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Dracula Untold Gets Uninvited To The Mummy's Shared Universe Bollocks   "Fuck you, Luke Evans" says Kurtzman, still blissfully unaware that he and Ellen Degeneres have the same hairstyle.
DAISY RIDLEY IS...     ENDOR FORREST GUMP   "Life is like building a droid out of spare parts. You never know what you're gonna get!"
Tom Cruise is.... The Mummy! What a twist!
 It's not what I'm after (I'm after crime thriller rather than supernatural thriller) but American Gothic is actually one of my favorite shows! Man, I wish we'd gotten a second season....
  Have seen both of these (and I agree that The Shadow Line is fucking glorious!)
 Ah, okay. Thanks! I'll add it to my list.  Hadn't heard of this but Wikipedia seem to suggest it's different crimes in every episode rather than one crime across an entire season? Is that correct?
Is it all one story across the episodes, though? I'm primarily looking for - essentially - a mystery novel told across one season. I'm not entirely sure Terriers would qualify unless I've been misinformed?
Web wings? Hmmm. To quote another Chewer: I'll have to see this in motion.
Over the last few weeks I've been binge-watching a lot of one season television crime mysteries; most of which have either been British or Scandinavian. For example, I recently finished watching season two of BBC's The Missing and this prompted me to seek out the first season - each of which were comprised of eight episodes centered on a single mystery which was resolved in the finale. I've followed this up with a good example of 'Nordic Noir', Trapped (or Ófærð as its...
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