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Mainlined the entire season over four days (the majority of which was watched over Saturday and Sunday) and absolutely loved it. This show works incredibly well as a binge-watch, even more than some of the stuff Netflix puts out with that very intention. 
I've only watched one episode so far but I'll credit them with casting a little girl I didn't immediately hate (and I quite liked the joke where Lucifer points out that her nickname is for hookers).
Is this cross-platform? I can't seem to find a definite answer anywhere.
I might actually watch the Oscars this year just to see if any of these actors are brave enough to use their time on the podium to call out the Oscars for this years' whitewash. I can see someone like Stallone doing it if he wins. 
I have an extremely weird phobia with this movie whereby I haven't been able to watch it again.   I had such a perfect experience with Fury Road at the cinema that I'm unusually scared of watching it again and ruining that memory. I don't want to notice a nitpick I missed, have a scene not work for me when it played out so well during my first viewing, or see any blemish that was previously undiscovered.   It currently sits unwrapped on my shelf and, when I look it, I...
 "But what about the Tumblr girlzzzzz?" - BBC I was listening to my favorite Doctor Who podcast recently and an interesting comparison between Nu-Who series 1 & 2, and series 8 & 9, was brought up. Both series 1 and 8 feature a companion whose humanity gradually erodes the colder exterior of the Doctor with whom they're travelling, whilst series 2 and 9 feature a much lighter Doctor whose carefree attitude toward the dangers they face has a detrimental affect on that same...
Fishburne would be a pretty awesome Captain.
Rocco from Rocco's Modern Life worked a sex line operator.....  
I try not to look up the histories of characters on this show as I feel it potentially spoils their eventual fate (although Edward Low's demise proves that the writers aren't averse to going off book for the sake of drama), but just read that Woodes Rogers (the man seeking to become Governor of Nassau) was the inspiration for  [[SPOILER]]  which is kind of interesting. This show teaches me stuff!
 I'd forgotten that moment and completely agree that it was a really cool reveal. Silver's changed a lot since he was first introduced but the writers have done a good job at making it feel like natural progression. It's a shame that Max hasn't received similar attention - I disliked Silver and Max at the beginning of the show and now really like Silver whilst still disliking Max.  I was trying to remember the line that made me chortle and that was the one.  I hope they...
New Posts  All Forums: