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This was the goods.   Sicario, Hell or High Water and now Wind River continues Taylor Sheridan's incredible streak of dramatic storytelling.  Something sorely lacking in Hollywood these days.  Not sure why this isn't talked about more, but OMG did see you Thor?
 If you sit at a slot machine and they bring you free drinks (they do) I suppose you are not gambling since you're always getting something, right? Dude, gambling involves possibility and hidden results, producing a dopamine rush when you get something you like, but it also slowly makes you build a tolerance to said rush, causing you to need more and more of it just to function.  Getting "something" doesn't stop you from spending more and more money to keep getting...
 I don't get why this is so hard to understand.  Gambling is betting something for the chance to win something else, with no guarantee you will win what you want, which leads to more betting.  Winning actual cash is practically irrelevant.  You are still spending money or spending something of value.  This targets a specific part of the brain related to addiction and can be extremely dangerous to an adult mind, let alone the mind of a fucking child.  There is a deeper...
This is my favorite comment from one of the articles on the EA downvote thing.  Guy nails it.
 I just don't understand how they are getting away with putting casino style loot boxes in games rated safe for kids.  That blows my mind.  
 Reminds me of Chappelle's joke about somebody being super angry about something and their rage boiling down to them pressing the "don't like" button.
 Wow.  If EA isn't seriously having a come to Jesus moment, I don't know what to think...
Super 8 probably would've benefited more as a TV series than a movie.  JJ is actually pretty strong in TV.  It could've been Stranger Things before Stranger Things.
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