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I dunno. I find his honesty kind of refreshing, much as I do with Joss Whedon plainly admitting that AOU took it out of him. Much better than some scripted response with a marketing team making hand signals from behind the interviewer's back.
Fraid uh nodad.
I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed the episode. It kind of helps when you have guest actors like James Hong and Peter MacNicol, of course, but the show actually seemed to have a sense of urgency when it came to rescuing Simmons and I found myself invested in that storyline. I even thought the ancient machine idea was quite clever; especially as it gave Daisy a use for her power besides combat. Brett Dalton's Ward continues to be the best re-occurring character this show...
To be fair on him, Jon Snow has been indisposed for the last few months.
A young American Miss Marple television show?!   "The beloved Agatha Christie spinster is being transformed into a much  younger California bookshop owner, who makes the natural transition into private detective work when she realizes that things in her small  California town 'aren’t what they seem.'"   FUCK YOU CBS! - Agatha Christie and me
You stop that. I know where you live*!                   * Canada. **   ** I think. ***   *** Coz, you might have moved. ****   **** Have you moved?
I dunno. I like to think that I speak for the people.
I'm sending you this in a box, Freeman:  
If a co-worker sent me bullets and a letter, I'd grow a massive moustache, change my name to Miguel Gomez Sàxon and move to Mexico where I'd play piano in a bar; forever twitching slightly whenever the door swung open.
Looks like that wall mural wasn't the only Star Trek reference in the episode.  
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