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  Wonder if we will get to see Apollo's other children with Mary Anne. We saw at least two in Rocky II.  Would also love to have a scene between Rocky's son Robert and Adonis. Bring back Milo Ventimiglia! Stallone and him even worked together recently on that TV series This is Us. No way this didn't get brought up. 
Remember to update us throughout the weeks about your indifference. We all wait with bated breath. 
Fuckin' smart move Stallone!
Yes.But some have budget and talent while others... don't.
To be fair Barry, we don't know if they would as neither of us has read them.
IF Franco was nominated, you know he would take Wiseau as his guest to the Oscars. Wiseau is living the dream right now that he always wanted.
Because Luke, Han and Leia were supposedly the leads of Lucas's outlines and two out of three of them are now passed on (one fictional, the other real) so those outlines are long past.
Once IX is out, I'm sure they'll release some book with Lucas's original outlines.
Loved the Back to the Future music theme getting a nod right at the end.
To be fair, they say what happens in the trailer is only the first act of the movie. So who knows where it goes after that.
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