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I was born too late to really cruise an arcade, but this pinball machine makes me ask the question:  How many pinball machines had an African American character dead center? Nichelle Nichols gets credited for a lot of things, and wouldn't be odd to add that to your list of accomplishments?
 Yeah, the future of the sport in America has got to rest on the Latino population. Right?
 ... Is this how you Bradito your way to the top of the adult industry? Offer the jokes, slip them the baby's arm, rule the internet in 2 minute clips.
Resurrecting the dead! http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2014/07/01/starz-developing-american-gods-series/278786/   Someone change the thread title!
 Watching the US-Belgium game yesterday, we swear we saw Danny Pudi as a line judge. We all assumed the rest of his career would be odd Abed cameos in thousands of films.
 Local sports radio interviewed the Lady Volunteers Soccer coach, who was very honest about the US's lack luster support of soccer. The local hosts and he basically distilled it down three things: lack of public exposure at the professional level, lack of young player training, and when serious teenage athletes at 14, who are deciding where to 'focus' their talents, are presented with baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, they most often will choose the first three. ...
  Three competitors!?!   Nah, it completely makes sense to me.  Especially with the uneven numbers. And, unless the gods of soccer also control Draft Bracket voting, we will probably avoid a tie. Unless we don't, then this year's World Cup and Casting Drafts will have my blood pressure sky high.
Ties are not all that common. When I ran the Young Frankenstein draft last summer, we had one tie the entire time. I think I made a plea in some heavily trafficked thread to come vote in the tie so it would be broken.    Which is to say we all managed to put on excellent casts if the CHUDmunity is so divided.
Well, tomorrow is Canada Day. Would you be acceptable to Canadian darling Ryan Gosling?
New Posts  All Forums: