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Let's face it; it's not really going to be difficult to be 'darker' than the Marvel movies. Hell, even the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie where the lead character kills a criminal is darker than 95% of what Marvel have produced so far. 
That's the kind of costume that your teenage kid walks into your living room wearing and you say "You'll knock 'em dead at that fancy dress party, kid!" but, once he's left, you turn to your partner and shrug "Well, at least he tried".
The good thing about Torchwood is that I disliked Owen so much that my animosity transferred to the actor playing him. As Burn Gorman - with his mean little face - has since made a career out of playing absolute dicks, this has paid off immensely. 
Wow. That's great news!
That might be it.
I've suddenly become attracted to Jenny the maid this season. Not sure why.
The last two episodes are amazing, mate, which is saying something for a series which has been consistently incredible. One of the best shows of the year by far.
Captain Jack is great in Doctor Who. With the exception of "Children Of Earth", he sucks in his own show.
But...but...think of the amazing possibilities! Hurling fireballs at Worky! Turning Jacob Singer into an ice statue! Shooting lightning bolts at Mongycore! 
I wish this had multiplayer.
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