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 I can imagine some awkward silences between those two. I've always liked the fact that Nolan wears suits on set instead of the standard director outfit of casual wear with cap. Not sure why. Stay classy, Nolan!
Whereas I have a much easier time imagining David Goyer interacting with Snyder than with Nolan. I bet those two guys are like peas in a pod.
Does this mean I can play with my some of my X-Box chums (and vice versa)? HOLY SHIT - DID WINDOWS 10 JUST BECOME USEFUL?!?!?!
It's odd to hear that there are problems with this, because it was ported by the same guys who brought the last Tomb Raider game to PCs and they did a great job with that.
(Is too awkward and British to offer a hug, and so pats WD40's shoulder, says "Well done, mate!", and walks quickly away)
 Yes, this derail was completely your fault and you should be ashamed. (Hee hee)
Are Nine Inch Nails not brilliant anymore? (I don't really follow them, and so I have no idea how they're regarded now.)
 Having looked further into this, apparently Breach mode is single-player? Who pays for microtransactions in a single player game? "I look awesome in my new $30 costume! Can't wait for nobody else to see me wearing it in-game!"
You're some kind of wizard!
Who would call their pets Draven? If I had little worm on a big fuckin' hook, I might call it Skank but that's about it.
New Posts  All Forums: