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I'm halfway through the pilot and this feels like a Richard Kelly creation...like some college stoner trying to make an artistic statement or something...forced edginess, strange and morose just for the sake of it, with no real compelling driving force underneath...just weird, depressing shit happening because hey, it's HBO!   I don't mind being confused as an audience member as long as I feel like I'm in good hands, and Lindeloff is the last fucking person I'd feel that...
She's on the right track but on the wrong train.     I get where she's coming from.  It's probably her background of growing up in the Dominican Republic until she was 17, where there is much less of a racially charged, divisive and hateful background.  And she started acting not long after she got here, so she didn't have the same indoctrination as other US black women, who have the racially intense and divisive culture of this country beaten into them from a young...
Bay's favorite web page.
 He's already in the suit until 2018.  Avengers 2 and 3.
What makes this show stand out is the direction, the way it's shot, music, etc...it's sort of anti-television where the tendency is to just spill plot while doing as little as possible to make anything stand out aesthetically.  Soderbergh treats this like he would any other movie he'd make...it's so bold for a TV show in how it's put together.  It's the future of television.  No one but Soderbergh has the balls to make a turn of the century medical drama look and sound...
Kubrick's films are a throwback to that stage like acting theatricality...he found it more interesting than the naturalism of post 60s acting.  And I kind of agree with him.  It makes his films timeless because the actors aren't adhering to modern performances styles...it creates a heightened reality that makes his films feel like they exist in a vacuum.  
 But he knows what a 50mm lens is...he's heard of it.
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