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Yeah, that many Americans seem to consider prison rape an acceptable part of the punishment and/or funny is quite horrifying really.
Depends. Are you bringing a cold-fusion bomb?
 I was actually thinking about the same thing last week, after reading this article: 
Soandsean Bean?
How about this: In the end the walkers are fought back and there's a chance to finish them off for good, but due to human bickering and backstabbing that chance is lost. The walkers retreat to wherever they came from, to bide their time and plan for another attempt in however many centuries. And humanity has kicked the can of total extinction down the road, for an unfortunate later generation to get fucked by.
 Dude, that post could REALLY have used some spoiler space at the top...
 I think the battle in Slaver's Bay showed that the other two follow Drogon's lead, so using all three with only Dany as a rider is quite doable. Having two more riders would allow for using the dragons in independent actions though, which would probably increase their effectiveness by a lot.
House Major House is clearly the best house though.
Swallowing your phone will only make it worse!
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