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So, I rewatched this while working on Laundry this afternoon. Man, it is still terrible. The story is is full of "because it has to happen" moments that are disconnected any outward arc. The family is useless here. The South Korea segment is full of bizarre choices in story telling.   Sigh. How long till HBO can make the miniseries I dream of?
Speaking of Rick Scott, how has Fangate shaken out over the past two weeks?
 Yes. Also the yellow. Does this guy not look like a future rapist/serial killer? 
 Am I the only one who sees Lollys as the mom from Honey Booboo?
So, I am downloading this now. I meant to keep track of it, but just missed it. I have some former students playing now. Reviews are mixed. A lot of complaints about it being a reskin of Civ V, but I will dig in and report back.  Anyone else playing?
 Its popularity is all in the marketing. Long before there was a film, Scholastic paid tons of money to have it placed prominently at bookstores and Walmart. They had ads and banners, and like Garth Brooks in the 90s, they worked the publishing system and tastemakers something fierce. Take a look at the Salon link. http://www.salon.com/2012/03/18/the_making_of_a_blockbuster/ That being said, the movie basically did the same thing. It took the awfully large readership of...
So Judas's bonus pick for the monster draft has got me thinking about the cold, dark days of the impending winter. Winter is coming, and it is a time of death, as the earth lies dormant.   What about a Best Death Draft? There are a ton of picks available, with plenty of room for thematic grouping. Hell, drafting from the Final Destination series could probably fill up three drafts.   Obviously not anytime soon, but say January, after the holidays.
 Um, the lack of Elliot the Dragon pretty much invalidates your entire list. Do any of your dragons battle swamp people or operate a light house? Nope, didn't think so.  :D
So... [trying to blot out any spoilers in the first line just in case some random passerby who hasn't played Season 2 looks]   10 minutes into the first episode of Season 2, and I have already lost Omid and Krista. Jesus TellTale.
I liked the pilot. There is more there than in the Gotham one. I am not a comics reader, but really liked the Reeves film. Peter Stormare is my vision of Lucifer now, and Tilda Swinton as Gabriel is great. Perrineau haters can shove it. I have always liked the guy, but it just seems like he can't get roles worth playing. (It helps that my first exposure to him was Oz).   I am going to set my DVR. I took off Walking Dead last year and most my comedies are long gone, so I...
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