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 Uh, that's disgusting. Domino's, I mean. Yuck.
This "Augment Your Pre-Order" thing is disgusting. 
 Yeah, that made me smile. Reminded me of a comment early in this thread where someone said that they found this version of Will to far be too twitchy - a trait which, of course, turned out to have plot relevance once we learned that Hannibal was messing with his mind in season one.
You could improve that scene tenfold by having each member of the cast walk into the room, in an orderly queue, and each one takes a turn to beat him "Murder On The Orient Express" style. 
Here come Bradito's sewing anecdotes!
Gulld Wars 2 is now free.   Of course, you still have to pay for the expansion....
Garfield will be fine. I think his new movie looks pretty good.  
Well, that was one big nothing of an episode. 
There's a Youtuber I watch regularly who often discusses his thoughts on MMO's and I found this week's quite interesting (probably as I'm an outsider to both Warcraft and FFXIV) so figured I'd post it here. Ignore the stupid intro sequence, though!
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