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F**8 yeah!  Gimme dat old time XF religion!
 It's like a Lifetime Movie made by David Lynch or something. 
I just saw The Harvest on Netflix.  Holy %&$%.   It's amazing, super dark but sweet, and Michael Shannon is in it!  Felt a little like early Cronenberg.  John McNaughton is so talented, but after Henry he kind of dropped off my radar.  I was kind of shocked at how good this is.  Anyone else see it?
    I know, I'm sorry.  I shouldn't have signed up in the first place since work is basically like a hostage situation, and now I've got an injured pup at home and a kid about to leave town, just way too much going on.  I wasn't even able to make my round four picks because I haven't had time to lay them all out.  :(  Hopefully my life won't be such a disaster when the next draft rolls around. 
It's with a heavy heart but I have to drop out of the draft.  It's not the one I miscast but that pick makes it clear that there's too much going on right now for me to really do it right.  Sorry, guys!  There are a lot of stellar casts though and I'll vote in the brackets.  RIP cool Lady Boogie Nights.   I think that means my picks thus far are up for grabs, but it's AtomTastic's call!
Please no one wait for me either.  My schedule is a disaster and luckily I don't have to worry too much about my picks getting swiped. :/
 Yes!  Thank the dog gods for anti-venom!  :)   The only soul for whom I'd venture into the eighth circle of hell, aka Sunset Blvd. at rush hour!  xx
OK, I'll have to live with my choice.  :/
The Colonel Jane - Meryl Streep Rahada Jackson - Lucy Liu Tara Parker - Melissa McCarthy
Awwww ... I has a bad sad.  Not even for a solid reason? (age is off)
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