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My favorite shot from the trailer is this one:         Despite his other flaws, Snyder is always great with the visuals. That's very much a comic book image in motion, right there.
no free will
 Oh god.   You're not locked in here with us. We're locked in here with YOU!
Hmmm. I'll need to see this in motion before I'm convinced it can work.
Perhaps he can team up with my Moth Man superhero who is really fucking awesome until someone turns on a light and he spends his time fluttering around it. It's his Kryptonite.   Are you saying it doesn't need to be held in his little bat hands? We've veered wildly off topic here but, in a way, I feel we've saved this thread from itself.
How does the bat hold the sword and the gun in his little hands?   I have found a flaw in your concept, Johnny!
I love the way Irons says the word "powerlessness" in the trailer. I wish he would do more (preferably villainous) vocal work for animated movies.
No, I only watch shows with swords, guns or time travel. The three main things missing from my life. 
*Wakes up* *Makes coffee* *See's over 100 posts in the BvS thread* *Starts reading*    *  [[SPOILER]]
I'm a big fan of the robotic voice, personally. Whether or not it's solely a characteristic for that particular version of his suit, it seems like a logical idea that a well-known billionaire with a penchant for high-tech devices would utilise something to prevent people recognizing him when he talks. I also imagine it would be quite creepy to hear that coming out of the shadows. 
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