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I was thinking again about the Arya-Sansa feud, and I feel like, just like the Braavos storyline, the show doesn't have anything clever up its sleeve.  Neither girl is  playing some long game.  They're simply going to come to the crisis moment where it's all going to fall apart, and then Bran will decide to chime in. "Oh yeah,, Littlefinger is behind all this."  And they're going to be like "Fuck, let's kill him.  Sisters forever!  Thanks, bro"  And Bran will be like...
Or maybe nothing he says has any meaning.
He's not serious, and he's not joking either.  He's just physically incapable of saying it was dumb, which it was, so he said the opposite.  And millions of people who watch him will misunderstand this dilemma Tucker found himself in, and just assume, "Yeah, it is impressive.  He's not afraid of no eclipse!!"    But this is practically Fox's mission statement.  Making us dumber one segment at a time.
I believe Cersei is (conveniently) preggers.  I believe she will agree to fight for the living.  There will be a double cross of some kind eventually.   I'm not sure the Night King can be negotiated with.  But maybe out of desperation she'll sell out all the way and offer her unborn child to him or something.
That photo reminds me, didn't Jerry Lewis essentially invent the Avid, or something like that?
They're setting up this epic last battle type of stuff.  Sure, the story may subvert some of the tropes, but you don't have reincarnated saviors and ancient prophecies and other epic fantasy shit like that and just quickly deal with it in favor of politics as usual.  If you're going to do that, you might as well not write a high fantasy narrative at all.
Anybody who thinks this time warp is comparable to the other time warps, I'm sorry, but I have to assume there's something wrong with you.   This is not handwaving away boring travel time where nothing interesting happens.   The writers could have written the peril our heroes were under in any way they saw fit.  What they chose to do was put them in the middle of a frozen lake with no cover, surrounded by an impossibly large pack of zombies, with only a few feet of half...
 Definitely a combination of the two.  The other one being much more recent is probably why it sprang to mind.
 That wight was one of the MVPs of the episode.  I'm still half expecting to read speculation that it was an Easter egg and he might have been some kind of ancient badass reanimated. Last word (maybe) on the fast travel for now-- when the dragons arrived, the thing that couldn't help but immediately spring to mind was The Force Awakens.  Anyone else have that feeling of deja vu?
I wonder if D&D play WoW?  
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