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They telegraphed Shireen's fate, but I think that was more about Stannis' entire storyline ending with a pathetic whimper instead of a bang.
Hey, I do watch other movies. I like to look for different fight scenes I can add lightsaber effects into.
  I mean, sure, it's easy to bash Lucas there.  But me?  I prefer to take the high ground.   [[SPOILER]]
 Not today.
The best minor character was Yoren, you lazy sons of whores.
He sorta was a throwaway character...  
 Looks at photo. Five minutes later... Shame... Shame...
 So I've played with this image a lot... rotated it all kinds of different ways, put the bottom on the top, the top on the bottom, just done everything I thought I could do it, and I think I might have come up with something.  It involved flipping it horizontally and vertically, and zooming in right to the center of it.  Let me know what you think, I feel like it's pretty revealing--   [[SPOILER]]
    Not gonna lie; I'd watch this.
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