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Fraid, have you received the Noojian Dictionary I sent you recently? If so, you'll be able to find an answer in there just after "MILLPOOL" and "ONGH ONGH"
 Well, uh, I don't know about the last part, Duke, but I'd definitely check out a Nick Fury solo movie (although I want a Black Widow solo movie more).  Yup, both are superb. Shitty directors like Olivier Megaton need to watch The Winter Soldier on repeat until they learn how you shoot a fucking action scene that's well-choreographed, well-shot, and actually engages the audience. 
 Yes but I need others to validate my opinions, Brad!!!  Thanks for the reminder. I always forget about Sepinwall for some reason, even though I enjoy his reviews. Will have to bookmark him.
Where does everyone go for their tv reviews (apart from here for Game Of Thrones)? AVClub and IGN are the only two places I visit for tv reviews at the moment. Should I be checking out anywhere else?
After watching Civil War today, I went back and watched Winter Soldier (yeah, yeah - I know I should have rewatched it before). Watching the awesome sequence in which Nick Fury and his futuristic car face-off against a legion of HYDRA goons and the Winter Soldier, I realized how incredibly James Bondian it all was. Replace Samuel L with Daniel Craig and those HYDRA goons with SPECTRE goons, and you've got a great Bond set piece. It automatically catapulted the Russo...
 I think even the folk behind Alien3 realized that people who sound like they came out of Shakespearean play are more likely to be space fraudsters rather than straight-forward killers. They're the space politicians who will happily allow your grandmother to freeze to death in her one bedroom space apartment despite paying her hard-earned space taxes for years, and those same space politicians will later use her credits for expensive visits to other planets and to pay...
Yeah, I'm sure some will hate the character for being nothing like his comic-book counterpart, but I thought Bruhl was good in the role and I like the fact that he ultimately wasn't some super-powerful arch-villain; just a relatively normal human looking for payback against the Gods. I hope we see more of him (and the fact they kept him alive suggests we probably will).
*Feigns surprise*
Man, every single Spidey joke landed perfectly with my audience who had been largely silent until his appearance. The loudest laugh went to his comment about Cap's shield (something along the lines of "That thing totally doesn't follow the laws of physics, y'know!") with only Ant Man's response to Tony not knowing who the fuck he was coming anywhere near on the laugh-o-meter. It was said up above that ten minutes isn't enough to determine a character's place in comparison...
Jim Sterling's method of stopping a company from throwing a false copyright strike at him and claiming ad revenue from his work is kind of awesome.  
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