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Ha. I can definitely see that.
Pah. That's only because you're Captain Jacob Singer, flying around in his ship at all hours attempting to get your Elite status.   You're like a dude who found the perfect wife and now sighs "Dating is so passe" at those of us still scrambling.   You know it's true, Jacob!
Why isn't Jon Hamm a bigger star? I keep thinking back to this episode and how much charisma the guy has, and I also know he's been constantly brilliant in Mad Men (I could never get into it but I recognized it was my fault rather than the show's). Hell, I've even heard great things about that mini-series he did with Daniel Radcliffe recently. Is it his age or something? It just feels like he should be, if not headlining then at least at the top of the cast, in movies...
Disclaimer: I have rep'd you for the incredibly accurate depiction of what would happen in an Edgar Wright-directed episode. As a huge fan of the three "...Of The Doctor" episodes, I turn my nose up slightly at your second line!
Thanks Sebastian. Not that there was any danger I wouldn't see this (COLIN FIRTH KILLING PEOPLE WITH AN UMBRELLA) but that's made me comfortable with my decision. Roger Moore was my first Bond and you never forget your first!    I'm surprised how much I'm looking forward to this now, actually. 
 If you haven't already got it, you've literally (I just watched the timer tick down) missed the 75% off Daily Deal on it. *Sad face*  ETA: Depth is now a Featured Deal on Steam. Still a bit pricey for me, so I'm going to wait to see if it becomes a Daily Deal. Not heard from anyone who has played it *, so I don't know how good it is.    * Hahahahahaha
Now I'm imagining an Edgar Wright directed episode and what I'm imagining is awesome.
Yeah, they're doing all the right things to garner goodwill from me. I just hope the movie justifies it. Don't let me down, guys!
The Terminator in this is played by a South Korean actor, right? Are the South Koreans annoyed by one of their own playing a bad guy? Can we get this movie shelved before its even released?    Once that's done, we can try to organize some sort of Anti-Adam Sandler terrorist group to stop his movies too. Those guys would be heroes.
Despite me thinking "I don't really need anything....", I've already picked up Damned and Broken Age. The first is one of my longest running Wishlist entries, as I love horror games and there's something cool about a multiplayer game where the monster is human-controlled, and the second just looks damned cool. So, £10 already spent on day one!   They've been added to my huge library of games and will, no doubt, be played at some point in 2017!
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