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Not anymore. Seeya.
MODEL by day, COP by late afternoon, VAMPIRE COMEDIAN by night!
Brilliant. Thank you, gentlemen, for coming through at my clarion call. This is very helpful & your kindness is much appreciated.  Like the cannibals of yore, you are all fine & young. I'll be seeing you around the ol' fort, even if only in occasional whispers. Cheers, Otis
Hi all,   it's been awhile but I'm still around occasionally as a force ghost. I hope you handsome bastards are well. I'm writing today because I was let go from my job two months ago & I've recently been building up my Linkedin network to help improve my marketability. Knowing that many of my old compadres on CHUD are career professionals, I'm extending the open invitation to you all to connect with me on Linkedin. It would be great to include the lot of you in my...
I was gonna make a joke about Jell-O before I realized that it's current connotation is rape.   Probably best to just stay outta the fridge.
I'm afraid of squirrels! They're like fashionable rats!
[shakes fist]
In Mexico, he's known as Libraryman.
HIGH NOON is great. OUTLAND is better.
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