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So, no one else is jazzed that Alfred just punched a woman in the face, fought off two others, and then took the shot when he grabbed the gun?   I am in still. Hate be damned (though I do cringe at the idea of a pre-natal Dick Grayson story).
Behold! The Swag Brag thread!   It is a bit early, but post here when you receive your gifts. Pictures and delightful stories are always loved.
It is here! Behold-- The CHUD Holiday Gift Exchange 2014 Daisy Chain!  Remember to contact the person you are giving to and receiving from  and exchange mailing addressess. POST IN THIS THREAD WHEN YOU HAVE EXCHANGED.  Any no shows or non-responses we can try to fix. Ben W is givin to WD40 WD40 is giving to MrTyres MrTyres is giving to McIrish McIrish is giving to Hammerhead Hammerhead is giving to Nick Nunziata Nick Nunziata is giving to Spook Spook is giving to...
Final Call!  Come join the Chudmas Holiday Gift Exchange!  Delight in the exchange of love through material items! You have until midnight tonight.   I will put a final list together sometime this weekend (maybe Saturday-- I am supposed to go see Mockingjay) and post it as soon as it is done. Until then enjoy.  
 I would keep any secret she needed me to keep. For posterity and purity of story, I present the scene. 
 Same for me. I liked it, but the second watch through, I realized how good the Second Season is.
The "I don't give a damn" section at about the 3 minute mark cracks me up, as the "there it is" section at the 4 minute mark.
 Back in the days of chemical film processing on paper, at the turn of the millenium, when we all had land line phones and these little Nokia bricks that allowed us to steal and switched faceplates from our friends, I worked for a major retailer in their one hour photo lab. The saddest photos I ever developed were pictures of a 7 year old's birthday party at Hooters. The 7 year old was the only child present, and all the adults looked drunk and high as kites. It looked...
 Monday, November 24. Tradition is that the list is released before Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  
New Posts  All Forums: