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 I get the joke, but come on...does Cranston go head to head with the beast?  Obviously he'd be squished.  It's not scientist vs Godzilla...although it would be Godzilla vs Megalon, or whatever similar like beast.
 I know it's easy to brush it off with "it's a comic book movie", but there does seem to be levels of plausibility.  For instance Hawkeye wouldn't stand a chance against Hulk.  Possibly Iron Man would, but he has a suit that gives him Hulk like strength.  So you accept those levels within a silly comic book movie. So I don't think it's weird for anybody who isn't familiar with the comics to go "Superman vs. Batman...wait, how does that work exactly?"  Most people probably...
 Sure.  I just fail to see how a mortal with gadgets that are meant to be used against other mortals hopes to win against a flying god.  Stakes need to be plausibly overcome.  I know it's a comic book movie, but I just don't see Superman in any kind of exciting match up against a rich guy wielding some fancy military grade hardware. I wonder how they will write this into a plausible scenario.  Technically I can see Batman not necessarily using kryptonite, but maybe a piece...
 The psychology of a battered woman is being in a co-dependent relationship and getting energy from it.  It's like the mind is backwards, feeling good when there is abuse and bad when there isn't.  Similarly, someone who is dealing with a person of power, may be obsessed with gaining power themselves by being in that person's inner circle and having the possibility of becoming famous themselves.  It happens with actresses all the time and gay male actors are no different....
I love that within the span of about a minute, three people came to defend Ninth Gate at the same time.  That should tell you something.
 Ninth Gate doesn't belong sandwiched between those pieces of shit...it's a fucking Polanski film.  Even his bad movies are better than alot of Hollywood pap.  Really, Ninth Gate has alot more going on than people thought around the time of release.  It's a worthy film.
 I actually thought they both came off as a bit loony in that doc...Nolan just has a better way of speaking.
 You can continue to hang out with someone and continue to be raped.  It's not logical but it happens.  It happens with battered women all the time.  They continue to go back for more because they have a victim mentality.  Multiply that by "he's a rich and famous Hollywood director, maybe this time he'll actually help my career".  This is a completely plausible scenario.  Whether or not it actually happened is another matter.
 Uh yeah...they do.   Homosexuals are judged more harshly but let's not start with this.
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