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Trek had action before, but there was more of a pioneering, naval ship in space, Moby Dick feeling about it.  It was fairly distinct despite taking on some of the attributes of other blockbusters.  Now it's just pew pew with pretty people, horrible scripting and little else.
The problem isn't making Trek more action-centric, the problem is, every goddamn movie now is action-centric...what distinguishes Trek from other franchises now?  What's to motivate me to go see it when I've basically already seen it?  It's just another Hollywood franchise with different set dressing.
IMO the last two were already trying to be Fast and Furious in space, so why not just hire the guy who makes them!  Yay!  High fives all around the boardroom!
 Boldly go...into profit.  
 Depends on what you're definition of good is.  Fast and Furious good or Wrath of Khan good?  
Simon Pegg is co-writing this with some other guy I've never heard of.  
Funny how this comes the day of Obama's SOTU speech...
*Resists strong temptation to read comments section*
Justice Dept. clears Michael Brown's killer, Darren Wilson of charges.  fuck
Worth reposting  
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