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Ten years since the Sox swept the 'stros to finally end nearly three decades of misery for me.  Now maybe the North Siders will get the same opportunity.  For all my family, who are die hard, long suffering Cub fans, legit good luck to your squad, Anya!
You mean you find his hyperbole refreshing?
Dirk- JA Jack- JA (but it's reeeeeeeal close.) Amber- JA Rolergirl- Hypno by a country mile. Reed- Not very familiar with either guy- Tie Scotty- Hypno Buck- JA Maurice- JA Little Bill- Hypno Todd- Hypno Rahad- JA Jessie- Hypno Colonel James- JA Floyd- Hypno   That looks like 7-6 to me.   Winner- JUSTANCIENT!   Good going, guys.  A really tight matchup.
For all the PED rumors, Rafa has had the most predictable, and historically typical career path.  He's been plagued by injuries, and now that he's nearing 30 he's a shell of what he once was.  (Meanwhile Djokovic chalks up his dominance in his later 20's to giving up gluten.)
So all this talk about Serena, and Djoker ends up having the better year in the majors.   Roger is showing his quality being this good into his thirties, but he's not the same guy.  Djokovic has a pretty clear path for the next couple of years, at least.  He could easily win more majors after the age of 27 than he did before... which, great as he is, kind of tells you as much about the state of men's tennis as it does how great he is.
As always, you sound totally sane and reasonable, danko.
Hypno for me too.
Every damn round I am reminded how my fate might have been different had I picked Amy Adams. Anyway I am going with JustAncient.
Dirk- I prefer Peters.  I don't think he's perfect by any means, but he's got more of the correct vibe for Dirk. ADVANTAGE- Hypno   Amber- Both are great actresses but Theron can do no wrong in my eyes. ADVANTAGE-Hypno   Jack- I think Baldwin would be hilarious, but Keaton would bring more authenticity. ADVANTAGE-Hypno   Rollergirl- Seyfried is perfection. ADVANTAGE- Hypno   Reed- I've got issues with Rogen int he part, but there's no question he deserved to be...
New Posts  All Forums: