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My point is, would that same hyperfocus (and level of abuse) happen with a woman in that part?
Not necessarily. Mr Leroy was a light weight compared to Simmons, and he never outright abused Nina (didnt throw heavy objects at her, didnt slap her)...I dont remember any discussions about Black Swan including how sadistic and sociopathic he was. Simmons seemed to embody malice...he was an outright villain, while Leroy just seemed like a prick who had good intentions.
I can't help but wonder what would happen if Andrew had been played by a girl and all the abuse that character takes, especially the slapping scene.  For all the talk of equality for female roles in cinema, would people flip out?  Does the future of cinema for women getting a better foothold alongside their male counterparts mean roles like Andrew?  
Police officers shoot and kill homeless man for throwing rocks  
I like how it seems right outta the 80s.
 They weren't always rich...they started out fairly modestly like most other middle class nerds...the point is, now most anyone with smarts can create a tech empire from their bedrooms.  Nerds are no longer as ostracized as they once were since we live in a tech driven world now.
So this is out on dvd/blu-ray, go ahead and pick it up and support these guys if you liked the film.  They're already having lots of success after how well received the film was...they're doing a horror anthology film next called HOLIDAYS with some awesome directors...  http://deadline.com/2015/02/kevin-smith-gary-shore-matt-johnson-to-direct-holidays-xyz-genre-anthology-berlin-1201364737/ 
Ha, one of the directors of Starry Eyes just flipped out for this on facebook...so fun watching people fall in love with this.
Actually the more i ponder it the less I want them involved...it would feel too horribly fanwankish for me to take seriously.
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