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Here we go.  The battle to chose the BEST OF BOND! Lets see if we can get is done in under 13450 replies. (Current Best of Bond thread replies as of this posting.)   Bailey vs Pither
For the remainders of these brackets, there will be no poll question. To vote you must post inside the bracket thread. Ideally, you will post with your reasons. Qualify why the draft has so tickled your fancy. Only votes cast in the thread count.  Voting will go until 8pm Wednesday evening.   
Closing this thread out. Pither wins with 7 votes, Capt. Renault has 5, and Fat Elvis with 3. 
Closing out the thread.  Bailey wins with 8 votes, Hypno has 5, and Anya has 2.
 Yeah, but that was movie Hammond played by Richard Attenborough. Book Hammond was like "they will pay, and I will swim in it like Scrooge McDuck."
 Vote for yourself. Presidents and Prime Ministers do it. The Academy does it. Hell, the Politburo always voted for themselves. :D
To bring discussion back to the thread, you know why you lost Ratty?   No Clifton James, who, as of this writing, still alive at 93 years old, and has a film in pre-production right now. Your cast ain't got enough J.W.Pepper to spice it up.  
Good afternoon!  Behold, the semi-final round of threes!   In a 3 list Volcano matchup! Anyawatchin Angel Bailey Hypnotoad   In a 3 list Alpine matchup! Fat Elvis Capt Renault Pither   I will post the rounds in just a moment and link back here.  I will leave voting open till 5pm tomorrow, with the final Bond matchup being what I like to call a bottomless chair match, taking place on Wednsday.     BTW, I have been saving my vote in case we needed tie...
New Posts  All Forums: