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Dorothy Malone, 92.  
  The politics of this are diabolical, and speak to the disadvantage Dems are often placed at.  Republicans can just leverage people against other people with impunity, because their base simply doesn't give a shit about everyone.
 Yeah, not to brag about my detective skills or anything, but when all of a sudden "Release the Memo" was trending last night with 350,000 tweets, most of which were memes of Hillary or Obama, the ol' spidey sense was tingling.
 Fairly certain he has managed to do just that.
Hasn't CTM adopted both a belligerent liberal and a belligerent conservative persona at different times?  Don't let him wind you all up.
You can use Cruise's Cruisiness to your advantage in an ensemble piece.  Frank T.J. Mackey is a perfect example of that.   Also, much as I love Tarantino, it seems to me he is getting less and less concerned with creating a believable world for his audiences to disappear into.  It's almost the opposite.  He seems to want us to be conscious of the artifice of his films at times.  Whether it's casting decisions that ignore things like age appropriateness, self conscious...
If only some enterprising hackers had made it reroute people to a loop of the pee tape.  It would have been too perfect.
 Exactly.  "A return to normalcy" would just be labeled by republicans a return to politics as usual.  Gotta put the onus on their crazy.  It might not be the high road, but it isn't like it's inaccurate,
Jesus. If I didn't know he was such a piece of shit I would have thought that picture of Fred Trump indicated he saved the entire crew of his starship by climbing into the reactor to fix the warp drive after battling Khan.
Oh, the Hume inanity.
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