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So, Dunkirk is currently at $63.8m after five days of release and predictions believe it'll make it to at least $200m. For a movie with no real stars (sorry Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy but I don't think your names sell movies in the U.S), no American actors at all, and based around an event that very few Americans even know, that's quite something. It essentially means Nolan is one of the last remaining directors - alongside Tarantino and Spielberg? - who can sell a...
Seeing as McFarlane is playing a Brit, and Craig is playing an American, I kind of hope they appear together in the same scene at least once in this movie. 
No moar Terminator movies   The line must be drawn here
That'll teach you to play Oliver Reed Simulator, Jacob. 
I hope Nick Fury starts off played by David Hasslehoff but then his atoms get scrambled by some alien beam and he emerges as Samuel L Jackson. 
He was pretty great as Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz. Hamill was obviously the high point but that cartoon series really nailed the voice casting when it came to the villains.
Hahahahahahahahaha.     Well played Mongy (and thanks). I have four days off work coming up. Dare I touch this?!
 Yeah, I remember that! Man, Dottie Underwood, the 1940's Black Widow, was awesome.
I've never played that game and, thanks to your post, I never will. Stay away from me with your crack-like addiction Civilisation! 
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