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I'll probably still see this. I too am a big fan of cheese!
 I'm MrSaxon#2283 and Codename is Codename#21718, and we both play on PC. Just had my first Player Of The Match as Torbjörn (who I'm really enjoying), standing on top of the payload with my turret, desperately repairing it under fire whilst distributing armor packs to my surrounding team who were protecting me. I won every single category except healing, and got most of the player votes too. Probably the first match where it finally clicked for me and I understood how this...
  "Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the Civl War thread!"
Freema, did I just play an AI match with you (I was testing out Torbjörn)? If not, that was an oddly coincidental player name to run into.
No Batman conversation survives first contact with Mcnooj.
ScreenRant reveals the casting call for Black Panther. 
Unfortunately so, but I get 30 days free as part of my initial purchase.
 When I last checked, it would only let me add people I'd played with. Am I being dumb? Eitherway, I'm MrSaxon on Battle.net too. Oh, and I play World Of Warcraft now... because that's how I roll.
(Get an X-box so you can play stuff with D.T as he sounds lonely in The Division thread!)
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