of 5 players in the area.
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