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 Trumbull's showscan tech takes it even further and goes all the way to 120fps, alternating back and forth through frame rates depending on how fast things are moving.  I wanna see it in action.
Just got home.  I liked it alot.  I've never been a fan of the LOTR movies, but I have liked the Hobbit series a great deal.  I have nothing invested in these films, haven't read the books, so I just sit back and enjoy them.   Anyway, the HFR....   I didn't like the 3D in Avatar, mostly because of the horrific motion blur that was even more pronounced in 3D, making it very hard to watch fast action.  I knew upping the frame rate would solve that problem without even...
Seeing this in 15mins...3D HFR, curious to see what the HFR is like since i havent experienced that yet.
I think its a pretty reasonable assumption (and it is an assumption) considering what i know about the public. And i was generalizing, not talking about everybody.
#7 will be released exactly one year from today.   And to think, if Abrams wasn't such a pussy and manned up, we'd be getting it in 5 months.   I keed, I keed.
 The same people jabbing fingers at Sony for cowardice would be calling them "murderers!  it's only a movie!  how could they put people's lives at stake?!"
Lucas has actually made those art films, he just doesn't show them to anyone but friends (probably for good reason).
 No, just less interested in it.
 Funny, because every movie, book and play that ever existed uses subtext to get its point across.  And I find it ironic you chose the Garth quote considering he's a fictional character that was created for subversive purposes.   I suppose John Carpenter, George Romero and Paul Verhoeven are cowards for making movies about American consumerism using space aliens, zombies and robots?  
Considering what happens to the force itself in the new trilogy (spoiler), the metaphysical, trippy aspect in a 4th trilogy makes total sense.  Disney will definitely make them, but the trippiness will get really toned down.
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