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Serpico: Incidents like Eric Garner's death drive wedge between police and society
 Jesus, they're throwing everything but the kitchen sink at this.  Sounds like the bad fanfiction a 13 year old would dream up.
They need a Nolan like filmmaker (in terms of talent and a unique take on the material) to come in and course correct.  You'd think after seeing how successful WB was with Nolan and Batman that Sony would follow suit with an auteur, but they seemed more interested in hiring someone to yell action and cut and do little else.  Studio executives and producers shouldn't be at the helm of something like this.
 And have a much bigger bank balance.
NYPD cops warned militant group Black Guerilla Family ‘preparing to shoot on-duty police officers’
 Interesting...that ep was the most intriguing to me.
Saw all the episodes a while back...loved it.  Modern day Twilight Zone.  Can't wait for S3.
We should hold cops to a higher standard than gang members.  Crazy, I know.
New Posts  All Forums: