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There are only so many "Batman thumbs up" gifs on Google Images, Andre. 
And Darkman is fucking awesome*, so it was a lose-win situation!                      * Yes, it is.
As much as I love Batman Returns (depending on what day of the week it is, I may claim it to be my favorite Batman movie), I couldn't possibly live in a world without The Dark Knight. Even thinking about that possibility makes me sad.
"You Harlem niggers are off the hook. I'm going back to Hell's Kitchen where it's safe!"   I continue to love Turk, the scummiest loser in all of Netflix's MCU.
  I think that episode really sums up everything that's great about Star Trek. How many other shows have spent an entire episode on two people simply trying to communicate; where the central mystery for both the characters and the audience is a linguistic puzzle? The moment Picard steps in front of the crew and starts speaking Tamarian to resolve the situation is better than any action scene they could have come up with. 
Da fuq is up with these people??? One of the reasons this was going to be my only Nu-Trek purchase was so that I could enjoy all of the additional material on how a movie I very much enjoyed was created in such a short amount of time. I'm kind of old-fashioned in that I prefer physical copies because of the boxes and so forth, so this news really fucking mind melds my tribbles. 
My favorite MMO news site just pointed out that this game has appeared on Steam's early access and looks pretty interesting:     I've got to admit that I like the tabletop gaming inspiration. Not sure whether I'll pay for it until I've seen a review from someone I trust, but the Steam reviews are quite favorable at least. 
I didn't know about this! It's my favorite Poirot story and I'm excited by the fact that Branagh himself will play the lead. 
Well done, Codey, you thin bastard.
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