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Waltz is a solid but dull choice. It's a shame that EON didn't have the vision to cast Tilda Swinton as Ernestine Stavro Blofeld.
Guess it's time to change your name to Burrito.
I'm sure a feedbag of Jolly Ranchers and DVD of WNBA BLOOPERS! sounded good at the time.
I don't remember much of the movie. I was too busy making out.
Fuckin' tough year, this.
Frankie Muniz finally found his comeback role.
Not enough lasers.
Trick question. To be "interesting" is to be "interested".Be genuinely inquisitive about the world around you, the people in your company, & anything other than yourself.
That's what they said about MIRROR MIRROR.And they were right!
"Relativity", bitch.
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