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Exactly, it's like getting excited for showtimes.   Also, it's not like in this day and age football ever goes away.  It's a year-round thing.  Years ago I could see the release of the schedule seeming like the first day of spring after a long cold winter.  But now it's like summer leading into more summer.
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I never understood why people get so excited about the release of the schedule.  About the only thing I do is tick off the expected wins and losses for my teams, but I do that constantly throughout the year anyway, as things change.  It's not even like getting excited about a release date of a movie, because that can fluctuate wildly.
I think it's fine as his personal interpretation of the character, and that may be shades of things to come in terms of how she turns out.  But to assume that's what the show is trying to present, I think that's a pretty big assumption.
Although, existing tension between the two might actually work to this movie's advantage.
Bonnie's the better dresser.  
NFL salaries seem kind of malleable, and they can do creative things with deferring money and such, but there's only so much of a discount he can give.  Especially if they win another Super Bowl.  He's not going to be the leader of a team trying for a three-peat, and taking a middle of the pack salary.
Lou seems almost perfectly designed to be satisfyingly supplanted by Peggy.
 The sad thing is that's probably not going to lose them business.  But he's not going to win them new business either.  He's just... Lou.  I'm sure that's what they thought they wanted after Don.   If Roger and Cutler do have a showdown, I expect Roger to win.  Jim seems like the better guy, the more competent guy.  So, as we'd root for Roger, we'd know in the back of our minds he would only win by playing dirty, and Jim is the one who should come out on top.  But it...
Yeah... she can be downright frightening now.  Much more intimidating than Swedish cannibal guy.  I hope this all eventually leads to her becoming eeeevil.
New Posts  All Forums: