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Did he ever work on Lost, by chance?
Ah, that makes sense.
My Girl 3.0: Revenge Of The Bees
That's very sad to read.   Rest In Peace, Jerry 
I'm six episodes into Stock's abridged first season of Enterprise - just finished episode 11 "Cold Front" - and the best thing I can say about the show so far is that it's okay. It feels like a watered down version of TNG where all of the interesting main characters have been replaced with red shirts. I honestly can't believe these characters were created by the same people who came up with the diverse, well-developed characters of DS9. Most of the human characters in...
 Yeah, I'm really liking this one.
Now I have to watch The Visit just to see this kid that has somehow united everyone in their hatred of him.
 I'm 100% certain that's going to be the case, knowing you, Agentsands.
My thoughts, three episodes in, on the Enterprise crew:   Archer - As a teenage Quantum Leap fan, I have a soft spot for Scott Bakula but he's not quite working for me here, and I don't know why. It feels like the role required someone with a bit more gravitas, and the character is too prone to acting like an overgrown adolescent (such as the scene where he complains to his dog about Vulcans, like a kid telling his pet hamster how unfair it is that mommy and daddy have...
  Well, my smile over your first post faded pretty damned quickly.
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