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Mussolini's hairpiece was more convincing.
If they can't get hold of any red mercury they'll just find themselves some ice-nine (ISIS-nine?) 
Redeemer & Douche?
I'd hate to see what's on those secret menus.
My guess is that, with the committee having Stanford ranked higher than OK St. right now, if both win it would have been even more difficult to justify OU jumping the Irish next week.  But they're projecting ahead because they want a "true" one loss Big 12 champ in- so instead they penalize ND for the final score of the BC game, which wasn't great, but BC was never going to win that game.  Despite five turnovers and another key player going down, ND was up 19-3 well into...
 All that being said, listening to ESPN radio last night, their very careful headline that he was demoted for "allegedly partying" made me laugh.  Manziel is a fuckup who has probably done more than a few reprehensible things... but we are so weirdly puritanical when it comes to quarterbacks.
Theoretically I don't mind the committee setting up the dominoes so that an undefeated or one loss Big 10 champ and a one loss Big 12 champ get in, but... it still rankles that ND is dropped over Oklahoma at this point.  According to the committee ND has wins against #15 and #25, and a close road loss to the #1 team in the country.  Oklahoma has wins over #7 and #17 and a terrible loss to a common opponent ND crushed (plus both Baylor and TCU were playing their backup...
 We may not like what he says, but at least he owned his comment enough to use his real face as his avatar.
Broad seems a weird criticism of a Coens' comedy... unless you don't like any of them.   Burn After Reading (possibly even more than In The Loop) might be the essential film comedy of the Bush era.  And, for being broad (again, Coens gonna Coen) it has some of the sharpest, most cutting jokes in their filmography.  Along with two of the great joke setups of all time (the aforementioned dildo-chair, as well as an underappreciated gem when Harry's previously bragged about...
New Posts  All Forums: