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The militarization of the police honestly makes me more nervous than just about any other domestic policy by far.  I am completely against looting, but I don't know that military style police are the answer. If your city needs a military to regain control, then the National Guard needs to come in. It helps prevent local temperments from flaring into something much worse.
 You take that back!  Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Jason Robards, Frank Sinatra, and Howard Hughes should never be mentioned within three hundred pages of that pap.
 Man that sucks. Get better man. Also, make sure they have the machine that goes ping. God knows you are going to spend enough money on it, they might as well use it. 
Michael Savage is bugfuck insane and there are times I want to smash my own radio... but sometimes, on occasion, like apparently with today's show, he actually has some value and adds to the conversation. I think part of what makes you a successful radio talk show in this day and age is your ability to swing back and forth between crazy and normal.  My normal talk radio station in Knoxville use to play Neal Boortz until his retirement. He was, on the whole, a relative...
I would love to go to GenCon again, but it always falls during the opening week of school for me, so it is a PITA to manage it. Damn you, adult responsibilities!
So Dickson and Singer, what are your current favorite squads? I am doing a series of Kessel Run events in September, October, and November and I am looking for ideas. My personal tastes tend to run to expensive pilots with nice skills and an EPT when I could get rid of them all and potentially get two more generic ships. What are you running?
Well, Netflix Instant has Fisher King, World's Greatest Dad, Popeye, Jumanji, Hook, Birdcage, Adventures of Baron Munchausen, his turn on Law and Order SVU, and three documentaries where he is a talking head about other comedians. I haven't checked out Amazon Prime yet.    ETA: Prime has his 2009 comedy special and a children's book he reads, as well as the Birdcage, Hook, Jumanji, Popeye.
I read an interview with him years ago where he openly spoke about his upbringing and social anxiety that led to depression. I truly believe his personal life was very different from his public life.   Damn you depression!
 The difference between you and me Reasor is that, in my mind, Palin is played by Tina Fey because I want to make love to Tina Fey. Not saying I wouldn't do the same to Lisa Ann, but it would just be about the physical act with Lisa Ann. 
Granted, it didn't all happen at once, and I have been on summer vacation from my school job for the last three weeks. I mean, I went to trainings, but I wasn't really working, so at 15 bucks a mini, I would buy two or three from the local stores that offered them, I would talk up the store owners, etc. Plus, I am single, childless, and have few living expenses, so all the liquor and Xwings I want.  I am definitely done for a bit. I will buy the Rebel Aces and probably the...
New Posts  All Forums: