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 Sorry, I meant to say the specifics aren't relevant to my point.  They are very relevant when it comes to logic and stuff. Yes, it is about showing how great Rey is at combat because she bested Luke Skywalker.  She LITERALLY bested the man.  I am not making this up.  It happened.  Thus, the point.  What happens in a scene is the point of the scene (on one level).  I'm not going to debate this because it's not up for debate.  Go ask any screenwriter. On a second level,...
 You're complicating things a bit too much here. I'm talking about the nature of the scene from a screenwriting point of view.  The scene itself exists to show that Rey is very good at what she does.  So much so that she toppled a Jedi master!  See how badass she is?!  The specifics of how that happens aren't relevant.  The image and the result is unambiguous and plain to see. The scene is also there to show her point of view is right and Luke's is wrong.  He is hiding. ...
 Physically?  Yes.  She dominates him physically (towering over him).  The image is striking and unambiguous.   Morally?  He has given up, she has not.  He went to hide, she went to bring him back.  She is right, he is wrong.   That scene is a physical manifestation of what is going on subtextually.
I think the scene is there to show that Rey, once again, is better than who's she up against, both physically and morally.  Without having really earned it.  I think the specifics of the fight need to be excused in order to justify the scene in any way.  60 year old closed off from the force Luke, even if I don't buy that explanation, still has decades of experience over someone who only started becoming active with this stuff a couple days ago.  Like everything else with...
 Rey wasn't closed off from the force, but Luke was.  Which is it?  She was using the force in every fight she had since her battle with Kylo.  Arguably she's been using it since the Falcon chase on Jakku.
 Against someone already overpowered with the force?
 See, this is where people have to start making things up to explain scenes that don't make sense.  It happened because: movie.
  So at first he was beating a super powered Jedi novice who beat badass Kylo Ren not because he is tapping into the force, but because he has muscle memory.   Then she's beating him because his muscle memory apparently sucks, not because she's a Mary Sue overpowered badass. Or is it because the whole thing is muddled and the film just needs it to happen to continue glorifying Rey?
And again... Luke is winning against Rey, then suddenly losing because she's Mary Sue with the saber.  How was he beating her if he closed himself off from the force (which is the explanation being used for his loss for some reason)?  This is a girl who beat Kylo Ren... if he was closed off from the force, how was he winning at all?
 No, it shows him going and doing his thing.  It doesn't show that the force was suddenly not there and suddenly there again. AGAIN, it is not a power people have and then suddenly stop having, it is something that is always around and always available to be manipulated.  How can you close yourself off from your own body?  The things around you?  That's not how the force works.
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