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I like to imagine that they gather and MST3K themselves.   "Who wrote that terrible line? That sounds like Bill."   "Suck it Jim. Your line had all the poetry of a cow pissing on a flat rock."   "My tally is that Bob has 21.2% of the movie, Jim had 11.6, Ethan 19. The comedy punch up crew had 7.  Bruce Willis wrote most of his own stuff, so there is another 15. That leaves 26.2% of the movie unaccounted for. Who the hell wrote the rest of this piece of shit?"   "I...
I love Alexander Siddig, back when he still went by Siddig El-Fadil, but it doesn't match at all the Doran I see in my head.
 Outside consultants. Her solutions are "magical", her wisdom comes from all the trash discarded by other business, and she doesn't exist without the rats who brought her into being. Seriously, Fraggle Rock is like the Tao Te Ching. Its works contains the path for all life's problems.
Yeah, sometimes Shepard Smith is inane, but then he does the right thing.
 Personally, in any apocalyptic survival situation, that is the FIRST guy I draft for my small group. Think of all the tension that would be bled away from The Walking Dead if he was a member.
 I would argue the Great Owl is, at best, indifferent if Mrs. Frisby survives or not. He isn't hungry at the moment.  But, I was just giving Mike the razz. 
 ::hangs head in shame. retires his sarcasm detector.:::
Ahahahahahahaha...hahahahahah. Seriously. Why would you think that? I read an article linked in this thread that talked about how the local doctors cannot get the supplies they need as there are too many middlemen. Doctors cannot get enough tents, never mind proper buildings, to house the sick, the workers, the supplies. The one place where containment has worked was a place where all movement was limited in and out, but that came at great expense because food had to be...
Turing is a lesser, but still monsterous monster.
 I was literally coming here to type this. I think Costco mike is the greater monster! :D
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