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Too true. I heard a radio host this morning talking about if the ethnicity was switched, he would not be captured alive. A sad statement in all regards.
Well, in defense of the police, they place the vest on a whole lot of very public criminals. The woman who helped the two prison escapees was vested...though, she was also handcuffed, so...
Shut your mouth, Wendell. If we had been outside, we never would have been exposed to the awesomeness that was Danger Mouse or Count Duckula. My first cub scout derby racer I wanted to look like Danger Mouse's flying car.
I gotta agree, Pither. In a more self-motivated question, did I screw up my list by making Kiefer Sutherland Cheyenne instead of Blondie? I wanted to wrap his career back around with the older outlaw character, but I am kinda unhappy about my current Blondie options.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation is proud to present...     in the role of Sentenza in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly...   Mr. Jason Isaacs.  
Why I took Hamill:   The average movie viewer hasn't seen Hamill in anything in a long time. That turn from Skywalker to man who shoots a kid in the first  twenty minutes of the movie was worth it to me.
But that unrealistic standard is the sweet money, the super reveal, the secret gold. Now, will our lists suffer for being so single minded? Maybe.   BTW, have I mentioned that I want to be subscribed to Henry D's news letter?   Violante Placido is someone I need to see in more American film.  
 It is the problem with Frank that we have had with other well-qualified Franks-- we have already have seen Cruise in that role, and despite the naysayers, I love Collateral. It is just really hard to find that actor that is loved who hasn't tried the villain turn to get the Fonda boost. ETA: Or you know, what Dent said 45 seconds before me.
I had exactly one name for Carson and it was his. Initially, I started by casting everyone from The Bridge. Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed the show, and the show had an excellent cast of Hispanic actors. I abandoned that idea as too restrictive because I couldn't find a place for Shaggy.
Sorry for being slow. I had issues with some students, and then wasn't completely sold on my Blondie. I have two and half hours to figure it out.
New Posts  All Forums: