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So, I just picked up a new game on Sunday. So new, Knoxville is getting weekly shipments hand delivered from Nashville kinda new.   Basically, a minis war game, except you are playing football at the same time.  Each Guild, and there are 9 guilds, are thematically linked with varying strikers, defenders, midfielders, etc. Each of my buddies chose a different one: for us, the Fishermen, the Morticians, and my Masons. The rules are...
Yeah. The pilot explains any background you need. You can hop right in.
 When you do not have a public record, you must be judge by whatever public statements you do make, including on a radio show that often goes to some classless places.
From PBS:   "On race, there wasn't even a dog whistle. We all heard it."
 I thought for sure this is where he drops the C word.
That head nod. lol
Wait... Hillary is being mean to me, but Rosie O Donnell deserved the burns.
Did he just slam Rosie O Donnell... again, and for no reason?
How in God's name does Iran have power over North Korea? Does the Evil League of Evil meet in Iran?   And name drop Bibi Netenyahu.
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