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Republicans really do think their voters are morons don't they? Or more likely they hope their donors will be now pleased enough to let the money flow like wine. How the hell they think they can campaign on this tax bill along with now wanting to cut entitlements is insane. "Look, we did something! We gave your money to billionaires!" These are some cynical, nihilistic pricks.  
 I am pulling for Cage to be Mephisto. A nut like Cage playing Marvel's Satan just amuses me.
Wait until next spring or earlier when he attack North Korea. Or Iran. Or whatever country Trump randomly decides has pissed him off the most. Let's not kid ourselves. He will have his war before he is taken down or leaves office.
So many conflicted emotions. You have some great performances from Driver, Hamill, Ridley, etc. But some of it was just boring and tedious. Kylo's resolution is the only plot point I look forward too in the next movie. I don't care if Poe becomes a leader, Finn gets a girlfriend, etc. And I don't understand how people can knock on TFA for being a carbon copy when this movie is pretty much the same. Just because the filmmaker behind it is more talented and liked does not...
The article says they will try to have viable internet service at the camps so I guess that is a plus for Chewer relocation plans.
China is building refugee camps near the North Korean border in case of a crisis on the peninsula.
The Virginia election polls thought that contest would be closer then it was. I know Alabama is redder then hell, but I am hoping against hope for a similar surprise.
The sooner Bannon fucks off to whatever hellpit he spawned from the better. Come on, Mueller. You have to have something on this prick. 
The Twilight Zone had this pegged decades ago.
The Republicans are banking on the stupidity of their voters to survive this. To be fair, that gamble has worked oh so many times. But it doesn't work under every circumstance. Some of the Republican rubes will wise up, I promise you. They legitimately thought Trump would help them and not fleece them. Building a wall, deporting immigrants, etc won't mean shit to them when their taxes go up, they lose their Medicare, etc. Republican politicians need to be sent some history...
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