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It's like George Miller just took decades of my daydreaming and made a trailer out of it.  Holy crap I'm excited.  
Wow.  I am now in a discussion on the internet about Dark Side semantics.  Greedo, shoot me first.
Because at some point a story has to stop. It has to serve a point. And if you decide to continue a story and your way of driving the plot is to contradict what came before that seems pretty lazy. And if you don't even bother to dramatize the change that seems creatively bankrupt.No, we don't have to surmise that, if Luke were real, his life would have been totally free of temptation. It is an intriguing premise if we learn, after his great victory, there was sorrow and...
Are you seriously comparing backstory/exposition used to inform the universe in a wholly original film to backstory that contradicts complete character arcs in a sequel to preexisting films? It's not even close to the same thing.The case against it is it doesn't make any sense if you have any reverence for the themes of the films they're following up. It's like a sequel to LOTR where Frodo has become a dark lord with a new ring of power. The whole point is he rejected...
Yes, why show drama onscreen when you can have it happen offscreen and explain it through exposition.  Brilliant! And the "Oh, these are new stories" thing is bullshit too.  Then why invoke the old trilogy?  Why bring back the old characters?  Have a completely original thing.  Don't shit all over the old thing to service the new thing.
It's such a spectacularly dumb idea.  It renders not just the story, but the core theme of the original trilogy totally meaningless. Even being generous and saying it could work, if it happened offscreen in the period between trilogies it would be an utter cop out and a total cheat.  Hell, the one main issue with the dramatic arc of the original trilogy is that there never was any real tension that Luke may be seduced by the Dark Side in the first place.
I half-believe this supposed Luke missing for 30 years story is a direct result of the fact that Hamill apparently can't look anything but rough nowadays, weight loss or no.  Still, it's an intriguing premise  
Gibson and Butler didn't even make sense.  Both Cleveland and Golden State had a better offer than that.  To me it only made sense if either Mirotic or McDermott was included.  Both would be tough to swallow, but the Wolves have played hardball with everyone else already, so why not the Bulls too?
 Are we in the bargaining phase? 
Oh, well then that makes perfect sense...
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