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 You save that shit for Flagstaff.
...and pink eye.
 Yep, I remember that. That was a Saturday morning ABC Weekend Special.
Well, I got a pay rise. From $15 to $17 an hour after my first year, as expected. It won't make much difference aside from my now being able to afford the health insurance premium. Still well below the market rate & my title didn't change but I really don't care at this point. I've got my flat & a lockout - that's all that matters to me, money-wise. No one really understands just what I do but I'd written a pretty kickass self-review so I'm glad I stuck up for myself on...
+ ...Fucker - ....Father
We should have a Blade Runner cut Knockout. That'll win us all girlfriends.
  I just can't keep up with these youth-y euphemisms.
 It's time to upgrade from your VCR, Ambler. There are, like, 10 increasingly better cuts of Blade Runner on lasered discus.
Colbert "as himself" = KISS without makeup
New Posts  All Forums: