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Too bad SVP and Russillo is no more. This could have been the new Wizards Daily.
"I rest my case. Does the defense have any witnesses to call?"High Sparrow, I call that giant man dressed in gold to the stand.""Overrul--"*LOP*
Where do I see that cover?
You got this, Henry.
Pither for the better OUATITW as well as having a much better Blondie. I just don't see Gosling in the role.
Another tough one... I will have to find time to do a full H2H breakdown... later.
You indeed had a good draft.Issues: You basically picked two non actors for the supporting parts in GBU, and your Blondie is relatively weak. I think your Angel Eyes is superior, but that's the only H2H I will concede.Your OUATITW is very good but imo Brolin/Harris doesn't quite have the pop that the Phoenix/DDL showdown would. The Jill's are a wash and the Cheyennes are different but both quite good.
This is the first time the idea we needed mathematical certainty was ever floated with regard to these brackets. Usually a day or two goes by and whoever is leading moves on. In this case I just was having trouble deciding between close match ups, so thought it would be better to leave it up to people who had stronger convictions about their picks. ETA- It's still not mathematically certain, no matter who I vote for. And I kind of see it as a tie. However, the vote...
Coach Cousins.
New Posts  All Forums: