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  In defense of those drafts, they only lost by one.  I actually thought Jmurdoch was going to pull the win in his, cause that is a hell of a fun cast. Mr. Slater just Slater was the icing on my cake. 
Congratulations to:   Axelbratoski Anyawatchin Angel Richard Dickson Judas Booth JustAncient Capt Renault Ratty Hypnotoad Pither Bailey   for winning their brackets.  The first four were decided by only 1 vote. I will be back in the morning to post the next round and see where consensus lies on poll or post, participant or open votes.
I was going to declare winners tonight, but then post new threads in the morning and give us till Monday noon on the next round. Getting people to participate on a weekend is hard.  I am okay with voting in thread, participant only.    Anyone against this idea voice it.
Well, I did put say that polls were open till 1159. With luck, someone will break the next one.   ETA: And someone did. I will wait till Midnight, then declare winners.
You used to be able to see who voted for who, but I cannot seem to find that feature. I don't think anyone is stuffing the ballot box, but it was kinda nice to be able to see if the draft participators were joining.  Let me go look around. I may use Hammerhead's suggestion or PM Stocksilvean to be our Bond Judge tie breaker.
 And now I can see it. Yeah. Hiddleston still looks a bit too sinister for me, but I like your actors for a late 60, early 70s film vibe.
See, my problem is Hiddleston. I love the rest of Hypnotoad's cast though. Cumberbatch is just a face in the wrong time. He would be a great WWII Bond, or even a WWI Bond.
 Ditto. I didn't put a director, and I never think about the Bonus pick because it is supposed to the wild and fun pick.
 I voted for myself! I love Ratty's, I do. But as a naysayer who hopes to convince at least 9 people to vote for me by midnight tomorrow, is Ratty playing in the same pool as the rest of the draft? It is original as hell, and I would pay fat American greenbacks to see it, but is it a Bond film, or a very clever parody?  The Monster draft had this split as well, as people who chose straight human beings were basically playing a different game than those who chose more...
Brackets are up! May the person with the golden draft come out on top!   I put the list of draftees back into the Random.org list randomizers for these pairings. I updated lists that were not up to date with the names from the casting rounds. If you didn't have a title, I kept the Bond 25 Untitled as the title.   Go and judge each other's creative darlings...
New Posts  All Forums: