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Egads. How is this even possible in this day and age?  If you want to do business in the United States, you should have to follow labor and corporate law, which now includes provisions for healthcare. You give up a certain amount of personal religious freedom when you decide to employ thousands of other people with different religious beliefs. I would rather Hobby Lobby shut down in defense of their beliefs against abortion (via the morning after pill) than force their...
 There was one!  :::weeps for his lost draft:::
 This is my computer wallpaper, so he is always on my screen. Two times the Dalton, every day. 
Best start to a novel?   ETA: So, my phone choked on this post. Here is what it should have said.   Best start to a novel I have read this year? You betcha.  
 I liked you for your insight. But for the way you said it...  Much the same problem i with Hulk.
 Is that what happened to David Carradine?
My reasons behind my cast.   Jon Hamm can pull off world weary, grizzled, and funny. Mad Men usually isn't the place where he has to do all three at the same time, but if you watched any of 30 Rock you can see his funny.  He's American and in the right age zone. And looks perfect for the role. Men want to be him, women want to be with him.   Dormer has a history of playing queens. Now imagine that queen hard on her luck running a Nepalese bar where to whittle at the...
 You mean vote for me, right?
 I thought you did as well, Chavez... maybe the Space thread? Someone posted the cover to it somewhere on the boards.
Speaking of Chess, I just came back from seeing DoFP. It is a fine film, some of the nitpicks here are valid; others blown out of proportion. Very interesting set pieces, and honestly and ending that does magically manage to close the terrible third film out of existence, so we are all better for it.   But, chess: Do you think Xavier had really been cheating the entire time? If so, doesn't that make him the douchiest of Xaviers?
New Posts  All Forums: