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    Ticket bought...for a rewatch of Carnivale and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. (and then I learned Sam Rockwell was in TMNT. Mind Blown.)
If Ferguson couldn't deal with the protesters, how will they deal with marmots and protesters?
 Pick up a copy of the most recent Wired Magazine. They have a huge layout that shows every episode and it is color coded for best to worst. Even talks about longest streak of great classic episodes. It doesn't appear available online unless you are a subscriber.
And that is the key. If the US says "Unwad your panties, Turkey," then it happens relatively quickly, I think. I also don't know if I care that Turkey doesn't like it. Iraq is broken and has been since the British created it. We put a US military base in Kurdistan, promise Turkey peace and threaten Kurdistan with a withdraw so Turkey can pound their faces if they act up...  I think Turkey would solve some of their problems by just admitting the Armenian Genocide. To come...
To continue our theme of missing ladies... Wayward Woman. Sent me the nicest Christmas Exchange gift two years ago of three totally separate things that shouldn't have worked, but did. Librarian Lady was a nice addition to the Breaking Bad thread. Maybe we haven't found the right show to bring her back in.
So, end game here:  How does Kurdistan not become a country now?  Their troops have secured safety and humanitarian aide for religous minorities, begun offensive measures to secure territory taken by ISIS, and are currently working with US Troops.  Using this criteria for demonstrating national ability to govern, I don't know if Iraq qualifies.
 This is an amazing Krang.
 How much Stephen King do you want in your draft? Granted the population of this forum is going to be better read, but is there enough depth among the many drafters to make it work? Plus, I thought Arjen Rudd was going to run a Monsters Draft for Halloween.
  My love of Lilo and Stich knows no depth. For me, that was the modern return to form that Disney needed, though Wikipedia tells me I am wrong. After L&S, Walt Disney Studios put out: Treasure PlanetBrother BearHome on the RangeChicken LittleMeet the RobinsonsBoltwhich, admittedly, are not great Disney films, but...  We then Princess and the Frog, and after Princess, Walt Disney Studios put out TangledWinnie the PoohWreck-it RalphFrozen. Which are great Disney films, so...
 I should have been more clear. I meant IT often serves as a reference point for later King novels, so bowser should definitely read it.
New Posts  All Forums: