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I do think that is what they are heading toward. Whether it happens in the finale or was slated for sometime later in the seven season (lol) plan, I think Marcus was always fated to get killed off at a certain point, with Tomas carrying on the work.
There were about eight too many Character Almost Dies But Then Gets A Reprieve moments in this episode, but it was good overall. I can't foresee a happy ending for Andy in the finale. Even if the priests are successful in casting out the demon, the dude's on the hook for a couple of murders at this point; it's not like they just have the corpse of Psycho Mom to cover up any more. The fate of Truck felt like preparation for a tragic ending.
Edgewood Studios promises a Blu-ray of Time Chasers in the spring of 2018.
The tonal confusion of Delta Knights is what makes it so irresistible.  It is at abrupt turns a Dark Ages Indiana Jones, a Tolkien ripoff, and a Nickelodeon movie (albeit one where 12 year olds gets propositioned by tavern wenches).    They're a scene in the unedited version where David Warner's character (the villainous one) sends his lackey off to die in a cavern booby trap and it's played as this wacky, lighthearted moment.   I adore the movie's choice to try to tie...
"Man, people are opening a lot of beers up there."
Spielberg also didn't like THE EXORCIST, apparently.
 If you didn't catch Erik's interview with him upon the release of his prequel that we talked about upthread, it's highly recommended.  Schrader is enjoyably candid and fatalistic about his experiences with Morgan Creek.
 What makes it juicy is that Spielberg was pretty blunt about his disdain for Schrader's draft.  Check out this passage from Spielberg: The Man, the Movies, the Mythology:  The book goes on to talk about Spielberg being pissed when Dreyfuss asked for gross points, and how he jealously kept Verna Fields off the project (she was supposed to be associate producer) because he felt she got too much credit for JAWS.  Anecdotes like this are why I can't be bothered with the HBO...
There were a bunch of writers involved with CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, including Schrader, David Giler, Hal Barwood and Matthew Robbins.  Only Spielberg got the final writing credit.  I suspect Spielberg had a strong vision but no ability to write a script himself, so he hired collaborators who could get him part of the way there before taking over.  He couldn't do it from the blank page, but he could revise someone else's work to what he wanted.   Anyway, here's Schrader's...
Celebrity worship will never die. The story goes that when silent movie hunk Rudolph Valentino died at age 31, some fans committed suicide in their grief. The proliferation of media may have made it worse, but this phenomenon has to do with the human psyche more than technology.
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