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On a somewhat lighter note, professional gasbag Colin Cowherd gets fired for racially insensitive remarks about Dominican baseball players a week after announcing his show was ending and he was moving to Fox.  Hmm....
I think due to age and injury, and with the rise of the younger, more conditioned golfer he helped spawn, he's become just another guy on tour. When you combine that with a deterioration of his drive and focus, he simply can't compete.It's funny, because he was always compared to Federer, but in the end he might end up being closer to Nadal. Both were physical specimens who played their respective games with a more taxing style than most of their competitors, and when...
That's a good point.  But, despite certain similarities, neither Children of Men nor Gravity felt like Tree of Life or To the Wonder to me.  And this trailer did not immediately make me think of Malick.  If I could try to characterize the difference, Malick's camera feels like an observer, whereas Cuaron increasingly seems to want us totally immersed in the action.
I'd feel better if this was Cuaron, who's got a better track record and whose style this seems to emulate... but damn, the immersive quality of that trailer would be hard to top.
 Okay, so AD is who you left offMISTAKE!  At the very least I'd have James, Durant, Davis, Curry, Westbrook, and Harden in front of him.  HE'S BARELY TOP SEVEN, ELVIS!  CUT THE HYPERBOLE!
Okay, make a list, buddy. I gotta see who you leave off.
Part Two.
The trailer does a thing, and one's mileage will vary on how effective it is.  Personally I thought it was okay.  But there's no indication the movie is going to be anything like the trailer.  It's like the Man of Steel trailer, which tried to commit to a tone the movie had no intention of following through on.  So all I can really say is Robbie looks delicious, and Will Smith gets stuck with the "some kind of Suicide Squad" line.  Also Kinnaman and Courtney look like they...
I agree, but when did he become a Sith?
Ugh. That movie is almost as insufferable as you are.
New Posts  All Forums: