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I've never understood the whole hate watching thing. I can't stand to watch stuff I hate.
These man babies shouldn't be having kids in the first place. In fact, a lot of people shouldn't.
I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say being a good role model is the best way to save your kids' lives. But judging from what I've heard about the guy, it's probably already too late.
Pretty much.
Milwaukee sounds positively delightful.
Story reveals character. It doesn't matter what Solo is doing, you will know why he is who he is. Especially since Kasdan is involved.
That's the entire point of a prequel (trilogy). By the time they're done there won't be a shred of mystery about him left.
Trying to demystify iconic characters simply makes them less iconic. Please stop.
You kind of wish cops would do the same during routine stops.
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