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So whoever joked about rolling tanks down the street... apparently Trump's team requested them for his parade.  (Luckily the military said it wouldn't work... but Jee-ZUSS.)   EDIT- He's just getting a 20 plane flyover instead.  (Subtlety wins the day!)
I'm telling you, this administration proves William Congreve's quote; "No mask like open truth to cover lies.  As to go naked is the best disguise."   (Interestingly, he also popularized "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.")
So public funding of the arts is a waste of money, but increasing military parades to show off our might is a good idea.   Far from the worst thing he'll do, no doubt.  But a perfect illustration of what an absurd and dangerous era we are about to enter.
Oh, man.  Group 2... with ET.  This threatens to be the 80's Draft redux.
 Well, there are a lot more films featuring Batman nowadays.
 At least until he put Susan Smith in charge of Child Protective Services.
Damn, I can't find that anywhere on SnorgTees
 Freudian slip, comrade?
  "Please, accept the mystery."
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