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I like Matthew Rhys, Erix, but after the Americans, I think Ken kills the old lady and her dogs and then disappears into some facial hair like nothing every happened. Cleans the gun, plays Parcheesi with the family.
I can, JHP. I am just sitting at the house doing the laundry and cleaning. Send me a PM.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present   as Otto...Mr. James Franco  
So, will Dent complete the casting circle of The Rock, _______, and _______ to make the perennial CHUD Casting Draft Trifecta that drives people nuts?   Who are we kidding, ______ as George and ______ as Ms. Leech with the Rock would be gangbusters. Take my money, Dent! :D
 That was my thoughts exactly. Very nice choice.
Gervais was on my list of Kens as well. If he can drop the arrogance but not descend to Derek level, it could work well.
 I wondered about that. Does that mean that your Ken needs to be a woman as well, or do you drop the oddly aggressive Otto pretending to be gay to scare off Ken?
 Yeah, that held me off from several of my Ottos and Archies.  It is part of my problems with Gleeson who I thought about. I also wonder if he can come across as polished as Cleese. Can I buy Gleeson as "a lot of snotty, stuck up, intellectual British faggots. Jesus they're uptight they get rigor mortis in the prime of life in this country, standing there with their hair clenched," as Otto says? Not to jump on Just Ancient, but that is why I didn't cast him.
Is it Freeman's height? We can't all be Cleeseian giants.
Liam Cunningham was my backup, but I didn't know if he could pull that scream terror that Cleese does. I have a couple Kens lined up that can do just fine.
New Posts  All Forums: