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I've got to admit that's a pretty nice ship.   Cryptic should implement a system similar to ESO when it comes ot the lock boxes. I currently have over 100 gems thanks to exchanging the stuff I didn't want and, whilst I don't envisage myself opening any more of the current crates, I might try and save up the "free" crowns you get every month for subbing so I can use them on the next batch of crates (which I believe are going to be Dwarf themed). Eventually I'll have...
Oh cool. I didn't realize Massively had also reviewed it. I'll go check that out.
MMORPG is the first to release a review on Morrowind. Whilst he criticizes Zennimax for releasing it as a 'Chapter' instead of DLC, and thereby forcing subscribers to pay for it, the reviewer does admit that its "one of the best MMO releases of the year" and says the questing is "some of the best content added since its launch". He also loves The Warden. Overall, seems to be extremely positive about it.   LOL at the crying baby and the screenshot-taking noise during the...
Yeah, and  I wouldn't even be able to have fun telling you guys about it because I'd have to sign an NDA anyway. 
Just received an invite for the Morrowind Beta test. To be honest, I don't think I want to participate as I'd prefer to experience everything fresh in June. Having checked the forums, it doesn't look like I can give my code to one of you guys either as apparently Zennimax automatically apply it to your account when they select you. Gak. 
I'm almost certain my Warden will be a Wood Elf now so a pod house would be perfect for him / her.
If it helps, there's actually an add-on which removes the quest markers.    I've spent the weekend questing in Grahtwood and I think it might be my favorite zone in the game. I've done nearly every quest I could find there and really enjoyed touring the forest and learning about the Wood Elves who reside amongst the trees and plants. Elden Root, the capital city which is built inside of a giant tree, is particularly cool and, as someone who enjoys the game lore, I really...
That's Glisten. I kind of want to know the origin of the name "badsoup" but something tells me I'd regret asking. 
  Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the episode. Whilst it was better than Cottrell-Boyce's previous episode on the show (the awful "In The Forest Of The Night"), there wasn't really a lot to sink your teeth into here and the ending seemed somewhat rushed, making me wonder what Moffat sees in him as a writer for the show. I didn't hate it but I'm not in a hurry to rewatch it.  Like last season's two part commentary on immigration, you mean?
Apparently the server has gone down, so I (and most likely anyone else) can't even get on at the moment. Ah well. Perhaps one of the Daedric Princes is trying to ensure that the mightiest heroes of Tamriel don't come together.    Will jump on a bit later (assuming the server is back up) and most likely tomorrow so I'll be up for an impromptu group adventure if Jacob and / or anyone else feels like it. 
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