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Because if the NBA is caught rigging any games from now on-- it's done.  At least for everyone in power in the league office.  The risk is simply not worth the "reward" of a slightly longer WCF.   Home teams get home calls.  Stars get star calls.   Human nature isn't a conspiracy.
So your only problems with the series are a league mandated ref conspiracy and that one of the key Warriors players shouldn't have been allowed to play. Okay. That's very reasonable of you. You sure you don't want to go for the Thunder always had to play on an 11 foot rim too?
It makes sense. The "still rowing" jokes were fun for a few seasons, but why would Gendry be involved in the affairs of these people again unless his one friend ran back into him somehow? I'd think he'd avoid the highborn of Westeros like the plague.
He's certainly undead.
Against The Mountain? Uh... yeah.
Cersei would face consequences rather than harm her son. But if Tommen became the full on puppet of the Sparrow, I can see a scenario where Cersei might be forced to order him put down.
Besides it being just a nonsensical move strategically, as has been mentioned already, if Tommen is indeed in the tank for the Sparrow, it also doesn't make sense because, as far as we've seen anyway, the whole naming champion deal is strictly voluntary, isn't it? Nobody has been ordered to be a champion, and we've even seen people turn down the "honor" before. (Granted, it was Bronn.) I do wonder if Cersei might end up having to fulfill the final part of the prophecy...
It is Game of Thrones - easy to get confused about such things.."[/quote]Besides the obvious age difference, it is clear that Olenna is Loras and Margaery's grandmother, and Mace is their father, so I didn't really think anyone would confuse that. (Although I am pretty positive Olenna treated her husband exactly like she treats her son.)
Speaking of that, should we make anything of the fact that Benjen is half ice zombie but can wield a magical fire weapon after being saved by the Children and hooking up with the 3IRaven?
Next season he'll be recast with Jeremy Irons or someone.
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