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You sound like somebody who needed more fantasy points, DT.
I'll put it a different way- I'll be okay with some people getting away with it as long as they lose plenty of seats in the midterms, and aren't able to position it like they saved Murica.
Can you get League Pass there?
The thing I am wary of is Trump becoming the sacrificial lamb.  Right now he has all the power, and people are afraid of him.  The minute the worm turns, Republicans will start to try to pin everything on him-- when, if anything, he is a symptom of the rot, rather than the cause of it.  Nobody on the Republican side should come away clean from this- let alone looking like a hero who did the right thing whent he time was necessary (looking at you, McCain and Graham.)
I thought his girlfriend was interesting in her own right.  If anything the main character was even weirder and more stilted than she was.  Seeing how the work magnified his personality disorder on two fronts was pretty interesting.   Personally I hope she's in season 2.  She can get with Dr. Carr.
They Galt jokes.
That's an ancillary thing, though. Destabilizing the alliances of The West in order to give them a more favorable climate to exploit their own region is, I would think, their primary goal. What they both have in common is nationalism. The virtue of the thug. Deplorable types love the idea that we are better off keeping to ourselves and stockpiling weapons than tossing those weapons aside and reaching across our borders. And guys like Putin and Trump are more than happy...
You're going to Finland?  Really?  Can you get League Pass there?
 Not really, to be honest.  We're not Comet Pizza crazies, but we're victims of the same cultural conditions that breed mistrust in what we see and hear.
Wait... what?  I'm terrible at spotting differences in faces.  I can always psych myself out that it's lighting, or makeup, or something.  Are we saying that is definitively a Melaniabot?  Or iss this a joke I am missing from not reading the whole thread?
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