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I have room in my life for only one sadomasochistic Mr Grey.  
Is John Boyega the new Idris Elba? 
"Brett, I've got Kevin Sorbo's agent on the phone and he wants a cameo in your movie." "Kevin who? Anyway, where's my Wolverine outfit? It's time for Brett Ratner to head out and get laid!"   *   "Kevin, I've got Brett Ratner's PA on the phone and she says -" "Brett who? When, in the name of Zeus, is the director of Hercules going to get back to me?!"
The new issue of SFX comes out today, with five collectable DW covers, should anyone be interested.  
That's better!
Please increase the size of that facepalm.   Thank you.
I feel sorry for whichever actor has to try walking in Carradine's shoes.   God, I'm so excited about this! 
I bet Freeman owns one of those.
This show is really frustrating. On one hand, you have a terribly put together lead character with stupid quirks and a cliche backstory, but he's played by someone who is ten times better than the material he's being given. The writers are inept enough to introduce a character with no immediate connection to the main plot and assume it's okay because he'll become important later (imagine watching the first season of Game Of Thrones and every episode features Oberyn Martell...
New Posts  All Forums: