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 All that money is spent on marketing because it literally costs that much to let everybody know a movie is opening.  Bus ads/billboards/TV and internet spots all over the world is really expensive.  They're not dumb for spending what must be spent to open a movie. What they spend too much money on is MAKING the film.  If they slashed budgets in half (very possible), they'd also be able to spend less on marketing (less money to recoup because of lower budgets).
 Hollywood is actually brilliant at marketing.  It's MAKING the movies they need help with.
In the world of twitter and facebook, there's no need to worry about people not knowing what a title means, because the press release will take care of that.  It will say "Batman/Superman teamup film to be called 'World's Finest (or whatever)'".  From then on, that title will be married to Supes and Bats and word will spread.  And if someone not in the know hears everyone talking about a movie called "World's Finest" (because everybody will be talking about it) they'll...
Jesus, is Frozen really that good?  I haven't seen it...looks fairly generic.
Who said his career was in trouble?  He just wont be directing major movies for a while, if ever.
Looks like this barely breaks the $10M mark for the entire weekend.  Wretched reviews, C+ Cinemascore, terrible box office....Pfister's directing career ends before it even starts.
Banning Singer from making films does not stop him from having the ability to prey on boys. He is still rich and well kmown. So you are not protecting anyone really. He would still be able to go to parties and access those circles. Not to mention he can still make films independently. Short of shadowing him 24\7 there is nothing to be done, so you may as well leave his artistic aspirations out of it. The responsibility falls on the parents of these underage kids.
 This is assuming he would do it again.  Obviously there are repeat offenders, but assuming it isn't really fair.  Once someone pays for a crime, they've paid.  You cannot hang something over someone's head for the rest of their lives assuming they will repeat.  Going to prison, being a registered sex offender, and known the world over as a sexual assaulter is enough punishment under the umbrella of the law. Once you implement something like your suggestion, the line...
 I'm not sure about never being allowed to work again if guilty.  He should be treated like every other sexual offender and given the proper punishment (doing time, registered sex offender), but he's not a public servant who broke a public oath.  If he wants to keep making movies, there's no reason he shouldn't be allowed to.  It is merely a job.
I love how casual you seem about throat fucking.
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