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 he never opened the bag.
Always loved that DTS logo before a film at the theater because it assured me the sound would probably be great.  I saw Ronin in a THX certified DTS theater and I think my ears are still ringing from how ridiculously LOUD it was... the loudest movie I've ever seen at a theater by far.  I was sure they had the sound overcranked in the booth.
Yes, ESB had a lush, striking  visual pallete... ANH was almost documentary like in it's cinematography so it was an interesting change.     Jedi kind of looks awful to me.... kind of drab and terribly boring visual pallete (even its most striking set piece in the throne room was aping the ESB duel) and always had the worse DVD and BluRay transferes compared to the others.  
One thing I'm hoping we get is a memorable setpiece for a change.  Luke and Vader's duel in Empire Strikes back is kind of overlooked when it comes to the production design, which was a brilliant mirror of the emotional state of the characters and narrative circumstances.   It was frightening in its ability to present Luke as CUT OFF and trapped... especially the spiderweb like design in the carbon freeze chamber (notice the backgrounds):         As well as...
I actually don't care for musicals.  Like Westerns, it's a genre that never piqued my interest, though I've seen musicals and westerns and liked some of them, movies are movies, if they're good I don't care what genre they are... I just don't gravitate toward musicals.   After initially thinking this was trying too hard, it definitely wins you over with its charm and bravado.  Nice, well told story with charming leads and great cinematography.  Myself being a veteran of...
She also said Luke has no idea who she is at the end of TFA.Deadbeat dad Skywalker? Not buying it.
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