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Does no one else see that poster and wonder when Professor X gained the power of flight by farting fire?
Mac was always my type. Always.
 Pull a Natalie Portman. Go to college, come back as strong as ever.
Anytime you IT guys start talking, I assume you all work like this:  
SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSS   So, my family was talking about Game of Thrones after dinner last night as we browsed Barnes and Nobles. My mom saw the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Jack's face, with the closed eye. She said "You know, he is going to get typecast. He should quit the show now before those are the only kind of roles he can play."     It was all I could do to not say...
By what magic did they manage this casting? Even if it is terrible, I have to watch it.
 For that matter, can we get him to write a script so he doesn't spend 10 minutes stuttering?  He has very interesting ideas, but he takes too long to spit them out. Read the close captioning provided by Youtube. It is funny, but not enough for me to listen to his entire argument.
So, I finished this up today.  1 Chinpokomon short of all 30. Where is the missing Chinpokomon? Goddam Craig's Tower of Doom. Which I can't get back into*. I managed to get all of them without looking them up, just as I played through. I chose the Jew, but I am guessing the standard difficulty must be pretty easy, because I ended up rarely being that low. My final weapon ended up being the Sweet Katana with 5 Bleeds. Between that and the Vampire teeth, I loved me some...
The true question is who isn't confessing his or her deep desire for cock on his or her death bed. I want to keep my heirs guessing.
 This is ultimately my problem, and I don't even like Robert Jordan. I watched my sister suffer at the hands of that monstrosity of a series.   I thoroughly enjoy GoT, but the delay is unconscionable because he is so vocal about the things that he is writing, which are not GoT. The expanding number of books and the thickening plot structure means we, the reading audience, have spent a long time paddling in place. There is hope of narrative forward movement, but not for at...
New Posts  All Forums: