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/shrug  Better to have three and hope two work out long term than have a couple of pieces that will probably not even end up being rotation guys, though.
Indeed.  By most accounts the second tier of prospects ended at 10.  And some said Monk was the best of that second tier.  So naturally they trade out of it.
I've got the radio on... hadn't heard that yet.
Hope the Kings take Monk here.
I wonder if so many Kentucky players going to Sacramento is going to start hurting Cal's recruiting...
Kings will get their guy without Vivek making some stupid deal.
 They can get one of the second tier prospects, some of which are said to be top five worthy in most other drafts.  So there is another avenue for the trade to work... but I don't love it.
Bulls trade Butler and the #16 for LaVine and the #7?  Doesn't seem like a good enough package for all the teams that wanted him.  Is LaVine that good?
  Looks like the turtle's office was scared of a woman in a wheelchair.  To be fair she could probably beat him in a race.
Polite suggestion you quit while you're behind.
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