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I got the complete TRON LEGACY soundtrack a few days ago and I've had it on repeat almost non-stop since I got it. I love the blend of orchestral and electronica. Some of it is so huge and majestic, I doubt most people would have expected that kind of grandeur from Daft Punk but they really knocked it out of the park, in my opinion. The score really had me pumped to see the film... Until I heard about the reaction at the recent junket screening. Yikes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Greg Clark Y'know, for being such LCD comedies that spawned an entire decade's worth of shitty family comedies, both Home Alone movies have some really great work by Williams. It's almost ridiculous, the disparity in quality between the score and the film. Yep. And you could almost say the same about Goldsmith's STAR TREK V. Shit film, fantastic score.
La-La Land just announced some big'uns. Namely, JADE Limited Edition (3000 units) by James Horner, HOME ALONE Limited Edition (3500 units) by John Williams, BATMAN RETURNS 2-Disc Limited Edition (3500 units) by Danny Elfman and the one I've really been waiting for (seriously!), STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER 2-Disc Limited Edition (5000 units) by Jerry Goldsmith. They all go on sale Tuesday.
Phil, both transfers are problematic. But if you're a purist: old transfer. If you're not: old transfer.
And according to Google maps, the nearest gun shop (Georgia Tactical) is 47 minutes away by foot. Discuss.
The more you show the zombies, the more routine they become. I think the screentime ratio of zombies to humans has been right on the money so far. It's the ever-present threat of the zombies more than the actual sight of lumbering geeks that keeps me on edge. Seriously, the scariest thing on the show for me isn't the undead but rather the characters who raise their voice or make any significant noise.
Quote: Originally Posted by Disciple_72 I dunno about that. Rick and Daryl are two of their best zombie killers (especially Daryl it seems), and Glenn is always on his toes, possibly the most alert one out of all of them. Since they'll never know though, the dramatic mileage is of course key (hoping to see Rick really beat himself up over his decision to go back for Merle) I guess what I'm saying is, Ed and Amy were already bit by zombies before...
Quote: Originally Posted by Disciple_72 Rick going off with three of their guys left the rest of the group vulnerable, just like Shane said. Rick and the others would probably have been sitting around the campfire while Amy and Ed would still get bit. He might have been able to make enough of a difference to save a redshirt or two (i.e., characters we don't care about) but the serious damage would most likely be done with or without Rick there. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by myers87 This aggression will not stand, Myers.
Quote: Originally Posted by t3cii I don't see how you can think Hamm is "all kinds of wrong for the role", then think Armie Hammer is a "near-perfect fit". Besides looking fuck all like Superman, do you really think he could make for a good Clark Kent? Did you see THE SOCIAL NETWORK? Considering he perfectly realized two entirely different characters, yes, I'd say he can be a great Clark Kent and a great Superman. As for looking "fuck all" like...
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