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I'm not talking about him specifically... I'm talking about anybody bragging about being right, or making fun of somebody for being wrong about this stuff.  It's either a guess, based off of someone else's data/tracing, or some combination of the two.  It's certainly not something worth dredging up years later.   (The posts about dancing might be, however.)
Tales of the Dance Floor aside, I always found Damon's film commentary to be intelligent.   Anybody who gets box office right more often than not is going off research somebody else did for them, so who cares?
I bet many of us have a similar story about The Matrix.  It's easy for a film that takes you by surprise to make an impression, but it holds up.  One of those rare action movies that feels perfect, with a bunch of iconic moments/shots.  As I've been prone to rewatch shit less and less, I still watch that once a year.   And Johnny's right.  The Wachowski films are definitely populist.  
I'm sorry I couldn't muster more of a response. You deserved better, but I'm dealing with twin one year olds today and that's hard for a zombie.
Karl Urban? Ugh.
Timothy Olyphant, Tom Hardy, Jon Hamm, Idris Elba, Michael Fassbender, Chris Evans (at least a lot more than Chris Pratt), Hugh Jackman, etc... 
I mean, that sounds fine, and it might even be true to an extent.  But there are actors in their thirties and forties that read as men rather than overgrown boys.  They might not be the norm anymore, but they're not extinct. 
Because his appeal is that of a guy who never really fully grew up. He has a goofy appeal in contrast to his (recently chiseled) looks. Harrison Ford was never goofy. He's a charismatic man, not a charming frat boy. I like Pratt, and I understand he's an actor and this will be a new take on the character. So Im not saying it will be awful, or anything. But if we are basing it on the roles that made him popular, he's hardly an ideal choice.
The rather large audience for mainstream comedies?
New Posts  All Forums: