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yt's was the only Frankenstein's monster, unless you were trying comedy, and that is a great first pick for a werewolf. Bruce is THE Shark, and you cannot have computer menace without Hal. The Thing was happening this round no matter what, but that is not the vampire I expected to go first. Bravo, Bailey. Nice choice.
 My plan to ruin Turingmachine's draft, one pick at a time, is going as planned, wouldn't you agree General Disarray? Bwahahahah.  There was going to be a run on dog-themed monsters, I could smell it on the morning breeze.
 We just did a Ghostbusters Draft. I didn't expect it to last the day. I had to jump on it like I was the Keymaster and she was the Gatekeeper.
 Yeah, I stayed up way too late last night prioritizing who I pick when. Too often I go after foundations of my draft without considering who is more likely to get chosen. It helps that a good portion of my draft (seriously most of it) scared the shit out of me as a little kid. We always had cable on base, and I had access to things I probably shouldn't have seen between 6 and 12.
Terrordog - Ghostbusters  
I think I have a better theme here than I have ever had. If I can get it to work, I hope it turns out magnificent.  If not, at least I have an awesome list thread post.
Scariest red light ever. Nice pick Mike.
I love this film, and show it every year, but my biggest problem with it is showing the kid on trial before they start. Everything about that kid's face says he didn't do it, which robs some of the fight from Henry Fonda. He has to win, because that kid can't be guilty. When showing it to my classes, I blank the projector and let them listen to the judge, then I turn the projector on when they are filing into the jury room. Outside that, this film is magnificent to me. All...
Yeah it is.
Huzzah!  Let it come!
New Posts  All Forums: