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 Whereas I'd actually love that!
 The Game Of Thrones-esque Reign? Is that a bit like how you and I are fans of The Wire-esque Agents Of Shield?
I guess the big question, Judas, is: Was Dragon Age III: Inquisition worth the $1,000 you ended up paying for it?
Take anything that the Daily Mail says with a pinch of salt, and then shit it straight back out.
They've just finished shooting the 13th episode and, according to Deadline, things are looking slightly up ratings-wise:  I like this show enough to want to see it keep going, and hope that it does. If not, I'll keep an eye on where Matt Ryan ends up. Hadn't heard of him before but I really like him in this (which is funny because I thought I was going to HATE him, based on the first trailer I saw for this show).
 I've often wondered how Mrs Grayson's egg met Mr Grayson's sperm. These are the kind of things that Batman Begins should have explored too, if I'm being honest. It's a pretty big black mark against that movie.
Now there's a quote for your DA:I marketing, Bioware. 
Yeah, I quite like Chaz and am genuinely interested in how he ended up as the Highlander.    Agreed that this was a bit of a muddled episode and a step back from last week. It seemed to be laying a bit of groundwork for future episodes, and I quite like the scenes of Constantine and Papa Midnite comparing their different types of magic, but the whole story didn't gel into anything cohesive and that final scene with its supposed big reveal pretty much told us next to...
I think I need a cold shower.
Now you've made me wonder if Ser Pounce is confirmed for the game. I won't rest until I find out.
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