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I wish we would go back to the initial outcry about this discussion being too soon. This entire thread is too soon! :D     (Seriously. First primary isn't for 8 months. I wish we would go back to party politics and let them decide it at the convention, because our politicians waste so much money  that they end beholden to its givers just to run this gauntlet that is a modern presidential campaign)
wd40, I will stand with you! I love the Ang Lee Hulk. I like Bana's version of Banner better than Norton's.
 That applies to 99% of that film.
xSpoilers SpoilersSpoilers Spoilers SpoilersSpoilersSpoilers SpoilersSpoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers   So, the show is less than 3 minutes in and I have noticed three things.   Charles Dance is still listed in the main credits. Winterfell is no longer on fire in the main credits. And Little Cersei is just as punchable as Joffrey.   Also, Maggy the Toad is totally beddable in a Burning Man, festival circuit way.
Can we please get an American import of the Portugese Gremlins?     God Bless you Community.
Gott Damn Raylin, now I can't sleep. Helluva a penultimate episode. Spoils spoils spoils spoils Part of me wishes Bob had died. Boyd has stepped so far over the line there is no coming back. That shock would have been the thing to knock the audience right off their blocks. Question though... Am I supposed to remember Shea Wiggins in this show? I remembered mountain man, but not him.
The last thing Matt Murdoch needs is competition from Bradito on the lady front.
What I am truly outraged about? The creeping infestation of our late night shows with foreigners. I mean a token Scotsman and his robot pal are one thing, but every time I turn around there is a new accent on my late night television. It's unnatural, and I am agin'it.
Well, Chudmunity, the winner of BOND 25 (Untitled) is Bailey! All hail the Fassbender.
Closing down this thread. Yeah, it was a Bailey blowout. 10 to Pither 2.
New Posts  All Forums: