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 Incorrect.  I have mentioned on many occasions that I am happy to support any film if the filmmaker hired is interesting, sequel, reboot or adaptation.  I didn't care for Monsters, so Edwards didn't make much of an impression for me to see the 30th iteration of Godzilla.
I agree TV is starting to surpass Hollywood movies, but I don't think it's fair to compare the two mediums 1:1...they have different requirements.  Long form vs. short form.
 Great point, but it's forgetting the fact that those TV shows (besides GOT) are more drama based and not genre based like the fantasy and sci-fi flicks the article is talking about.  Obviously straight drama shows are going to be more dramatically satisfying than sci-fi movies, which tend to rely more on blockbuster formula to sell movie tickets. 
The great thing about capitalism, is you can choose where to put your dollar.  Honestly there are so many shitty movies on netflix streaming, I barely ever watch most of it.  My local mom and pop cinephile video store with its cheap rentals and relaxed return policy.....redbox and online VOD services are enough to keep me in movie heaven without netflix.  Part of it is my budget, part of it is principle and voting with my wallet.
It defines the difference between maybe-death and actual-death-to-miraculous-resurrection. Here's the article: 
 Weird, inflation never seems to affect my work wages.  I make the same amount of money, the price of everything else goes up. Unlike some people, every dollar counts for me and I wont be wasting it on a corporation brainwashing (certain) people into thinking it's okay for them to jack up prices even after they report record earnings and millions of new customers.       
Well death is the ultimate emotional moment, and Hollywood is using it as another plot point in order to supply maximum thrills...by bringing the character back they can have their cake and eat it too.  It's just the latest lazy storytelling device in a long line of them.
I went to see Oculus yesterday and the Godzilla trailer came on, and I realized I'm not interested in seeing this.  It's another Godzilla movie.  As bad as the Emmerich version was, I've already seen a giant CGI beast stomping through a city and destroying things.  Not to mention the giant monsters of Cloverfield and Pacific Rim.  This is literally almost the 30th iteration of Godzilla...I'm not interested in a gulttony of sequels anymore and I don't want to support it.
The 4 million new subscribers and record profits isn't enough to help with surcharges?
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