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A good point made in the comment section of the youtube vid just posted is that if Brown stole, why was he so relaxed about it and didn't run?  Could it have been a misunderstanding about the money being paid?  I wish the clerk would clear this up.
Racism is probably the ugliest of all human achievements.  I wonder if racists realize blacks don't get to choose their skin color.  Sadly the media perpetuates this crap.  They should be ashamed.  If there's a hell, I hope racists have a one way ticket.  There's simply no reason for it.  The only measure of potential should be one's willingness to do the right thing in life.  Not the randomness of skin color upon birth.  
Saw this posted on friend's facebook: 
Actually...  http://www.ksdk.com/story/news/local/2014/08/15/lawyer-store-didnt-call-cops-on-ferguson-teen-michael-brown/14138121/
Oh shit...
I'm still trying to figure out why Brown's clothes in the video don't match what he was wearing dead on the street.  Was it a different time/day?   EDIT: It's hard to tell from the crime scene photos what Brown is wearing though...
JJ is too big of a name now to just be a hired hand.  He is definitely going to have major input into the movies he makes...just look at Trek.  If they wanted a hired hand, they simply would've hired one...plenty of them out there...and they're alot cheaper.  And Star Wars certainly doesn't need the name recognition...it's already a big enough name itself to put lots of butts in seats.  They didn't need JJ.  But I'm sure they realized, with JJ, comes all his...
 Right, Hollywood hates leaks because they know the movies are generally shit and wont gain the critical mass necessary for word of mouth.  If they made better movies, leaks would probably help the box office, not hurt it.
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