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Holy Shit. I just saw George as the Clooney character, Kramer as the Pitt character, Elaine as McDormand's character. All in my head. And it was amazing.
I should have known you would be one of those people. You madman.
So... Mistakes were made.   My birthday is near, and I am on vacation for two weeks. I came back from a wedding Sunday and said, "What the hell, let me go ahead and pick up Imperial Assault." Three days later, I have this...         I am particularly proud of the Nexu. I the individual expansions in the trunk or on the way from Mini Market. I scoured my local market before I went online. I am kinda scared of the Hero models. There is so much detail and some of...
 Wait... you don't?  
I just came from it, in 3D.   3D wasn't worth it. It is post converted, and while some of the elements, like the computer overlays look great in 3D, very little of the beautiful landscapes popped with the 3D. A couple of snowflakes in China, a little bit of dust, and that was about it.   As a member of Clan Beard MacBearded, I laughed at his goat tuft, because for me, by 7 months in, I am approaching bigfoot levels of beard.       Overall, I loved the film, but...
I kinda love that Josh Groban has slowly seeped into comedic roles. I don't care for his music, but every funny bit I see him in, cracks me up. It could be misplaced Flight of the Conchord's love though, as he and Bret McKenzie look a bit a like.    
 I drove the 1995 Ford Aspire SE. It had a tiny spoiler on the back and a tachometer.
Table resurrection!  I finally got some time to play over the weekend and I catapulted into 2nd on my list for the Thor table. I may not have Dayln on my Steam, but I am awfully close to beating Zombie there. I need more pinball time in my life.     Psst. Dayln. I am MrTyres on Steam.
Well, Sony Pictures, James Franco and Seth Rogen attempted to assassinate both the Glorious Leader's moral virtue and a facsimile of him.
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