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 But they were still making original fare that was pretty distinct.  They're not anymore.  That was my point.  I wasn't arguing that it was perfect.
 They are brats IMO.  Caught in an unjust system, but brats nonetheless.  I never even said the show was bad, so I don't get the angst here.  I'm just not as into S2 and 4 (so far), which doesn't seem uncommon.  And I already said the shift from cops and crooks was fascinating, so I don't get what the problem is for you.
I think my biggest issue with S4 so far (I'm on ep8), is the main crew from S1-3 seemed to get sidelined in favor of the mayoral campaign, bratty school kids and a dour looking Marlo...none of it is particularly compelling to me, at least not on the level of previous seasons.  McNulty, Greggs, Daniels, Freamon, Pearlman...those were the rocks of the series for me, and their lack of being featured is extremely noticeable and leaves a pretty big hole, which the new elements...
 I spent a ridiculous number of hours/days dissecting the plot and meaning of the Matrix movies with people.  I remember the buildup to Reloaded was crazy...so much theorizing, and picking it apart after it came out to find the meaning in everything.
So I take it black people have nothing to worry about.
Ford just has a distinct quality that can't be matched, like Bogart.
And im sure he'd be cheap.
Pratt channeling any tough guy sounds ridiculous.
I was never into LOTR...bored me mostly. Perfectly fine movies, just not for me.
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