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 Am I the only one thinking that this is some political coup level shit ?  deja vu?      Purges of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Here's a link to some of DJT's press comments this morning...the ineptitude on display is horrifically beautiful.   Jon Favreau sums it up....  
this was mentioned here earlier's the video.
Quote: You can look to see if you or someone you know had their ID hacked to comment on the FCC net neutrality debate.
courtesy of the NYT   Trump’s Lies vs. Obama’s  
Maybe if people send Rubio a compilation of all the insults DJT has leveled at him along with the idea of...   "Hey Marco, you really want to get back at Donny for all those times he made fun of you?..... not voting for his tax bill will really show will piss him off like you wouldn't believe and you would be a hero to a great many citizens in this country....c'mon Marco, show Donny who's boss...."    
 I wouldn't trust Rubio for a second and I think he may very well be playing to the cameras....but it would be pretty fucking awesome if he helps sink this.
 I honestly hope that's the case but if this admin has taught us anything, failing up is a good possibility. 
I think this is legit and not a parody acct.   seanmspicerFDRs book of Christmas Carols  
I'm more surprised he drinks Diet Coke.   You'd think he would be more a fan of Mt Dew.  
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