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Asked if fan outcry would at all impact his vision for the upcoming film, Abrams was clear. “Not in the least,” he said, adding, “There’s a lot that I would like to say about it, but I feel like it’s a little early to be having the ‘Episode IX’ conversation … I will say that the story of Rey and Poe and Finn and Kylo Ren — and if you look, there are three men and one woman, to those that are complaining that there are too many women in ‘Star Wars’ — their story continues...
 Only this time sung by Taylor Swift.
What if the live action Star Wars show on the Disney streaming app is a FARGO-esque anthology series that kicks off its first season with a ten episode Kenobi tale starring Ewan McGregor and directed by Stephen Daldry? Call it something like STAR WARS TALES: KENOBI. They can even turn those other bandied about standalone stories (Boba Fett, Jabba, etc.) into follow-up seasons. Dave Filoni wants to transition to live action features? Let him prove himself with STAR WARS...
For those hoping for Ronald D. Moore, he's already doing OUTLANDER, ELECTRIC DREAMS and a sci-fi series for Apple.
What about Joss Whedon? Yeah, he's got BATGIRL on his plate, supposedly, but the DCEU's film slate is still very much subject to change. You'd think they'd want to make at least one Batman standalone before they start tackling the Batfamily, but Matt Reeves seems to be taking his sweet time. There's potentially a window.
"We are developing not just one, but a few Star Wars series specifically for the Disney direct-to-consumer app. We've mentioned that and we are close to being able to reveal at least one of the entities that is developing that for us. Because the deal isn't completely closed, we can't be specific about that," he said during an earnings call Tuesday. "I think you'll find the level of talent … on the television front will be rather significant as...
For all intents and purposes, Benioff and Weiss are the showrunners of this new branch of Star Wars. TV writ large. Since the press release said it was a film series and didn't specify that it would be a trilogy, I reckon we'll be getting a Harry Potter-sized amount of films, each of which could be helmed by a different director.
"It was announced today that Benioff and Weiss, creators of the smash-hit, Emmy Award-winning television series Game of Thrones, will write and produce a new series of Star Wars films."
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