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Again, I don't care if Debruge thinks the movie is bad. I encourage and welcome a variety of viewpoints! I also couldn't care less how much money this or any movie makes.   I was specifically pointing out how several reviews say this movie introduces massive, no-going-back alterations to the mythology, the characters and the status quo.   And the Variety review literally says you could skip The Last Jedi and pick up with Episode IX and not miss a beat.   That's the...
This is nice, comic writer Gail Simone on why openly gay screenwriter Allan Heinberg needs to get more credit for his work on Wonder Woman in light of the character's long relationship with the LGBT community:  
It's weird, because Luke is described as being very funny and also incredibly somber.    Guess that's par for the course with Star Wars. Revenge of the Sith, following Anakin murdering children and choking his own wife, has a sight gag of Yoda knocking over the Imperial Guards and then throwing the Emperor into his own chair.    Five minutes after the charred bodies of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru we're wisecracking in Mos Eisley.    It's all over the place.
You ain't gonna be pleased with this, Saxy. From Seitz's review: I cut out the actual references to specific jokes there in the middle with the ellipses. 
Sure, but Matt Zoller Seitz says over at that it "guides the series into unfamiliar territory" and, paraphrasing, has expanded the mythology in small but significant ways.  So, is it not essential and a viewer could pick up with Episode IX like The Last Jedi never happened, like Variety suggests? Or does it guide the series into new territory with small but significant changes, like Seitz suggests?  Again, not a question of quality but strange wording on the...
Every other review talks about how shocking and unexpected the movie is, but Variety essentially says nothing happens the whole time. Does not compute. Like, the movie could be bad for all I know, but inconsequential? When everyone says avoid spoilers because of all the earth-shattering changes?  Just bizarre. 
Sure sure.   But hey, I'm seeing it for free. 
94% on the Tomatometer with 129 reviews so far. That's probably a pretty good indication of where it'll end up.   Grain of salt and all that. 
I've had an idea I've been floating around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thread. I keep poking at it, but today I've been thinking about Y: The Last Man.   In that, suddenly all the men (except one guy) on Earth die. By the end of the series lots of ideas are floated as to why this happened, but one theory put forward is a kind of "spontaneous, instantaneous evolution" resulting from cloning. The series opens with a woman cloning her own daughter, and a character by...
Yeah, wasn't too pleased with that. Not even sure of the context or how that even works. Whatevs.
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