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Posts by Barry Woodward After THE FORCE AWAKENS employee screening, I ran into Pablo Hidalgo (Lucasfilm Story Group) in the hallway and I said, “Man, I don’t know what you guys are planning. But if you’re planning on redeeming this guy, you have a lot of work to do.”   Rian Johnson: Exactly, which is not to say we’ll redeem him, but I felt like my work with this was to evolve the character from where he’s at, to push him further along, which you always need to do with any...
Are porgs the new ewoks?
What did you think of John Williams' score? What pieces stood out to you? I realize you don't know the titles, but here's the track list for you to use as a reference:   Main Title And Escape (7:26) Ahch-To Island (4:23) Revisiting Snoke (3:29) The Supremacy (4:01) Fun With Finn And Rose (2:34) Old Friends (4:29) The Rebellion Is Reborn (4:00) Lesson One (2:10) Canto Bight (2:38) Who Are You? (3:04) The Fathiers (2:42) The Cave (3:00) Sacred Jedi Texts...
"You have 2 new Private Messages. Click OK to go to your Inbox now."   I'm conflicted.
Lay it on me and, while your at it, do we find out who Rey's parents are? Who or what Snoke is? How do they leave things with Leia? What becomes of Kylo Ren? Heck, just give me a summary of all the major beats of the film.
 More than anything.
 I really want to know.
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