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 Where has this guy been?  That's actually been going on for decades.  But I will admit more and more movies are being crafted by visual FX artists and stunt people rather than directors. This was great.  I about lost it when Morpheus showed up, had no idea he was in it.  Feels increasingly like a well crafted Marvel movie, but with more violence.  
Devin sure does have alot of incriminating photographs at his disposal.  
No axe to grind there.
 I'll have to see it in motion.
John Landis weighed in on the Lucasfilm firings. 
 I know, I agree with you.  But it can take time to find other work without instantly quitting out of spite, which might not be feasible.
 Well it cost $200M minus marketing, I don't think the distinction matters.
As I said before, nobody should feel obligated to forgo paying rent because League fucked up.  What's kind of weird are the justice warriors happy to trample the evils of sexual abuse, but remain silent when their entire operation becomes embroiled in the same controversy.  If they are that afraid to cross a boss who doesn't mind cozying up to sexual predators, it's probably a bad place to work anyway.  But people gotta eat.  
Seems legit.
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