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Being so low on the draft list, I didn't even place those three on my personal list because I never thought that I would get lucky enough to get them. For me, those three are top of the heap. I drop everything to watch Intolerable Cruelty, Cape Fear, or Rebecca, never mind their top films.  But then again, I put my pick of Alfonso Cuaron among that group. I could watch Children of Men, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Y Tu Mama Tambien any day of the week. As...
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to announce that it has signed a contract with...   Mr. Alfonso Cuaron       to be amongst its stable of directors.
Literally had a fight break out in my class about 20 minutes before my time came up. Let me review who picked whom and I will pop my selection up.
I am intrigued. Lay the rules on us.
I am still in, like a candiru in a urethra.
 Yeah, I had to go watch FXNow because in the "Previously on Justified" was a whole mess of stuff I hadn't seen. My DVR didn't record the additional 15 minutes of the last episode at all. I kept saying to myself, Did I miss something? What the hell happened to Dewey? Why is Wendy beat up. I went back to the DVR and fast forwarded to the end of the recording and was still confused. Damn you DVR menu. The Description says 73 minutes, record athe entire program.
 I also love Drowning Mona and recommended it to my dad. "That Yugo movie was just dumb, son." Yeah, PT Anderson, Wes, and the Coen Brothers I rarely recommend. I always ask "Did you love Magnolia, Royal Tenenbaums, or Burn After Reading? No. Well, here is a copy of Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to a Play with Token White People and the BET Acting Company."
   Now I can't tell if I read that and didn't realize it, prompting my subconcious to see the fart fire and thinking it odd no one said anything. OR My mind was distracted by the fiery methane explosion that I couldn't keep reading afterwards. But honestly, its like Trey Parker and Matt Stone designed that.
I would love to see this in different time periods. Like the posts above, the west and the trains, or New York in the 1890s (have Teddy Roosevelt be the pissed off Captain. I really just want to see an actor play Teddy while shouting "Goddamn it gentlemen, solve this crime or I will have your badges!" then it turns out to be Teddy has been stalking the night ala Batman.)
Does no one else see that poster and wonder when Professor X gained the power of flight by farting fire?
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