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 I gotta disagree. I saw Hunt before I had read the Clancy novels, and for me, it was Alec Baldwin all the way. And Gates McFadden as Ms. Ryan.  Ford was too old for the roll in his films. I would love to see that movie series redone, in the right order: Patriot Games, Hunt for Red October, Cardinal of the Kremlin (Hell, just use the entire cast of The Americans, but reverse the rolls. Kerri Russell as Mary Pat Foley and Matthew Rhys as Ed Foley. It is the one novel I...
View from Andy Bain's neighborhood:     The Morgul Vale is crawling with Orcs. Fires have been seen in Barad-dur. Mount Doom is belching smoke, and  Andenethor Bainstar, Bucho son of Bucho, and Jonesalas stand waiting for the coming storm.
Jared Harris brought tears to my eyes during that Christmas scene. I have to agree that the soundtrack is fantastic. Really enjoying the series.
 Yeah, in the novel, Quasimodo dies alone, of starvation, on Esmeralda's grave. The Disney film, of course, dodges that, but basically, he is alone. You could read that he is welcomed by the people, so he finds friendship.
2016:The Year that Destroyed us all.
Damn, Hammerhead. I was sitting in the Atlanta Airport 2 days ago thinking about the gift exchange, and said to myself, when I get home, I will get this started. I am still traveling, but today I see your post...from Two Days Ago! I am in. Tennessee, US. I can ship internationally, and plan on showering Singer with my love juice as well. The man sent me Xwing, starting an unhealthy obsession that is now three years, two regionals, seven out of state travel trips, and...
So... No concession speech tonight from Hillary tonight. Gossipy speculation? She is currently sedated.
No. You are right, but I fear that we are not healthy enough to survive the cure for this corruption.
I would be terrified if I was Belarus or Estonia or fuck...Europe. NHK News was nervous about the future of Japanese American relations in regards to China. Trump's plan to remove American presence from the places we currently guarantee safety is going to destabilize the world.
I will reiterate what I think the history books will say. The downfall of the American Republic isn't that a demagogue ran, but that he ran against the weakest Democratic representation of political status quo. I agree with Tzu on Hillary's sense of destiny, but it is more likely that her hubris has started the unravelling of America's political structure.
New Posts  All Forums: