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 The new Xwing has Boost! And what looks like a new droid type, with speculation that it is an Imperial droid. My mates and I were pretty sure it was going to be a new starter. Question is... will the other two SKUs out there be a new Falcon and Assault Shuttle or stand alone Resistance xwing and First Order tie
So, that was fun. We have played epic once before, but without out having a heavy in opposition, it was no fun. This game was long, but well worth it. We were initially doing 2v2 300pt game, but two additional players wanted to join us, so we went 3v3 400pt, and then had one person drop out, so it became 2 Rebels v 3 Imperials. Our pairings were random, and I was paired with the lesser experienced player on the side of the Rebel cause. Because I had both Rebel Epic ships,...
I haven't gotten mine yet. I plan on picking it up at the store this Saturday. We are planning on doing a 2v2 300pt Epic Game on Saturday. I am so excited! I get to pilot the GR-75.   I think I am going to put B's and Y's with Tacticians and Stress Bots and then we are going to get out slice on.
I took Exploding Kittens to two different groups and we had a blast. Just fabulous. We broke out the NSFW deck when we wanted to go with six players. Rather than add the entire deck, I added one of everything, and all 4 copies of one of the actionless cards, in this case Cat in a Bikini. The exploding kittens in the NSFW are not really NSFW, so I switched them in and out for variety's sake. The awesome chain of Nopes that are possible is astonishing. We managed to get five...
I am in. God help me, I am in.
 If it isn't a homoerotic dwarf daisychain massage on the shores of the Long Lake after a long swim as they dry in the sun, I will feel robbed.
 I haven't been this turned on by Angela Lansbury since The Manchurian Candidate.  Or this scene from Murder She Wrote  [[SPOILER]]  or http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/fb5dcbc122/angela-lansbury-s-sexy-workout Surprising amount of sexy Murder She Wrote videos on the web.
Wait... was I supposed to do more than buy the Member's Only jacket? Is there a form or initiation?
 It really was. At some point during the episode, I kept thinking: "We deserve to lose. This is the shit that keeps the rest of us down." My parents and grandparents are staunch anti-union, and rib me all the time about my membership. And all the abuses that get hurled at my union, well, some of them are deserved. What the defenders of unions don't understand is how easy it is to vilify us when the unions defend the undefendable. What attackers of unions don't see is how...
 I was listening to This American Life's NUMMI 2015, and in it, they talk about the change American auto factories, with GM in particular, tried to accomplish in the 80s and 90s, only to fail. There is a unionized auto employee that basically said that "Japanese management and team work production techniques turned employees on each other. For the first time, people were telling management that so and so weren't doing their job. And the Union wasn't supporting those people...
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