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There are aspects of both that I really like (McHale as Venkman! Eddie Murphy as Zeddmore! Blunt as Barrett! McGinley as Peck!) but I think I'm going to go with Richard as it's the version I'd pay to watch if both were playing at the same time.
Ratty's draft completely wins me over here. I'd watch the hell out of your Ghostbusters, sir.
He looks like he's fallen victim to the Santa Clause.
 Well, it kind of was, so there.
They'll probably just hire a bunch of actors who look the same, and it'll be ninety minutes of a giant crane trying to drop those actors into rows.
Anyone heard from Ambler recently?
I love the idea of Rockwell as Venkman. That said, I like the fact that Judas committed to his theme, and put Murphy back in his intended role. I'm not entirely sure I agree with certain decisions he made (Strathairn is great but I can't see him as Ray, for example) but it's a stronger and more cohesive cast to me. Point: Judas.
I love Ratty's theme and think that he absolutely nailed what he was going for. I don't know a few of the people in Hammerhead's draft (I really like the Oswalt casting, though!) and so it means I'm going to vote Ratty.
Adding John Noble as a full time (He's in the credits now!) villain is probably the best decision this show has made in its second season. Every single scene of him being dastardly is an utter delight. In fact, he seemed to be having so much fun in that final scene (Look at me! I'm an evil lawyer now! And I'm getting people to sign things in blood! Hee hee!) that it was infectious.    Also: Where the hell was this show when I was a kid? As much as it makes me squee right...
New Posts  All Forums: