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The color correction alone is so worth it.   Damn. I keep saying I might buy this, but I really might need to if I am ever going to see DS9 done the same way.
 My money is Eric magically lives at the end. I don't foresee death in his future.Before we get too carried away, the 1st and 2nd seasons were really good and the third has Russel Edgerton (and the most logical place for Tara to die), so I could handle it. Seasons 4-7 have been a never ending descent into shit.
I don't think it is a huge plot hole. The moment Wolverine enters the scene in the 70s, things changed dramatically. Wolverine manages to free Magneto (theoretically) much earlier than should have happened.   Original Timeline: Magneto and First Class X-men nearly cause nuclear disaster at the US blockade of Cuba. Magneto is arrested for JFK and imprisoned in the Pentagon. Mystique is fighting a low intensity solo war. Wolverine gets caught schtupping the boss's...
So jealous... like insanely jealous.  /attempts to look more like Alec Guiness and wonders if the Seaworld Killer Whale is taking contract hits at this time.
I am squeeing in anticipation. Soon, precious, Soon.   As I investigate... there is a local group that meets every 4th Saturday of the month, so at 32 years old, I am about to go back into a game shop like I was 14.  
Congratulations!   So, are we looking at our next draft for Halloween? A monster draft seems delightful for the season.
I met the man at an event a couple years ago and he signed my copy of Scorpions, the first novel I ever taught to students. He was incredibly gracious. His book about soldiers in Iraq, Fallen Angels, and about a boy charged with murder, Monster, are still read by classes in my high school.
I read Smith's script for Superman featuring Brainiac as a villain and I kinda liked it. The man can write a script... just couldn't direct it. :D
 So this. I will blow Tyler Perry every day for ever if that frees up good black actors and Anansi Boy can be made into the greatest film ever.  This I swear by the old gods and the new.
New Posts  All Forums: