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 It's weird thinking that, less than ten years ago, only a select few people would know who you were talking about if you mentioned his name. And now you'd be hard-pressed to meet someone who didn't know Iron Man.
 I debated on using that one, as it's a significant monster from that particular show; albeit significant only due to the fact it killed an actual cast member rather than a red shirt. Still, I'm only trying to use one from each show otherwise half of my list would probably contain entries from Doctor Who.  I fully endorse anything from Event Horizon which, despite the ire that its director often invokes amongst cinephiles, I truly believe to be a good horror movie. It also...
If Robert Downey Jnr ever David Carradines himself, we can now all say that the signs were there.
Justin the knick of time!   Sorry, I'm experiencing a sugar rush.
 Seriously, have you never watched Firefly, Buffy or Angel? Every one of those shows is perfectly cast, which is part of the reason they resonated with audiences. You may as well be arguing that Joss Whedon is terrible with dialogue.
Yeah, I'm thinking it's you-know-who but am waiting for proof.
It's a shame. I think a few of those tuning in just for the trailer might have been pleasantly surprised by the uptick in quality, and might have given the show a second chance if they'd already given up on it.
I discovered this today and I am also shocked.
   Right. That's it. They won't be getting my money now.   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: