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Hasn't he been doing that for years already?
We've had something similar for awhile now: (Not sure who gets the credit for it.)  
To say nothing of the orangutans or the breakfast cereals. (But maybe that's why we try to get our vitamin c in the morning, traditionally.)
Ask Zod...He wrote you about his daughter.
To continue the theme, I like college football, but at some point I went from waking up Saturdays looking forward to watching College GameDay to realizing it's an incredibly annoying and boring show. Do not understand why there's such hype surrounding it.
Thugs in the NFL? What the hell? I mean, if you're not into such a violent sport that's fine ( I know you're a baseball guy ) but don't use such a broad based, to say nothing of coded, brush to paint with. As someone who lives in the South I agree the mouth breathers who wouldn't know a classroom from a bathroom do grate on the nerves. But hey, it's better than the creeps who obsess about high school football and put expectations on other people's children.
Well, we're the AICN talkbacks now, guys. Congratulations everybody... we did it!
Please don't mention the apes.  Christians are very sensitive about that sort of thing.
 No need, friend.  There is a place for you!
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