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 I want to go back to these two pictures. They need to be the face of Gay marriage in the South. People have this irrational thought that gay marriage is all Fire Island and Yankee homosexuals coming to "force gay marriage" on everyone. Honestly, gay marriage in the south is these guys, named Earnie & Tony.  Fucking Earnie and Tony are as Arkansas as you could possibly be, short of plucking a chicken in this photo. The 80 year old couple from Dallas? How can anyone argue...
 Yeah, My first game of Betrayal required two people in the organ room, one to pump and one to play, to drive away the bats. When it was revealed, I and a buddy both happened to be in the Organ room with me pumping and him playing and it was an instant win.
For me, I stay tapped in so that when I hear crazy shit in my classroom, I can respond to it knowingly. Since Friday, I have been debating a Facebook purge, but I haven't. Honestly, my circle of friends, those people I get beers with, watch sports, and play games with, tend not to spout the crazy. It let's me stay abreast the local climate. The ignorance has been especially feisty on Facebook and local radio since Friday. I may be taking a media break soon.
 We play Betrayal at House on the Hill for our "This House is Weird" kicks. One of my group has played Arkham and doesn't want to go back. I think he has lost every Arkham game but one. He was okay for Eldritch because of the world travel and it seems to have eased up on the insta-death type things that made that game aggravating to him. I am picking up the first expansion and the bone dice this week.
 If there was ever a man for a CHUD style Nation's Punched, it would be that guy. Feuerstein rants and raves from the cab of his truck, alternating between biblical misogyny and Christian end times politicking. Needless to say, he shows up on my facebook feed because I live in the Bible Belt.   “One would think that MrTyres's views are a diseased panopticon. There is no remedy for that.”
Crime...boy, I don't know.  
I just played my first game of Eldritch Horror and I am digging it. I managed to win because of a couple of lucky flips, where one nasty Rumor got discarded because I made a deal with the dark ones and I was in the right place at the right time to knock out two mysteries relatively quickly. I was worried about some less than mighty strengths, but we managed well.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation, in association with a Arab Emirate Prince-without-Portfolio, are proud to vote for...   Henry D.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation, in association with an anonymous Russian oligarch and stolen funds from the Russian people, are proud to vote for...   Pither!
New Posts  All Forums: