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Nice that their payroll is so low, as they will truly have great flexibility. Still, those sound like team friendly deals to me. Scherzer turned down the Tigers big offer early this season, so by all accounts he wants large dollars. Lester might like the situation, but I think if he was going to give anyone a discount it might be to head back to the Red Sox, as he expressed interest in potentially doing when he left. I wouldn't pay much for Shields, who has proven he's...
Pitchers and catchers on the wrong side of thirty that will want big contracts. You need the right mix of solid veterans, not a bunch of high priced aging mercenaries that will make your payroll Yankeesque.
Milette- the best a man can get.
Gonna try something different here: The H2H2H! (H3H?) The Hydra of breakdowns.   1) Creature From the Black Lagoon vs. Xenomorph vs. Swamp Thing- The alien is one of the most iconic monsters in terms of design, and one of the most effectively used.  Plus you get the bonus of the Chestburster.   I really think this pick would beat most first rounders.  ADVANTAGE- SCHWARTZ!   2) Godzilla vs. Predator vs. Kong- Godzilla honestly has never done all that much for me.  The...
And once again a Florida State game shows the one thing I hate about college football*.  There are upsets, of course... but if an underdog gets a big lead on a favorite, and the favorite starts mounting a dramatic comeback, the underdog almost always folds. When FSU had the ball down three with about four minutes left, was there any question at all they would take the lead?  It was a complete given.  The only question was whether or not Louisville could possibly...
I also really liked the MS Paint thread.
C'mon... it's Crisis on Infinite Chud Boards and it's not close.  
What did Thor do to fight Hitler?   That's right... nothin'.
Well there is no question the Bulls were a dynasty. We're talking about the minimum qualifications here. The Bulls run qualifies times two.
Are you guys seriously in a DC measuring contest?  
New Posts  All Forums: