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Surely you mean .
 What about Alexstrasza? I could have probably found some good cosplay pictures for you.  You know... probably.
 There is no way anyone who didn't have a major hint as to what you were doing would have had any idea what you were going for.  It's a cute idea for a draft, but man... if recasting a Charlie Brown special with monsters was on the tip of anyone's tongue after the first week of your picks, they ought to go into code breaking or something.
Dren- Splice
When I started this draft I was thinking about doing the "human monster" thing, but I figured I wouldn't be the only one.  I was traveling in close quarters with two little kids at the time, which, as you can imagine, drives one a little crazy... so I got the idea to do a "bad children" draft.  However, I didn't want to just draft evil kids, because I thought that would quickly become repetitive.   So I widened my interpretation to include things like Norman Bates and his...
If the Giants win tomorrow I could easily see Bumgarner making it 3-2 going back to KC, but they may sorely regret not taking this one.  Feel bad for Hudson... he at least deserved a no decision if Lopez could have gotten that third out before giving up the eventual winning run.  
Grendel- Beowulf  
True, but he'd have to get in line behind Epstein, though.
You can't buy team chemistry, LA.  
It means we're all going to die.  
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