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Turn Off The Dark *had* memorable tunes?
I find it amazing that the author never realized that he was writing about a man who had gone insane with ego.
That elevator bit is one of the best "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!" cries for help ever.
Great article, but I disagree with the use of that Tarantino quote. Remember the context of that scene? Bill is trying to justify his actions against the Bride. So I think it's safe to call "bullshit" on his reasoning.   To me, Superman's heroism comes from how he was raised on Earth, and therefore Clark is who he really is.
I think Samuel L. Jackson is great in Unbreakable. It's definitely fueled by his anger, which he can do in spades.
Christ, guys. He's gonna get a fucking Rhino suit.
Well, wasn't the whole reason Rome got cancelled is BECAUSE it was so expensive to make? (Same with Deadwood and Carnivale?) Methinks HBO doesn't want a repeat of that.
Also, I wouldn't trade Tony's "Clench up, Legolas" for anything.
OK, you know why Hawkeye's on the team? BECAUSE HE *IS* THAT DAMN GOOD.   Also, he has cool shit like exploding arrows that are legitimately helpful.
Well, for one thing, it's a nod to how Hawkeye was originally a bad guy in the comics as well. And for another, he's honestly a rather iconic member of the team.   I can understand Renner's frustration, but hopefully he'll get some more stuff to chew on in future films.
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