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 Yeah, if Larry Drake was alive, I would have cast him as the Monster. I would have had an old as hell cast, but...I would make it a comedy adventure like those EDITED! [Old Guys go to Vegas] movies.  Edited: Damn discussion rules for uncast actors! :D
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...   In the role of Imhotep, King of Egypt!...   Mr. Said Taghmaoui!    
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...   in the roll of Frankenstein's Monster!...   ...Mr. Kevin Durand.      
Same. I am kind of kicking myself for not thinking of it.
"You're an inanimate fucking object, Van Helsing!"
I like Armitage for the Wolfman. I thought about Fiennes, but worried about Voldemort comparisons, so I dropped him.
Ratty, that gif is both amazing and incredibly disturbing. Why does Frankenstein's Monster only have one testicle!?!
I need to update my own list page, but I think I like what Boone is doing. Bozeman as the Wolfman is nice. I had entertained him as Van Helsing, with a background from Dutch South Africa.
Now that WD and Evil have gone, I have reposted my picks.    Yeah. I thought Isaacs would be safe until tomorrow myself. You probably would have gotten Sam Rockwell if PITHER! hadn't picked up Mark Strong in front of me.  We are all pulling from closely situated wells. I need to take a moment to praise the Jeffrey Wright as Jekyll and Hyde. Well done WD40.
Scheisse! I will go blank it. I had taken off my watch and was looking at the hour hand upside down on my desk and got excited.
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