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THE WARRIORS is another oddball that seems to be widely appreciated.
This is the part where I chime in to confess that I don't care for ANIMAL HOUSE.I've also known people who heavily disliked PULP FICTION.I've yet to meet someone who didn't like SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, SEVEN, & AIRPLANE!.
GHOSTBUSTERS. I've yet to meet a soul who doesn't like it.
One down, three more to go.
Apparently, Death has a PEOPLE magazine from 1986 and is picking off celebrities page by page.
Hi. I'll explain why I left later but I occasionally lurk on my phone & I felt unusually compelled to respond to the above."I kind of felt like I'd wasted my afternoon was a total Negative Nancy."For fuck's sake - grow up. If a woman is having a rough time, your one job is to say "Oh yeah? Tell me about it. Tell me everything". Congratulations, you're the boyfriend. Be her mountain, her source of strength. Women are emotional beings and they're gonna need to work out their...
Last night, I had a date with a doughnut. I got rejected.
, Bro.
1   + The Doors (1991) - Heaven & Earth (1993)   3 Seizure (1974) 5 The Hand (1981) 5 Salvador (1986) 6 Platoon (1986) 3 Wall Street (1987) 5 Talk Radio (1988) 2 The Doors (1991) 7 JFK (1991) 2 Heaven & Earth (1993) 3 Natural Born Killers (1994) 7 Nixon (1995) 3 U Turn (1997) 1 Any Given Sunday (1999) 2 World Trade Center (2006) 2 W. (2008) 1 Savages (2012) Wasn't born yesterday: 17. Born on the Fourth of July (1989) 18. Alexander (2004) 19. Wall Street 2: Money...
"From the people who saw CRASH"
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