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God and how could I leave out Kristoferson in Blade 1...he and Snipers just elevated the whole thing.
 Holy crap...I wanna kiss you?
 Marvel's movies are far too bland for them to break out for me.  Iron Man 1 is where they nailed it...everything after that?  Some good but none of them great.  Paying lip service to other genres and tropes (TWS, GOTG) is not great to me.  And just to be clear, so I don't flamed, I'm not diminishing Marvel's films...just calling it how I see it.
 There aren't many great comic book movies man.  Superman 1, Spider-Man 2, TDK, Iron Man, X2, Blade...I'd be totally comfortable putting Blade 1 in a top 5.  YMMV obviously, but it's not outrageous.  
The shortcomings in Blade 1 don't seem to be enough to drag it down for me.  It's like the dodgy FX in Snowpiercer don't diminish it much for me.  
Snipes' performance (in Blade 1) goes a LONG way in making it awesome, too.   He seemed to approach it like a real character rather than a comic book creation if that makes sense.
I never warmed to Blade 2...I think it's something with Del Toro's movies in general that just never click with me.
In terms of comic book movies, Blade is in the top 5 for sure.
 I've thought it was a great (comic book) film long before I've had these beers.  Of course some will disagree.  
 Fanboys weren't satisfied because the movie sucked, not because they can never be satisfied.
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