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 Interestingly enough some scientists did a large number of experiments on this very subject.  They tested to see whether consciousness could collapse a wave function.  The results were very interesting.
 That is so awesome.
 Yes.  Laserdisc was actually a specialty cinephile format (unlike DVD which was more for mass consumption), so they often used the same high quality masters as the theatrical release.  The laserdisc for Jurassic Park actually sounded better than the DVD, even though they both had DTS tracks.  The laserdisc used a higher bit rate, because people with laserdiscs often had top notch audio systems... while DVDs were remixed for mom and pop home-theater-in-a-box types, and I...
 The reason the Matrix was as amazing and zeitgeist creating as it was, is because it was a homegrown idea by two extremely talented geeks from Chicago.  Their passion and creativity and determination to direct it their way is what made all the difference. Now, as a studio led creation with the hiring of disposable writers and directors beholden to the visual FX department, it will be just another generic wire-fu franchise that's more interested in merchadising (it will be...
I remembering watching S1 when it first aired and quit after a few episodes... it felt extremely forced and unnatural.  With annoying caricatures (Cameron being the worst by far), the only interesting thing being the computer element.    Recently caught the rest of S1 on netflix and actually started to enjoy it toward the end (getting there was kind of a slog though).  Started S2 and I'm ready to quit again after two episodes.  It's like a different show now.  I just do...
Dooku was kind of drowned out by the sea of other shit that was Ep. 2, so I never paid much attention to it.
  "Crazy fucking white people"
 They could've made one of the other monks a female.  The two that Strange runs around and fight alongside.  They actually get more screentime than Swinton I think.
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