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Giraldo seemed like he was constantly on the cusp of getting huge. He would regularly get a pilot, that would then fail, but it just seemed like statistically one of those projects was going to eventually work and he would go nuclear thereafter. Or maybe his fate really was to "just" be a comic's comic, beloved by his peers and always working but never hitting the stratosphere in terms of profile. I get the impression that his problems closed some doors, but I also...
Giraldo was the best.  I am still angry with him for dying.  What's weird is that if you look at his last television appearance (which I believe was the Hasselhoff roast), he looks far healthier than he does in clips from years earlier.  But I guess you can only relapse so many times.  The folks writing the book about him say it will come out sometime this year.  Here's hoping they're right this time.   Tough Crowd worked far less frequently than it didn't work, but...
Ugh, sorry for somehow completely overlooking Subotai's post about Quinn.
Apparently Colin Quinn had a heart attack on Valentine's Day.  They say he's recovering nicely, but I'm re-watching the finale of Tough Crowd regardless.  
Cross also teases that we'll get a glimpse of Tobias's extended family.  That's gotta mean they're paying off the Tobias Is Really Black running joke, right?
‘Arrested Development’ cast ‘stands behind’ Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross says
This is a decent little 58-minute documentary about alternative theories of Huey P. Long’s assassination. Specifically, it’s about the family of Dr. Carl Weiss - the 29-year-old that shot Long - who have never accepted the guilt of their kin. The dissenting theory that Long was shot by his body guards by accident was and remains popular; the quest to find evidence that would vindicate Weiss even led to the doctor’s corpse being exhumed in 1992.   Huey P. Long fascinates...
Leo, I see salt and pepper.   Is there a salt substitute?
R.I.P. Reg E. Cathey  
Since I started the WILLOW thread I guess I will say that, although it's really not a bad movie so much as a thoroughly derivative one, and a movie need not be defined by its unoriginality if it possesses other strengths. My left-field submission is NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. A colossal misfire, yes, but boy does it go all in.
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