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We have been talking about getting together and doing an Artemis bridge sim. I have seen it at conventions. I have three computers and we could scrounge up a couple of tablets for a full setting of 6. I want to try Bridge Crew, but I don't have the tech (nor the money) to supply each guest with a headset. Otherwise I would love to. 
I need more Kirby Dreamland Golf in my life. Come on Nintendo, get on that. 
I play a lot of Star Wars games with Star Wars geeks, but I know almost nothing about that universe. I am, have been, and always will be a man of Trek.  So it amazes me that Trek cannot seem to get past Wrath of Khan. Two films across two different "eras" have aped the parts that seemed to work without understanding why they worked. Nemesis took the "Khan as a Kirk who went bad saving his people" in the worst way possible by making an actual clone of Picard, and then...
 I have read the books but a long time ago, and this thought came to us as well. Can you kill a god in this story? We theorized that he would still be alive. Vulcan ammunition isn't going anywhere. Maybe he comes back weaker? Unable to forge the weapon like he did? Played by a young Corbin Bernsen look alike?
 It certainly feels longer. I feel like we are on our fifth night already. 
I started burning through them this afternoon. The character work is great. I feel like the storyline itself is dragging. This prison riot is awfully long, and the unreality of its length is bothering me a bit. The average length of a riot is less than 3 days. I am near the end, Episode 9. The pseudo horror thriller vibe of the episode is odd, but I am digging.
I don't understand humanity. We have seen relationships develop across the political borders. A Kennedy married Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. James Carville, long time Democratic operative, married Mary Matalin, a long time Republican operative, because they met as they campaigned against each other in the 1992 presidential race. I am pretty sure Bill Mahar and Ann Coulter have some strange hatefuck, casual lovers relationship.   Of course part of the problem is that...
Ooh.. .I look forward to your American Gods reviews. 
Any chance you would look at Handmaiden's Tale? I would love to read your insight on it.  Reading your insights on Fargo, a show I haven't watched yet (It is on my list...) is fantastic. 
Currently watching "A Woman's Place" and I really have been wanting this episode. I needed to see Mrs. Waterford's backstory. To be honest, it has been a while since I had read the novel, so I love the additions, like her disappointment in being cut out of the leadership after the coup. I can overlook some of the goofier aspects, in part because I truly think the concept of a society like this is so foreign, even the producers and writers are having a difficult time...
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