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I'm more interested in what George Lucas thinks about it.
I'm thinking that a lot of the answers will come when we learn who Supreme Leader Snoke is, and what his history is.
Still no word from my giver (Nick) or givee (DJ Dylan).  
I've nothing to add, only my support. Good luck to you, Stelios, and I hope things improve.
 Evi, you are the wrongest of wrong men. If there were a land called Wrong, you would be king there - unless they don't have a Royal family; in which case you'd be El Presidente. Ritter was great as Jones, moving from sassy and surly to unguarded and fragile at a moment's notice; equally convincing when she was telling people to go screw themselves as when she was faced with a Killgrave victim who just wanted to die.  I kind of hope that season two plays more with the...
 I have the ProxFlow extension on my Chrome, so I no longer get those annoying "It's not available in your country" messages on Youtube. Watched it right here on good ol' CHUD!
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving where I live and so, instead, I'm going to celebrate the birth of Gigli and its gifting to the human race.   Happy Bennifer Day everyone!  
I've never heard of it either!
Well done Ambler! Keep living the dream!
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