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 It may be the case that I have misunderstood you here, but Brits - such as Flint - use the word "cinema" in the way Americans use "movie theater". 
    (Sorry. I saw it on another messageboard and the randomness of its appearance made me chuckle.)
I thought Flint's rise back to Captainhood (is that a word?) would take up most of the season and so it's both surprising and satisfying to see it all happen in one episode. You have to admire a guy who will willingly risk half of his own crew on a gambit like that.    I'm liking Ned Low quite a lot. Vane was never really that threatening and so it's good to finally have a proper villain to antagonise the other characters.    I do hope Captain Jack Rackham actually...
 I dunno. It arrives here in time for Valentines Day, and the main story seems to hinge on a romance between an everyday wolfman and an everyday Queen Of The Universe. I'm sure a lot of everyday couples can relate to it. Genius bit of scheduling, if you ask me.
A lot of people online wanted Snakes On A Plane to do well.   Fuck a lot of people online.
I feel like we needed a door for Carnotaur3 to kick down before saying that. 
I bet even Jai Courtney's mother thinks that A Good Day To Die Hard is the worst Die Hard movie.
I'm excited as hell to be watching this next weekend but even I want to punch that guy in the face for writing a statement as hyperbolic as that.
Go and vote for this on Steam Greenlight NOW. It's the best worst thing you've ever seen.   (FYI: Commentary on the below trailer provided by Jim Sterling)  
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