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  How can people not love these kind of jokes?
I, for one, really enjoyed The Muppets. I may be one of the few though.
 But they can't. President Clinton signed NAFTA. It actually sucks for Hillary Clinton because any decisions he made will be laid at her feet. At least with the Bushes, GWB could argue that was his dad and he wasn't around for those discussions.
How is this a character poster? I thought this was just Keith David's Christmas Card photo. I assume he is like that all the time when he isn't acting.
Please tell me it was a fun Bubba Ho-tep style, Ossie Davis as JFK kind of an explanation. Because I am okay with "Lyndon Johnson had me kidnapped and dyed black, so I sabotaged Vietnam" Nick Fury.
Don't do it Codename! Jacob sent me a couple ships in the summer of 2014. Now, I have spent the last three weekends in tournaments, two in two different out of state locations. I was the tournament organizer at the last one. I have played X Wing nearly every weekend for two years. I have been to three regionals, 7 store championships, a myriad of seasonal tournaments. My colleagues found a picture of me tagged in an X Wing event. They know that I push tiny space ships...
Depends on your cup of tea, but my go to recommendations for Trek novels tend to be the following:   Q Squared by Peter David. Beautiful alternate timelines blended together, a great villain, and some honest to god character work that did more for Beverly Crusher's character than the show did. David has done some fantastic work in the Star Trek novel universe, but by far, I love this the most. I have it in hardback still. I will break it out occasionally, every couple of...
Same on my end, except we also got Batman Lego Movie and Central Intelligence. I saw it in RPX, which is basically just assigned seating and nicer chairs for 4 bucks more. But the assigned seats are so worth it.
I got back from seeing this tonight. My short review: not great, not terrible. Certainly no Man of Steel, so it is immediately better.   That being said, my audience was hyped. They clapped for literally every trailer. It got to be so silly that, people ironically clapped for the Coca-cola sponsored, "Turn Off Your Cell Phone" ad. So they were into it. There was no real applause at the end, which I found more telling. The movie had some good pieces that couldn't rescue...
 Yeah, this is my biggest complaint so far. His love life seems like a fantasy world. Plus, I don't like Gus at all. Not to get spoilery, but Episode 7's [[SPOILER]] seems weirdly out of character. Then his blowup in the writer's room makes me feel no empathy for him at all. But I can watch Claudia O'Doherty and Gillian Jacobs all day long. I will say I loved the bad date episode. And "I'm a witch. This is witch sex."
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