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That WalMart story is terrifying and blood boiling.  It's best to ignore the comment sections of these racially charged stories though.  There's nothing you can do about racists but ignore them.  
I don't doubt he's not much of a film buff.  But you don't have to be a film buff to have heard of a top director...especially when you direct movies yourself.  
I'll probably criticize this.
 They're throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to compete with Marvel, not because they have a sense of humor.
It is pretty weird.  Especially considering it's his field...and he was in Star Trek and the Alex Cross thing, so he can't be totally ignorant of everything outside the Madea bubble.  I can maybe see him not knowing who Jon Favreau is...but Fincher's made some pretty seminal films that are intrinsically tied to his name...even if you don't like them, how can you have never heard of the guy?  That said, Perry was a disgrace and embarrassment to black culture before...
And the award for most utterly bizarre entertainment news story of the year goes to....
I think Favreau complained about how Iron Man 2 turned out because Marvel was making a release date and not a movie...they gave him no time to get the script right, and possibly were dictating stupid ideas.  I think he was blindsided by the onrush of corporate greed and stupidity since they now had something to protect.  You can even see him talking about it in the making-of-documentary...he looks barely able to hold back his disappointment with Marvel.
Has Warner Bros. Laid Down a “No Jokes” Rule for Its Superhero Movies?
 Directing 9 was a rumor...he's writing a treatment for 9.  It makes sense to have a different director for each installment anyway.
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