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H20 not only has music from Scream, but also The Faculty, I could hear several cues.   Also, the script was not written by Williamson, who only wrote a treatment and did a polish of the eventual script by two other writers.  His fingerprints are on it, but the film lacks his usual energy and verve.
 The only thing I remember about Harris is she wanted $50,000 a week to star in a friend's indie film.   Halloween is a weird series for me in that I know the first film very well, part 2 pretty well, and the rest are a fucking blur of don't-give-a-fuck continuity and bad filmmaking.  I barely remember part 3 and have no clue if I watched 4 - 6.  H20 was bland, Resurrection insulting, and I only made it partly through Zombie's first film I think.  I honestly don't know why...
I scrolled past H20 on amazon, and decided to watch it again.  I don't think I've seen it since it came out.  It was unremarkable then and is unremarkable now.  Horror has never been known for its characterizations, so it's no surprise there are virtually no characters in this, but no one stands out.  Fairly bland teens-behaving-badly-sliced-and-diced horror thriller with some closure for Laurie Strode.  But it's still incredibly bland all around.
The Thing is one of those movies you can't miss.  I forced my mom to sit through it.
I just cannot believe any of this voodoo bullshit.
 Of course it did.  I'm sure the producer was referring to the content itself.
 People gotta eat.
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