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Has it been established that only people who are bit or infected by zombie blood turn into zombies upon death? I assumed this show was working under slightly modified Romero rules in that everyone who dies, no matter the cause, eventually gets back up again. So at some point, even a non-infected corpse reanimates thereby becoming infected. Because if this isn't an airborne virus or supernatural occurrence, and there was a Patient Zero as in 28 DAYS LATER, then I don't...
I'm sure someone will find something terribly wrong with this episode but I sure couldn't. Probably my favorite episode so far, mostly because of the human drama, so deftly handled. And everything involving the CDC was pretty damn great, I thought. This episode proves you don't need a lot of zombies to create an engaging episode of this show. ETA: A little weird hearing such a memorable cue from John Murphy's SUNSHINE score during the caravan montage. Great music but...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hammerhead I take it that as with the original Tron the orchestral tracks represent the real world, with electronica for the computer world? I was hoping they'd do that. Sure doesn't seem that way based on the cue titles and how much orchestral music appears deep and late into the score. But then again, there was wacky Wendy Carlos synth cues in the real world of TRON as well, so I'm not sure that rule has ever...
As unforgivingly dark as SEVEN is, I also love that it has these random great, funny lines in the middle of all the evil that's unfolding. Things like: "If John Doe's head splits open and a UFO flies out, I'll want you to have expected it." Everyone remembers how disturbing SEVEN is (and it most certainly is) but there's quite a bit of humor throughout.
On the Fincher Road Map, BENJAMIN BUTTON is a serious wrong turn. I'd skip that offramp entirely. And I say that as a huge Fincher fan. It was pandering, Oscarbait dreck, beautifully-crafted but catastrophically hollow. It really felt like Fincher woke up one morning and decided he had some shelf space to fill so why not get that Oscar thingy some of his peers had in their living rooms? And yes, ZODIAC is, in my opinion, his best film. But FIGHT CLUB and SEVEN...
I got the complete TRON LEGACY soundtrack a few days ago and I've had it on repeat almost non-stop since I got it. I love the blend of orchestral and electronica. Some of it is so huge and majestic, I doubt most people would have expected that kind of grandeur from Daft Punk but they really knocked it out of the park, in my opinion. The score really had me pumped to see the film... Until I heard about the reaction at the recent junket screening. Yikes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Greg Clark Y'know, for being such LCD comedies that spawned an entire decade's worth of shitty family comedies, both Home Alone movies have some really great work by Williams. It's almost ridiculous, the disparity in quality between the score and the film. Yep. And you could almost say the same about Goldsmith's STAR TREK V. Shit film, fantastic score.
La-La Land just announced some big'uns. Namely, JADE Limited Edition (3000 units) by James Horner, HOME ALONE Limited Edition (3500 units) by John Williams, BATMAN RETURNS 2-Disc Limited Edition (3500 units) by Danny Elfman and the one I've really been waiting for (seriously!), STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER 2-Disc Limited Edition (5000 units) by Jerry Goldsmith. They all go on sale Tuesday. http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/po...ID=1&archive=0
Phil, both transfers are problematic. But if you're a purist: old transfer. If you're not: old transfer.
And according to Google maps, the nearest gun shop (Georgia Tactical) is 47 minutes away by foot. Discuss.
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