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Aileen Wuornos from Monster  
Does the pick of the flesh eating oil slick mean that Saxon can't choose the flesh eating oil slick from Star Trek The Next Generation?
Silly Puppy dragons.   I am glad that somebody drafted from Event Horizon. I have only seen the movie twice, and Sam Neil has left me unsettled every time. I remember thinking that I was going to see another Contact like film. Boy was I surprised.
Yellow Bastard from Sin City  
How in Cthulu's great, insanity-causing graces, did I not think about Cabin in the Woods? Hell, I recommended it last weekend and never once thought of using it for this draft. An entire list could have been made from that film alone. Plus, it is my favorite monster scene from that movie. Well played.
 *receives a duffel bag filled with Walter Sobchek's tighty whiteys; goes back inside and he has been robbed. Outside, the head gnome laughes to himself* Profit, sonsuvbitches!
So, with the end nearing...will there be bonus picks or no?  There is space on my layout, but bonus picks tend to to either kill or elevate a list in any eventual bracket madness, which kinda defeats the point of a draft. I am trying to figure out a capper for my list if we are.
Zombie Michael Jackson from Thriller  
Judas, I have to applaud that Snatch pick. Damn, I love me some Bricktop, especially his definition of Nemesis.
Yeah, I was 16 when that came out and still it scared the bee out of me.  Giant insects make me nervous anyway. It wasn't till this moment that I realized it was a Del Toro film.  But yeah, Turing beat you to it by 12 hours. Sorry man.
New Posts  All Forums: