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 Would've been an awesome series ending.
Quote: Most actors are crazy.  The more famous, the more crazy.
I wonder what the blood pressure statistics are now vs. before the internet.
Think I may finally do a rewatch of the whole show up until now since it's on Amazon Prime. black and i approve of this message.
When black ppl stop calling each other niggers we can start getting uppity about white ppl using it too.
 His scenes with Martha when he was working her were just incredible.  You could feel the torment underneath without him saying a word about it.  It made it incredibly sad all around.
 Rhys is definitely the MVP of the show.  I've been super super impressed with him as an actor.
Couldn't make it past the first few scenes of ep.1    Do they finally get their commupence, or are they dragging this out for yet another season too many?
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