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This was probably my favorite episode so far although I'm a little pissed that they killed Caroline. Her comical introduction at the beginning of the episode, followed by that sweet scene involving a gentlemanly bow and an apology from Crane, made me think that we had a new character who could pop in and out of episodes every now and again. Who is going to repair Crane's jackets now? Also: Crane hates emoticons. We would get on fabulously!   I'm constantly impressed by...
Today is apparently RPG day on the Monster Draft.   (Nerds)
Damn you, Elvis.
Yeah, I'm personally more of a fan of the two-a-day model when drafting. 
It's a really good  horror movie, although you'll see the end telegraphed well in advance. 
We are. Cinemax renewed it in July and Soderbergh is returning for another ten.
If I was an alien from another dimension and Peter Capaldi started yelling at me whilst wielding those attack eyebrows, I'd definitely say "I'm outta here!" and go straight back to 2D-world.
I like the way the season began with Thack waking from one drug-induced dream and then ended with him falling into another.
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