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Lol. The RNC just booed the media which has given Trump his boost, and is currently covering these speeches.
I like banh mi. Speaking of Vietnamese sandwiches, is it cultural appropriation that my flyover state "Chinese" restaurants serve Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and occasionally Mongolian, but normally the proprietors are often only of a single nationality (Depending on the restaurant, most are Chinese run, but one is definitely Japanese run and another is Korean run. None of them are Thai owned, but all serve Thai curry dishes.) The local old school Chinese restaurant,...
I have not read the thread, but I will. Season One is on Netflix, so I thought I would see what all the fuss is about while I painted some miniatures. I am nearing the end of episode three, and my minis remain unpainted. I am digging this show so hard.
Fresh Air with Terry Gross and, increasingly, Dave Bianculli?
Some of the balance issues mentioned up thread were true for the entire season. You had these dark, compelling stories, and cut to to Angie's poop meth delivery investigation. The final episode wound some odd humor attempts.   I think something about the Daya plotline got cut somewhere, because I don't know that her ending was earned. I am actually fine with how the season came down. I do think it was better than last season. I really want Piper's character to become the...
I own three or four volumes of the _____ and Philosophy series of essays, and really enjoy the Star Trek one. The Hitchcock one is really good. The Science of Star Trek is similar. I will probably pick up Trek as Myth.
I really dug the second season. I am not a fan of Kokachin's arc, but the rest has been aces.
Withdrawls are going to be a bitch for a while. If he stays sober, it will eventually get better, but it is going to be rough for a while. He just doesn't have alcohol to direct his emotions and stress at. Give him time. After a week, may have conversation about remembering that professional behavior in an office entails less cursing and object throwing. Unless you work as a midget tosser or on an Ianucci show.
  Side rant: This is why Twitter is not an appropriate medium for actual discussion. She has wonderful points, but she needs more than 140 characters. Twitter is a terrible medium for detailed, thought driven expression.  It is difficult to follow, and the responses inlaid or between the feed do not help.  I am, by barest definition, a millenial, but I will be damned if I will convert to Twitter as a means of expression. On topic: She is absolutely correct.  Hypocrisy...
  I think more intense. In part because they laid the groundwork pretty hard in the previous two films about Spock and Uhura's relationship. Plus, you would have a ton of fans presuming to speak for Nimoy because he isn't here to say one way or the other. The previous two films don't discuss Sulu's orientation at all, so I am perfectly fine with him being gay. It literally hasn't come up.  As a school teacher, I have known a few students for a couple of years, only to be...
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