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 Disappointed to read this. I'd have thought they'd have realized that what made the last movie (and, to a lesser extent, the one before that) work so well was the return to a group dynamic.
The planet Oa is now just the globe on top of the Daily Planet building. 
Wonder Woman's homeland, Themyscira, is probably a small piece of land in the bay between Metropolis and Gotham now.
I'm impressed that the night bus is still running during a vampire outbreak. That driver is one tough woman! I hope she's getting double pay or something.
Batman: "Superman! I know you can hear me with your super-hearing! Scarecrow has hidden bombs filled with fear gas around Gotham and Joker is orchestrating a riot in Arkham Asylum! Meanwhile, Bane is tearing the limbs from police officers and...."   Superman (Putting earplugs in his ears): "Not my problem until it crosses that bridge."
 She used her sister's name to get in and then stabbed the fuck out of someone.
“A man of any size lays hands on me, he’s gonna bleed out in under a minute,”
I didn't even know there was a restored director's cut of Manhunter. Might have to seek that out!
I haven't clicked on that link yet but if Squirrel Girl is on that list, there will be BIG TROUBLE.
 Nah, she was the one getting donkey punched in the kitchen. She'll sing about it next week.
New Posts  All Forums: