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12 is a little too young for Lydia, imo.
24. Black Mirror- "Nosedive"     San Junipero understandably gets the love, but this episode is also peak Black Mirror without anything that could remotely be mistaken for that bothersome stuff knows as sweetness or light.  It's all bitter, albeit in a pastel colored candy shell.  And its aesthetic is perfectly matched by its central performance, which is almost exhausting to watch, so I can't imagine what it must have been like to actually play.  Bryce Dallas...
 From Sam Adams-"The reaction here is like when a band plays the songs from their lame new album and the audience is just waiting for the hits."
Judi Dench as Juno
 I think people try to stay away from actors who they think have fallen out of favor/lack geek cred.  But he works perfectly for your version.
 Which is why I was going to go with "Superman" instead of Loki... but he just reads more American, and I thought the contrast between Brits and Americans would be important for this dynamic to work.
Had a lot of potential Adams on the table, but I wanted my Maitlands to be sort of quintessentially British.  Originally I was going to do an all British version, but then Maisie WIlliams got taken, so I decided to change the idea to a recently deceased British couple's stately home being invaded by an obnoxious American family.  
Tom Hiddleston as Adam
New Posts  All Forums: