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This was a struggle to sit through. I'm a fan of Haywire-style Soderbergh, not easy breezy Soderbergh.   I don't get what attracts him to some of the projects that he does.
Hey, wait until Simon Kinberg gets his shot!  
They weren't nobodies to Erb Berbob, proprietor of Jakky Town Liquor Shoppe. They helped put his kids through Jakkollege.
Maybe in the universe where Star Wars movies are funded by Reddit upvotes and RT user reviews?The internet is not real life.
I love the Matrix sequels.
How about that Force Club For Men beard coloring when he was on Crait?
I like that this movie actually gives us things worth debating and thinking about, as opposed to the big dumb cheeseburger sandwich of TFA.
Lens was a one off case, a temporarily bugged weapon that's now nerfed. In Crucible the attributes of the weapons (Impact, etc.) are what matter. It's so that a low level player with a Scathelocke is the same as a high level player with a Scathelocke. For me, Crucible is a fun hybrid of TDM and weapon collecting.
Deleted backstory: Snoke's parents sold him for a pack of deathsticks. That's why he's so mad at the galaxy. Perpetuating the cycle of misery, Snoke himself got hooked on deathsticks, which are a leading cause of face cancer.
Spoiler space: the final frontier I rewatched TFA the other day. The nerdy part of me wants to dissect the flashback shot of Rey's parents flying away in that ship, seemingly towards space. But oh, buried in a pauper's grave on JAKKU are they?? (The answer, obviously, is that JJ has Future Blindness. He's never planned ahead anything in his life.)
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