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So, this is one of those :::pushes glasses up::: continuity type questions, but...     Thor and Thor 2implies that the universe consists of nine worlds, connected through the tree of life. Asgard is one, Earth is one, Ice Giants one, Dark Elves had one, vaguely Mongolian man has one where he is stranded during Thor 2.  But how does things like Guardians of the Galaxy, where multi-species worlds and cultures exist in the same universe? Or are there only nine "important"...
http://elitedaily.com/dating/gentlemen/james-bonds-sexual-exploits-numbers/   I was going to follow you and try to start a trend of screen shots of Bond in bed. Then I found that website.  
Well played, Hypnotoad.  Well played. Judge Doom and the Dip was one of those scenes that lit up my imagination something fierce.
 Yeah, I am near the last 60 pages or so and I am afraid I am about to be disappointed. I loved Zeitoun. Loved What is the What. Liked Hologram for the King. I plan on reading You Shall Know Our Velocity.  But the review for his newest book is not kind, and I am wondering if he has lost that spark. Is success killing Dave Eggers?/
I am reading The Circle by Dave Eggers at the moment and it is chilling. About a woman who joins The Circle, a Google like company, with the beautiful, unique campus  and all the tech and social media. And everything they do is for mankind, but feels so cultish. Then weird things start happening.   I really would love to see this as a movie, but who is going to make a movie against Google?
Antonio Salieri from Amadeus  
I am in. As a card carrying member of the CHUD Master and Commander: Far Side of the World Defense League, I am in like the freshly sharpened harpoon blade through the blubbery flesh of a whale.  And I want to rewatch Moby Dick. And Master and Commander.
Is anyone else seeing their friends scores on the new table? I get updates on Xenist's, but he doesn't appear on my leaderboard. I don't see anyone on my friend's leaderboard but me.
Yeah, that is my take on it as well. I love Seven, but I just can't watch it all that often. Say what you will about Mel Gibson, but that is my take on Passion of Christ and Apocalypto, as well. I am glad I have seen both films, but I don't care to revisit. I tried with Apocalypto and kept thinking about how bleak it just keeps getting. I don't see the end as something good, but rather delayed destruction waiting.
I like to imagine that they gather and MST3K themselves.   "Who wrote that terrible line? That sounds like Bill."   "Suck it Jim. Your line had all the poetry of a cow pissing on a flat rock."   "My tally is that Bob has 21.2% of the movie, Jim had 11.6, Ethan 19. The comedy punch up crew had 7.  Bruce Willis wrote most of his own stuff, so there is another 15. That leaves 26.2% of the movie unaccounted for. Who the hell wrote the rest of this piece of shit?"   "I...
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