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I watched A Town Called Panic on the recommendation of CHUD by Alex Rivello.  But look at Jared's review if you are not swayed by Nick or Alex. Oh, how great it is. Just madcap and delightful. Reminds me that I need to buy it for my god children.   Excellent pick, Nick.
 My parents are going to be unhappy. They have been Sony Vaio people for more than 20 years. My first laptop was a Vaio. 
 I shaved my head two years ago and never looked back.  I kept my beard though. Winter gets rough and other teachers think I am a member of MS13 because I wear beanies and blue jackets, but otherwise, I love it. 
I want Tom Hardy. I know, we gave him Bane already, but I want Bronson Tom Hardy with Bane voice, but Clone Picard whines. Basically, I want a Doom that looks like he benches cars, speaks like he is a noble of the 19th century, but can whine like the pansy he was as a substitute Patrick Stewart. 
Everyone seems mistaken about the identity of Catwoman. Eartha Kit is Catwoman. Caesar Romero knows who the true Catwoman is.      
So... until your kickstarter makes money are you just going to air hump your bed to start filming so you can get a snazzy trailer for Bradito and Invisible Woman?
I overheard something similar today in my local game store, but about gender. The conversation started with a conversation about the social justice warrior thing going on then progressing to a conversation about gender in comics, movies, and games. The group of WH40k players essentially agreed on the thesis that sci-fi and fantasy by its very makeup doesn't need to be gender-social normative.  They began to discuss how all the female models in those types of games were...
 Goddamn.  That would would have been brilliant.  Just brilliant. Was that the original plan? Oh, I need someone to personify cancer so I can go beat the tar out of him or her.
I would watch the hell out of a Brian Cox as the eponymous Alien film.
 Quite true.   As for "Face of the Enemy",  it really is Troi's best. Also one of the best Romulan episodes. If there is one thing I wish Trek had done more, was a deeper, Klingon like exploration of the Romulans. We'd get bits and pieces, but they would be sullied by Sela. You never get the culture in the same way that we got for the Klingons and the Cardassians.
New Posts  All Forums: