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Currently reading Ann Leckie's Provenance. A seperate story set in her Radchaii universe. Interesting enough start, but god she's gone a bit crazy with the pronouns this time. That's always been her schtick, but it's a bit distracting this time.
Not sure what I can add to the conversation after 37 pages! Just came back from this.   I enjoyed the spectacle of it all, and as Kermode said... Finn, Rey and Poe all get quite well defined character arcs. That took quite a bit of juggling but it seemed to work out. I'm less convinced by Poe's arc out of all them, his actions get a lot of people killed and the fact the he realizes this mid-way through the third suicide mission is hardly redeeming enough to make him the...
I'm sold on this, Oswalt and all. Just my kind of crazy.
Yeah, second the love for Gorogoa. Very short (finished it within the refund window of Steam, which might cost them, but I won't be a dick about it). Very very original.
You are SOOO limited on first dates with what nonsense is out at the cinema. I was desperately hunting for a RomCom on a disastrous first date just so I could stop talking and making things worse. All I had at the two cinemas in town was Star Trek Generations and Interview with the Vampire. I chose the latter and thankfully she was a fan.
I've just finished the latest Expanse so I can probably handle one more Space Marine free story. The Space Marine is a lady in that one too.
I'm not getting involved in discussion if you've not read this one either.
Yeah, I read the online crit pieces from the ladies and I can see that. But the point for the antagonist in the story, is that it all just keeps working. He has bad date, makes bad jokes and is generally a bit of a clutz and he still gets emotionally and physically closer each time. That's like every romance story ever. The narrative specifically goes past the Point of No Return at the point I said. Online does allow you to get further into a relationship than back when I...
It's a cleverly written tale, no doubt. The climax doesn't grab me the way it seems to have grabbed the internets, but it's way more of an emotional piece than I normally read. Still, it's a clever slice of life for what women must go through, I can see why it's gained social media traction, especially now.   I can see why it strikes to the heart of the MRA types, possibly I'd say the story is deliberately crafted to do it. The protagonist essentially turns at the point...
I can't imagine a business model where people own, but leave the Alien and Predator franchises on the shelf forever.
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