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Saw it.  Garbage.
Thinking of checking this out.  Biggest complaint I've been hearing is there's no character development and that it's very repetitive and one note... which is giving me pause.
How is it possible this show keeps getting better?
It's unfortunate how race has monopolized attempts to create something unique.  I'm even writing a script where the main black character gets romantically involved with a white girl, but in the first act, has romantic dealings with another girl in terms of just sex.  Now I have to sit there and really think about what race I make the first girl, because there all kinds of consequences that come out of that.  If I make her white, people may accuse the film of black hatred,...
I also want to add that intellectual understanding of the Klingon intention is almost a moot point, as 99% of viewers don't understand political allegories, and basically read Klingons as "dark people" doing savage things (silly, confused human mind!).  That is what the simplistic viewpoint of your average viewer takes in.  And that's not meant to be an insult.   Now I'm not saying Klingons cannot be portrayed as they are, and be darker... I'm saying a nerdist forum...
Interesting though, since as you said, Klingnons are not black, or meant to represent them in any way, so it doesn't really count... especially since Klingons are a highly sexualized race anyway.  So pre DS9, there were no sex storylines with black characters (unless I'm mistaken)... which is why I can see Burton complaining.  I personally don't buy the nerd aspect.  Even Data got laid.  And I'm sure by DS9 they had started to realize their racial problem and installing a...
Been watching alot of Star Trek TNG lately, and started wondering about the Klingons.  As a kid I didn't have any concept of racial similarities with blacks, but as I'm older, seeing the Klingons as such a blood thirsty, violent, aggressive race of savages can't help make me aware of the coincidental relation to blacks traditionally stereotyped as aggressive savages.  I have no idea about the origin of the decision to make the Klingons the darkest alien race, but I can't...
ISIS just threatened to blow up the White House.  Where's Mark Wahlberg when you need him?
Shia is just batshit crazy like most famous people in that loony bin they call a city.  You'd never see Scorsese or DiCaprio pulling shit like this, they're too busy actually being talented and making movies.  Not even Crispin Glover would stoop this low.   This just seems like a desperate attempt to validate his insanity after fucking up his career.  Nothing to see here.
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