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  Comparing the way Night uses God in Signs to the way the bible uses God is foolish.  Night's God is there as a haphazard way of progressing Mel's character arch.  To compare the two is digging a hole because they have different goals.  The goal of bible stories is to portray God accurately (in their terms).  The goal of a movie is to portray characters in whatever way the filmmaker sees fit to tell a great story, whether those characters are accurately portrayed or not....
THE GAME Director: David Fincher  
 The difference is, biblical stories were spiritual parables to teach people how to live properly. Signs is just a movie thought up by a guy who watched The Birds and Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  It was a genre mashup with a bit of faith thrown in as a backdrop for character development.   If you want to rip Signs, by all means, as there are flaws to be had... but I wouldn't start digging a hole for myself by comparing it to passages in the most important holy book in...
Some of the directors from Breaking Bad should be making Star Wars movies rather than hack Abrams.  All that money and Hollywood can't hire the best?  Below is the antithesis of the JarJar school of throw-the-camera-everywhere-just-because directing    
 If you knew anything about God you'd know he was a dick long before Mel existed.  Read the Old Testament.  I don't think you can blame the movie for that.
 I also think there needs to be two threads: The Matt Sutton Star Wars Episode 7 Pre-Release Thread and the Matt Sutton-less Star Wars Episode 7 Pre-Release Thread. Wait, you don't post here enough for anyone to be able to tell the difference.  Nevermind.
And Tobe Hooper talking about Texas Chainsaw at the same festival...
Interview with young, amped up Martin Scorsese (probably on coke) at the same Canne Festival in '75, also Dustin Hoffman...
Rare, vintage interview with Steven Spielberg at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975 just after Jaws came out.
 Oh for fuck sake.
New Posts  All Forums: