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Was watching my favorite game reviewer today on Youtube and, at the end of the video, he put his hand over his mouth to muffle his voice and declared the game "MEDIOCRE!" in an Australian accent. There were a few people in the comments section who had no idea what he was referencing (until they were inevitably told to go and watch Fury Road). Made me a little sad that there are still people who haven't seen it whilst also making me happy that the movie is obviously a part...
 Except this is exactly what the 80's were like. My parents took me on holiday to Los Angeles in 1988 and, after my mother was kidnapped by a drug baron shortly after getting off the plane, my father and a local renegade cop had to kung fu their way through the city's underworld to get her back. We went back to L.A in 1989 and the same thing happened again, only this time it was orchestrated by the drug baron's revenge-seeking twin brother. As my dad said, whilst tying a...
    (Just because this screenshot makes me smile)
"Before I could pull the trigger, I was hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra."
 Tough. I think both are equally worth your time if you've not seen either although I tend to prefer B5 over DS9. Season one of B5 has some weak spots (O'Hare, for example, doesn't make for a particularly interesting lead and Bruce Boxleitner, who replaces him from season two onward, has twenty times the charisma) but seasons two through to four are really great. If you ever watched Lost and despaired at the way in which mysteries were obviously introduced with little to...
Which pixel did he play?
 Totally agree. A lesser movie and director would have characters explaining to each other (but really the audience) these facets of the world. Miller simply puts it on-screen and says "I trust you to work it out for yourself or just your imagination to fill in the gaps. It's more fun that way".    I'm still holding out for a Hardy/Gibson team-up somehow. I know it'll never happen in the Mad Max universe but I think they'd be great on-screen together.
 Yeah, he seems like a cool guy in interviews and you can tell how much he looks up to George Miller when the two of them are together. I think it helps that he comes across as sincere. A lot of actors don't ever manage that when they're talking to the press.
The-Site-We-Don't-Talk-About says that several auditions have leaked online for a season 2 character everybody knew was going to show up anyway.  
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