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I have no need of a boat cloak, Mr. Hypnotoad. Zeal for king and this franchise shall keep me warm.
Had a hell of a day and missed my draft. Which is maybe good. All of my McClane pics were gone (I had thought about gender swaps, but not done the hard work, so I was ruined. I had a racially diverse cast, but my two black actors Mackie and Jordan, had been taken.  so I spent the last hour figuring out my back up to my back ups, and then I either stumbled upon glory or hell. :D   Taking day 1 with Wendell Pierce makes Arjen Rudd my hero. My enemy, but also my hero.   
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present....   in the role of HANS GRUBER...   Mr. Henry Cavill!   (due to previous committments, we will be digitally removing his mustache and then adding his goatee and beard).
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud (but belated) to present...   in DIE HARD...   in the role of John McClane...   Mr. Michael Shannon!  
Yeah, that Hollywood Reporter article is nonsense. A complete misreading and misinterpretation of the novella and the film.
"Mr Booth, I could talk about industrialization and men's fashion all day. However, I am far more interested in the 10 actors hidden in your casting draft... and CHUD controls the draft."   In. 
 I had depression hard in the transition from High School to College. In retrospect, as a trained teacher, all the signs were there, but my family and I had no idea. When it finally got bad enough and we realized it, I went to a doctor and was briefly prescribed Wellbutrin. After a month on the medication I realized how deeply depressed I was. I was so far down, minor attitude changes seemed good, but looking at the whole, I didn't realize just how far down I was until the...
So, I have this on in the background (Netflix) while I do some computer work for my classes next week. It is pretty bad. The Mist effects are terrible, and the monsters are mostly just bugs so far. The rape story is as McGuffin as you can get and seriously doesn't raise the tension at all. But, if you don't watch more than two episodes, you miss State Senator Clay Davis, who took a job in Maine as a mall manager. I can't pass on Isaiah Whitlock.
I am in. Knoxville, TN Will Ship Internationally.
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