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Even with the playoff now, it seems I still feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I listen to people talk about college football.  ESPN broadcasters are way, way harder on Winston for this mistake than they need to be.  Yeah, it was a dumb move when you consider the guy's other incidents, but they're using it as an excuse to act like he is the worst person in college football.  The only thing I give a shit about is the sexual assault, but we're never going to know if he is...
You're so cool.  
Huh? There were a ton of people saying that if they were going to suspend him for a half it should have been the whole game.
C'mon, Shaun, you know how myers works... gotta wait for Interstellar 2.
Different show.
   There's your daily Nolan nitpick.
Usually it's what you do before they start acting like that in the first place which is the deciding factor.   So you're kinda screwed, Brad.   On the bright side, if it ever happens it should make for some funny posts for us.
Child abuse takes many forms.  I think Merriweather has built up enough equity as a quality poster to cut him some slack and read between the lines.  His point is specifically with regard to corporal punishment and the tendency conservatives have to stubbornly stick to these traditions and "core values" even in the face of evidence that they are outmoded.  Spanking may be a way of keeping kids in line, but it's not the only way, nor the most effective... and as the Adrian...
"Oh, professor... if you could only see this..."  
I think if you actually read the preponderance of what we're saying on these topic you'll get the picture.  Rather than focusing on one subject line that perhaps wasn't perfectly worded.  And besides, millions of Republicans do watch Hannity, and millions more agree with his position.  So I think it's fair to say "Republicans."  It doesn't mean ALL Republicans (nor does it mean all Democrats are against it.)  But whether it's gay marriage, women's rights, racial violence,...
New Posts  All Forums: