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 He couldn't even name a single world leader.  He called it "Having an Aleppo moment."  He's a space cadet. But your dislike of an idea I was spitballing on a message board is duly noted, guy I almost never agree with anything on.
I'd love to see an ad that consisted of clips of Trump and Johnson not knowing basic shit a President needs to know.  It might accomplish the dual purpose of trying to discourage people voting for Johnson (without actually spending any real time or money focusing on a guy who has no shot anyway), while also making Trump seem like part of the loony fringe he belongs in.
Here's the problem with that-- is anyone not already in the tank for Trump under the impression that Hillary is not the smarter, more prepared one?  It's sort of like accusing Tracy Flick of cheating on a test.  Pretty sure Paul Metzler would have flunked it regardless.
 He's like a walking Underworld USA trilogy.
http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/news/a49057/pepe-frog-creator-voting-hillary/?src=socialflowTW Lulz
 Fuck you 2016!
 You can figure this out, Malmordo.  I know you can!
W. being such a disaster, and being the second Bush, really put Hillary behind the eight ball in terms of being seen as part of an entrenched political dynasty.  People wanted something that felt different, which is one reason we got our first black president immediately after W.   In addition, her nomination has been expected so long, and because of that, the Republicans have fostered (pun intended) such distrust of, and dislike for her over the years, that you get a...
 I think what he wants is for Hillary to come down to his level, because he knows he can win that fight.  She needs to keep letting him dig his own grave, and hope that enough people have sense to not elect this flailing asshole.  If he brings up Bill's affairs and is left on an island it will be a disaster for him.
New Posts  All Forums: