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Hi, my name is Mr. Tyres, and I have been a long time Master and Commander addict. How there are not five sequels to this, I will never know.
 There is nothing I like more than my masked, wealthy vigilantee beating the tar out of old, poor people. Really drives home what corporations do to the human spirit.
Ed Helms is a fun pick for Spangler. yt apparently hacked my dropbox and found my female Ghostbusters cast spreadsheet, but like she said yesterday, she has great taste.   I am worried about my Venkman choices and may have to delay him and Barret till Friday, because I just can't pull the trigger.   Damn Kartheiser is magnificent pick for Peck. WPWP!
Plaza is a great pick for Janine and McGinley was on my list for tomorrow's first pick.  I don't know that my lists have ever been destroyed on a daily basis like this. I wonder if it is because we are doing two a day, so the hurt comes more often.
Judy Greer was on my list as well. I'm out of this draft.  
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...   in the role of Dr. Egon Spangler...   Mr. Andre Braugher  
I liked Dinklage for Peck. Imagine UN Dinklage from 30 Rock, with a mix of Tyrion, shutting down the Ghostbusters operation.
So, pardon my delay. What I have wanted to say for the past 15 minutes "Listen, I get that the student in question called you a dumb bitch, but your response shouldn't have been to call her a stupid c!@#. Will you stop yelling so I can go make my draft pick?"   Fey was on one my lists for Spangler as well.  I will fifth the Donovan pick, if only because it lets me prove my point about the Walter Peck Wow Phenomenon (WPWP!)!
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present   in the role of Louis Tully   Mr. Tony Hale.  
Yeah, he was my Tully/Janine depending on the list.
New Posts  All Forums: