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It annoys the hell out of me that the trailer features an English guy using the word "pants" and not meaning underwear but instead, like the American audience it's designed for, trousers.    BOYCOTT
It's the Speed Force, I think.   If we wait long enough, Bart will surely tell us.
I always feel sorry for Tim when I read his posts. Back pain is the fucking worst and I can't imagine having it for two years. JFC.
Was this the actual trailer or just a teaser? I'm assuming the former which makes it odd that it doesn't set up exactly who makes the League "come together". I've seen more than one person assuming the threat is Satanic in nature.    I'm certainly interested to see how this fares now that (1) it doesn't have the unique "Batman and Superman on the screen together for the first time!" hook (because, let's face it: nobody really cares about Aqua Man or Cyborg or The Flash...
 One of the hosts on my favorite ESO podcast mentioned that his favorite location is Shada's Tear in Craglorn. Apparently the final boss has some sort of mechanic where she'll dive into water below the arena and force you to either fight her underwater or stay above and face a small army of drowned ghosts that she controls. It sounds really interesting. Your mention of the mother's sorrow set reminded me of my amazing fortune today! I was searching for a random tome on the...
My favorite cereal at the moment is Curiously Cinnamon.     They're rather delicious and have certainly satasfied all of my curiosities about cinnamon breakfast cereals. 
 Yeah, I'd love to have some other Chewers turn up for a Social Saturday event over on ESO! It's a shame that Codename is buried in Mass Effect right now. Maybe after 200 hours of playing that, he might want to play something completely different. You know; a game where he gets quests from NPCs, runs around a large open world fighting monsters and putting skill points into - Oh crikey. 
Crikey. Cyborg's CGI looks like something out of Van Pires! 
This is now my favorite thread of the week.
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