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Damned Murder Hobos and their murdering ways. Morale in the Guards is at an all-time low, and the good people of the city are terrified. Oh look, here comes another murder hobo on a "quest" to score "loot" that they are just going to fence at the disreputable pawn shops. Let's not forget the environmental impact. They have become a plague in our fair land, wandering the wild spaces killing indiscriminately the wild beasts. Boar and deer populations have plummeted....
If they ran a female VP against Clinton/Southern Hispanic male centrist democrat (my money is on Julian Castro), you could bet that Clinton calls out the fact that Republicans can only let ladies be VPs.   If Haley were the VP candidate, I could see some political hay being made of the fact that her parents are Indian immigrants to score points for inclusiveness. Hay could also be made that she is light skinned enough to pass as white, where as Bobby Jindal isn't.
I am really unhappy about an entire generation of politics being dominated by two families. I know, we can point to prior generations and say the same thing, such as the Kennedys and the Roosevelts and the Adams, but...I cannot see it good for the spirit of America. It treads too closely to a permanent aristocracy for my taste.
 Yeah, I assumed it was him. But Bennett's flashback made it seem like he is unwilling to jump on that grenade (both literally in the flashback and figuratively with the baby). If you had asked me before that episode, I would have said Bennett will take care of Daya's baby, but now... now I am unsure.
Congrats to the winner and first loser! Huzzah!   :D   As always, I thoroughly enjoy these drafts, and this one got me to see a movie I should have seen a long time ago.
  I was just working on a pitch before this news.
Whew. I am glad the general consensus is that it isn't that great as I thought it just might have been me. I want to like it, but it definitely is no Veep. There are parts that are funny, but the whole hasn't gel'd.
Henry D for me.
And now, Chris Christy is officially in. From the brief point I watched during lunch: deregulation.
That flowchart is closer to reality than I would care to learn. Jesus, as if I didn't already have prepper desires, now I am thinking about how much potable water I have stored.
New Posts  All Forums: