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I seriously thought I'd heard it all, but apparently (according to the latest conspiracy theory) Alex Jones is actually Bill Hicks, who didn't die but got plastic surgery and his vocal cords changed?     Apparently he also lost all ability to be funny.
 Yes, very unexpected, but a wonderful surprise.  Painted by fabled artist James Jean.
  First poster.   Trailer is supposed to drop some time today.
 They mistook her pajamas for a gun.
Randomly stumbled onto this.... I keep forgetting what Williams' stage act was hardly an act.  He was always like that.  Interesting to see a young Drew Barrymore around, Quincy Jones in the back and Richard Donner at Spielberg and Irving's table.    
It's less whining and more a case of people keep asking him about it.  When you're famous you get asked the same questions over and over, especially when it comes to major stories like this.  To a layman it can look like whining... to be fair, when you spend years on a project only to have it torpedoed because of some bitter old man, it can sting... and it's understandably going to come out when you're asked for the bazillionth time what went down.
 Duffy's actually been making film and TV deals over the last few years, has stuff in development at studios.  He's slowly being welcomed back into the fold.  Boondock made way too much money (over $100M) for him to be ignored.  Duffy being an asshole is like the least unique thing in Hollywood.
 "20th Century Fox seemed really into it and Ridley [Scott] came on as producer, and then it just unraveled.” 
 Touche on the joke.  But it was way worse than that.
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