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Everyone tweets from work now, CCCC! #getwiththetimes
Love the font and color choices there, Barry. 
Okay, Utopia has officially overtaken Boardwalk Empire as the show which manages to make me the most tense. I'm always expecting random acts of violence and, most of the time, I'm quite right to anticipate it. That opening scene..... I'll put the following in spoiler-text just in case anyone outside of the UK, who hasn't seen the episode yet, stumbles over this post.  [[SPOILER]]
Whatever its problems, The Phantom Menace had the best lightsaber duel of the entire prequel trilogy which earns it a ton of points from me. Sure, it's spliced with two other storylines I couldn't give a crap about and the antagonist is sketched so thinly that it hurts, but Lucas knew I wanted an epic lightsaber battle when I went to see that movie for the first time and he gave it to me there. That fight has stakes, rising tension (the scene in which the three fighters...
 Or George Lucas.
It's a shame that he's doing GotG as Chris Pratt would probably be a great Deadpool. 
I'm going to use an anecdote to sum up my personal experience with this trilogy.   I recently went to an Italian restaurant with my parents. I love Italian food which is why I went there, but it seemed as though the restaurant had tried to be too clever with their offerings. Nothing there was simple, and we got funny looks when we asked for adjustments. I wanted a tagliatelle carbonara but they didn't make it with ham, only shrimp - and I like ham. They had operatic...
All of my dreams have finally come true!
Can someone tell me how much screentime Karen Gillan gets in this? Does her character survive at the end?   Also, please spoil the post-credits sequence if you've seen it. 
Looking at that picture of Hugh Dancy on the left, I feel as though he needs to play Hugh Jackman's skinnier brother in something.
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