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As I recall, Trump's actual words on God are something like, "God.  He's like... The Ultimate.  Can you believe I bought this?" (points to Pacific Ocean.)
Yeah. We need Tiny Trump now, more than ever.
What adds to this is that all of it happening now makes Bill Maher look like an even more of an out of touch tool.
Oh, God.  "Bernie Sanders at different ages" is my new jam.
Haha, holy shit...
 The one in the top row is like a cross between Martin Scorsese and Steve Allen. This random observation provoked laughter in me.
I think you guys are burying the lede.  The Kings are only a game and a half out of the 8 spot!  And surely they improved their team, right guys?   Guys??   But honestly, I understand everybody wants drama earlier than the Finals, but this idea that Boogie and Davis are going to give the Warriors a series seems like fantasyland to me.  Maybe if something weird happens they get more than one game... maybe.
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