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 There are times I'm ashamed to be a SW fan.
In a modern society like this someone like Jones was inevitable.  He simply caters to mentally exhausted people who realize the fraudulence of the system but can only express it through science fiction idealism like UFOs and big brother paranoia like Government intelligence black ops.  To be fair, our beyond broken government institutions don't do themselves any favors.
 I should've been clearer.  By iconography, I mean stuff like a Death Star, Sarlacc pit, etc.  Stuff we've already seen.  Create something new.  It's a big universe.
I'm still waiting for them to announce a movie that uses no previously known SW iconography or characters.  Do they have the balls?
That was Kilmer's post Batman period when he was still tolerated as a leading man.
LOL, that bomb at the end about Paige was great.  As if Philip needed more nudging toward the edge.     Interesting contrast between Martha (who was an easy mark) and what's her name (who's clamped up tighter than Fort Knox), but hey at least she's not shy about sex.   I refuse to believe Henry is going to stay a nothing supporting nobody for long... something's going on there.  Right?   Fun fact: Matthew Rhys directed this episode.
I actually randomly started watching one of the later episodes literally having no idea what the fuck I was watching.  I was just bored and randomly clicking stuff.  I skimmed alot of it.  Seemed a bit overly preachy and self important.   Not interesting enough for me to bother with the rest.   And yeah, Netflix needs to stop with these epic marathon length shows that should probably be a 2 hour movie.
TVH was the only Trek movie we had on VHS.  It was my introduction to the movies as far as I recall.  In that sense I'm biased, but looking back on it with no problem slamming the bad Trek movies, TVH is actually very well made and a nice change of pace for the series.  Too bad we probably wont get anything like that for NuTrek... it has to be ALL ACTION ALL THE TIME.  I'm so sick of that shit.
I actually think its the right order for someone new to this universe.
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