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 There's a truckload of assumption in this post.  
I am near tears after reading that...I can't fathom why someone would body slam a fucking old man who was just standing there...just, fuck.  Fuck this stupid ass country, I hate it.
Don't get angry, don't get angry, worry about what you can control, breathe...breathe... FUCKKKKK!!!
 Actually people learn by example.  If your behavior is frowned upon by lots of people, you tend to course correct out of a desire to be accepted.  Racism and bigotry aren't cool, and people wanna be cool.  That doesn't justify crucifying someone on twitter or jeopardizing their employment, but enough outcry can very likely have an affect on someone and cause them to examine themselves.  
Magic Mike was tracking at $18M (even with Tatum and Mcconaughey) and grossed 38 opening weekend, so nobody was expecting it to do as well as it did...it was not an expected slam dunk.  And Tatum and Soderbergh financed it themselves...so no studio was seeing green enough to give them money.  WB did a negative pickup deal (buying a film after it's made, then marketing it and releasing it).
Love how the trailer calls it a masterpiece and it's not even out yet.  Yeah, I'll be the judge of that.
His taking an ensemble role in Suicide Squad makes much more sense now.  I'm glad he's found a new career path.
 Will Smith: 'After Earth' Was the "Most Painful Failure in My Career"
 They had to in order to hook casual viewers that were on the fence.  Enough BB iconography to put their minds at ease.
Somebody missed an opportunity to title this thread FIDDY SHADES OF GREY.  Disappointed.  
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