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I guess I'm just not comfortable around people who casually joke about black people's supposed penchant for catching AIDS (and if anyone on this board said that, they'd probably be within a hair of being banned).  When I run into those people, I avoid them.  They're not creating a socio-political statement with their view, or trying out for Last Comic Standing, they have bigoted attitudes that they've grown so comfortable with, they don't see anything wrong with them...
 She made three jokes in rapid succession.  For her, it happened again, and again...and probably would've kept happening if she hadn't been railroaded.  
 I'll put it this way.  If one my friends tweeted things like that, we wouldn't be friends anymore.  Hell, even people I barely like on facebook don't say things half that shitty.  That woman has a definite point of view about what she's tweeting and it's not all innocent humor IMO.  But whatever.
 Difference is, Louis CK is not a racist or a bigot though.  He says that stuff because he's using comedy to enlighten people about a problem.  She said it because she an actual horrible person who let it slip. Not saying she deserved the avalanche, just pointing out the (pretty substantial) difference.
 Yeah I just find the whole thing ironic.  You are basically broadcasting your opinion to the entire world with one tweet because it can be retweeted an infinite number of times.  And when you get a truckload of angry tweets back about some horrible racist and bigoted shit you tweeted, you're mystified... Lesson to be learned, if you're going to make a joke, actually be funny.  It's the difference between this and this.  Even comedy with racist overtones has a point that...
My point is, would that same hyperfocus (and level of abuse) happen with a woman in that part?
Not necessarily. Mr Leroy was a light weight compared to Simmons, and he never outright abused Nina (didnt throw heavy objects at her, didnt slap her)...I dont remember any discussions about Black Swan including how sadistic and sociopathic he was. Simmons seemed to embody malice...he was an outright villain, while Leroy just seemed like a prick who had good intentions.
I can't help but wonder what would happen if Andrew had been played by a girl and all the abuse that character takes, especially the slapping scene.  For all the talk of equality for female roles in cinema, would people flip out?  Does the future of cinema for women getting a better foothold alongside their male counterparts mean roles like Andrew?  
Police officers shoot and kill homeless man for throwing rocks  
I like how it seems right outta the 80s.
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