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This fuckin' guy... I spent a couple minutes reading his older tweets..it's like reading the ravings of a very troubled 15 year old girl.
BG has been on my mind since the election. The parallels between Baltar/Trump. 2017: Welcome to New Caprica, folks.
I'm about to SKYFALL the hell out of this evening.
A possible, unforeseen gift of Castro's death is Trump's moronic "We got 'im!" response to it. Putin, a hardliner of the old school, still sees Cuba as a flower of Communism and Fidel as a beloved ally. Wonder how that's gonna play out.
2016. Clearly, we're experiencing the Rapture.
Either way, I'm sure it's nice to be out of pajamas for the first time in three weeks.
...and he never returned our trillion dollar bill.
Fidel Castro.Even he couldn't survive 2016.
I was on the Indianapolis.
It's gonna be like the '50s, alright. The 1850's.
New Posts  All Forums: