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More likely right before Arya does.
That's even higher than Master Nunziata.
What about Charles Xavier?I'd like it if Dom became the Professor X of this group. When he needed to locate a member of his crew he could use Cerebrah.
They tried. They tried SO hard.
  Maybe not.
Huh? ETA- Nevermind.  I think I remember why you dislike me.
Baron von Strucker: Department of Justice?   Is that a thing?
The midichlorians are in the blood.  That doesn't mean that they'd just work the same way in someone else's body.  If it's a genetic thing then they probably wouldn't.  It really doesn't matter because, for the millionth time, I'm not defending that explanation.  The movie botched it, no question.  But people misunderstand the nature of the way it was botched.  And bringing real world faith issues into it to try to explain your POV makes no sense to me.   The rules of good...
New Posts  All Forums: