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I certainly don't mind that the Hall's mission seems to have morphed from "Rock" to "Popular-but-not-pop music (except sometimes) post 1950." I really don't see there being any real influence in Bon Jovi....if they hadn't existed, nothing would be different about the post-1980 musical landscape. They provide nothing that say, Def Leppard (a superior band, IMO) wasn't already providing. 
  I'm on the Cheap Trick bandwagon, and they are in because they've basically been a consistently good workingman's band for decades. I personally think they belong in because they are a foundational act for power pop, and they did have a wide reach as far as making musicians realise that melody, wit, and crunch could coexist in a spectacularly successful fashion, but I think most people put them in because At Budokan still gets plenty of play.  Bon Jovi is CT, but far...
  Well, based on their speech, they had no idea who he was, which is sorta inexplicable to him or hate him, Steve Miller was omnipresent on the radio in the 70s/early 80s. Compare the Keys' listless dud of a speech to Rob Thomas' and Kid Rock's loving and admiring induction speeches for Chicago and Cheap Trick from that same year. 
Bon Jovi are this year's Steve Miller - neither foundational nor innovative nor unique, they were merely popular and successful.  Which, good for them, but I'd rather see Motley Crue in before Bon Jovi.      Counterpoint: Steven Hyden's take on Bon Jovi in his "Winner's History of Rock'n'Roll" series.
  Basically, when people talk about RatM and Gary Numan, I'm like "sure, so long as the acts those two (and numerous others) built their careers on, the MC5 and Kraftwerk, get in." 
 To be fair, Knopfler is voicing a character; in that character's eyes, Knopfler himself probably qualifies as a faggot with an earring and makeup. 
  Look how long it took Sabbath and Purple to get in. I don't know how Metallica made it on first ballot - too big to fail, I suppose; in the 90s they were the biggest American rock (or at least "rock subgenre") band. 
Ugh, fuck internet culture
I saw them once, and I'd say they're good live. It was on a triple bill with Robert Randolph and the Goo Goo Dolls, and those other bands are better. I feel like Bon Jovi are basically this year's Steve Miller - lots of hits and units moved while really not doing anything remarkable outside of that. Say what you will about Kiss, but they were hugely influential as far as theatrics and inspiring kids to pick up instruments; I feel like Bon Job I are just sorta there.
*Pat.Damn. One of my all time favourite bands.
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