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Tron was never anything more than a cult film with a small following.  I can see the idea of a reboot being what they had in mind, trying to blockbuster it up and all that, kind of makes sense.  And I really think they could've succeeded if the script wasn't so aggressively awful, because the visuals were stunning and the basic idea has franchise written all over it.  Thus, you'd think they would take the time to get the script right (and cast a more charismatic lead)...
I could never figure out why people thought this would get a sequel.  A movie that doesn't do well financially and is critically reviled isn't getting a sequel.  Legacy was clearly designed as a soft reboot to get a Tron franchise going.  But it made less money world wide than The Force Awakens made in 5 days in just the US... or Jurassic World in a week... etc, etc...    You also can't pull a Wrath of Kahn, a lower budget scaled down redo after an expensive TMP.  You...
If he's not contracted, why haven't they cast another Bond yet?  Or does that happen later?
Can a Bond expert answer this for me?   They seemed to end Spectre in a way that suggests Craig's iteration is over... that was very obvious.  But if Craig comes back for his one last contractual deal, wouldn't they have to reboot again anyway after that?  In other words, why do a hard ending one movie before Craig's contract is up?  I find that really weird.  What the hell would they even do for Bond 25 that wouldn't feel like a betrayal of the ending of 24?  
I always watch these movies when the hype has died down, since I'm not an active fan of the series, I just enjoy the spectacle.   Anyway, it's a decent enough action movie that doesn't do anything offensively terrible, but it is kind of just.... there.  The action is competent and sometimes exciting, but it never becomes anything memorable... maybe because what's motivating the action isn't terribly interesting.  I like Mendes, but there was something limp about the...
 That's totally up in the air at this point.  Box office analysts say it could go either way.
 I didn't mention ticket sales.  I'm talking about $$$, not counting inflation.  You know, the stuff we discuss 95% of the time.
I keep forgetting Titanic had a 3D re-release, which added another $348M.   Which means that technically, TFA has already beaten it, if we're counting original runs.  I still think it has a good chance of moving toward the official number though in the next couple months.
Freeman, I really tried to avoid this, but I've got to put on my ignore list.  You've become indistinguishable from the trolls I see in the youtube comments.  Life is too short.
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