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Sign me up! I will be available this week to draft on the day. 
It really sets up Season 2 nicely. It is amazing how tight some of the storytelling is, considering its airdates. It isn't fully serialized, but it is as close as you can be and not be serialized. 
It only gets better, Codename. Keep watching. One of the best episodes of Season 1, Duet, mostly just features Kira and a guest star, but damn it is fine television. 
Would a female directed Moby Dick be different? If Michelle MacLaren or Katheryn Bigelow decided they wanted to do it what looks or sounds different?   Maybe as a white male who lives in a mostly Red Bible belt state, but has an English degree, I am sensitive enough to think it wouldn't change, but doltish enough to not realize how it would be different. 
Stereotypes such as Kevin Riley, navigator and Irish pirate, or Transporter Chief Kyle, comically always getting phasered or attack or beaming all sorts of wrong things up or down or the Irish mining colonies that seem to abound in space.    Let us not forget Crusher's grandma's Irish colony planet, filled with Gaelic ghosts and orgasms. 
So, Star Trek Ascendancy.  My TI buddy, a self-professed game snob, rated this a solid 7 out of 10. He holds TI and Eclipse higher. I can see him ranking TI higher, but not Eclipse. As a Trekkie, I can forgive Ascendancy its warts, and a couple of rule adjustments I think will fix any real flaws. It is a 4X game though, through and through.   I bought the expansions to get us to 5 players. But only 4 played on this Saturday. The Klingons, Federation, Romulan, and...
So, we have played two games of Twilight Imperium 4, and a game of Ascendancy. Both games of TI were set up by 11am on a Saturday, rules explained until about 1130, then played one round and took a lunch. We have finished by 815pm both times.  We randomly assigned seats, and randomly divvied out race choices. We took out the races we played in the first game,  limiting our choices, so, we only have 5 unplayed races at this moment.  Link of the images of the race player...
  I need to ask for clarification on this. Why do you think Rushmore is monstrous?  I have never been, and honestly only seen North by Northwest and that one Simpson's episode. 
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