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I really hope that's how his character ends.  The game of Littlefinger vs. Varys is sort of defined by one guy who's completely driven by his fiercely acquisitive nature, and another who is seemingly the complete opposite of that.  And, as the larger concern of the show seems to be people vying for the Iron Throne and it ultimately destroying them, I can't imagine a better end for Littlefinger than his ultimate prize being the thing that does him in. (Not that he'd be done...
I think I am going to have to go with Pither on this one.  I think axel always excels at these drafts, but unfortunately I have a minor allergy to James McAvoy, and I just honestly don't see him as Bond.  I'm a huge fan of both supporting casts, and I don't think there's a bad pick among them.  Great job to both of you.  So it has to come down to the Bonds, and while I don't think Farrell would be a perfect Bond or anything, he would do in a pinch.
Okay, for this 4x4 resurrection style deathmatch round I'm gonna go all out with one of my patented H2H posts.   The BONDS! Elba, Ejiofor, McGregor, Stan Devens... POINT- MURDOCH! The VILLAINS! Smith, Neeson, Crowe, Kilmer... POINT- ELVIS! The Ms! Thompson, Branagh, Hopkins, Cox... POINT- HAMMERHEAD! The Qs! Coogan, Laurie, McDowell, Jones... POINT- ATOM! The MONEYPENNYS! Lynskey, Coleman, Watson, Friel... POINT- Is Jenna Coleman too hot to play Moneypenny!?  I...
Ahem.  I believe that's a Bailey-style breakdown (though admittedly I don't do it much anymore.) thankyouverymuch Anya's got a great cast, though I am not familiar with a couple of his actors, one of them being the main villain.  That's not his fault, of course, but it does make it difficult to judge properly. For Judas, I understand what he's saying about Downey.  He has been known to do cameos, and if you see Leiter as a cameo type role, then I could see him doing it in...
Fucking moral victories.
 But how would Thor shapeshift into Loki?   And why would Jane... OHHHHH. Oh. 
People call Barry weird and kinda creepy, he looks for hidden meaning in Taylor Swift's instagram.  Coincidence?
You mean Anderson?  
Ultimately it should be up to the discretion of whoever if heading the draft how they want to run the brackets.  If Tyres wants to do the second round same as the first, or switch it up, it's up to him.   I was just saying I think when you have some matchups getting significantly fewer votes than others, it makes you wonder how they might have turned out if everyone voted.   I'm not saying I've necessarily even always voted in every bracket myself.  I honestly think I...
Are we going to make them vote in every bracket?  Because the numbers are never consistent when it's open to everyone.  Are we going to make them explain their vote?  I see no reason, short of needing a tiebreaker, that we would want the opinion of someone who hasn't been steeped in the discussion and the competition of it. Regardless, that part is a little more negotiable, as long as we have transparent voting.
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