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The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation, in association with a Arab Emirate Prince-without-Portfolio, are proud to vote for...   Henry D.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation, in association with an anonymous Russian oligarch and stolen funds from the Russian people, are proud to vote for...   Pither!
 Yeah, I got into a free screener of Colombiana and was glad I didn't pay for it. Your description of the film is dead on. I like Saldana, but the story was lacking. It had some great set piece scenes, but there is nothing else to recommend it.
So, I saw this with my single male friends. It has a ton of great jokes, 100% less Asian racism, and some great minor work with Patrick Warburton and Michael Dorn as gay lovers who go to NY ComicCon and dress as The Tick and Worf.   The jokes crack at a pretty good pace, and the thing is filled with famous faces. Three Star Trek actors appear (Patrick Stewart, Nana Visitor, and Michael Dorn), as well as the continued presence of Flash Gordon. Seyfreid is fun as the...
Voting isn't consistent across days. Who hasn't voted? If they are not going to vote, then end it and count up. If there is a tie, then we break it the old fashioned way.  
We did go back to page 1. There was no interview there! :D
 Yeah, I was coming to say the same thing. The "interviewer" asks exactly two questions, but only after a long and misguided attempt to justify Batman Forever.
So... who is two days away from retirement and getting too old for this intergalactic crime shit?
Hmmm, there is an interesting thought. Which character would be the Shark Jumper?  My money?  
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