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This made me laugh way harder than it should've...
This has actually been confirmed for quite a while, just after Mike Epps got the part.
Mo'nique blackballed for being "difficult".
Another thing is people always say "the alien isn't scary anymore", which I find odd, since if you plop anyone down, turn out the lights and show them the first ALIEN whether they've already seen it or not, they're going to be scared. It's just that the sequels (which the exception of ALIENS, but even that movie is somewhat guilty) treated them more like movie monsters, rather than the abstract Fruedian nightmare Scott did. The alien "isn't scary anymore" because he's...
Normally i'd agree with this but Blomkamp stated in the interview that the holdup was with him, specifically because he doesn't like studios trying to control him, especially after the fubar clusterfuck that was his Halo experience...so I doubt he's agreed to do this without some serious provisions in place. And with Fox already having Prometheus 2 on the horizon, I can see them being much less precious about some one off fantasy sequel dreamed up by a filmmaking geek.
I know, right? Everybody's noses seem to be up in the air in here, its pretty surreal.
I have a feeling this will be more of a geeky one off fantasy of his than some overt political statement.
Just found out the crew from Boyhood is having their oscar viewing party at my restaurant....pretty cool.
The boards over at DavidIcke.com must be having a field day with this movie.  It's a conspiracy theorist's wet dream.  Illuminati symbolism is all over it.  Not to mention "mark of the beast" microchipping of everyone in order for the elites to cull the population?  MK Ultra programming of Kingsmen during training?  I wouldn't be surprised if you see freeze frames from the movie posted on youtube of Firth being called a reptilian because of a glint in his eyes or something.
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