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To be fair, Moffat has been building this particular element of The Doctor's history since the show returned. Madame de Pompadour exclaimed, following her mind-link with The Tenth Doctor, "Such a lonely little boy...." and I'm certain there are other references scattered around his work. Besides, I like the idea that a lonely, crying little boy grew up to fight monsters and save the universe. That's a nice message for the children watching.
Well, if anyone's a major suspect.....
I can't wait to see this, although it's painful to know that it's Gandolfini's last performance.
I ain't afraid of no post. Sign me up.
Ah, cool. I must have missed that video. I'll watch it when I'm away from my work desk.
 Boyega would have been interesting. The movie already appears to be dealing with Britain's class system, as the Kingsman agency seems to be comprised (much like government) of upper-working class white males most likely educated at private schools and born into privilege, whereas the protagonist is clearly a working class kid at the other end of the social spectrum. Throwing race into the mix would have further accentuated the difference between him and every one else.
So..... I'm going to be 'that guy', having never played the original. Is there any reason to be excited about this beyond nostalgia? 
Poor Gwendoline. Every time there's a role which involves a large violent female, her name inevitably comes up. I want her to defy expectations and get the role of Elizabeth Bennet in a Pride & Prejudice adaptation.    I really can't wait to see the costume for Daredevil. It's going to determine my excitement levels for this project. At least the casting seems to be going well.
I guess you either have to possess Schwartz-like willpower or be cursed with Freeman-like insanity to stay around here after a few thousand posts. Either that or there's a serial killer picking off Chewers. 
Yeah, I miss Aurora. I think she did a lot of posting when she was in the US but went quiet after moving back to the UK. Maybe she doesn't have the same amount of web access or perhaps her studies in the UK have curtailed posting here.  Come back Aurora!
New Posts  All Forums: