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 Then I guess by Ep. 9 she'll be bringing down Star Destroyers with her powers.
 Just starting to reveal?  Didn't she embarrass a well trained dark side user on the first go?  
  Nah, it's racism.
 If one was going by the marketing and not spoiler sites, it was easy to come to that conclusion...really, they seemed like equal co-leads, with both probably becoming jedi buddies.  But I wasn't surprised when that turned to not be the case.
The thing I hated most about TFA was how Finn was little more than a red herring (in the marketing and movie) for Rey's eventual reveal with the lightsaber.  
 The back?  He'd be in the kitchen.
 Yeah, they're all children of Lando.  Even Mace.
 You really don't want to go there with me.
 Great, now I'm totally fucking tortured. 
 LOL, wow.
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