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Oh yeah, my mother and I chatted about it and she hates it. But she hated Harvey Birdman ( she saw the Flintstones episode). There are some people, like the New York Post, who this show as an abomination of Henson's dream. But, I have no problem.
Following up:   I watched this tonight, streaming from the ABC website. The streaming was terrible, but I loved the show. It is SportsNight/30 Rock with Muppets. There are some who are going to hate the more adult nature of the Muppets, such as when Wynn Duffy(Jere Burns) challenges Fozzie about what his eventual children with Rikki Lindhome would look like or use the bathroom or Kermit's clearly sexual relationship with his new Pig. The opening gag with Bunsen...
 So, been playing a lot of FFG Star Wars games lately. A month, I got into my first Star Wars RPG Edge of Empire game. The system is fantastic and responsive. The dice are intuitive, and I love how you can have successes that bring you more danger. Unfortunately, I joined a game in progress that has had issues getting together, so we had no melee types, and were half completing a story which is how they folded me in. I am a Drall former Xenopologist / Cultural Attache who...
  But that means that we elected Buster to the Presidency as Michael has to be Neil/Marvin blend, and of course Lindsay is Dorothy.
 "Why don't you pass the (anger of being offended) by playing a little solitaire?" 
 Whose soul do I need to sell to get this done?
You know, Saxon. It's stuff like this that made my country rebel against yours.     Unless this was some strange split in the space-time continuum and you accidentally traveled forward in time right as you hit the submit button. Or maybe your universe collided with ours but Universe 435 is actually 1 day and 9 hours behind ours, Universe Prime. In that case, like most Voyager episodes, we can dismiss the repeated information posting as lazy writing or a producer who...
Lest I be perceived as going only for the whale violence, I have read the Heart of the Sea book and love this story. I love Moby Dick. I will be in line to catch this opening weekend.
Christmas time is here! :::death and starvation after being rammed by a whale:::
It's like she attempted to become a changling.  
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