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He doesn't have to. Walt Disney owns them, which means Mickey doesn't have to explain shit to anyone. From an overheard conversation at Disneyworld 
The Great Owl from The Secret of NIMH  
Wow... that is ugly. I get why Sony won't sell the rights to Spiderman back, but I hope that means they will lease Spiderman to an Avenger's film. Fox has done the Fantastic Four so poorly that I just want to see Marvel get a shot at it. They have done great things in casting, and it could be magical.
IT has always been like Fraggle Rock to me. You and your other IT Dozers keep on building your shiny networks, which I, the Fraggle, will consume without care or concern to its construction or elegence. Until it isn't there. Then I will complain like hell, till some corporate head troll comes down and threatens to eat us both. So back to our cave, while the corporate live in the sun.
I applaud your Gamera. I have only seen Gamera through Mystery Science Theater 3000, but man do I love it. Between Monstro, Cartman, Bellboy, the Phantom, today is shaping up to be a great draft day.
I am not a fan of the Butters table. I don't like having 10 seconds to get it in that damn wheel. Its the same problem I often have on the Wolverine Board. The Butters board looks like it needs a left flip to the hole, then an upper right flipper to get it in the wheelhouse. I much prefer tables, like Iron Man, where I can pace out the missions myself.
Then Machiav and Chaz, we must part as friends elsewhere, but enemies in this. I don't know that I can join you over there in Shelbyville with your Paul McCartney, Carly Simons, Nancy Sinatra, and Louis Armstrong, whereas Springfield has Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Garbage, and Chris Cornell.  It could be worse. Those poor bastards in North Haverbrook have Madonna, Sheryl Crow, A-Ha, and Rita Coolidge and a monorail.  
So, I just bought the table as well. I am hitting 6mil by ball 2. Not bad for my first try, I think. Then the message pops up. Beat Xenist's score, only FORTY FIVE MILLION MORE!
Well, yeah. But I saw Terminator as a 17 year old. I saw Terminator 2 as an 11 year old on VHS. It's not my fault man. Blame the times, blame my parents, blame the system, but it isn't my fault. :::weeps in corner of shame::: I saw Temple of Doom (on VHS) before I saw Raiders. To this day, the irrational part of me will rank it higher than Raiders. My cool, logical mind quickly dismisses it, but for .68 seconds...that happens. Same story with Ghostbusters.  I saw the...
I don't know what Dutch motorcycle gangs look like, but I just imagined Sturgis or Daytona rallies in Syria. 35 year old women who like 50 hanging off the back of a bike carrying an assault rifle. Burly men, with hands gently hanging from the ape hanger handlebars, packing shotguns and whiskey, cruise in circles around dusty Syrian towns.
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