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 You know that is how she won the Falkland's Island brouhaha. She went down there with her 10" Downing Street and show everyone who the boss was.
 Ooh, if the movie ends, and I mean the final post credit scene, in a Seigfried and Roy type accident...ticket sold.
If Chris Pratt and his Rapt Pack don't win the hearts and souls of America, I don't want to live in this great country anymore.
 "Chuck?  Chuck? You there? Cut Man!" "I'm not much on predictions Casey. One of these fighters is going to win this fight tonight, while the other will most certainly not." Bless you Sports Night.
So, all those fireworks on the outside of the dome...did anyone on the inside see them?
By 4 seconds, Dalyn!
I love that she is flying around on the More You Know Comet.
So help me if Katy Perry forms the head of Voltron I will dedicate myself to her cult right now.
I am surprised that they haven't gone after fire departments. Since 1977, the number of fires has decreased from 3.2 million a year to 1.2 million a year, but the number of firefighters (about 800k volunteers, a number that has also managed to stay static over the past 20 years) has has increased by 120k over the past twenty years. 
If Brady had been Wilson, he would have run over the line of scrimmage there.
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