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MrTyres01 on the reddit. I am a believer in back up plans.
 Yeah. I have had my VW Passat for 5 years now, and short of being hit by a motorcycle (dumb sumbitch tried to pass me on the left as I was turning left) and getting keyed (dumb sumbitch parked too close to me and got angry), I have had no mechanical issues with mine. I am at 80k miles. The airbag recall is the only issue I had. 
  Here, Trump looks like someone had a Lloyd Bridges as Tug Benson animatronic and they put a Trump back up wig on him
 That movie is fantastic. You should really check it out. Supposedly, both Borgnine and Douglas were between relationships and the two of them wenched up and down the coastline when not filming.  It is a classic adventure film and worth the time. 
 I rather enjoyed Stoner. It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I am better off for it. It sparked a long, multi day conversation in a group chat.
My gifts are ordered and being bound together as we speak. Delivery is slated for next Wednesday, but it will likely be Friday or Saturday. I always like my presents to arrive right before the holidays :D
Sweet Jesus. If we took Sarah Huckabee Sander's own words and applied them back at her own job....
I haven't bought yet for my Canadian brother chewer, but I have been scouting the goods. 
So, I have been binge watching this tonight. I am on episode 6, the 21st Century American Idol Earth. Honestly, it feels like Trek. I haven't watched Discovery yet (plan on binge watching over Christmas). The episodes look and feel like late TNG or DS9 episodes. Most of the behind the screen talent is old Trek workers. I saw Frakes, Braga, Boreanaz's names. The music cues are dead on Trek.  The episode where they infiltrate the Krill ship was actually really good.  I get...
 I am with Mike J on this. It seemed a bit jarring as well.  [[SPOILER]]
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