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 Ohh..Oh. That is terrifying. But it would be so funny.
So, I am grading papers tonight and need some mindlessness on in the background and end up watching this. Honestly, it isn't terrible. It ain't great, but it was a decent romp with hero Dracula. The real cringe worthy horror in this thread? Hindsight...making fools of us all.
Honestly, there is not another place to put this comment, but... I was watching Get Hard on HBO tonight. It is a shit movie and not worthy of me opening a thread, but Alison Brie plays Will Farrell's fiancee and in the first couple of minutes she is wearing a delightful negliee/bustier.  I mean... really top notch. She, of course, is criminally underused in the film, but damn...damn.
I was fine till he started talking about the fetishes of his parents. I don't want to think of my parent's sex fetishes, never mind his parent's sex fetishes. I bloomed in the light of my parents' love! :D   This marriage outside of racial or ethnic group conversation is incredibly interesting. Thanks Nooj!
Did you not read the Brian Blessed thread? He was going to the moon! That's why Hopkins was chosen.  Though, in defense of Hopkins, I had him cast as Odin when I first read American Gods.   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2395751/Brian-Blessed-Im-fully-trained-cosmonaut-completed-800-hours-training-No-1-civilian-reserve-ready-visit-International-Space-Station.html
Public Shaming!  Lo! Who has brought this plague upon CHUD? Harlots like Bluelouboyle, that's who. With his promiscuous appetites and little appreciation for Toby Jones and William Sadler and Marcia Gay Harding...and really, just a great cast...and the films of Frank Darabont. God requires expiation! A sacrifice to know that we at CHUD are still his people.
How many teenagers can I make cry as I shout On ne passe pas! over and over again?  I haven't played a FPS shooter since COD Black Ops 2. This game may be the reason I buy an XBox One. I am glad to see them go backwards. There are so many things to do with this time frame.   Could this cause a string of games to go further back? Would we ever see a Civil War FPS on a modern console?
If Martin finished today, it would be out by Thanksgiving, in time for the Christmas rush. There is too much money at stake to not.
Reasor, I have been out of the Star Trek MMO since last fall. The Delta Quadrant story wasn't that engrossing, and the grind of a new character to unlock some temporal bonuses for my account was okay for a bit, but it was eventually boring. The new stuff worth coming back for?
  How can people not love these kind of jokes?
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