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Thanks for running some dungeons with me today in ESO. T'was good fun, as always!   Alas, I didn't get any good screenshots so here's one so we can remember that time we all stood around mocking Freeman's hat.     
It's okay. Looks like Dal's going to be a little late anyway.
Jack Black needs to go to the moon!
I'm guessing that Tony dies but then, in the next movie, he's back but RDJ is replaced by Christopher Plummer with no explanation given. 
No probs, man. Family comes first, as someone in Fast And Furious probably once said.    If we're in the middle of fighting a dungeon boss when it arrives, your wife has to take over, though. 
Yeah, Destiny 2 is the only game that's managed to get me involved in PvP, and that's because I REALLY wanted those milestones.
If you have the Morrowind expansion, it also has the Battlegrounds PvP (Capture The Flag, Dominion etc) where you can win unique armor sets and stuff. Three teams vying for victory in different arenas filled with traps. Have never tried it.
I keep meaning to try the large-scale war thingy. Dalyn spoke highly of it. 
Probably a good idea. Best to check out whether you like the base game before moving onto the other stuff. Besides, I personally think the base game has a better new player experience. You're basically taught how to do everything by FemShep from Mass Effect and Dumbledore. That's quite an intro, right?
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