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 Is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?  Hailing Caesar?
 I always thought that was because Barton Fink was written in the middle of getting stuck on the Miller's Crossing script. Anyway, people who try to turn fun little allusions to other movies into full blown shared universes should be sterilized.
Come to think of it, Manning supposedly will get the 4 million pay cut he took back since they won the Super Bowl.  Just divvy that shit up and add it to the defense's Super Bowl shares.   He can give the punter and kicker some Buicks.
 And they better not be fucking Buicks either.
I went back and forth on the Manning narrative.  Possibly because of my dislike of Brady/Belichick/ Bostonfan, I kinda wanted Peyton to get that storybook ending.  But I can't shake what a tremendous corporate stooge the guy is.  And by the end of the game it was clear he in no way deserved to win, because he was incapable of playing the position.  Dropping back to pass was a liability.  I think Denver's defense, special teams, and running back should all get a tiny piece...
I was okay with the fumble thing, because you're not gonna pry the ball away from the big mitt of a defender, and if it squirts free, which it often does and in fact did in that circumstance, it's better to be on your feet.  Unfortunately for Cam it went in a direction he had no shot at it. I was even kind of okay with the press conference.  But his doubling down yesterday on everything hr'd said and done was where I jumped ship.  Because "You show me a good loser, I'll...
 Wilson has the QB as robot thing down.
It was a big day for guys who can't pronounce the letter H.
 He'd sort of have to have one at this point.
Speaking of Cam, based on his latest statement to the press, he really made any of us defending him after the game look like jackasses.  Guy really doesn't  get it..   I know being a black quarterback is still a thing for some people, and I'm sure it's impacted him negatively in ways both subtle and blatant over time; but it almost seems like the bigger issue is he, along with Manziel, are in their own ways "Millennial quarterbacks", with all the attendant associations...
New Posts  All Forums: