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 Actually, how badass is it for a show that is a modern western to say to Sam Elliot "Listen, lose the 'stache. We got manliness covered. We made Patton fucking Oswalt look manly. Trust us."
From the comments on the article, I think people are misreading what Nick wrote. He thinks Conrad Veidt, the guy who plays the Nazi Heinrich Strasser, as a great heavy. He is not calling Paul Heinried, who plays Lazlo, the heavy.   That being said, I love Casablanca beyond all reason. Watching the special edition bonus features, it seems like a movie that should never have worked, but damn does it. It was supposed to be common studio fare, the song was shoehorned in, and...
I love you CHUD! Merry Christmas!
Can Laurence Fishbourne pull the triple crown of film newspaper editors by playing JJ Jameson, Perry White, and the destined by the stars remake of Citizen Kane's Charles Foster Kane?
I have sent out PMs to people we haven't heard from to make sure their exchanges worked out. Post pictures peoples! Post pictures!  
Lego Indiana Jones, Batman, and LOTR have been great. I loved Red Dead Redemption, Portal 1/2, Bioshock1/2. Rockband 3 was fantastic for groups. I managed to get a Keytar and an extra guitar for cheap on Craigslist. If you have a Kinect, pick up the Gunstringer. I know a Puppet Western Shooter sounds ridiculous, but man was it fun.     Essentially everything everyone has mentioned already.
 Damned if those didn't look exactly like the LOTRO goats. I was actually disappointed to see the WarHog, but those goats made my day.
 The General clearly states that they are going through with the invasion to take back the Western Front, as the Russian and Chinese are already advancing from the East. So, yeah. They still have an invasion planned, it just means they are more likely to make it.  I finally watched this film. Thanks Nooj for keeping the flame alive and on the boards. I read the novel back in September, and when Christmas shopping yesterday at Best Buy, saw the Blu. It was so worth the...
I know we are not supposed to guess (and I am sure this is the second time I have broken this rule), but my money is on Raising Arizona. I love Lebowski. I caught it on DVD, from a Blockbuster sale, and it implanted so firmly in me, that I have been a Coens fan/apologist ever since. I just bought Llewellyn Davis for myself. I routinely champion Intolerable Cruelty, and desperately want to love the Ladykillers. Like Stelios said, you could finish the list with nothing but...
Oh, I am so excited about the Tie Advanced update. It is so worth buying the bigger model to get Vader back on the table. Plus, I splurged and bought the Tantive IV over Thanksgiving, so now I need some Epic Play.
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