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Phil Noble talks about 008 Intriguing Things Found In The New 007 Trailer
Now THAT was a finale. That set piece where the two pirate Captains ran through Charleston, still shackled, as buildings exploded around them, was really well done. I got quite a buzz out of watching the two men buddy up like that and even cheered slightly when Flint released Vane's crew afterward. It was also quite interesting to see Vane making decisions like a proper Captain for once and have to deal with internal strife, as his crew have largely been shown in the past...
Great joke, Brian! Ha ha ha!    ......
Jason Statham or GTFO
 Was this a drunk post?
Ha. I've felt exactly the same as the episodes have progressed and I'm sure the same would be true of the idiots who jumped ship early in the season. They just didn't stick around long enough to realize that Jimmy is just as interesting as Saul but in different ways.
That cry of "Fucking bullshit!" would probably come fromt a tuxedo-wearing Mr Stockslivevan in the front row, as he launched his copy of Birds Of The West Indies at the screen.
 I guess it must be.... JUDGEMENT DAY. 
Bobby "Daddy Bear" Brewster inserting Fabfunk in the prison shower    Right at this moment
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