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Brain Gremlin from Gremlins 2: The New Batch  
So, I bought Season 2, but hadn't finished Season 1 yet. I got to the end of Episode 3... in January, my post says. I finished Episode 4 about a month ago, but Lee's wound...well shit.   I finished Season 1 tonight.  Sweet God. Beard full of tears. I mean. The story just kept punching me, dragging out the moment I knew had to come. Never have I punched the Q button to get off the floor like I did tonight.    I had her put me out of my misery. It's a tough world, and...
So, Dickson, can I ask why Cat Smaug? I can understand not going with Jackson Smaug, but John Howe's or Alan Lee's
 I never said Paul McCartney wasn't ahead of his time, (and granted my timeline is off :D), but that song and Wings tend to be Paul McCartney at his most impish and whimsical. The kind of stuff that Lennon and he fought about, as artfully reconstructed here: 
Sorry for the mini necro of a past topic, but...  I like Carly Simon as much as the next man, but that song as a Bond Theme? Any song that could have been used in Love, Actually probably doesn't deserve to be the number 1 Bond theme song. I can give you View to A Kill, but followed by Wings?! That song is a mess of Paul McCartney's 80s worst excesses. There are 6 other Bond themes I would put in front of your three and not blink. I'd probably put A Ha's The Living...
I saw Aliens before I saw Alien. I didn't realize it was a sequel till Alien3 came out. My dad said "Wait... you've never seen Alien?" At the time, I was 11. How many movies did he think I had seen without him?  I can understand the divided line; without the first film, you don't get Aliens, but I deeply prefer Aliens. I like their android, their loaders, their Newt. Their Alien Queen. The design, the whole military brush up.    I appreciate Alien and Tom Skerrit's...
Could Right Kneeler be Tip Tipping?
 The basic problem most of the Big 2 Mega Crossover events is that the people writing them never seem to have a concept that spans much further than 4 characters, but everyone has to be involved.  I personally jumped from the train at the beginning of Marvel's Onslaught coming right on the heels of the Age of Apocalypse. I remember shaking my head at people talking about House of M. I haven't been a DC person since about a year after Zero Hour.
 It was a booky year. I gave Will Kane the Prestige blu, the novel, and some magic tricks.
I was very lucky to received the Alien Quadrilogy from Matches for the 2010 Holiday Gift Exchange a couple of years ago, along with a book that posits that aliens have lived on the moon. One of the best gifts I got that Christmas.
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