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Yeah, that FX work was excellent.   I love how this show makes even the smallest characters stand out. They could have just encountered a standard Native American at the beginning but that would be too boring for Banshee, and so he has a hole in his throat and a voice box. 
Idris Elba for Link!   Or Zelda.
 Hey, Me From Five Day Ago! You're going to love the episode in five days time! Also: It's implied that Burton is castrated in this episode, right? Did we already know that?
I admit that I'd watch the hell out of this. I hope it's good.
"And their son, Prince Skeletor, shall rule the galaxy."
I like a bad guy who cleans up after himself.   Environmentally friendly.
So all the husbands in Krull can throw fire, right? I bet dinner table arguments can get quite... interesting.
I love how they zoom in on the Glaive like a big "Fuck you!" to the audience.
This movie is full of people stating they have to do things alone for no particular reason.
New Posts  All Forums: