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Well, the 10am group got off to a fast start.  Hawkins is a great pick.   I like John Hurt in everything, so he is good, but won't you get comparisons to Tinker Tailor?   ETA: I am not sorry, Capt Renault, that I made you google Moran Atias. I didn't have a photo ready when I posted. I have one linked now. But she is worth googling. Tyrant was a mediocre show, but she is not. Plus I needed a Mossad agent.   ETA2: Saxon, you never need an excuse to post that gif. Ever.
The Tyres Broadcasting Corporation presents   as Mossad agent Eden Pardes and Bond Girl...Ms. Moran Atias  
Round 4 thread is up for tomorrow!   Meanwhile, my shame spiral continues.          
This round starts Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 9am.  Everyone in the 9am drafting group may go as soon as 9am starts. If everyone in the group has gone, the next group may start.     Rules can be found here. Keep Discussion here. At the end of the day, I will update the Chosen thread. Remember to post your photos and update your List thread.   9am EDT. Pither Capt Renault Ratty Costco Mike   10am EDT MrSaxon axelbratoski Henry D MrTyres   11am...
   Oh... Oh my. I just realized you were not praising me.  :::hangs head in shame::: I seriously did not remember her in Die Another Day.  Damn you terrible Bond Film with terrible soundtrack that I only saw once.  I really thought she was a great pick too. Looking at IMDB, she was only 22 at...(here I deleted an attempt to justify myself). I will see myself out of the draft in the usual way.
Yeah, I am definitely using names on my Bond Villain, Henchwoman, and future Bond Girls/Guys. Hell, half the fun is trying to manage a PC/2010's version of Pussy Galore.
Will the MPAA allow Bradito to play himself, especially considering the dating shenanigans he gets into?
I hate that there will not be a new Dredd. I loved that film. Hell, I bought it for my parents to show off their 3D television, and they loved it.   As for Golden Compass 2, I still don't know how they thought that series of books was going to play out in the public eye, never mind actual events. Forgetting the strong anti-church sentiment in book 3, one of the characters encounters a mammoth/sloth thing that rides coconuts by putting his claws into a hole in the coconut...
My go to example for soundtracks that put earworm hummable themes is Kirk Douglas's 1958 The Vikings. In places the soundtrack is overly bombastic, but that same french horn Regnar theme is constantly echoed across the score, in surprising ways. The Oar dancing scene has a great hummable tune that is different, but plays so well with what is on screen (Literally, Douglas is dancing on oars on the side of a Viking...
So, I would like to thank Anyawatchin Angel for putting together the Chosen list...but I already had one started. I just updated it for Round 3. It has been there the entire time. I just edit the original post, so it doesn't move up the list of the forum. You can get to it quite easily, because at the top of every draft round, and at the head of the discussion, list, and chosen thread I post the same thing....   Sign Ups and Rules Chosen thread List thread Discussion...
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