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This prank is so cool that it makes me want to support the film. Very, very strong marketing that thinks outside the box. Take notes, all you Hollywood bigwigs and fat cats.
One of my favorite albums on the yearly October playlist:       Scream...and Die Screaming  (Studio by the Cemetery)   The whole album is available for a free download. Horror fans, especially those of the '80s regime, will absolutely love it.
   Well, to me, the serie's prime were the first four films. I saw Part 3 and The Final Chapter in their original theatrical runs. Part 3 has, even to this day, some of the best 3-D effects employed in a theatrical film. I will always remember The Final Chapter because the entire theater was so packed, with some people even standing in the back of the auditorium and others sitting in the aisles. It was like a rock concert. Nonstop screams and hysteria for 90 minutes.
  Bingo. That's the only reason to hate any genre of music, to distance oneself from being associated with it and the lifestyle they assume it labels. Otherwise, it would just be simply ignored, like the 546 millions other sources of art/media that we pick and choose from on a daily basis.
This isn't a movie, it's outtakes from Rob Zombie's music videos.   This is a film that wants to be taken seriously, so badly, but it ends up doing just the opposite in spectacular fashion.   Case in point: Well into Heidi's (Sherri Moon Zombie) descent, when we are supposed to be witnessing this poor woman in despair and becoming mortally and spiritually empty, Zombie has this ridiculous cheesecake shot of Heidi waking up on a couch, with her ass hanging out because...
THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I swore I wouldn't watch it and go ALL CAPS, but it made me fear and respect the Big G again!
 Respectfully disagree. The first four films have wonderful moments of "dread" (i.e. atmosphere and suspense).
 Watch both the original Japanese dub and the English dub, cause you'll most likely be watching the series more than once anyway.  (The English dub is pretty awesome though, and better than the original source.)
This is a great topic! I never even thought of this dying art. Credits in general are so rushed these days, including the atrocity that are those end credits getting squeezed to one side of the screen and sped up, so as to play a promo alongside them!   There are so many classic title sequences that I honestly don't want to get started listing them, for I don't know if I will ever find an end to said list.
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