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But if he had a Cranstonarang...!
So many white faces in this thread. It turns out that CHUD was the Honky Barbecue the entire time!
 It makes Angel Heart look like The Devil's Advocate!
Yes, but the British Imperial logic of old was based on the idea of "the superior vs the untamed masses".
A macro example of this could arguably be Zulu.   The British Empire is "smart", the natives are "panicky & dangerous".
Bronco poster...!
 I raise you with my "exhausted after a long day" mug.
Leave Billy Zane alone, ya wankers.
BATMAN: "I've trained my entire life so that I might have the power to do what I was powerless to do years ago - save my father" SUPERMAN: "Bro, I HAD the power to save my father but, ya know, it just didn't feel right in the moment."
Speaking of Sigur Ros, Jonsi and the boys played the band at Joffrey's wedding on last Sunday's GoT.
New Posts  All Forums: