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I reckon the season cliffhanger will be the Pope getting possessed and that'll be the set-up for the second season (if we're lucky enough to get one). 
Yeah, he definitely got what he deserved.
Falling in general killed Han Solo.
 I'm not sure when the backlash started but, if you want a chuckle, check out the many "Kylo Ren VS...." threads in the battle forum of Comic Vine. The majority of people appear to think he'd lose to almost everyone including (most insultingly) against Jar Jar Binks! 
I dunno. Once you create a villain and convince me that he's such a moron that he could easily trip over his own shoelaces and fall down a hole to his doom, you're going to have to work extra hard to make me view him as a serious threat again.
.Quote: Yeah, I feel kind of sorry for Rian Johnson as anything remotely intimidating has been stripped away from Kylo Ren, and he's pretty much a laughing stock now. It's like finding out that Darth Vader was Dick Van Dyke under the mask in the first movie. Who in their right mind could understand anyone being scared of him for the remainder of the trilogy? 
 I see the Marvel movies compared to television shows frequently but it seems (at least to me) like people just hammering a round peg into a round hole purely on the grounds that they're both round, even if it's not the right peg. I mean, yeah, sure, there are similarities between what the MCU is doing and how television shows work, but the most obvious reason that the Marvel shared universe looks like it does is because it's adapting from source material which already...
(I'm just trying to wind Ska up)
 It has its own thread. This thread is for the hardcore gamers, son. We don't talk about some kiddie console that turns into a remote control car or whatever the fuck over here. 
I thought 3.5 "Men Against War" was merely good whereas the others have been very good to exceptional but, as TuringMachine pointed out earlier, even "merely good" here is usually an excellent for most shows.   [[SPOILER]]
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