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The girl deserves it. Awesome.
Tatiana Maslany of ‘Orphan Black’ Could Shake Up Emmys
Parthenogenesis would be nuts. Regenesis had a great parthenogenesis story.The ultrasound made it look like Kira had some sort of tube-like thingy inside.
Actually, Sarah and Helena are the twins.
Maslany should easily get at least a golden globe nom. A the very least. She is brilliant. I loved the whole Helena tail-waving dance. It was so creepy. Cosima has been my favorite clone but Alison gained major points last week. Her extreme neurosis is very special. I missed her this week. I'm loving the bio-techno-cult-ish twist the show has taken. The religion vs. science conflict that's brewing is very, very cool.
I'll have to watch again, then. At least now his character got a purpose other than looking pretty.
Is it just me, or did Paul's (whatever his real name is) acting improve just a bit once he went badass? I'm loving this show. Very happy it got a second season.
I was happy to see the Ginger Snaps alumni working together again. I love the show. It's very tense. My favorite clone is Casima. She's nerd cool. I thought Paul was dead weight until the latest episode. That was a great twist. Mrs. S would be the most direct, logical choice to be Sarah's spy but it would also be too easy. Though it would explain why she moved the kids to Canada. Maybe running away from the people behind the whole thing? We'll see soon enough.
HI there! I've never posted here but I wanted to share a few thoughts about the show since you lot seems like fairly rational humans and sharing thoughts about the show elsewhere would mean to face a hoard of sociopathic hormonal teen-like creatures. - I used to champion this show as one featuring great writing but lately it's just been sad. I still remain faithful to the show but this season has been the worst. The whole love triangle thing is the most annoying aspect...
I loved it. it was a very nice story. Very personal. I wrote this somewhere else but I guess it's relevant here: this is a sci fi drama; if you go into it expecting action or a thriller, you'll be disappointed. The foreign market is embracing it. It might not do so well in the States due to wrong expectations.
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