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I know Josh Miller is gone to bigger and better things, like Hollywood casting couches, but the Parody thread titles thread has me wishing he was here so we could get some Ernest Franchise write ups.
 I'd pay good money to watch Melissa Leo beat the tar out of those North Korean terrorists in a sequel. "This is for the first film!" ::smash, punch::
I'm going to need a giant smiley emoticon, a blatant abuse of the grammatical rules of capitalization, or some image to help me on that.  I didn't see the CTM post, so I though Shaver was joking with the first post, but the follow up made it seem harsher than a joke. Perhaps it is the residual hate flowing from CTM. CTM posts are like the slime from Ghostbusters 2.   To bring back the good feelings, I present Mr. Jackie Wilson.    
Yeah, that's not cool, man. Even if it is your opinion, keeping that particular bit of nastiness from CTM is uncouth; using it is worse.
 President Palin got that bridge built before she unleashed the Anti-Global Warming chemicals. Duh.
 Oh, shit. That is a hell of a recommendation there. Putting it on my list.
Honestly, I think it is a ploy by the sports and the cable networks. It makes fans who want to see all the games buy the Season Pass program options.
  So, late to the train, but I watched this yesterday while making dinner. Then I stopped making dinner so I could watch the film. Fantastic! I have read the entire thread and can't help but agree with the praise. But I had to quote Nooj on this scene because I nearly choked on my tea watching it. It also helps that Spencer is cracking the egg on the head of the obvious future replacement for Swinton. Her Randian answers to Allison Pill's questions made me hate the kid and...
Oh, Whitehill blood must be shed.I will admit, after losing the lady (I think Family is the right response, not your undying love), I took the knee... for family. I am not sure, but I think I fucked up that scene something fierce. But with luck, Mira will manage to salvage things through Tyrion. [[SPOILER]]
 Wait... are you cracking on Tim Meadows? Them's fightin' words. In seriousness, I thought the joke was that everyone expected Tim Meadows to be ranked last.
New Posts  All Forums: