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Ahahahahahahaha...hahahahahah. Seriously. Why would you think that? I read an article linked in this thread that talked about how the local doctors cannot get the supplies they need as there are too many middlemen. Doctors cannot get enough tents, never mind proper buildings, to house the sick, the workers, the supplies. The one place where containment has worked was a place where all movement was limited in and out, but that came at great expense because food had to be...
Turing is a lesser, but still monsterous monster.
 I was literally coming here to type this. I think Costco mike is the greater monster! :D
You mean the story of a single mother mouse of two sick mouse babies, trying to get her home moved before the evil farmer starts up the plow which will surely destroy them, who seeks out the wisdom a race of super intelligent rats who her dead husband once helped, is something that that  doesn't often show up on television? :D
 This here. If prevention of a catastrophe costs us 5 Billion dollars and a catastrophe cost us 100 Billion, lets just pay the 5.
Thank you Turing and Hypno and Dickson for blessing my selection. That scene in NIMH always scared the hell out of me. That entire film is filled with a darkness we just don't expose our kids to anymore.
He doesn't have to. Walt Disney owns them, which means Mickey doesn't have to explain shit to anyone. From an overheard conversation at Disneyworld 
The Great Owl from The Secret of NIMH  
Wow... that is ugly. I get why Sony won't sell the rights to Spiderman back, but I hope that means they will lease Spiderman to an Avenger's film. Fox has done the Fantastic Four so poorly that I just want to see Marvel get a shot at it. They have done great things in casting, and it could be magical.
IT has always been like Fraggle Rock to me. You and your other IT Dozers keep on building your shiny networks, which I, the Fraggle, will consume without care or concern to its construction or elegence. Until it isn't there. Then I will complain like hell, till some corporate head troll comes down and threatens to eat us both. So back to our cave, while the corporate live in the sun.
New Posts  All Forums: