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I was just making an AD joke, I actually think he would have fit in there okay.
Him?I almost used Jeffrey Tambor for The Colonel.
I never seriously considered her, but I figured who you meant. I did think about Dakota Fanning for half a second before deciding it still didn't feel right.
 My #1's- Dirk- Taylor-Johnson.  Nobody really has that unique mix that was practically Wahlberg's stock in trade early on in his career, a combination of endearingly dumb, and a little bit arrogant while also coming across as desperately wanting to be liked by everyone.   I think Aaron comes closest to this, while also having the right look. Jack- Mel was my first thought, but at this point he has so much crazy baggage I'm not sure he is the best choice for the calm,...
Hell, I considered half of those people for my regular draft.
The actor I came really close to picking for Scotty was Kieran Culkin.  In the end I decided the floppy-haired, pudgy, overgrown baby look of the character was too vital to not cast someone who could pull that off.   Also, if there hadn't been such a backlash for including him in every draft I might have chosen Dinklage for Rahad Jackson.
Kelsey Grammer as The Colonel James
Seriously Judas?  Don Johnson can't even sing. (Although Heartbeat is cheesy goodness.)   Also, uh... he was my goddamn pick.  I thought it was safe for sure.
Gregg Henry as Floyd Gondolli
I usually try to avoid loading up on bigger names in small roles, but I think Rahad is perfect for a star cameo, and seeing an unhinged Bale talk about 80's pop in a film again would be something I couldn't pass up.
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