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On Sleepy Hollow, John Cho plays a man who made a deal with a devil and now, on the set of the next Star Trek movie, he'll be working with someone who appears to be the real version of that character. I hope Cho uses to opportunity to get some insight into the role, because it's surely the only good that could possibly come out of this.
This is never going to meet CCCC's expectations. It could win five Oscars and CCCC will still feel disappointed.
 Definitely. Even though I'm a Marvel fanboy, I do admit that they're leaning on this crutch far too often in their movies. I guess that's the nature of comic book deaths but it sure would be nice to actually think something besides "I wonder when they'll come back?" after each demise now. 
 I think he may be referring to the accident involving the nuclear power station which is hinted in the trailers, and I believe this takes place some time before the main events of the movie (during which Youtube and camera phones didn't exist). Of course, this is all speculation based on a three minute trailer. I'll have more complete answers for you after I've watched this movie. 
There's a really interesting article over at nytimes.com, in which Alexander Huls dissects the worthlessness that Hollywood blockbusters have placed on killing characters. Fake outs are nothing new, but it feels especially silly given the dominance of Game Of Thrones-style surprises lurking around on television; surprises that have the heft and draw of genuine finality. Huls makes the connection to stock screenwriting structures and the comic bookification of the screen...
 I'll agree with you. I can certainly see an improvement this season, and it probably helps that he appears to have one of the more exciting storylines at the moment. I'm interested to see what happens when he comes face-to-face with the mutineers. I'm still not going to see his stupid Pompei movie, though, no matter how many times CHUD bombards me with the trailer and marketing.
He should have just gone with the Deadpool solo movie. Sure, they pretty much fucked that character up in X-Men: Origins but, in the right hands, you could still make a good movie out of him and Reynolds would be perfect. Of course, I can't imagine Reynolds happily keeping his mask on throughout so.... okay, I've just talked myself out of this. Let's not have a Deadpool movie.
Fuck that guy. Also: fuck my co-worker who recounts in minute-by-minute detail every movie she watches over the weekend, even if I mention that I've never seen it. ("And then I couldn't believe it! He died! It was so out of the blue! Do you know what happened next? Well...")
I'd certainly be up for running some stuff together if it happens at an appropriate hour during my time zone (and I can tear myself away from my new Awesomenauts addiction).
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