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I'm starting to think this might be some epic troll job by Abrams....no way this is real.  It's too fucking goofy.  But the guy did write Gone Fishin'...
I guess it would make more sense that... [[SPOILER]]
Wow, okay, a few questions...  [[SPOILER]]
 Not really...they probably spent $50M or so marketing it.  They don't spend that kind of money expecting less than $100M.  Neighbors is at $252M on roughly the same budget level.  That is a hit.
Their rapport suggests they are partnered up in the film in some fashion, Luke/Leia type deal.  I wonder if Disney have the balls to make it a romantic entanglement.  Not likely.  But it's 2014 and interracial couples are pretty common and movies are still so bizarrely segregated when just about everything else has greatly advanced.  It's so weird.
 It's called days off.
Which is why I said overseas is picking up the slack...but its omly a matter of time before they stop giving a shit too (aka waiting for video). Hollywood is terrible at future planning and that is a great big hole that is going to seriously sneak up and fuck them at some point.
We're talking about trends over the long term...it is declining, there is no denying the stats. And how are Spidey/Transformers/etc not big ticket films???
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