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Hazing as horror? Looks pretty interesting.  
I guess that's a nice feature although with the amount of content available (I read that a number of new areas open up on the game map at level 50), not to mention all of the DLC stuff that's still out there, I doubt I'll be making use of it. 
He better start working out because it's starting to look like he'll have to play the lead role too! 
Will the game allow my character to get it on with blue Natalie Dormer?    Am prepared to pre-order if needs be.
Between this, Fargo and Doctor Who, April is looking like a busy tv month for me!
The ending of this week's episode was wonderful. I hope we haven't seen the last of Miller but, as I've not read the books, I'm going to assume that was his final scene and be happy that he finally met Julie and got closure.    What a fantastic little show this is.
 Ha. You think that's bad? You should check out Terra (no, you really shouldn't), a fantasy themed MMO which features a wide variety of immersion breaking mounts and pets including this vehicle:  Can you imagine seeing an elf driving a police car through monsters? Imagine no more! Incidentally, if you want to see the human spirit breaking on film, watch The Lazy Peon's series of Youtube videos on Terra where he attempts to reach endgame but is crushed into pieces by its...
(You really should go watch The Expanse instead, MC.)
Agreed. I'm a big Harris fan but Pryce was incredible.
We can but hope!
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