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Yeah, if he had gotten it to pass it would have reflected his priorities... because his only priority is aggrandizing himself.
 But remember, Joe Biden rented his guest house to the Secret Service for something like 2,300 a month, so Trump fleecing us for millions is exactly the same thing.
 He was right!
 Yes, because there would be a massive fight between two major studios coming that would be much more entertaining than any superhero movie to date.
 For a second I forgot which thread I had opened and I assumed this was about Trump and Paul Ryan.
 Not everyone is as naturally moist as you, Freeman.
To be fair, though, there's really not a good answer to that question if you're in Flynn's shoes.  An exciting answer would have been; "I'm no longer a spokesperson for General Flynn.  Now if you'll excuse me there's a boat waiting for me at the docks."
It's way too neat and tidy.  Flynn has all the dirt.  FBI gets him to testify against Trump.  Trump goes down hard.  Nothing was ever that simple before the country went to fucking hell.
 Yes.  This exactly.  Get it all out of the way in a prologue before every movie.  Provide us with the data!
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