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So, my gifts from Anyawatchin Angel arrived today and I was super excited. I took a photo, then started wrapping my own family's presents. I was a bit worried about missing them as I am traveling earlier than I had planned. But they are here!     Ms. Marvel has been praised so hard by those in the know, but I was iffy. I am a 35 year old man. But I am glad Anya made me. I only read the first 15 pages or so and I see why that praise is deserved.   So, I have never...
 I will continue to shill my seminal work on this board: http://www.chud.com/community/t/145689/a-season-of-star-trek-in-13-episodes Bill McNeil tackles TNG and Voyager, I handle DS9. We basically lay out the best 13 episodes. DS9's more serial approach means I tend to keep the show narrative when ever possible and end up cutting most of the Ferengi side shenanigans, but honestly it is a good list. Bill's cuts in TNG and Voy are great, because those shows tend to be story...
Like I said in the PM, I gotta give credit to MichaelM. He tipped me off to your love for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. I put the package together, but MichaelM played the Angel Beane in this Love Actually production.
The presents for Judas Booth are on their way. The thawed wastelands of flaxen-haired Finns and Swedes that call Minnesota home are no match for the delivery might of United Parcel Services.
The greatest disappointment to me was when I realized Al Schwartz was not in fact Levar Burton or Geordi LaForge.
 But seriously, how hard is it to not screw up scrambled eggs? All I wanted was my scrambled eggs not overcooked, and my film to have a budget to do everything I imagined it could be. Why do I have to hurt to get those two things?
 Damn it! :::spins around and chants:: Oh, angels and saints preserve us! ::spits::  We don't need or want any more HEROES series.
You know it is a shitty time in the world when you go "Oh shit, I forgot they were still fighting in Yemen." One, because there is so much fighting in all sorts of places, and two, because while me remembering that fact does nothing, I realized most people couldn't identify Yemen on a map or why people are fighting there.
So, I just finished the season. Some notes, hidden in the depths of the Neutral Zone  [[SPOILER]]  All in all, I dug it hard and have been thinking about it a lot over the past couple of days. I really look forward to seeing next season.
Bruce Willis in an Iron Man film? Can he be a bored weapons tycoon who just irritates Tony Stark because Tony is not amusing to him?
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