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 Hard for a piece of paper to gain momentum on its own.
Agreed. Ramsey got robbed.   One of the great unsung comedies of the 80's.
They should kill a main character every week. Only reason I've been watching the last couple seasons is to see more of these saps bite it and bite it hard. One major death per half-season doesn't cut it. Not even close.
30 years ago today...              
Guess that character is dead which is great but I'm finally ready to cease watching.   Those slow-mo close-up shots were the worst.
Have a great birthday, felix! Enjoy the weekend!
 Not sure if you know but GUN SHY is now up on Prime.
Congrats on scoring those tickets! Very cool. With Al Franken as Paul Tsongas! Best part of that sketch is Hartman's rage-out toward the end.
Haha, Dick Crenna in JADE tells Caruso to be careful with his investigation or he'll have to "get the fuck out of California because you'll have as much of a future here as Jerry Brown."   Jerry Brown elected Governor of California in 2010.
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