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Holy shit.   Those photos.   HOLY SHIT.   It's like someone knew I was having a bad day and set off a LOL bomb in this thread just for me.
 Yup.   it could also show Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye discovering his charisma under a chair.
No, it leads into a wonderful spin-off where The Doctor and Clara become pirates. Of dark water.   (If you get this reference without Googling it, I want you to know that I love you.)
That first cover is fucking abysmal, even by EW standards. It looks as though it's advertising a new television show I never want to watch, and Jai Courtney continues in his quest to get me to punch him in the face. I started, after watching him in Spartacus, by saying "No, Jai! I won't ever do it!" By the time we'd reached A Good Day To Kill Myself Whilst Watching This Shit, I was shrugging and saying "Well, maaaaaybe...." and now I'm typing this on my phone whilst window...
Yup. Plus, it's got The Kraken - the second best monster from Clash Of The Titans. I've always had a fear of monsters lurking beneath the water, so his theme is a lot scarier to me. Point to Ratty!
It's a testament to Spader - and to Marvel's casting of him - that Ultron works in that teaser trailer. People have mentioned The Dark Knight trailer a few times and, in addition to Heath Ledger's voice, the very image of The Joker - with his smeared make-up - is memorable. As much as Ultron resembles his comic book counterpart, there's not a great deal about his design that stands out during his brief screentime. It's only because of the way Spader teases out some of the...
This is going to be a case of theme triumphing over individual picks for me, as I really like the fact that Henry went old-school and stuck with it.    Vote: Henry D
MrTyres has the craziest fucking theme and I've got respect for that.    But Fat Elvis has, arguably, the best werewolf in movies and Dracula.    Vote: Fat Elvis
Two really strong drafts here with lots to like about each. Having said that, there are (for me) some flawed choices on both sides. For example, I'm not sure whether I could honestly classify Tyler Durden as a monster in the same league as The Thing. That said, I find myself gravitating more toward Turing's list and so my vote is going there. 
I have a feeling that Schwartz's refusal to pick a theme and, instead, opt for the strongest monsters he could grab, is going to result in his draft being something of an unstoppable juggernaut.  It's hard to argue against most of his list and, as good as some of CostCo Mike's picks are, he's up against the motherfucking Xenomorph and Predator. Point: Schwartz.
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