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Whatever Barry is, I'm not that.
Is he post-ironic?
Wait, perhaps that's me.
Brad's more of a snarky misanthrope.
I think they said getting above 90% for Clinton would be really difficult.  So, the difference between 84-87% would be fairly negligible compared to, say, 90-93%  Something like that.
Nate Silver seems to love this Russian roulette analogy.  And I have to say it is rather fitting.  But from the various things I have read or listened to on his site, I think their picture of the race has been fairly consistent.  Trump has a chance, but they've always given him a chance. However, if the polls are even close to being right, it's almost certainly a done deal.  The polls aren't "rigged", but they could be way wrong, and that's about the only way Trump has a...
Not to be outdone by other right wing douchebags, former congressman Joe Walsh tweeted tonight that if HRC wins, on November 9th he's "grabbing his musket", and then asked "who's with me?"   When Jake Tapper asked him what he meant he said "Civil disobedience."   What I hate most is the call to violence, but what I respect least is the cowardly way they go about it... stirring their base up, but leaving themselves just enough wiggle room to talk their way out of it....
 Jesus.  Republicans really wanna squeeze any last ounce of joy out of Scalia dying, don't they?
New Posts  All Forums: