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I don't know that you could draft those things, but elaborating on what your Bond world would be like, what plot elements you'd choose, etc... could definitely be a fun part of the discussion thread.
But is his dress black or gold?  
Scarlett's been groped on the red carpet before.  But more importantly her career is going great.  She doesn't need to be part of some salacious story (she's probably tired of them after the phone hacking thing.)  So I think it just makes sense for her to downplay this.   But Travolta was being weird and creepy.
Blade Runner... do we really want to pick another movie where we have to recast Harrison Ford? (I understand it's not exactly Indy, but still.  For variety's sake at least.)  
Lately it seems like I always wait too long to suggest running a draft.  I think we're sorta due for a casting draft, so maybe the non-casting draft could be staggered a couple months after this one.  I'd be happy to run the 50's.   My suggestions: Boogie Nights (Hey, it's 18 years old. which means a whole new generation of porn stars is now legal), Miller's Crossing (it'd be fun to do a gangster movie, and I think The Godfather probably has too much baggage), A Bond...
Wow. Is it like constitutionally guaranteed?
Are you perhaps confusing him with STEELMAN?
Christopher Reeve was American.  
I could make a joke about Rose now being the ultimate "glue guy", but I won't.  Too depressing.   But the Bulls have no excuse for not making a deep run in the playoffs.  They still have talent.  Suck it up and play hard (which, given what they've done in the past, I think they will.)  You're not going to win a title but you can make some noise.  
New Posts  All Forums: