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Its an alternate timeline per the first film. I dont know what the hell Pegg is babbling about. Hes literally making shit up (and retroactively negating the first film) to save face over the Takei debacle. His explanation is ludicrous. I cant believe geeks are eating it up.
I'd be more sympathetic to Pegg if his decision wasn't coming out of the post-Hollywood "let's retcon/reboot every decent property known to man." As such, his reasoning is a bit like trying to steer a sinking ship. Go ahead and trample these properties but don't have the gall to turn your nose up or debate fans when they call you out on what is essentially artistic fraud. I can't take any of it seriously. I wish Pegg and these guys would just accept these movies are...
Sounds like a lot of post ad hoc bullshit reasoning by Pegg then.
The thing I'm not seeing in that data is the disproportionate number of whites vs blacks in America. Blacks make up 17% of the population. Even if whites are killed by cops in equal numbers (or greater numbers), the results are still racially skewed toward blacks since they exist here in much smaller numbers.This isn't even getting into the justice system's unconscionable targeting of black males for harsher sentences. Those statistics are real and frightening.
So they didn't want to create a new gay character because they wanted to avoid accusations of tokenism and drawing unnecessary attention to it. So what? If that was their goal they failed miserably. Because people are still complaining and now its all about the gay character. And in the process they managed to unnecessarily retrofit an established character who's sexuality was never the the point and irritate Takei by jettisoning his deliberate hetero interpretation of...
I can see why Takei told them to fuck off and just create a new character. "Hey George, we're making Sulu gay, cause you're gay. See how that works? Isn't that awesome!?" It has all the subtlety and respect of a jackhamer.
This film's biggest crime is that it doesn't even feel like a sequel to Independence Day. It feels more like an alternate universe spinoff adapted from a bad anime where Vivica Fox's stripper is now hospital staff and Goldblum's ex wife never existed. Nothing about this movie pays any kind of respect to the original other than lip service to the old cast who look like they're all stumbling around in the dark unaware of what scene they're filming. Loggia literally...
I apologize to those I've offended.  Good day.
New Posts  All Forums: