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Verger was probably my favorite character from Hannibal; a book that I was overall disappointed with. This show has nailed every other character from the books (even when their gender has been shifted) and I'm really looking forward to how they portray him. I'm a big fan of Pitt thanks to Boardwalk Empire and to see him embody this character should be awesome.
Yeah, I have to admit that I'm a bit confused here. I need someone to explain why Batman wouldn't work in the world of Superman as established during Man Of Style. Snyder's already shot MOS in a more down-to-earth style with handheld shots and washed out colors.  It seems like this would be more than adequate for Batman too.    The two characters have inhabited the same universe in comics for decades. I don't see why audiences couldn't accept them sharing the same...
Where's mai 100 Bullets adaptation? (Although, admittedly, this would probably work better as a tv show).
I find it difficult to hate any movie where the main character pisses fire.
You saw it?   Actually, is there a Post Release thread? If not, I guess we should get one going.
I'm theforceofmatt. I probably won't be back on until the weekend but I'll try to work out how you add friends in the game when I do.
I only had time to watch one of the above trailers and so I went with the better received International version and, aside from the generic music, it worked for me. I've been pretty down on this production (mainly due to not getting a pure First Class sequel and the presence of Singer; a director who has shed my faith quicker than a snake sheds skin during moulting) but I'm oddly onboard for this. I guess it's the presence of the First Class cast, and my leftover good will...
 It should do well. All of the schoolkids are on the last week of their Easter vacation, and the upcoming Easter weekend has holiday days on either side for the rest of the working country. Fox planned the date well.
I really like Paul Bettany and wish that he'd choose better movies. Still, he's going to be punching people as The Vision soon, so I at least have that to look forward to.
I'm on The Red Eclipse server.
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