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Absolutely adored this final episode and it solidified the second season, in my eyes, as being leaps and bounds above the first season in almost every way. Whilst I'm still feeling the loss of Sembene, I do like the fact that his death affected two of the other characters in such a way that one is now heading to Africa and the other America.  I wondered to myself where the story would go in the second half of the episode after they effectively defeated the wtiches (and I...
 Mcnooj is going to love this movie.
Having a comedy prop sidekick voiced by someone who obviously isn't a comedian is always a good idea. 
I hope not. As much as I like Nolan's stuff, an action director he is most certainly not.
 Ha. I literally just watched this before reading this. LITERALLY. 
I dunno. I believe in the eternal love of Brangelina.
 I'm 98% certain it will and that it'll pick the side of fucking Batman because everything's always about Batman now because Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman BATMAN. God, I sound like one of his supervillains sitting in Arkham Asylum.
 We need a re-cut trailer with this quote over Courtney's face, pronto! 
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