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You've made me look forward to getting my character created and running some quests with them tomorrow. I've not played the game a lot recently due to burnout but I'm definitely eager to try out the Warden at last.   Watched some Battlegrounds on Twitch. There's nothing quite like listening to a guy with a heavy Bronx accent shouting "Fecking Sorcs! Fecking dirty Sorcs! Get outta my game, ya dirty fecking dawgs!"
That fact that the latest season was (in my honest opinion) better than either Iron Fist or Luke Cage makes me glad this was produced by ABC and not Netflix. 
In the spirit of these Wonder Woman screenings, I've decided to make CHUD a female-only site by blocking all male posters.                           Hmmmm. Awfully quiet around here.         Does Smugbug still post here at all?                                             Hello?!
 It's already lifted for women. They've probably been secretly discussing it when they go to the restroom in pairs. For everyone else, it lifts on Monday at 9pm PST.
I opted for the standard upgrade in the end, and so I don't have the Morag Tong converter. If the game had given me an option to join their faction, it might have swayed me; knowing I could be a Morag Tong assassin wearing the appropriate gear. Walking around the Dark Brotherhood headquarters whilst wearing the uniform of their rivals in the assassination profession doesn't really cut it.   Okay, you've swayed me. I think I'll do the same thing as you now, just for the...
You need to Mrs Doubtfire it up, Codey.
It's a secret lesbian orgy involving Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman outfit and a packed movie theater of frustrated Texan housewives wearing German army uniforms from the early 20th Century.   Hopefully.
Nah, Nick would stab Devin in the back of the head with a fork* whilst Devin was trying to grope one of the waitresses behind him.   GAME OVER   WINNER: "THE NUNZ"                               * That's for you, Overlord. 
Ah, okay. So you think it may be a kind of River-Phoenix-In-The-Last-Crusade thing rather than an entire movie based around the character as a young man who, over a series of movies, grows into the character from the games. Gotchya.
Wouldn't Holland be the lead if he's playing Drake?
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