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The only console game I have completed in a decade- Red Dead Redemption.
The funny thing is the other Jedi in the arena scene looked about as convincing as Nsync would have.
Yeah, I have to say to me both Sorkin and Clooney come across as people protecting their benefactor more than guys fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.
Can someone delete this post?
So what are the odds Harbaugh ends up coaching the Bears?  I must admit I never considered it, but that would certainly ease my personal frustration of him parting ways with the Niners.   But hey, no matter what, at least they're apparently getting rid of Cutler.
I think they're not doing VOD because (apparently) they can't do that and write the movie off.   And I am not telling theater owners to show some backbone.
By definition you can't fight the people looking to be offended one way or the other. And with freedom of the press you have to take the bad with the good. You can be cynical about it, but it doesn't change the fact that Sony could have done something with more backbone. If theater chains were subject to potential lawsuits if something had happened I understand why they backed out. But there were at least some theaters willing to show it. And there were other...
Not literally everybody.  But given how he's addressed this, and the words he chose, it is reasonable to interpret it that he feels many of us are just people looking to be offended one way or the other.  If somebody made the same assumption about some of the topics he rails on and on about, I'm sure he wouldn't take kindly to it.
That's such utter bullshit. You're making a huge assumption about a ton of different people.
I can't wait for the scene where the woman's eye is sliced open by a lightsaber.  Or the one where midicholrians crawl out from a hole in the palm of Luke's hand.
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