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Im all for diversity (im el negro!), but they had Daisy Miller and John Boyega as the leads. A woman and black man. Pretty damn diverse right off the bat and leaps ahead of what we've been seeing in star wars...tben there is the hispanic Oscar Isaac and Luipta as a major character. That is one damn diverse cast already. I just dont want to see them cow towing to butthurt, power hungry gerk bloggers.
Netflix doubles profits, and still wants to raise prices?
And he's not even making sense:  If they indeed cast a woman instead of a man on the basis of the film being dude heavy (as Devin is inferring), it is not casting the best actor, it is casting for political correctness and to silence the uproar of neckbeard bloggers.  So Devin can happily go on fellating himself.
The hand will probably burn up and the lightsaber will be all that's left...assuming that can withstand those temperatures as well?  
You're Dead!   Yeap.
Pizzolatto seems fairly grounded to me considering all the other blowhards I've seen and heard about who don't have nearly the same success.  Definitely a guy I'd have a few beers with who speaks my language.
Disney tweeted that it is in fact an "Episode VII X-Wing" and not the Z-95 Headhunter it seems to have more in common with:    
On the X-Wing you can clearly see the seam...       Maybe they are doing the split with CGI, but I don't see any reason not to have a seam on the practical prop itself.
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