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 I was going to say the same thing. I started watching Marco Polo this weekend and just finished episode 7.  I have to agree with all the notes. The actors are top notch, and my knowledge of the historicity is low. The nudity quotient is high, but I wondered if it was supposed to be a cultural touch or because it was a Weinstein production or the HBO Vice-President of Tits and Ass had taken a promotion to Netflix's President of Tits and Ass. My favorite bit, honestly, has...
         Sweet Jesus. Doc Happenin's first post in this thread is 5 days shy of two years ago. What was going on two years ago? It was Christie all the way until the bridge gate and KaylaIsMagic was still posting. We have got to break this constant campaigning cycle. Surely it isn't doing this country any good.
I think there is an implication that the Nazis dropped a nuclear weapon on Washington DC. The war ends in 1947, so something happened that delayed their defeat by the Russians, because they talk about one of the films showing Stalin, whom in this universe had long been executed. Maybe the Russian Nazi peace held long enough for the Germans to win the West.
Trying to think of what a McCoy spin-off would be? Space-based hospital? Put him on Vulcan...New Vulcan and let him spar with a Spock replacement? As far as the ST fiction, I can only recall a couple of great McCoy stand alones. One involved his rescue of his daughter from a diplomatic mission gone wrong. I want to see him seduce the gymnast Dax symbionant, as Jadzia and a short story recalls that he hand the 'hands of a surgeon.' Urban deserves some on screen loving,...
So, my gifts from Anyawatchin Angel arrived today and I was super excited. I took a photo, then started wrapping my own family's presents. I was a bit worried about missing them as I am traveling earlier than I had planned. But they are here!     Ms. Marvel has been praised so hard by those in the know, but I was iffy. I am a 35 year old man. But I am glad Anya made me. I only read the first 15 pages or so and I see why that praise is deserved.   So, I have never...
 I will continue to shill my seminal work on this board: http://www.chud.com/community/t/145689/a-season-of-star-trek-in-13-episodes Bill McNeil tackles TNG and Voyager, I handle DS9. We basically lay out the best 13 episodes. DS9's more serial approach means I tend to keep the show narrative when ever possible and end up cutting most of the Ferengi side shenanigans, but honestly it is a good list. Bill's cuts in TNG and Voy are great, because those shows tend to be story...
Like I said in the PM, I gotta give credit to MichaelM. He tipped me off to your love for Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. I put the package together, but MichaelM played the Angel Beane in this Love Actually production.
The presents for Judas Booth are on their way. The thawed wastelands of flaxen-haired Finns and Swedes that call Minnesota home are no match for the delivery might of United Parcel Services.
The greatest disappointment to me was when I realized Al Schwartz was not in fact Levar Burton or Geordi LaForge.
 But seriously, how hard is it to not screw up scrambled eggs? All I wanted was my scrambled eggs not overcooked, and my film to have a budget to do everything I imagined it could be. Why do I have to hurt to get those two things?
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