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 Cherry picking and ignoring context?  Isn't this scene played for comedy amongst a married couple who have secrets between them that don't involve sadomasochism?  I think it's quite different.  And it certainly doesn't discount his other work.  In fact, True Lies wasn't even his creation...it was a remake.
Also, themes are more important than details.  Not everyone can weild a pulse rifle or even work for a rich banker, but they can apply themes to their own lives and this is how the mind uses the context of cinematic stories to extrapolate meaning.  Details are mostly decoration.  A black kid in the hood can still get something out of white Marty McFly living in Hill Valley and driving a time machine...even if the people around him are racists, misogynist or whatever...
 The thing is though, there is a part of the mind called the subconscious that does not know the difference between fantasy and reality.  It is literally like a computer that learns by example and thinks of everything in black and white and has no ability to reason.  It is always learning, even when the conscious mind has enough grasp of reality to make its way in the world.  It goes all the way back to Freud and Jung.  This is getting into an area very few people know or...
I feel like my orginal point got twisted. But no matter...boys feeling empowered enough to help save the world is quite a bit different than women feeling...whatever the fuck 50 is there to make them feel. Both Transformers and 50 are probably the worst those two genres have to offer...but one has some semblance of nobility buried under the garbage.
I thought I was speaking generally...Bay's blockbusters are usually pretty extreme.
They are usually about the triumph of humanity in some way. Vulgar/dumb specifics aside, they really do have noble intentions.
I dunno, at least those blockbusters usually have loftier goals than a movie who's entire basis is the sexual degradation and torture of a woman who doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with it.
Yeah, it was terrible.
And since when is one required to be positive about a movie?  Is that stated somewhere in a forum rule book I don't know about?  Can one not sleep at night unless everyone agrees with their point of view?  Are we getting closer and closer to the bland, sterilized, inoffensive future Hollywood has been conditioning with its movies, where everything becomes review/opinion proof?   This hasn't become the white noise of agreement badassdigest talkbacks yet, and I was hoping...
 Who's bitching?  I've stated facts and have come to logical conclusions based on them.  You choose to interpret it however you like, which says more about you than it does me.  Fact: Abrams movies are decent at best, terrible at worst.  We will likely get something somewhere in between that.    Are we still equating sex with happiness?  I know some miserable, fucked up people who have sex every day. But anyway, if you want to know what it was like, just ask your mother....
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