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 We choose to rip things apart.  It's not like we don't have a choice.  There are plenty of other threads if people get bored.
 I'm not denying you would see some stylistic flourishes here and there, but, Tarantino being a huge fan of Bond, would obviously adapt his style to fit the more British tone.  And again, if EON hired him, they wouldn't let him betray the legacy.  Do you think they would? 
 My point is, if Tarantino's name wasn't on Jackie Brown and your average fan of the novel saw it, they would think it could've been directed by any of those people, and wouldn't immediately go "TARANTINO, WTF?!".  To further drag out my point for clarity's sake... Tarantino being hired by EON for Bond would not do a disservice to the character or franchise, as some seem incapable of believing.
I love how people are already writing think pieces on why a movie they know virtually nothing about, doesn't work.  This is going to get slaughtered even worse than TFA.  And a better filmmaker is at the helm.  
 If we're going that route, Jackie Brown could've been made by PT Anderson, or Steven Soderbergh, or James Mangold, or Carl Franklin to most people, if it was without credits.  And it's a Tarantino film. I'm with Stockslivevan.  In this hypothetical situation where EON hires Tarantino to make a Bond, there's no way they'd allow him to stray too far from the source material and do some wild, crazy Tarantino weirdness.  It would be a Bond film to 99% of the audience, so I...
 Mendes' fingerprints are all over the last two films.  Isn't that why people have been complaining that Bond isn't like his usual self? I really don't understand why that's cool, but then Tarantino is off limits.   Jackie Brown is a Tarantino film, but it's an undercover Tarantino film... still in the spirit of Elmore Leonard, which is exactly what an adaptation is supposed to do... in fact, it is so unlike Tarantino's other filmography, fans complained when the movie...
 Like I said, Jackie Brown was fairly restrained and it's the only proof we have of him adapting someone's work, so I'm just going by that rather than assuming he'd make Kill Bill Vol 3 starring Pierce Brosnan or whatever.
I really hope that   [[SPOILER]]
It's actually   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: