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 I can see why an assassin would use a slow acting poison... I cannot see how it would give her any advantage whatsoever in combat though.  It was pretty dumb. That aside, after Bronn finished the final verse of the song he started singing earlier in the season, going full Robson and Jerome, it was clear he was going to die.  He had to, it was too perfectly set up.  The only explanation for keeping him alive is that he, rather than Tyion, is the true Roger Sterling of...
GuysHear me out. What if... just what if Stannis, at the last minute, decides to sacrifice himself so that SHIREEN can lead Ser Davos and the rest of the army to victory over the Boltons?  That could totally happen... right?
An improvement over last week, and very glad we didn't lose Bronn to the worst fight scene in the show's history.  He deserves better (and just might get it.)   But mostly I am glad because this episode seems to have set every piece into place for the resolution of this season's arcs... let's get on with it, because the getting there has made for the weakest season of the show so far, in my opinion.
 I have just received word that later reports have it at even more!  It's almost like it's increasing as every hour passes!
The Warriors better continue this shit in the finals. Despite losing Love the Cavs have had nobody challenge them this postseason, and if Golden State chokes it'll be a conquering hero LeBron narrative I'm not sure any of us are prepared for.
That certain spells have worked when done in the name of The Lord of Light doesn't mean that he is an actual entity, and if he is, it doesn't necessarily mean he's any kind of true god. I've seen people say stuff like "at least the Lord of Light has demonstrated actual power" for a few seasons now, and it always makes me scratch my head a little.
I wouldn't be surprised if Huckabee is Old English for "millstone around your neck."
Really? Because popping out children like your wife's reproductive system is a fucking Pez dispenser wasn't evidence enough.
If I'd been born a dwarf, I wouldn't mind that notion.   (As it is, I'm 5'7, and I can only do a few card tricks with my cock.)
Have you considered The Secret Menace, The Mystery of the Clones, and Revengeance of the Sith?
New Posts  All Forums: