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 *receives a duffel bag filled with Walter Sobchek's tighty whiteys; goes back inside and he has been robbed. Outside, the head gnome laughes to himself* Profit, sonsuvbitches!
So, with the end nearing...will there be bonus picks or no?  There is space on my layout, but bonus picks tend to to either kill or elevate a list in any eventual bracket madness, which kinda defeats the point of a draft. I am trying to figure out a capper for my list if we are.
Zombie Michael Jackson from Thriller  
Judas, I have to applaud that Snatch pick. Damn, I love me some Bricktop, especially his definition of Nemesis.
Yeah, I was 16 when that came out and still it scared the bee out of me.  Giant insects make me nervous anyway. It wasn't till this moment that I realized it was a Del Toro film.  But yeah, Turing beat you to it by 12 hours. Sorry man.
While I respect Axelbratoski's Eastern Promises pick, anything that wasn't Viggo Mortinsen's wang was never going to be right.
Jack Pumpkinhead, from Return to Oz  
Probably. But will I remember when I get around to seeing it? :D
I haven't seen it, so I have no idea.
***Really, really great. Almost as great as that Tim Allen.
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