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Coogler can turn down big franchises and still play ball. Ava DuVernay passed on Black Panther but went on to helm A Wrinkle in Time, a project she's obviously more personally invested in.
Growth, bah!    I crave Constantine's obdurate self-destruction. 
Begrudgingly, Constantine is not great.   What would have made it great is if John popped a cigarette in his mouth at the end. The gum felt a little too cutesy for the character.
Someday, the best book is going to be written about exactly what went down from the day BvS was announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, to the day Joss Whedon stepped down from Batgirl. 
No you can't. Lean back, Munson. I'll give you a shoulder rub.
Astonishing X-Men isn't for everyone. But along with having gorgeous art from John Cassady, Whedon really understands Kitty Pryde and makes her relationship with Colossus the most compelling and heartfelt it's ever been. Plus Cyclops is finally a badass.   Unfortunately, that created an escalation for each successive writer, culminating in Cyclops going full-on supervillain. 
I like the positioning of the movie just a week after Civil War, because one imagines if Killmonger's plan had worked, the Avengers would've been too divided to put up much of a fight.
Guys.   The first two Thor movies are dumb as hell.   The character needed a mocking.
Tarnish Wakanda's rep, the people will be more willing to accept Killmonger's challenge to oust the king that did the tarnishing.
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