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Well, yeah, for a Disney films are advertisements that people pay to watch.
Jesus, we're back to ice crem again?But for purposes of this discussion, the person would try to explain why cheap store brand vanilla that has been melted and refrozen isn't really all that different from Ben and Jerry's; which was never that good to begin with, it's just that our childhood memories are inflating the richness of its flavor. Meanwhile we would counter than it has a better texture and higher butter fat. And then Freeman would whine about being ganged up on.
It's not just schadenfreude though. It could lead to cheaper movies... which usually means more control for the artists, no?
Obama being President is not their reason, but rather an excuse they can throw out there, ostensibly supporting what they already believed, and have for years, if not their entire lives. Their reason for not believing racism exists is because they never experience it; so it's more comfortable for them to not have to think about it. It's why people freak out when race topics are brought up. You either get people spewing hatred or sticking their fingers in their ears...
Who said it wasn't? Given the bloat of the modern blockbuster it's actually kind of refreshingly economical. Nobody said it was King Lear. In fact, the relative smallness is what helped make ESB feel like a revelation. The thing builds rather than putting the kitchen sink in from the beginning.
From the Guardians thread just a few days ago! 
What are you even talking about?  The stakes in pretty much all of these popular myths is THE END OF THE WORLD.  How is this any different?  That it's extreme is the whole point.
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