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I am super glad that I managed to color match your hair tone. Drapes and carpets and whatnots.  Merry Christmas!
  I rarely binge watch this show. I can't take that much hurt at once. I love the show, but it normally moves me enough that I have to deep brood and think on it before I move to another episode.
You don't hire Ronny Cox if you didn't intend for him to Ronny Cox the joint up.  Unless you are Deep Blue Sea. Then you hire him and give him no lines.
  I really enjoyed Greg Cox's Eugenics War trilogy. It shows Roberta Lincoln and Gary Seven fighting Khan Noonien Singh's attempt to grab power during the 90s.
 Kinda. Imagine that Google and Facebook merged to create an ubercompany named The Circle and all your searches and information essentially ran through them. As the Circle started making and pushing for a total integration of all the knowledge about you into the digital world, including 24 hour body cams (closing the circle), your loved ones and ex loved ones decided not to be apart of the Circle. But you are a good corporate drone so you want to do this... Basically, that...
 So help me, if you watch New Years Eve and then tell us about it, I am going to dedicate my new year to reinstating the red box on CHUD Forums so I can downvote you into the seventh circle of the Inferno where Satan chews on the heads of Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius while they watch Big Bang Theory...forever. In Holiday viewing news: 2. 30 Rock "Christmas Special" (2008). So, the A story is Liz Lemon thinking she got scammed in a Christmas charity event, but the...
 Well, if it was your first film to watch this season, then add it. Great minds and all. As May Lou Retton as Tiny Tim says, "God Bless Us, everyone!"
I didn't have much time to contribute, but I really enjoyed reading the Noirvember Challenge. So, as I sat down tonight to watch something on Netflix, up popped Scrooged.  I haven't seen the movie in a while and honestly, it is the first Christmas movie of my season. So, pop fizz and here we are. Rules are simple: like the October Horror Movie Challenge and the November Noir Movie Challenge, the idea is to watch as many Christmas/Holiday films as you can for the month. ...
Does this mean we finally fix relations with Cuba?
I would watch Kirk and company become Green Lanterns.
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