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I've seen it. I thought it was pretty decent. I remember a lot of action and Carano knocking some sense into people. It's not bad DTV.
I heard about that. Sounds cool for the people that have the game.
This is a nice little series. I watched the first three eps of season 1, and it's a nice little anthology show so far. Thanks for the heads up.
I tend to watch TV shows because they are quick "bites" so to speak. Sometimes I just have time for something quick. That being said, I don't watch too much "live" and watch it a few days or more later. Some shows I watch aren't even on the air anymore.
Watched Samurai Cop 2 today.   They added some actual production value this time around and it doesn't look half bad. That's about as good as it gets, everything else, like acting, is pretty out there.   The actor playing Joe Marshall is back, but no longer with the boyish good looks and feathery hair. Now he's old and weathered. It's still a blast though.   I watched it for free on Vudu, you just have to sit through a few ads. It's also edited, with any nudity...
I'm going to check that out. I didn't even think of trying that. A lot of channels give you the ability to sign on to their website and watch their stuff. I miss stuff on TCM, this will give me a 2nd chance to catch it.
You and me both brother. I'm tempted to go out to a midnight showing and then go again on Saturday when I take my kids.
It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's a fun time to spend watching a movie.
Only one movie in 2018?   They're taking their time about it.
Is it Luke keeping his cool until like in the last three minutes he unloads on all those First Order pricks and tears their ass up, like Vader in Rogue One?
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