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I kind of wish they hadn't made her Spock's step-sister, as she could have just been part of a different Vulcan family, but I like what they've done so far with her background. I especially loved the part where she used logic, as per her Vulcan upbringing, to persuade the computer to save her life. That was a nice touch.    It feels weird being genuinely enthused for a new Trek show.
I'm worried that all of the good stuff we're seeing is a result of Fuller and that, as we move into episodes with less of his influence, we're going to see a decline. I hope not as I've quite enjoyed what we've seen.
I think Martin-Green is actually pretty good in the lead role. Not seeing what some of you fuddy-duddies (have I spelt that right, Bradito?) are talking about.
Because they're both by-the-book characters with funny-shaped heads?
 No, Poop City is the name his cleaner has given the room where Harry Knowles first read the sexual allegations against him. 
Only seen the first episode but I really liked it. This show's pilot has a momentum and verve that was sadly missing from the majority of the later Trek shows, and I'm hoping they'll be able to keep this up. Heck, I don't even mind the camerawork which is clearly trying to ape JJ Abrams.   Although we've not really gotten to know many of the characters, I particularly enjoyed Doug Jones' character explaining that his race was essentially livestock and that he was...
I kind of feel sorry for season two of Stranger Things. I have a feeling it's going to be torn apart, whether it deserves it or not, because it came after IT dominated the world and shares the same DNA. (Fun fact for those who don't know:  The Duffer brothers originally wanted to make an IT tv show but couldn't get the rights, and so they ended up making Stranger Things instead).
Tired Shit: Guess what the first two news stories on my BBC feed is? "Invictus Games: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seen hand-in-hand" followed immediately by "Harry and Meghan hold hands". Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? There's probably a billion things happening in the world today and your top two news stories are about a guy holding hands with his girlfriend? I love Suits as much as the next man, but this is ridiculous. 
Yeah, the movie really didn't need a callback to the first movie exchanging British chavs for American rednecks.    As much as I enjoyed that final fight scene, I wish Whiskey could have been redeemed somehow. He was probably the best character in the entire movie and I'd have happily watched more of his lasso-fighting.
 I look forward to seeing articles by DRUNKEN JASON VOORHEES, Dalyn. 
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