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See, I must disagree. I love Pither's GBU, but actively dislike his OUATITW. I don't like Shannon or Blunt in those roles.   On the other hand, I actively dislike all of Hammerhead's GBU (Save Warburton), but overwhelmingly love his OUATITW. Hmmm. I am afraid Pitt gets his hands on the screenwriters and softens Frank.   +Hammerhead
I am going Atomtastic as well, but I think he has Theron and Headey flipped.   I enjoy Murdoch's take though I have issues with Conan O'Brien. He would be like 2 foot taller than everyone in that film. They would just cut to close ups of his head, then everyone elses' heads and his chest.
Going Henry D. I like both his films better. McAvoy seems wrong to me, even if it is just a small part. Brolin, Simmons, Harris, and Beaver with Placido just works so well for me, even if we have seen Harris in similar roles.
Your Lea reminded me of Natalie Zea, from Justified, who would have worked very well.
 I would watch Adventures in Judaism with Black Cindy any day of the week. 
 So, you're saying not better than this one minute section of film that destroyed me? 
 Really? Did you never see his turn in The Talented Mr. Ripley? In Bourne Identity? In 30 Rock as pyschotic pilot Carol Burnette? As sexual thriller and possible killer in Friday Night Lights? As creepy and intimidating as hell in Breaking Bad? As creepy man who swoops in on a recent widow and abusive husband in Olive Kitteridge? Matt Damon can act like few others. Some performances its like he is an entirely different man altogether.
I was going to do a Spike Lee version. But it was turning out harder than I expected. And I was pretty sure I wouldnt get Esposito.
  Well folks, pack it in. No more drafts from here on out. We have failed at our basic drafting protocols. Though seriously, I would watch the shit out of that film.
 Shit. You are absolutely right. He would have been fantastic. Even when I cast an evil Bond henchwoman who had actually already played an evil Bond henchwoman, I did not ask to replace her.
New Posts  All Forums: