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The problem is, I don't remember any of that on SNL. I will give Fallon credit for his late night show work, because it is very good. My memories of Fallon SNL is "Hey, look at this jackass who's going to giggle through this skit again."
Oh, there is Paul Simon.
Damn, Jan Hooks was a looker.
    Zack Galifianakis in a Sia wig = Bruce Vilanch #SNL40 pic.twitter.com/1ITTO4fU6U — Ellen Qbertplaya (@Qbertplaya) February 16, 2015
So, I love Louis CK, but his jacket has me wondering about fashion at the moment. Why has every man's jacket on TV in the past year or so been so tightly tailored, the moment they move, we see their ties or bellies.
What the hell? Christopher Walken's inability to say Kanye, and then Kanye sings from the floor.
I am going to start using a Goodman's Dozen.
Yeah... I have no idea. Maybe he is coming back after the break?   ETA: That's a no.
Honestly, it was more sad that no one in the audience recognized him.  I gotta say the Blues Brothers bit was just a sad ending to that musical bit.
Oh... that is fantastic. Can we get the people who made this a movie deal?
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