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Gibson and Butler didn't even make sense.  Both Cleveland and Golden State had a better offer than that.  To me it only made sense if either Mirotic or McDermott was included.  Both would be tough to swallow, but the Wolves have played hardball with everyone else already, so why not the Bulls too?
 Are we in the bargaining phase? 
Oh, well then that makes perfect sense...
Looking at it, they took less of a discount in Miami than I thought they did overall. Still, I think it's going to be harder attracting veteran role players to Cleveland vs. Miami. And pretty much everyone in Miami did take a discount of some kind while LeBron was there. Irving, James and Love all seem to be seeking max deals, so that will be at least slightly more of an issue.I realize it is a good problem to have, I'm just saying I am not sure it's a no-brainer unless...
So Kyrie signed for about 18 million a year, and LeBron has stated he wants a max deal.  Love is not going to be the one guy taking a discount.  Yeah, he wants to play with LeBron, but he'd already be signing in a city he had no wish to sign an extension in before James got there.  So unless he does something surprising, next year they could have close to 60 million wrapped up in three guys?  That doesn't sound like a recipe for winning.  You can only sign so many LeBron...
James going back to Cleveland doesn't have to be an either/or proposition.  It can be both a selfish move about ego and moving on to a better team and a bigger paycheck while also being about a guy coming home to represent Akron and try to heal old wounds with fans.
I heard Miami guys on the radio today hoping the Heat might be able to add Boozer. Oh, the irony.
     Nevermind... for some reason I thought you meant Andrew for a second.
Yeah, and it's easier to win championships with a bench.  LeBron doesn't want to have to play 42 minutes a game as he enters his thirties.
You guys do realize there are dumb and despicable people in every country in the world, right?
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