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The problem with that is she can always say no, then I'm the one who looks stupid.  I don't want to give her any more power over me.
So I saw her at work today... She's always there before me in her little area, so normally what I do is go over almost as soon as I get there and we start chatting, probably flirting and touching, etc. I didn't do that. I went about my business, actually all smiles because I was feeling pretty good in general.  I didn't go out of my way to go say hi to her.  After a while, she came over and stood next to me, as if to initiate conversation, but I said nothing.  She started...
 Making a bad story doesn't negate his point.  He tried.
Daisy Ridley says Spielberg has seen the movie three times.     I'd say it bodes well, but we all remember his "Oh my God!" review of Phantom Menace.  Though I always joked that could've meant anything.
“The Hobbit fell victim to the 'uncanny valley'," said Trumbull. "But when you dramatically increase the frame rate to 120 fps you jump over the valley to a whole new territory.”
Yeah, I remember way back liking Douglas Trumbull's idea of variable frame rate instead of a constant HFR.  Using HFR only for portions where things are moving fast with regard to action, but using traditional frame rate for dialogue and normal stuff.
Wonder if the score will leak ahead of the film.  I remember it happened before Phantom Menace and I couldn't resist listening to some tracks.  It also happened for AOTC, but I didn't bother by then (for obvious reasons).
It only used the footage we've already seen in the first trailer.
Wow, that is the best thing on the internet right now.
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