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I don't like goodbye threads, but I guess this is that. I could say a lot, but I won't. No parting shots, no anger, just disillusionment and exhaustion. As much as I butted heads with some, I tried to do my best even if my best wasn't always what I wanted it to be. I had no intention of moving over to Trouble City and now, of course, I see no reason to continue with CHUD. I'm not sure if wishing you all the best would be disingenuous, but I certainly don't wish anyone...
Maybe you can't see this right now, FNJ, but you should, because now it's me telling you to take a break. Not for me, because I don't give a shit what you said to me, but because now you're throwing it at others who didn't say anything to you. Take a break. Now.
Sounds right. I feel like Flash almost has to be the rookie and perhaps not used to deploying his powers, otherwise you have the Quicksilver/X-Men problem where he's so ridiculously overpowered that it's impossible to ignore as an audience member.
In the not-too-distant past, I would have responded quite differently to that, but I'm going to let that stand as a symbol of your failure. To FNJ.
Where did you hear that I sleep well at night? Did you read this on Twitter or did you just make this assumption because you've run out of gas on everything else? I'll let you in on a little secret: I, in fact, do not sleep well at night.
Look at that, another wrinkle in the story. I mean, it's just not as good of a story if the diaper isn't on the floor of the theater, now is it? Now, is this where the story stops? Is this the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I don't know and I feel comfortable saying I don't know.
Yes, I'm standing up for a sexual predator. If those tits didn't want to be fondled, then why were they jutting out from under that shirt? Yes, I'm defending a sexual predator, because maybe Knowles' self-esteem issues would explain his behavior and perhaps we should give him the chance to come to grips and tell his side.I said exactly all of this.The thing about being obtuse, is that you deflect nuance like light bounces off a mirror.
Oh, hey, it's the exact same second-to-thirdhand story. That clears up everything. Note, that I could be completely wrong here, but be that as it may, I feel that it is incorrect for me to respond to it in a certain way. You guys can do as you will, but I am not feeling this particular tract.
1. Again, do we *know* this happened?2. If it did, could it possibly be that he dropped it and was too embarrassed to say anything?My point isn't about the truth or non-truth of the story, but about the reception of it. You can't really rip on AICN trolls if you act like them, even if you think you're justified in doing so. That you're actually assigning an additional motivation based on his assumed character and linking it, out of thin air, to the alleged assaults, sort...
Sounds more like Progressive Alternative Bluegrass Street Tejano (or PABST) to me.
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