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It's definitely an acquired taste. Luckily, I've acquired that taste! Will have to check out Nomad. Hadn't heard of it previously.
 Decided to skip The Witcher, which is a shame as I would have liked to have begun from the start but I find the controls much too fidly. Played through the tutorial of The Witcher 2 last night (which for a 2012 game still looks quite pretty) and we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I'll get used to the combat system because my first exposure to it didn't go so well (I had trouble remembering all of the different spells, traps and items I was meant to be using, as well as...
It was his destiny! He was born to buy a new house there!
I bet Cranston didn't even get a script for this. He probably strolled into the recording booth and the director simply told him to just say all the cliches that a mentor might say to a chosen one.   "It's your DESTINY!" "You were BORN FOR THIS!" "EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE HAS LEAD YOU TO THIS!" "It's NOW OR NEVER!"
It's time for an intervention, Bart. I'll send your wife a Facebook message telling her that you're having an affair with the librarian.    You can thank me later.
Brosnan as Cable?!  NO. Lang and Perlman are RIGHT THERE and they want to play the character.   Much better if he was Mr Sinister.
Fuck it. Might actually go and see this on the big screen (which I've not done for a Shamamalayanananan movie since Signs). The really positive reviews, my appreciation for McAvoy as an actor, my renewed confidence in the director after The Visit, and knowledge of yet another crazy twist, all add up to make me want to experience this in the best way possible.
Fuck you guyzzzzzz. I saw the sudden flurry of posts here, got all excited and thought the trailer had finally been released!   You know what happens to people who disappoint me like this? They go on The List! *Orders Freeman to put both himself and Felix on The List*
You're not fooling me again, Fox, with another lame superhero movie that you've cut a good trailer for. 
 There's a really obvious solution to this, Bart.
New Posts  All Forums: