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More likely tomorrow, seeing as the auction runs until the end of today.
I thought this was fantastic.   I found myself continually re-evaluating it as it went on; a result, no doubt, of the previous episodes setting such a high standard. I wasn't sure at first, probably because I'd guessed where that first story was going at quite an early stage which slightly disappointed me, but the introduction of the 'cookie' was where I began to really warm to the episode. It was with the third story and the wrap-around, however, where I became certain...
 Not Coulson? He's a much more interesting character now than in the first season, at least in my opinion.
Mitz?   Fack?
Currently addicted to a game that was released yesterday on Steam called The Town Of Salem, which is based on a browser game of the same name. It was only £3.19 and somehow swallowed up two and a half hours of my life yesterday due to it's "Just one more game..."ness.       It has the most simple graphics and a single twee piece of music, but the gameplay is pretty addictive. It's a party game based on the likes of Mafia or Werewolf, with each player (of up to...
 Hatred shooter removed from Steam gaming site
I'm torn between wanting to find out what all of the fuss is about and the stark reality that I have a billion other things I should be playing first.
 Also: His rapping prowess. 
 Your friendly, neighborhood Woodwardman has ya covered.
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