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 I didn't watch any of these either, so your point is kind of lost on me... those spin offs were also unnecessary corporate decisions and even as a kid I instinctively avoided them because they felt like needless cash-ins. I know Kasdan spearheaded the Solo remake, but it doesn't make it any more acceptable to me.  Don't let me discourage anyone from seeing it, but I'm not interested.
 Sorry if I came off patronizing, that wasn't my intention at all. But that's a pretty strong reason for the success of this franchise.  I don't want to get all racial up in here, but when you're not a minority, it's very easy to take those kinds of things for granted, because it's not something you're forced to pay attention to given your privilege (and I have no idea what color you are, so I'm only speaking generally here).  When 90% of movie leads are caucasian, this...
 Look deeper my son.  Maybe it's because for the first time a super successful multi film franchise isn't headlined by a bunch of white dudes.  That's always been one of the major appeals of the series.  And then Paul Walker's death kind of immortalized the whole thing.
 That's what I meant.
I wonder if they have the balls to have one of the team members die because of Dom's "betrayal"?  If no one dies in this final trilogy (it's supposed to end with Fast 10, until the inevitable reboot), I'll be sort of mildly disappointed. 
 Oh for sure there's no way he ACTUALLY betrayed his family... but he does cause them pain and suffering even if it's somehow to protect them.  It's a bit of a cheat, but still...
It is akin to recasting Marty McFly or Doc Brown or Ellen Ripley or Egon Spengler.  It's just a silly, stupid idea that shouldn't exist.
 His ability to pull it off or not isn't really my concern.  It is just a bad idea in principle to me.
 Fast 8 seems to be remedying this.
 He also doesn't go around kicking people in the balls for no apparent reason.  Yeah, I'm serious.
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