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I love 7 Wonders, but my play group has moved away. God, I love it.   Those fan made boards look great WD.
Yeah, the book was fabulous, but I hated Seabiscuit (novel and film). Maybe I just hate horses and Tobey Maguire.  The loss of Olympic opportunity for the man honestly made me sadder than his imprisonment in a Japanese detention center.
I am seeing this on Friday night at a nature center... in the woods. :D Terrible or no, it will be fun.
So, the doorbell rings, and there is another package -- the Falcon has landed. God Damn Singer, you generous bastard. I drive to south Georgia about three times a year to visit family, so if you ever desire a sexual favor in return for your generosity, I am willing to meet at a Waffle House or Hobby Lobby of your choice (Hobby Lobby is mostly a political statement). Thanks so very much.
Imperial Aces arrived in my mailbox today! Pictures to come this evening. Those Tie Interceptors are mean looking.
If gay marriage were as profitable as marijuana is probably going to turn out to be, every state in the union would have legalized it by now.
So, he and I played the Quick start, and then broke out the real rules. I can see this being lots of fun, especially with more ships. I can't say it enough, Jacob, but thanks so much. Once I see what other goodies you send, I will probably go out and pick up some more, then hit up my local gathering at the end of the month.   The 3x3 play area seems so...small. Especially from the photos in this thread with 10 or more ships. The table in my photo is a six foot round and...
Called my buddy over, as I couldn't wait. 15 minutes into the Quick Play start and my buddy and I have had to call a halt to the game for a rules question that may well decide our friendship's capacity for hurt.   See the example below:   Now, I say (as the Rebel player) that Obsidian Pilot cannot hit me without hitting the Academy pilot. To hit me, I say he has to do this, damaging his own Academy pilot at the same time:     He says no. Then he says Okay. But...
What do you fine gentlemen use for storage? These are nice and I don't want to EFF them up.
I got mine today. I literally just got home and opened the box. Y'all weren't kidding about the beauty of these models. My teaching buddy at school today asked me if I had seen the Xwing Game. I said I had indeed and that I was supposed to be receiving the core set today. So we have a play date for next week to test it. I am headed now to my game playing table for some test runs so I can learn before we play. Thanks so much. I definitly see some serious investment ahead...
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