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Somebody finally had the balls to say what needed to be said (not you Judas but Jones).
I think the slow pace is merely a bunch of setup for stuff that will payoff next season.   But yeah, that diary stuff was crazy.
I guess I'm a little biased against Leto. He was banging my best friend's (who was a sttuggling actor) girlfriend. He was kind of notorious around town for stuff like that. I'm sure accepting his oscar looking like Jesus didnt help his ego any.
The original OT fights were definitely more parable like in their outcomes, moral examples against certain things like rushing into situations unprepared.  But I don't think there's anything being stated against violence per se.  Vader and the Emperor had to be killed, it was just a matter of how that was going to happen, and they both died violently.  If Luke hadn't have tapped into the dark side and bested Vader, Vader's conscience would never have kicked in and caused...
I don't feel the need to pit BCS against BB, they're both excellent shows with different priorities.     I did like this episode alot, it was well done.  Nice slow burn to expectations.
Another year another reboot. Snore.
Leto seems out of his element to me.  That sort of overlord role Turkel played is what Leto seems to be subbing for.  Seems woefully inept, but we'll see.
From Joe Turkel to Jared Leto?  Kind of tells me everything I need to know about this.
 And when he got back to the states ILM had only done three shots and spent most of the money.  You try dealing with that.
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