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  You might say it's a Bryan... Zinger.
To me this thing looks to stink to high heaven.  It seems ridiculous on its face, and feels like a cheap cash grab by some desperate people.   Not sure about that lawsuit, though.
  Balon Greyjoy, not Theon.  And yes, it has been mentioned.
I like when he does those articles because they give context to what Mad Men is referencing, and usually he tries to tie it to the themes of the series in a loose way that allows for freedom of interpretation.  Too often people think the cultural references must mean X, Y, or Z is going to happen, and it just becomes an annoying guessing game.
Yes, but maybe Kenobi is like the Star Wars universe equivalent of Smith?
  In any case, let's just say he knows a thing or two about drinking from the wrong goblet...  
 I mean, I agree with you.  I've never felt Singer's movies had any spark of life to them.  They're just there.  Even Usual Suspects, buoyed by a fun script and a great ensemble, feels gimmicky under Singer's direction. But I don't know that you can say "I'm not the only one saying it.  So clearly..."  That's not really an argument. (Though, again, I agree.)
  god shut up
Someone saw the Cannes 2014 poster, I take it.  
That sounds like more of a you problem.
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